Expand Your Prompt Knowledge Playground Tutorial

Playground AI
3 Nov 202306:30

TLDRIntroducing a new feature on the playground platform, Expand Prompt, designed to enhance user creativity by generating detailed and aesthetically pleasing images. Users can input simple prompts, like 'dog running in the forest', and the tool will expand it, producing photorealistic and colorful outputs. The feature also aids newcomers in learning effective prompting techniques and supports non-English speakers by translating prompts. Additional updates include workspace optimization shortcuts and an upcoming release of six new advanced filters, enhancing the overall user experience and creative possibilities on the platform.


  • 🎨 Introducing a new feature to enhance and expand prompts for better image generation results.
  • πŸ–ŒοΈ The feature is accessible via a toggle on the left panel in both board and canvas modes.
  • πŸ“ Enter a simple initial prompt, such as 'dog running in the forest', to see the expanded version.
  • 🌲 Expanded prompts result in more aesthetically pleasing and photorealistic images with improved color saturation.
  • πŸ” The expanded prompt can be reviewed and copied directly from the interface for further use or tweaking.
  • πŸ“š This tool is beneficial for newcomers to learn and understand the art of crafting effective prompts.
  • 🌐 The feature supports non-English languages by translating them into English for the prompt.
  • πŸ–₯️ New shortcuts and features for improved workspace management, such as hiding panels and zooming to fit.
  • 🎯 Use of the expand prompt feature is limited to 30 uses per month for free users, with different rules for premium tiers.
  • πŸš€ Upcoming release of six new advanced filters for enhanced image generation options.
  • πŸ“ˆ The script emphasizes the value of the new features in enhancing creativity and ease of use for users of all skill levels.

Q & A

  • What is the new feature introduced in the playground?

    -The new feature introduced is the 'expanding prompt' which helps users generate more detailed and aesthetically pleasing prompts for creating images.

  • How does the expanding prompt feature work?

    -The expanding prompt feature works by taking a simple input prompt, processing it, and then generating a more detailed and refined prompt that can be used to create images with greater visual appeal.

  • What kind of results can be expected from using the expanding prompt?

    -Using the expanding prompt results in images that are more photorealistic, colorful, and have better saturation and aesthetic quality.

  • How can users who are new to prompting benefit from this feature?

    -New users can benefit from the expanding prompt by using it as a starting point to learn and understand how to craft effective prompts. They can study the expanded prompts, add or remove elements, and use them as a foundation for creating their own unique prompts.

  • Is there a limit to the number of times a free user can use the expanding prompt?

    -Yes, a free user has 30 uses per month for expanding prompts. A use is counted per image generated, so generating four images counts as one use.

  • What is the advantage of the turbo plan for users?

    -The turbo plan offers unlimited uses of the expanding prompt feature, allowing users to generate more images without worrying about monthly limits.

  • What new filters are coming to the playground?

    -Six new sdxl filters are coming to the playground: Juggernaut, XEL, real stock photo, night vision, Starlight, animated real viz XL, and zavi chroma XL.

  • How can users switch between the different states of the panels in the playground?

    -Users can switch between the different states of the panels by using the shortcut keys. For example, hitting control or command on a Mac and a backslash will hide the panels, while hitting the '1' key will zoom to fit the canvas.

  • What is the purpose of the language model used in the playground?

    -The language model, called chat GPT, is used to process and expand the prompts, as well as to translate prompts from users' native languages into English for better image generation.

  • How can users access their previously generated prompts?

    -Users can access their previously generated prompts by going to their profile, where the new prompts added to the system can be found, copied, or remixed.

  • What is the recommended approach for creating prompts in the playground?

    -The recommended approach is to keep the prompts simple and focused on the main ideas, avoiding overly complex or detailed descriptions to ensure the best results.



🎨 Introducing the Expand Prompt Feature

The video begins by introducing a new feature called 'Expand Prompt' designed to enhance user creativity and generate more aesthetically pleasing images. The narrator demonstrates how to use this feature in Playground by toggling it on and entering a simple prompt, such as 'dog running in the forest', and showcasing the resulting photorealistic and colorful images. The feature is particularly beneficial for users who are new to prompting, as it provides a starting point for creating their own prompts. Additionally, it is highlighted that the feature can assist users who are not fluent in English by translating their native language into English for the prompt. The video also mentions other new features, such as the ability to hide panels for more workspace and a zoom-to-fit function, which were requested by users.


