Creating Custom Prompt Parameters in Midjourney

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12 Oct 202208:19

TLDRIn this tutorial, Jen teaches viewers how to create custom prompt parameters in Midjourney to streamline the image creation process and keep their creative recipes secret. She explains the use of dash commands, the benefits of custom parameters, and how to set a preferred suffix with 'slash prefer suffix'. Jen also demonstrates creating and managing different 'option sets' for various image styles using 'slash prefer option set'. The video guides users on how to personalize their Midjourney experience, save time, and maintain the uniqueness of their creations.


  • 😀 Midjourney parameters are special commands that give specific instructions on how you want your image to look.
  • 🔄 Custom prompt parameters save time by eliminating repetitive typing and can keep your image creation techniques secret.
  • 🎨 Parameters can change the appearance of an image, the canvas shape, and control the level of creativity used by mid-journey.
  • 📝 To create custom parameters, use the 'Slash prefer' commands, which allow for setting custom parameters and suffixes.
  • 🛠️ 'Slash prefer suffix' adds a specific command to every prompt, useful for remembering to include certain features like 'video'.
  • 📸 Creating a 'prefer option set' allows for different sets of commands for different image types, like realistic photos or stylized portraits.
  • 🔄 You can edit or overwrite existing option sets by using the same set name and entering new parameters.
  • 🚫 Custom parameters are unique to the creator and cannot be used by others without permission.
  • 🔑 Using descriptive words along with custom parameters can create a shorthand for specific styles, keeping the exact parameters hidden.
  • 🎉 The video provides a guide on how to use 'slash prefer suffix' and 'slash prefer option set' to enhance and personalize your mid-journey image creation.
  • 👀 The ethos of mid-journey is sharing, but custom parameters allow for some level of secrecy in your creative process until you're ready to share.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of creating custom prompt parameters in Midjourney?

    -Creating custom prompt parameters in Midjourney saves time by reducing repetitive typing and allows users to keep their image recipes a bit secret.

  • What are Midjourney parameters?

    -Midjourney parameters are dash commands that give specific instructions about how the image should look, such as changing the look, canvas shape, or the level of creativity.

  • How can I start learning about Midjourney prompt parameters?

    -You can start with Jen's video quick guide to Mid Journey prompt parameters, which provides an overview of what parameters can do for your images.

  • What is the benefit of using a preferred suffix in Midjourney?

    -A preferred suffix adds a specific command to every prompt you make, which can help avoid forgetting important parameters like aspect ratio or video options.

  • How do I set a preferred suffix in Midjourney?

    -To set a preferred suffix, type 'slash prefer suffix' into the message window, then type the commands you want to add to every image.

  • Can I have multiple commands in my preferred suffix?

    -Yes, you can have as many commands as you want in your suffix, allowing you to customize your prompts extensively.

  • What is a 'prefer option set' in Midjourney?

    -A 'prefer option set' in Midjourney is a collection of custom parameters that you can apply to different types of images according to your needs.

  • How do I create a prefer option set?

    -To create a prefer option set, type 'slash prefer option set' in the message bar, choose a name for the set, and then type the parameters you want to include.

  • Can I change or update my prefer option set?

    -Yes, you can edit a prefer option set by using the same name and typing different values. The new parameters will overwrite the old ones.

  • How can I view my list of prefer options?

    -To view your list of prefer options, type 'slash prefer option list' and click enter. This will display all your preferred options with their commands.

  • Why would someone want to keep their custom parameters secret?

    -Some users might want to keep their custom parameters secret to maintain the uniqueness of their image styles and prevent others from using their specific parameters before they have had a chance to explore them themselves.



📷 Custom Prompt Parameters in Mid-Journey

In this paragraph, Jen introduces the concept of custom prompt parameters in the mid-journey platform. She explains that these parameters, which are dash-dash commands placed at the end of a prompt, provide specific instructions to mid-journey on how the image should look. Jen highlights the benefits of using custom prompts to avoid repetitive typing and to keep one's 'image recipes' secret. She demonstrates how to set a preferred suffix using the 'slash prefer suffix' command, which automatically adds a specific command to every prompt created. This can include aspects like video options or aspect ratios. The paragraph also touches on the ability to create multiple sets of preferred options using 'slash prefer option set', allowing for different image styles and keeping some parameters secret from others.


🔍 Managing and Using Custom Prompt Options

This paragraph delves deeper into managing custom prompt options in mid-journey. Jen explains how to list all preferred options using 'slash prefer option list', which provides a comprehensive view of the commands associated with each set. She also discusses the flexibility of editing option sets by reusing the same name and entering different values. The paragraph provides an example of creating a set called 'photo' with parameters aimed at generating realistic images. Additionally, Jen mentions the limitation of using certain parameters together and the process of updating them. The paragraph concludes with a mention of the ethos of mid-journey, which is sharing, but also acknowledges the desire to keep some creative processes private. Jen invites viewers to share their favorite custom parameters in the comments and encourages engagement with the channel.



