Free AI News Video Generator | Create An AI News Presenter in Just 5 Minutes With CapCut

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8 Apr 202408:05

TLDRDiscover how to create your own AI news presenter and video with CapCut, a free and user-friendly video editor. Start by rewriting a news article with Pop AI for a unique script, then use CapCut's AI character feature to generate a news presenter. Add engaging elements like background footage, text, and music to complete your professional-looking news video. Upload it to your YouTube channel and grow your audience with this innovative approach to news broadcasting.


  • 📺 The video discusses creating an online AI news channel without any cost.
  • 🔍 You can find news articles from various sources like Google News for your video content.
  • 📝 It's important to rewrite articles to avoid copyright issues, using AI tools like popAI or Chat GPT.
  • 🌐 PopAI is a gopoint powered AI tool that can rephrase documents to ensure uniqueness.
  • 🎬 CapCut is a free AI-powered video editor used to create news videos.
  • 🎥 CapCut offers a library of over 50 million copyright-free stock videos for backgrounds and intros.
  • 👥 AI characters from CapCut can be customized and used as news presenters.
  • 🎙️ Narration for the AI character is done by entering the script and selecting a voice actor.
  • 📑 The script should be entered in parts if it exceeds 1,000 characters to accommodate CapCut's limitations.
  • 🎵 Adding music from copyright-free sources like YouTube Audio Library or Pixabay can enhance the video.
  • 🌐 The final video can be uploaded to a YouTube news channel, promoting it as a professional news outlet.
  • 🚀 The example news video covers SpaceX's Bandwagon-1 mission, highlighting its significance in the satellite industry.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of creating an online news channel in the age of artificial intelligence?

    -Creating an online news channel in the age of AI allows individuals to generate content without being associated with traditional news channels, offering a cost-free and innovative way to disseminate news.

  • How can one find news articles to create a news video?

    -News articles can be found in various sources such as Google News, where one can select their favorite articles to base their news video on.

  • Why is it necessary to rewrite news articles before creating a video?

    -Rewriting articles is crucial to avoid copyright issues and to create a unique version of the content, ensuring the video is original and not infringing on any copyrights.

  • What is Pop AI and how is it used in the process of creating a news video?

    -Pop AI is a gopoint powered AI tool used to rewrite articles and create unique content. It can be accessed online, and articles are uploaded and rephrased to ensure uniqueness.

  • Can you explain the role of CapCut in creating an AI news presenter video?

    -CapCut is an AI-powered video editor used to create news videos. It offers features like stock videos, AI characters, and narration capabilities, making it easy to produce professional-looking news videos.

  • What aspect ratio does the video creator choose for YouTube videos in the script?

    -The video creator chooses a 16:9 aspect ratio for YouTube videos, which is the standard for the platform.

  • How does one find a news intro and newsroom background in CapCut?

    -One can find a news intro and newsroom background by navigating to the 'Elements' tab and searching for them in the stock videos library, which contains over 50 million copyright-free videos.

  • What is the process of adding an AI character to the news video in CapCut?

    -After finding the AI character that fits the video, it is inserted into the timeline and set in Layer Two, just after the intro scene. The character's appearance and frame can be adjusted as needed.

  • How does the script narration work in CapCut?

    -The script is entered into the CapCut narration box in segments of less than 1,000 characters at a time. A voice actor is selected, and the audio with lip sync is generated by the software.

  • What are some final touches to make the news video more engaging?

    -To make the video more engaging, one can add related video footage (ensuring fair use or proper licensing), text, translations, and background music from copyright-free sources.

  • What is the importance of giving credit to the footage owner in the news video?

    -Giving credit to the footage owner is important to respect copyright laws and acknowledge the original creators, avoiding legal issues and promoting ethical content creation.



📺 Starting Your Own Online News Channel

This paragraph introduces the concept of creating an online news channel in the age of AI and the internet. It highlights that traditional news channels have an online presence and that individuals can now establish their own news channels without affiliation or cost. The video script provides a step-by-step guide on how to create news videos using AI tools like Pop AI for rewriting articles and CapCut for video editing, including selecting a news intro, finding a newsroom background, and choosing an AI presenter. The process emphasizes the creation of unique content to avoid copyright issues and the use of free resources to facilitate the production of news videos.


🎥 Enhancing Your News Video with Engaging Elements

The second paragraph focuses on enhancing the news video to make it more engaging for viewers. It suggests adding relevant video footage while ensuring fair use or proper licensing, and giving credit to the original content creators. The script also recommends adding text and translations to improve accessibility. After completing the video editing, the paragraph advises on selecting royalty-free music from sources like the YouTube audio library or Pixabay. The process concludes with exporting the video and provides an example of a news story about SpaceX's Bandwagon-1 mission, which carried commercial and military satellites into mid-inclination orbits. The paragraph ends with a call to action for viewers to share their experiences, like the video, subscribe for more tutorials, and engage with the content in the comments section.



