Create a Talking Ai Avatar for Free

6 May 202306:04

TLDRIn this tutorial, you can learn how to create a human-like AI avatar that reads text aloud in less than five minutes and at no cost. Start by signing up for a free Canva account, which offers various AI tools. Utilize the 'Didai Presenter' app within Canva to select a presenter, input your script, and choose a voice and style. You can preview the speech and generate the video. Canva provides free credits for the plugin, allowing you to create your avatar without spending money. Customize your video with backgrounds, text, and even background music. Once completed, preview and download the video in MP4 format to share on platforms like YouTube or your website. The technology promises to become increasingly realistic, offering a futuristic approach to creating engaging video content.


  • 🆓 Free Tool: You can create human-like AI avatars for free using Canva's platform.
  • 📘 Canva Account: First, create a Canva account if you don't already have one.
  • 🔍 Find Apps: Look for apps within Canva, specifically the 'Didai Presenter' app.
  • 🎭 Choose Presenter: Select a presenter based on appearance as the face and voice are separate.
  • 📝 Input Script: Enter your script where indicated; use AI like Chat GPT if you need help with the script.
  • 🗣️ Select Voice: Choose a voice that matches the presenter's appearance.
  • 🌐 Language Options: Canva offers a variety of languages for your avatar.
  • 🎨 Style Selection: Pick a style that fits the tone of your video, like 'friendly'.
  • 📺 Preview & Generate: Preview the speech to ensure it sounds right before generating the video.
  • 🌟 Background Options: Customize your video with different backgrounds or add your own video.
  • 🎶 Add Music: Include background music to enhance your video from Canva's free music library.
  • 📑 Add Pages: Extend your video by adding more pages for additional AI Avatar clips.
  • 📡 Share & Download: Once finished, preview the video, share, and download it in MP4 format.
  • 📈 Quality Improvement: Expect the quality of AI avatars to become more photo-realistic in the future.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to create a talking AI avatar?

    -The first step is to create a Canva account if you haven't used Canva before. Canva has been around for a long time and now offers various AI tools.

  • What is Canva and how is it used in creating an AI avatar?

    -Canva is an online design and marketing suite that has been around for a long time. It has a lot of different cool AI tools built into it, which can be used to create human-like AI avatars that can read text.

  • How do you access the AI avatar creation tool within Canva?

    -After signing up for Canva, you go to the left side of the page and select 'Create Apps'. From there, you can choose the 'Didai Presenter' app to start creating your AI avatar.

  • What is Didai Presenter and how does it relate to Canva?

    -Didai Presenter is a plug-in for Canva that allows users to create talking AI avatars. It is not a part of Canva's core features but integrates with it, offering a range of free credits for users to utilize.

  • How do you select the presenter for your AI avatar?

    -On the left side of the page in the Didai Presenter app, you will see a selection of presenters. You choose the presenter based on their appearance, and then you can pick a voice separately.

  • What is the process for adding a script to the AI avatar?

    -You input your script into the designated area where it says 'What do you want them to say?'. If you don't have a script ready, you can use tools like chat GPT to help generate ideas or write the script for you.

  • How do you choose the voice for your AI avatar?

    -After selecting the presenter, you choose the voice independently. You can select from a range of voices and styles to match the presenter's appearance and the tone of your video.

  • What is the cost for using Didai Presenter to create an AI avatar?

    -While Didai Presenter does eventually require payment, they offer a lot of free credits, so you can create your AI avatar without spending any money initially.

  • Can you customize the background of your AI avatar video?

    -Yes, you can customize the background by uploading your own video or selecting from various background options provided in the Canva platform. You can also add text and other elements to design your video.

  • How do you add background music to your AI avatar video?

    -You go to the audio tab in Canva and choose from the available free background music options. You can search by genre or use the search function to find a specific track, then add it to your video and adjust the volume as needed.

  • What is the maximum character limit for each AI Avatar generated?

    -The current limit is 5,500 characters for each AI Avatar generated. If you need more, you can add a new page and generate a new AI Avatar.

  • How do you download and share the final AI avatar video?

    -After creating the video, you can press 'Preview' to watch it, and then 'Share' to download it to your computer. The video will be in MP4 format with a suggested quality of 1080p. You can then upload it to any platform you wish, such as YouTube or your own website.



🚀 Creating a Free AI Avatar with Canva

The video script provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a human-like AI avatar using Canva's free tools. It starts with the creation of a Canva account and the use of the 'Didai Presenter' app within Canva. The presenter selection is based on appearance, and voices are chosen separately to match the chosen presenter. The script to be read by the avatar is inputted, and tools like Chat GPT can be used to generate the script if needed. Different languages and voice styles are available, and a preview is recommended before generating the video. The video can be customized with background videos or images, text, and background music from Canva's library. The process is free, with the option to download the final video in MP4 format.


