DIY MAGIC tricks with LEGO…

17 Mar 202408:28

TLDRIn this video, the creator demonstrates a variety of DIY magic tricks using Lego bricks, captivating viewers with illusions such as making a Lego man disappear, magically spawning Lego bricks, levitating a Lego iPhone, and changing a mini figure's outfit. The tricks involve simple mechanisms, hidden compartments, and clever use of Lego's building capabilities, all designed to amaze and inspire viewers to try these tricks themselves.


  • 🎩 The video demonstrates various DIY magic tricks using Lego bricks.
  • 🧙‍♂️ A simple mechanism is used to make a Lego man 'eviscerate' into the universe.
  • 🎁 Taping a Lego man to a thumb creates an illusion of making it disappear.
  • 📦 A clear Lego box with a hidden brick on the ceiling can make it appear as if a brick magically spawns when the box is slapped down.
  • 📱 A Lego iPhone with different apps is used to perform a levitation trick by hiding a long rod up the sleeve.
  • 👗 A wall with different Lego mini-figures can be spun to create the illusion of a figure changing its outfit.
  • 📦 A pre-assembled Lego set can be hidden in a bag with fake pieces to create the illusion of a set assembling itself.
  • 🍫 A chocolate bar can be turned into Lego pieces using a bag with the first half filled with real chocolate and the second half with fake Lego chocolate.
  • 🍕 A Lego box with a sliding mechanism can magically add toppings to a pizza.
  • 🥿 Stepping on a Lego so hard it 'goes through the foot' is an illusion created with separate plates clamped to the foot.
  • 🔄 A Lego assembly belt can change the color of a Lego piece by hiding another piece inside.
  • 🎩 The video ends with a call to action for viewers to try the magic tricks and a farewell.

Q & A

  • What is the first magic trick performed in the video?

    -The first magic trick involves making a Lego man appear to eviscerate into the universe using a simple mechanism hidden behind the hand.

  • How does the magician make a Lego mini-figure disappear in the second trick?

    -In the second trick, the magician makes a Lego mini-figure disappear by taping it to their thumb, which is not visible to the audience.

  • What is the secret behind the clear empty Lego box trick?

    -The magician has attached a Lego brick to the ceiling of the box, making it appear as if it magically spawns when the box is slapped down.

  • How does the Lego iPhone levitate in the trick?

    -The Lego iPhone levitates because the magician has built a long rod using Lego bricks and hidden it up their sleeve, which is not visible when standing in front of the phone.

  • What is the method used to make a Lego mini-figure change its outfit magically?

    -The magician built a wall with different mini-figures on each side and used a long rod to spin it while their hand moves in front, creating the illusion of a costume change.

  • How does the magician make a Lego set appear assembled in the bag?

    -The magician assembles the Lego set beforehand, replaces the original bag with a fake one containing unassembled Lego pieces, and then swaps the items inside the box.

  • What is the secret to turning a chocolate bar into Lego using the bag trick?

    -The magician fills the first half of the bag with real chocolate and the second half with fake Lego chocolate made from brown Lego pieces, then spins the bag to create the illusion of transformation.

  • How does the magician 'eat' a Lego brick in the trick?

    -The magician 'eats' a Lego brick that is actually Lego candy, which looks like real Lego but is edible.

  • What is the mechanism behind the Lego assembly belt trick?

    -The magician hides a different colored Lego piece inside the assembly belt machine, and when a Lego piece is inserted, it appears to come out as a different color.

  • How does the magician make a mini-figure's face disappear?

    -The magician rotates the mini-figure's head to make it appear as if its face has been wiped off.

  • What is the illusion created with the tiny Lego box and the blank pizza in the middle?

    -The magician uses a sliding piece inside the box to switch between two different pizza pies, one with toppings and one without, creating the illusion that toppings have been magically added to the pizza.



🎩 Magic with Lego: Simple DIY Tricks

This paragraph introduces a series of simple and easy DIY magic tricks using Lego. The video begins with a trick making a Lego man seemingly eviscerate into the universe. Various mechanisms are used, such as a hidden thumb mechanism to lift a mini figure, a clear Lego box with a hidden brick, and a Lego iPhone with an app that seemingly levitates. The tricks continue with a spinning wall to change a mini figure's outfit, and using Lego sets to create the illusion of a set assembling itself. The segment ends with a snack trick where a chocolate bar turns into Lego pieces.


🍩 Lego Magic Continued: Edible Tricks and Disappearing Acts

The second paragraph showcases more Lego magic tricks, including a prank where a Lego brick appears to be eaten but is actually candy, and a Lego assembly belt that changes the color of a Lego piece. The tricks involve hidden compartments, fake Lego pieces, and the use of magnets to move cars and boats. The segment also includes a trick with a Lego Guillotine that appears to cut a finger but doesn't, and a box that can summon Lego plates to join together. The paragraph concludes with a trick using a special plate to create the illusion of cutting a hand with a Lego knife.