💡AI News Presenter

An AI News Presenter is a virtual character that can read news scripts and present them in a video format. It is a product of artificial intelligence technology, which allows for the creation of realistic and engaging video content without the need for a human presenter. In the video script, the AI News Presenter is used to create a news video with CapCut, demonstrating how AI can be utilized in the news industry to generate content efficiently.


CapCut is a free AI-powered video editing tool mentioned in the script. It is used for creating videos with various features such as stock videos, AI characters, and voice narration. The script describes how CapCut can be used to edit news videos by selecting a news intro, choosing a newsroom background, and inserting an AI character to serve as the news presenter. It exemplifies the ease of use and the capabilities of modern video editing software.

💡Pop AI

Pop AI is an AI tool for rewriting and rephrasing content, as mentioned in the script. It is used to create a unique version of a news article, ensuring that the content is original and not plagiarized. The script describes the process of uploading a document to Pop AI and using it to generate a rephrased news article, which is essential for creating a news video without infringing on copyright laws.

💡News Channel

A News Channel is a traditional medium for broadcasting news, which has adapted to the digital age by having an online presence. The script discusses the concept of creating an online news channel using AI tools, emphasizing that it is possible to establish a news channel without being associated with an existing one. It also mentions the transition of big traditional news channels to platforms like YouTube.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the script, AI is used to create a news presenter and to rewrite news articles, showcasing the application of AI in content creation and the news industry.

💡News Intro

A News Intro is the opening segment of a news video that sets the tone and introduces the news content. The script mentions searching for a 'news intro' in CapCut's stock videos library to find a suitable introductory clip for the news video, highlighting the importance of a compelling start to engage the audience.

💡Newsroom Background

A Newsroom Background is the setting used in news videos to create an authentic news environment. The script describes the process of finding and selecting a newsroom background in CapCut to provide a professional look to the news video, emphasizing the visual aspect of news presentation.

💡AI Character

An AI Character, as discussed in the script, is a virtual character generated by AI that can be customized to fit the theme of the video. It is used in the news video to act as the presenter, demonstrating the capability of AI to create realistic and engaging characters for video content.


A script in the context of the video script refers to the written content that the AI News Presenter will read. The script is crucial for the video's narrative and is broken down into segments that can be managed within the character limit of CapCut's narration feature. It is used to guide the AI presenter in delivering the news.

💡Lip Sync

Lip Sync is the process of matching the movement of an animated character's mouth to the corresponding audio. In the script, CapCut's ability to generate lip sync for the AI News Presenter is mentioned, showcasing the advanced features of the video editing tool that make the AI character's speech appear natural.

💡Fair Use

Fair Use is a legal doctrine that allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the rights holder, typically for purposes such as commentary, criticism, or education. The script advises ensuring that any video footage added to the news video falls under fair use or a Creative Commons license and to give credit to the owner, emphasizing the importance of respecting copyright laws.

💡YouTube Audio Library

The YouTube Audio Library is a resource provided by YouTube that offers copyright-free music and sound effects for video creators. The script suggests using music from the YouTube Audio Library or other copyright-free music providers like Pixabay to add background music to the news video, highlighting the availability of resources for content creators.


Creating an AI news presenter is possible in just 5 minutes with CapCut.

Traditional news channels now have online and YouTube presence.

AI allows for the creation of an online news channel without affiliations or costs.

News articles can be found on Google News and require unique rewriting to avoid issues.

Pop AI is an AI tool for rewriting news articles to ensure uniqueness.

Creating an account on Pop AI is necessary for first-time users.

CapCut is a free AI-powered video editor for creating news videos.

Selecting the right aspect ratio is crucial for platform-specific video creation.

CapCut offers over 50 million copyright-free stock videos for intros and backgrounds.

AI characters in CapCut can be customized to fit various news video themes.

The script for the news video must be entered in segments due to character limitations.

Voice actors in CapCut can bring the AI news presenter to life.

Background footage and AI character videos need to be extended to match the script length.

Adding related video footage and text can enhance the news video's engagement.

Fair use or Creative Commons licensing is essential when adding external video footage.

Music from YouTube or copyright-free providers can be added to the news video.

Exporting the video from CapCut renders the final product ready for upload.

SpaceX launched Bandwagon-1, a mission for commercial and military satellite delivery.

The Bandwagon mission targets mid inclination orbits, distinct from sun synchronous orbits.

SpaceX plans additional mid inclination orbit missions for 2024 and 2025.

The Bandwagon One mission carried a diverse payload including military and commercial satellites.