💡Custom Prompt Parameters

Custom Prompt Parameters refer to the specific commands or instructions that users can set within the 'Slash prefer' feature in Midjourney, a generative AI tool. These parameters are used to control the style, quality, and other aspects of the images generated by the AI. In the video, the creator demonstrates how to use these parameters to save time and maintain consistency in image creation, as well as to keep certain creative processes secret from others.


Midjourney is the name of the AI tool being discussed in the video. It is a platform that uses generative AI to create images based on textual prompts provided by the user. The video focuses on how to enhance the user experience with Midjourney by utilizing custom prompt parameters to achieve desired outcomes more efficiently.

💡Slash Prefer

Slash Prefer is a command within the Midjourney tool that allows users to set preferences for their image generation process. It is used to establish custom parameters that can be applied to every prompt, ensuring that the AI generates images according to the user's specific requirements. The video explains how to use Slash Prefer to set a preferred suffix and create option sets for different types of images.


In the context of the video, a suffix is a set of commands that are automatically added to every prompt the user creates in Midjourney. By setting a preferred suffix using the Slash Prefer command, users can ensure that certain parameters are consistently applied to all their image generation requests, streamlining the process and reducing the chance of forgetting important settings.

💡Option Set

An Option Set in Midjourney is a collection of parameters that users can create and name for different types of images they wish to generate. These sets can be customized to include various commands that will produce specific styles or qualities in the images. The video demonstrates how to create, apply, and edit option sets to achieve different visual outcomes with the AI tool.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio is a term used to describe the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or canvas. In the video, the creator sets a preferred aspect ratio of 9 by 16 using the custom prompt parameters to ensure that the generated images have this specific shape, rather than the default square format.


In the context of Midjourney, Chaos refers to a parameter that controls the level of randomness or imaginativeness in the generated images. A higher Chaos value allows the AI to create more varied and unpredictable results, while a lower value results in more consistent and controlled outcomes. The video mentions setting Chaos at 5 as part of a custom prompt parameter.


Stylized in the video refers to a parameter that influences the artistic style of the generated images. By adjusting the stylized value, users can control how much the AI emphasizes certain artistic qualities, such as brush strokes or color gradients. The creator mentions changing the stylized value to 1250 in an option set to achieve a more realistic photo-like image.

💡Process Video

A Process Video, as mentioned in the script, is a type of video content that shows the step-by-step creation of something, often used for educational purposes. In the context of Midjourney, a process video might demonstrate how to use the tool's features, such as custom prompt parameters, to generate images step by step.

💡Descriptive Words

Descriptive Words are used in the video to refer to additional text that can be included with custom prompt parameters to provide more context or specificity to the AI. These words help the AI understand the user's intent and can influence the style or subject matter of the generated images. The creator uses 'Chia' as an example of a descriptive word, which is short for 'quiero squirrel,' an artistic lighting style.

💡Artists Initials

In the video, the creator mentions using artists' initials as part of the custom prompt parameters. This is a personal touch that adds a layer of secrecy to the creative process, as it references specific artists in a way that is known only to the creator. It allows the user to generate images inspired by particular artistic styles without revealing the exact reference to others.


Creating custom prompt parameters in Midjourney can save time and prevent repetitive typing.

Custom prompts can also keep your image recipes secret.

Midjourney parameters are dash commands that give specific instructions about the image's appearance.

A quick guide to Mid Journey prompt parameters is suggested for beginners.

Parameters can change the image's look, canvas shape, and the level of creativity.

Custom prompt parameters can be used to avoid forgetting important aspects like aspect ratio.

Slash prefer allows setting custom parameters with options.

Preferred suffix can be set to automatically add specific commands to every prompt.

An example of a preferred suffix is 'video' to always include the video parameter.

Adding a new prefer suffix overwrites the old one.

Different command sets can be created for different types of images.

A prefer option set allows for multiple sets of parameters for various image styles.

Editing an option set is straightforward by using the same name and typing different values.

An example of creating a realistic photo-like image with a custom parameter set called 'photo'.

Custom parameters are exclusive to the creator and cannot be used by others.

The ethos of Midjourney is sharing, but custom parameters allow for some privacy in creative processes.

Custom parameters can include descriptive words or artist initials for a personalized touch.

Sharing favorite custom parameters in the comments is encouraged for community engagement.