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20 May 202408:14

TLDRCreating 3D animated stories is now easy and free with AI. This video guides you through all the steps, from scriptwriting with ChatGPT to generating voiceovers using TTS Maker, and creating animations with Hyper AI. Learn how to combine these elements into compelling stories, and add talking animations using Canva. Finally, edit and compile your video with CapCut, adding effects and background music from YouTube's audio library. Join the WhatsApp group for questions and like and subscribe for more content.


  • 📝 Creating 3D animated stories is simplified with AI, and the process is free.
  • 📚 Start by using Chat GPT to generate a short story with scenes around 4 seconds long.
  • 🎭 Chat GPT can also provide prompts for animated videos for each scene.
  • 🗣️ For voiceovers, TTS maker is a free text-to-speech tool with natural-sounding voices in various languages.
  • 🎨 Use Hyper AI for generating 3D animations; it's unlimited and free but still in beta.
  • 👉 Be specific with your prompts in Hyper AI to get the best results, especially regarding character details.
  • 🎬 Edit and compile the scenes in Canva's Lamu app to add lip sync to the animations.
  • ✂️ Use CapCut for final editing, adding voiceovers and arranging videos according to the story.
  • 🌌 Add effects like stars to enhance the video and search for copyright-free background music on YouTube.
  • 🎼 Incorporate background music relevant to the story's theme, like a Chinese song for a panda story.
  • 📚 The video script provides a step-by-step guide to creating animated stories with AI tools.
  • 🔍 Not all videos generated by Hyper AI will be perfect due to its beta status; creativity and iteration are key.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to create 3D animated stories for free using AI technology.

  • What tool is suggested for generating a short story?

    -Chat GPT is suggested for generating a short story with specific prompts for each scene.

  • What is the recommended length for each scene in the story?

    -Each scene in the story should be about 4 seconds long.

  • Which tool is recommended for voiceovers that sound natural but is free?

    -TTS maker is recommended as it offers a wide range of languages and natural-sounding voices for free.

  • What is the name of the AI video generation tool used for creating 3D animations?

    -Hyper AI is the AI video generation tool used for creating 3D animations.

  • How long does it take for Hyper AI to generate a video?

    -It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for Hyper AI to generate a video.

  • Why is it important to be specific in describing prompts for Hyper AI?

    -It is important to be specific in describing prompts for Hyper AI because it is still in beta and does not have consistent character recognition, which can lead to inaccurate animations.

  • What platform is used for lip-syncing videos to audio?

    -Canva, specifically the 'Lamu' app within Canva, is used for lip-syncing videos to audio.

  • What app is recommended for compiling and editing the final video?

    -CapCut is recommended for compiling and editing the final video.

  • Where can one find copyright-free background music for the video?

    -YouTube Audio Library is a source for copyright-free background music.

  • What additional effects can be added in CapCut to enhance the video?

    -In CapCut, effects like the 'mini star 2' can be added to enhance the video's visual appeal.



🎬 Easy 3D Animated Stories with AI

In this video, we will guide you through the process of creating 3D animated stories using AI. We start from generating scripts using ChatGPT, proceed to voiceovers with TTS maker, and finally, create animations with Hyper AI. This video will also show you how to create talking animations. Join our WhatsApp group for any questions, and remember to like and subscribe!


📲 Script Writing with ChatGPT

Learn how to use ChatGPT to generate a short story on any topic, with each scene about 4 seconds long. ChatGPT provides both the story and prompts for creating animations. The video demonstrates using TTS maker for natural-sounding voiceovers, showcasing the process from script to voice conversion.

🔊 Voiceovers with TTS Maker

TTS maker offers a wide range of languages and voices for creating natural-sounding voiceovers. The video walks through regenerating the story in ChatGPT, copying it to TTS maker, and converting it to speech. We use a sample story about Kai and a lost panda cub to illustrate the process.

🎥 3D Animations with Hyper AI

Hyper AI is a powerful, free AI video generation tool that creates videos from prompts or still images. The video shows how to use Hyper AI by pasting prompts from ChatGPT, selecting animation styles, and generating 3D animated videos. Tips include specifying character details and being creative with prompts.

🔄 Repeating the Process

Continue generating animations by repeating the process for all scenes. Ensure to include specific details in prompts for consistent character animations. The video emphasizes creativity in writing prompts when ChatGPT does not provide them.

🗣️ Adding Talking Animations

Once all scenes are ready, add talking animations using Canva. The video shows how to log into Canva, upload videos and audio, and generate lip-sync animations. This step enhances the realism of the animated characters.