πŸ“ Understanding the Expand Prompt Usage and Upcoming Filters

This paragraph discusses the practical aspects of using the Expand Prompt feature, including its limitations and benefits. Free users are given 30 uses per month, with each batch of four images counting as one use. Users on the turbo plan can generate eight batches simultaneously, still counting as one use. The paragraph emphasizes the educational aspect of the feature, encouraging users to study, remix, and make the prompts their own. The video concludes with an announcement of six new advanced filtersε³ε°†εˆ°ζ₯, namely Juggernaut, XEL, real stock photo, night vision, Starlight, animated real viz XL, and zavi chroma XL, which are set to enhance the Playground experience further.



πŸ’‘expanding prompt

The term 'expanding prompt' refers to a new feature that enhances the original prompt entered by the user. It enriches the simplicity of the initial input by adding more detailed descriptions, making the generated images more aesthetically pleasing and photorealistic. In the video, this feature is demonstrated by entering a simple prompt like 'dog running in the forest' and then using the expand feature to generate a more detailed and visually appealing prompt.

πŸ’‘aesthetically pleasing

In the context of the video, 'aesthetically pleasing' refers to the visual appeal and attractiveness of the images generated using the expanding prompt feature. It implies that the images not only look good but also engage the viewer with their color, saturation, and overall composition. The video emphasizes the importance of aesthetic appeal in creating engaging and high-quality visual content.


The term 'photorealistic' describes images that closely resemble real-life photographs in terms of detail, color, and texture. In the video, this concept is used to highlight the quality of the images produced with the expanding prompt feature, suggesting that they are so detailed and lifelike that they could be mistaken for actual photographs.

πŸ’‘language model

A 'language model' is an artificial intelligence system designed to process, understand, and generate human language. In the video, the language model referred to as 'Chat GPT' is responsible for translating prompts into more detailed descriptions and for converting prompts from users' native languages into English, thus facilitating the content generation process for users of different linguistic backgrounds.

πŸ’‘user interface

The 'user interface' (UI) refers to the system through which users interact with a computer or device, including the visual elements and controls that allow for navigation and operation. In the video, the UI is discussed in terms of new features that improve the user experience, such as the ability to hide panels for more canvas space and the zoom-to-fit function.

πŸ’‘native language

The 'native language' is the language spoken by an individual from birth or within their home environment. In the context of the video, it's mentioned that the expanding prompt feature can translate prompts from users' native languages into English, making the tool more accessible to non-English speakers and allowing them to generate content in their preferred language.


In the video, 'inspiration' refers to the creative ideas or stimuli that motivate individuals to produce new and original work. The expanding prompt feature is presented as a tool to help users overcome creative blocks and find inspiration by providing them with detailed and imaginative prompts based on their initial, simple ideas.


In this context, 'playground' refers to the digital platform or application where users can experiment with generating images using prompts and various features. The video introduces new features and functions within the playground, aiming to enhance user experience and creative possibilities.


In the video, 'filters' are tools or settings that users can apply to modify the style, appearance, or mood of the images they generate. The script introduces upcoming filters like 'Juggernaut', 'XEL', 'real stock photo', 'night vision', 'Starlight', 'animated real viz XL', and 'zavi chroma XL', which are designed to offer a variety of visual effects and creative options for users.


In the context of the video, 'turbo' refers to a premium feature or subscription level within the playground application that offers users additional benefits, such as unlimited uses of the expanding prompt feature. This contrasts with the free user tier, which is limited to 30 uses per month.

πŸ’‘sdxl filters

The term 'sdxl filters' refers to a set of advanced filters available on the playground platform for generating images with specific visual effects or styles. These filters are used to transform the base image into one that matches a certain aesthetic or theme, adding a layer of creativity and customization to the image generation process.


Introduction of a new feature to expand prompts on the playground platform.

The feature is simple to use, toggling on in the left panel and entering a prompt like 'dog running in the forest'.

Expanded prompts result in more aesthetically pleasing and photorealistic images with great color saturation.

The expanded prompt can be copied and pasted into the generation box for regenerating or tweaking.

The feature is beneficial for newcomers who are unsure about crafting prompts.

For non-English speakers, the feature can translate native language descriptions into English prompts.

The language model chat GPT is utilized to expand and translate prompts.

New keyboard shortcuts allow hiding panels for more canvas space and zooming to fit the canvas.

Pressing '1' zooms to fit, centering the view on the main image, while pressing 'V' brings up additional information.

The difference in using the expand prompt feature between board and canvas mode is explained.

In board mode, expanded prompts can be found and copied from the profile section.

Free users have a limit of 30 uses per month for expanding prompts, while turbo users have unlimited uses.

Six new sdxl filters are coming soon to the playground platform.

Existing sdxl filters are also available for users to explore.

The playground platform is engaging and addictive to use, offering a great way to enhance prompt knowledge.