Create Youtube Summary Videos Of ANY Video For FREE (With Narrated AND Stock Video) - 3 AI Tools

Curtis Pyke
18 Mar 202307:42

TLDRIn this tutorial video, the host introduces three AI tools to create narrated YouTube summary videos for free. Starting with finding a YouTube video and summarizing it using AI, the script is then transformed into a realistic audio narration using 11 Labs. Finally, ClipChamp is used to combine the audio with stock footage, resulting in an original video summary. The process is detailed step-by-step, showcasing a technique to condense lengthy videos into concise, engaging summaries without any cost.


  • 😀 Utilize AI tools to create summarized YouTube videos for free.
  • 🔍 Start by finding a YouTube video and copying its link.
  • 📝 Use to generate an AI-powered video summary.
  • ⏱️ The summary includes timestamps for easy reference.
  • 🎙️ Next, copy the summary into 11 Labs for audio narration.
  • 🗣️ Choose a realistic voice and generate an audio file.
  • 🎥 Use ClipChamp, a free video editor, to create the final video.
  • 📹 Import the audio file and add stock footage or images.
  • 🎨 Customize the video by adding multiple stock video tracks.
  • 📤 Download and export the final video in HD quality.
  • 📈 This method can be used to create original content efficiently.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to demonstrate how to create a summarized YouTube video for free using AI tools for summarization, audio narration, and video editing with stock footage.

  • How does the video summarize a YouTube video?

    -The video uses an AI-powered website called to generate a summary of the selected YouTube video.

  • What is the AI tool used for audio narration?

    -The AI tool used for audio narration is called 11 Labs, which allows the user to paste the text summary and generate a realistic voice audio file.

  • How long does the AI summarization process take?

    -The AI summarization process is very quick, taking only a few seconds to generate the summary.

  • What is the name of the free video editor used in the video?

    -The free video editor used in the video is called ClipChamp.

  • Can you customize the voice in 11 Labs?

    -Yes, in 11 Labs, you can customize the voice by selecting from different voice options and adjusting sliders for stability and clarity.

  • What is the process of adding stock footage in ClipChamp?

    -In ClipChamp, you can add stock footage by clicking on the plus sign and selecting from the available free-to-use stock videos or images.

  • How long is the summarized audio file compared to the original video?

    -The summarized audio file is significantly shorter than the original video, in the example given, a nine-minute video was summarized to a minute and 59 seconds.

  • Is there a cost associated with using these AI tools for mass production?

    -While the tools can be used for free for a limited number of videos, there will be costs associated with mass production due to limitations in the free account offerings.

  • What is the final step in creating the summarized video?

    -The final step is to export the video in ClipChamp, which includes the synthesized audio and stock footage, in HD quality.

  • Can the technique shown in the video be considered as creating original work?

    -The technique allows for the creation of narrated video summaries that can be considered original work, as long as the content is properly summarized and not a direct copy of the original video.



😎 AI Video Summarization and Narration Tutorial

This paragraph introduces a tutorial video focused on using AI to summarize and narrate YouTube videos. The process involves finding a video, summarizing it with AI, converting the summary into audio with a realistic voice, and then combining the audio with stock footage in a video editor to create an original work. The example given is a video about AI's impact on society featuring Jordan Peterson. The speaker demonstrates how to copy the video link, use for a quick AI-powered summary, and then use 11 Labs to generate an audio file from the text summary.


🎬 Creating Original Video Content with Free Tools

The second paragraph details the steps to create an original video using free online tools. After obtaining the audio summary, the speaker guides the audience through using ClipChamp, a free video editor, to combine the audio with stock footage or images. The process includes importing the audio, selecting free stock media, arranging the clips in the timeline, and adjusting the video to match the length of the audio. The final step is exporting the video in HD quality. The speaker emphasizes that the entire process is free, but notes there may be costs for mass production due to limitations in free accounts.




AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to summarize YouTube videos, generate audio narrations, and edit video content, showcasing its capability to perform tasks typically done by humans in content creation.


To summarize means to provide a brief statement or account of the main points of something. In the video, the process of summarizing involves using AI to condense a longer video into a shorter version while retaining the essential information. For example, the script mentions summarizing a video about 'how AI is reshaping society'.


Narration is the act of telling a story or describing an event in a spoken or written form. In the video script, narration refers to the conversion of the summarized text into an audio format using AI, which then serves as the voiceover for the final video product.

💡Stock Video

Stock video refers to pre-recorded video footage that can be used by multiple customers without the need for custom production. In the video, stock video is used as the visual backdrop for the narrated summary, adding visual interest to the content.

💡Video Editor

A video editor is a software application used for editing video footage, adding effects, transitions, and other elements to create a finished video product. The script describes using a free video editor called Clipchamp to combine the AI-generated audio and stock video into a cohesive summary video.


Clipchamp is identified as a free video editing tool in the script. It is used in the final stage of the process to compile the AI-generated audio summary with stock video footage, demonstrating its utility in creating polished video content without cost.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is mentioned in the script as a platform that allows users to input text and generate an audio file with a realistic voice. It plays a crucial role in converting the summarized text into a narrated format for the video summary.

💡Synthesized Audio

Synthesized audio refers to audio that is created artificially, often using AI or computer software, rather than being a recording of a human voice. In the video, synthesized audio is generated from the text summary to provide the narration for the video.

💡Free Account

A free account typically offers basic access to a service without cost. The script mentions that the AI tools used for summarizing, narrating, and editing the video are available for free with a free account, although there may be limitations on usage or features.

💡Original Work

Original work refers to content that is created independently and possesses a certain level of creativity, allowing it to be considered unique. The video script suggests that by following the described process, one can create a summarized video with narration and stock footage that can be considered an original work.

💡Video Summary

A video summary is a shortened version of a longer video, highlighting the main points or key information. The script describes a process where AI tools are used to create a video summary, which involves summarizing the content, adding narration, and combining it with stock video to create a new, concise video.


Introduction to a new AI-focused video tutorial.

Demonstration of summarizing a YouTube video using AI.

Using for AI-powered video summaries.

Copying and pasting the video link into

Receiving a quick summary with timestamps.

Using 11 labs for audio narration with a realistic voice.

Customizing voice and adjusting audio settings for clarity.

Generating an audio file from the summarized text.

Downloading the synthesized audio file for free.

Introduction to clipchamp for creating a video with stock footage.

Importing the audio file into clipchamp for video editing.

Adding stock video or images to complement the audio narration.

Selecting and arranging stock footage to match the audio summary.

Editing the video to synchronize with the audio narration.

Exporting the final video in HD quality for free.

Conclusion and encouragement to use these tools for creating narrated video summaries.