📺 Finalizing and Sharing Your AI Video

After creating the AI avatar and setting up the video as desired, the script explains how to preview the entire video and then share or download it for free. The downloaded video is in MP4 format with a recommended quality of 1080p. The video can be uploaded to various platforms, including personal websites and YouTube. The presenter encourages viewers to try creating their own AI avatar videos and to share their thoughts, promising further improvements in quality and realism in the future.



💡AI Avatar

An AI Avatar, as mentioned in the video, refers to a digital representation of a human or humanoid character that can interact with humans in a natural way. In the context of the video, it is an AI-powered character that can read and speak text, serving as a presenter for video content. The AI Avatar is a key component in creating a talking head video for free using Canva and its associated AI tools.


Canva is an online design and graphics platform that offers a wide range of tools for creating visual content, such as social media graphics, presentations, and videos. The video script highlights Canva's integration with AI tools, allowing users to create human-like AI avatars for their videos without any cost, showcasing its versatility and user-friendly nature.

💡Didaigle Presenter

Didaigle Presenter is an app within Canva that enables users to create AI-powered presenters. It is used to generate a talking avatar that can read a script and be used in video presentations. The video demonstrates how to access and use this app to create a free AI presenter, emphasizing its ease of use and the free credits available for new users.


A script in the context of the video is the text that the AI Avatar will read and speak aloud. It is the foundation of the talking head video, providing the narrative or information that the presenter will convey. The video suggests using a pre-written script or utilizing AI like Chat GPT to help create the script if one is not already available.

💡Voice Selection

Voice selection refers to the process of choosing the specific voice that the AI Avatar will use when speaking the script. The video emphasizes the importance of matching the voice to the chosen presenter for a cohesive presentation. It also mentions the availability of different voice styles, such as 'friendly' or 'cheerful,' to suit the tone of the video content.

💡Free Credits

Free credits are a feature offered by Didaigle, the plug-in used within Canva for creating AI Avatars. These credits allow users to generate their AI presenters without incurring costs initially. The video script explains that while there is an option to pay for additional credits, the process demonstrated does not require any monetary investment.

💡Background Video

A background video in the context of the video script refers to additional footage that can be layered behind the AI Avatar to provide visual context or enhance the presentation. The video demonstrates how to add and adjust the positioning of a background video to complement the AI presenter on the screen.

💡Background Music

Background music is the audio track that plays behind the main audio content of the video, in this case, the AI Avatar's speech. Canva provides various free music options that users can choose from to add ambiance and emotional depth to their videos. The video script describes how to select and adjust the volume of background music to suit the video's needs.

💡Text and Elements

Text and elements refer to additional visual components that can be added to the video to enhance its design and convey more information. The video script mentions the ability to add text overlays and other design elements within Canva to customize the look and feel of the final video presentation.

💡Preview and Download

Previewing allows users to watch the video content before finalizing it, ensuring that all elements, such as the AI Avatar, background video, and music, are working together as intended. Downloading is the final step where users can save the completed video to their computer in MP4 format, ready for sharing or uploading to platforms like YouTube. The video script highlights that this process is free, including the download.

💡Talking Head Video

A talking head video is a style of video presentation where the main focus is on a person speaking directly to the camera. In the context of the video script, the AI Avatar serves as the 'talking head,' providing information or narration without the need for a human presenter. This format is popular for educational, promotional, and informational videos.


Create human-like AI avatars that can read text for free in less than five minutes using Canva.

Sign up for a Canva account to access various AI tools.

Choose the 'Didai Presenter' app from the Canva platform.

Select a new design for your talking head video.

Use free credits available on Didai, a plugin for Canva, to create your avatar without initial cost.

Choose a presenter based on appearance and select the voice separately.

Input your script into the provided field to generate dialogue for the AI avatar.

Utilize AI like Chat GPT to help create your script if needed.

Select the language and voice style for your AI avatar.

Preview the speech to ensure it matches your expectations.

Generate the video part of your AI presenter using the credits from Didai.

Resize and position the AI avatar on your canvas as desired.

Add a background video or choose from Canva's background options.

Customize your video with text, additional elements, and design as per your preference.

Add background music from Canva's free music library to enhance your video.

Create additional pages for longer scripts by generating new AI avatars.

Preview the entire video before sharing or downloading.

Download the final video in MP4 format with 1080p quality for free.

Upload the created AI avatar video to platforms like YouTube or your own website.

Expect improvements in AI avatar quality, potentially becoming photorealistic in the future.