🎬 Compiling and Editing

Combine all elements using CapCut by uploading the voiceover and videos. Align the videos with the voiceover, and add additional scenes if necessary. Enhance the video with effects, background music from YouTube's audio library, and export the final product.

🌟 Final Touches and Export

To make the video more engaging, add effects and background music. The video demonstrates using CapCut to add effects like stars and integrating copyright-free music from YouTube. Finally, export the video, showcasing a completed story about Kai and the panda cub.

🦁 Another Example Story

As a final example, the video shares another story created using the same process. This story features Leo, a young boy who befriends a lion after helping it. The process involves generating scripts, voiceovers, animations, and compiling them into a cohesive video.



💡3D Animated Stories

3D Animated Stories refer to narratives that are brought to life through three-dimensional animation techniques. In the context of the video, it is about creating these stories using AI tools, which makes the process more accessible and cost-effective. The script mentions using AI to generate scripts, voiceovers, and animations, emphasizing the ease with which one can create engaging 3D animated content.


AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and act like humans. In this video, AI plays a crucial role in automating the creation of 3D animated stories, from generating scripts to producing voiceovers and animations. The script highlights the capabilities of AI tools like Chat GPT and Hyper AI in facilitating the animation process.


Scripts are written texts that serve as the blueprint for a film, play, or animation. In the video, the script is generated by Chat GPT, an AI tool, which provides a short story with each scene designed to be approximately 4 seconds long. This is essential for structuring the narrative and ensuring that the animated story flows coherently.


Voiceovers are recordings of spoken words that are played over a video or animation. The script mentions using TTS maker, a free text-to-speech tool, to convert the script into a natural-sounding voiceover. This adds a layer of storytelling and helps bring the animated characters and scenes to life.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot designed to generate human-like text based on prompts. In the video, it is used to create the script for the 3D animated story and to provide prompts for generating animated videos for each scene. It demonstrates the utility of AI in content creation by automating the initial creative process.

💡TTS Maker

TTS Maker is a text-to-speech tool mentioned in the script that converts written text into spoken language. It is highlighted as a free alternative to other paid services, offering a range of languages and natural-sounding voices. The tool is integral to the video's process of creating voiceovers for the animated story.

💡Hyper AI

Hyper AI is an AI video generation tool that is described as unlimited and free in the script. It is used to create 3D animations from text prompts, showcasing the power of AI in generating visual content. The video's process involves using Hyper AI to produce animated scenes based on the prompts provided by Chat GPT.

💡Lip Sync

Lip Sync refers to the process of matching an animated character's mouth movements to a voiceover. In the script, Canva's Lamu app is used to upload video and audio, and then generate a lip-sync video, ensuring that the character's speech appears natural and synchronized with the voiceover.


CapCut is a video editing app mentioned in the script for compiling and editing the final animated story. It is used to add voiceovers, arrange animated scenes, and apply effects to create a polished and engaging video. CapCut represents the final step in the video production process.


Effects in video production refer to visual enhancements or alterations made to footage. The script mentions adding a 'mini star 2' effect in CapCut to make the video more appealing. Effects are used to add a creative touch and improve the overall aesthetic of the animated story.

💡Background Music

Background Music is the musical score that plays behind a video or animation, adding emotional depth and setting the tone. The script suggests using the YouTube Audio Library to find copyright-free music, such as a Chinese song chosen to match the setting of the story involving pandas in China.


Creating 3D animated stories is now easy with AI.

AI can generate scripts and prompts for animated videos.

Chat GPT is used for generating short stories and prompts.

Each scene should be about 4 seconds long for animation.

TTS maker is a free text-to-speech tool with natural-sounding voices.

11 Labs offers natural-sounding voiceovers but is not free.

Hyper AI is an unlimited and free AI video generation tool.

Hyper AI can create videos from prompts or still images.

To get the best results, include '3D animation' and 'Disney inspired' in prompts.

Hyper AI is still in beta and may not have consistent character representation.

Being specific in describing prompts is crucial for character accuracy.

Canva's lamu app can generate lip sync videos.

CapCut is used for compiling and editing the final video.

Custom prompts may be necessary for scenes not covered by Chat GPT.

Adding effects and background music enhances the video.

YouTube Audio Library provides copyright-free background music.

The process allows for the creation of unique animated stories like 'Kai and the Panda Cub' and 'Leo and the Lion'.