💡DIY Magic Tricks

DIY Magic Tricks refer to the homemade, improvised illusions or deceptive acts that are performed using everyday objects, in this case, Lego. These tricks are often simple yet entertaining and can be easily replicated by viewers. In the video, the theme revolves around creating and demonstrating various magic tricks using Lego bricks and figures, making it accessible and engaging for a wide audience.


Lego is a popular brand of construction toys that consist of interlocking plastic bricks and figures. In the context of the video, Lego serves as the primary tool for performing the magic tricks. The versatility and familiarity of Lego pieces make the tricks relatable and fun to watch, as they demonstrate how ordinary toys can be used to create the extraordinary illusion of magic.


A mechanism in this context refers to the hidden or underlying system that enables the magic trick to be performed. It is the secret behind the illusion that makes the trick work. The video explains that many of the tricks involve simple mechanisms that are concealed from the viewer, such as pinching a Lego figure with a thumb to make it appear as if it's levitating.


Illusion, in the context of magic tricks, is the art of making something appear to be something else or to be in a different state than it actually is. The video's magic tricks rely heavily on illusions to create a sense of wonder and magic. The illusions are crafted through the clever use of Lego pieces and simple mechanisms.

💡Mini Figure

A Mini Figure, often referred to as a 'minifig', is a small, articulated figure with a variety of interchangeable features, produced by the Lego Group. In the video, mini figures are used as key props in several magic tricks, where they are made to 'disappear', 'change outfits', or even 'explode' through the use of cleverly designed Lego contraptions and mechanisms.


Invisibility in the context of the video refers to the illusion of making objects, such as Lego bricks or mini figures, appear to vanish or become unseen. This is a common theme in magic tricks and is achieved through various methods, including misdirection, hidden compartments, or sleight of hand.


Transformation in this video means the illusion of changing one object into another, which is a staple of magic tricks. The video showcases several tricks where Lego pieces or snacks are made to appear as if they have transformed into something else, such as turning a chocolate bar into Lego or changing the color of a Lego piece.


A prank is a trick or hoax played on someone as a joke or to cause confusion. In the video, pranks are used as a form of entertainment, where the illusionist tricks the audience into believing something has happened when it has not, or makes them think they are witnessing something extraordinary when it's actually a simple trick.

💡Sleight of Hand

Sleight of hand is a technique used by magicians to manipulate objects subtly and secretly, often to create the illusion that something has occurred when it has not. In the video, the magician uses sleight of hand to perform various tricks, such as making a Lego mini figure's outfit change or making it appear as if a Lego brick is growing.

💡Magical Levitation

Magical Levitation refers to the illusion of an object being suspended in the air without any visible means of support. In the video, the magician creates the illusion of levitation using a variety of Lego constructions and mechanisms, such as a hidden rod up the magician's sleeve to make a Lego iPhone appear to float.


Disintegration in the magic tricks of the video refers to the illusion of an object breaking apart or disappearing completely. This is a dramatic effect that adds to the excitement and illusion of magic. The disintegration is achieved through cleverly designed Lego constructions and hidden mechanisms.


Performing simple and easy DIY magic tricks using Lego.

Making a Lego man eviscerate into the universe using a hidden mechanism.

Creating a clear empty Lego box with a secret Lego brick attached to the ceiling.

Building a Lego iPhone with various apps, including one that makes the phone levitate using a hidden rod up the sleeve.

Magically changing a Lego mini fig's outfit using a wall with different mini figs on each side.

Using pre-assembled Lego sets and fake Lego pieces to create the illusion of a set magically assembling itself.

Transforming a chocolate bar into Lego using a bag with half real chocolate and half fake Lego chocolate.

Eating a Lego brick as a prank, but it's actually Lego candy.

Building a working Lego assembly belt that changes the color of a Lego piece.

Magically wiping a mini fig's face off by rotating its head.

Creating the illusion of a Lego piece growing by holding two bricks together and splitting them.

Making a Lego piece appear to pass through another using a fake brick with a cut-out.

Transforming a flat Lego surface into a colorful pyramid using a special key and layered pieces.

Vanishing items in a box with a hidden drawer and a space beneath it.

Moving Lego cars magically without touching them using official Lego magnets.

Making a Lego boat disappear by using magnets underneath.

Force choking a Lego Darth Vader with a magnet in its leg.

Splitting a Lego rod in half using a small device and sliding pieces.

Vanishing Lego people using a box with a rotating rear door.

Dropping a ball into a box with a hidden sliding piece that lets the ball fall through.

Magically breaking and rejoining a Lego wall to reveal a hole in the middle.

Cutting a hand with a Lego knife, but actually using special rounded corner plates to create the illusion.