GREEDY HUSBAND Misses CHILD'S BIRTH For Money | Dhar Mann Bonus!

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14 May 202415:59

TLDRThe video tells the story of Arman, a man so consumed by his ambition for wealth and promotion that he misses the birth of his child. Despite his wife's pleas, Arman prioritizes work, believing financial success will bring happiness. However, his obsession with money costs him his family's love and presence. Eventually, he realizes the error of his ways after meeting a man who, despite material wealth, is left with an empty home and a broken family. The man's story serves as a wake-up call for Arman, leading him to understand that his family's true needs were his time and attention, not material wealth. The narrative underscores the importance of prioritizing relationships over material success.


  • 🍔 Material wealth doesn't equate to happiness; the couple struggles with financial constraints but still finds joy in simple things.
  • 💰 The husband prioritizes money and career advancement over family, leading to a strained relationship.
  • 📈 The husband's ambition for a management position blinds him to the immediate needs of his wife and unborn child.
  • 🚑 The wife goes into labor while the husband is preoccupied with work, highlighting a conflict between family and career.
  • 🏥 Despite the wife's pleas for his presence during childbirth, the husband chooses to stay at work to secure a promotion.
  • 🤱 The wife delivers their child without the husband, who misses a crucial life event due to his focus on work.
  • 💔 The husband's absence during childbirth leads to a rift in their relationship, with the wife questioning his priorities.
  • 💼 The husband receives a promotion and bonus, but at the cost of his family's happiness and his presence in their lives.
  • 🧐 A chance encounter with another man who regrets prioritizing work over family serves as a wake-up call for the husband.
  • 🏡 The husband realizes that his family needed his presence, not material wealth, leading to a change in his perspective.
  • 🤝 In the end, the husband acknowledges his mistakes and seeks to mend his relationship with his wife and daughter.

Q & A

  • What is the main conflict in the story?

    -The main conflict in the story is between the husband's desire for wealth and success at work and his wife's need for his presence and support during the birth of their child.

  • Why does Armon decide to stay at work instead of going to the hospital with his wife?

    -Armon decides to stay at work because he believes that proving his commitment to his job will secure him a promotion, which he thinks will provide financial stability for his family.

  • What does Armon's boss, Mr. Hampton, expect from the person who takes the management position?

    -Mr. Hampton expects someone who can be depended on 24/7 and for whom work is their number one priority.

  • How does Armon's wife feel about their financial situation before he gets the promotion?

    -Armon's wife feels frustrated and unhappy with their financial situation, expressing a desire for more money and material comfort.

  • What does Armon's wife ultimately decide after the birth of their child?

    -Armon's wife decides to leave him, taking their baby to her sister's place to think about their future, as she feels that Armon values money more than family.

  • What lesson does Armon learn from the man he saw at the mall a year ago?

    -Armon is initially inspired by the man's ability to buy anything he wants for his family, thinking that material wealth brings happiness. However, he later realizes that his family needed his presence and time more than money.

  • Why does Armon initially believe that getting a promotion and earning more money will solve his family's problems?

    -Armon is under the impression that financial success will provide his family with everything they could ever want, thereby ensuring their happiness.

  • How does Armon's perspective on what his family needs change over the course of the story?

    -Armon initially believes money and material possessions are what his family needs for happiness. However, after his wife leaves him and he reflects on his actions, he realizes that his family needed his presence and involvement in their lives more than wealth.

  • What does the story suggest about the importance of being present in one's family life?

    -The story suggests that being present and involved in family life is more important than material wealth. It emphasizes the emotional and relational needs of family members over financial success.

  • What is the turning point for Armon in terms of his priorities?

    -The turning point for Armon is when his wife leaves him and takes their daughter, making him realize that his pursuit of wealth and career advancement has cost him his family.

  • How does the story end, and what does it imply about Armon's future?

    -The story ends with Armon acknowledging his mistakes and expressing his desire to be there for his wife and daughter. It implies that he has learned the importance of family over career and wealth, and that he may work towards rebuilding his family relationships.



😔 Struggling with Financial Hardship

The first paragraph depicts a couple discussing their financial struggles. They are seen sharing a sub because they cannot afford a whole one, which leads to a conversation about the importance of money versus happiness. The husband expresses his frustration with being broke and the wife tries to reassure him that love and affection are more important than material wealth. The husband is determined to provide a better life for their daughter, promising to work hard to ensure she has everything she wants. Meanwhile, he is offered a management position at work, but it comes with the condition of prioritizing work over family. When his wife goes into labor, he is faced with a choice between being present for the birth of their child and pursuing a promotion at work.


😢 Absence During a Critical Moment

In the second paragraph, the wife is in labor and the husband, Armon, is absent due to work commitments. Despite the wife's pleas for him to be there, Armon chooses to stay at work to review purchase orders, prioritizing his career over his family's needs. This leads to a heated argument between the couple, where the wife expresses her disappointment in Armon's priorities and his absence during the birth of their child. The wife's sister is called to help, and Armon arrives after the baby is born, causing further tension as he tries to make amends.


😃 Career Success and Personal Sacrifice

The third paragraph reveals Armon's success at work, as he is promoted and receives a signing bonus. However, this success comes at a great personal cost. His wife, Melissa, leaves him, taking their baby with her, because she feels that Armon values money more than family. Armon is devastated and reflects on his priorities, realizing that his pursuit of wealth and career advancement has led to the loss of his family. He encounters a man from a year ago who had inspired him to work harder, only to learn that the man's family is now estranged from him due to his neglect. This encounter further emphasizes the importance of family over material success.


💔 The Realization of True Priorities

In the final paragraph, Armon comes to the painful realization that money and career success cannot replace the love and presence he owes to his family. He acknowledges his mistakes and expresses his regret for letting his ambition cloud his judgment. The paragraph ends with a poignant moment where Armon admits that he needs his family just as much as they need him, and he seems to understand that the grass is not always greener on the other side, implying that he has learned a valuable lesson about the true meaning of happiness and fulfillment.




Greed is an intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth or power. In the video, the husband's greed for money and a better position at work leads him to prioritize work over his family, missing the birth of his child. This behavior exemplifies the destructive nature of greed, as it can lead to the neglect of personal relationships and the loss of what truly matters in life.


Labor in the context of the video refers to the process of childbirth. The wife goes into labor, signifying the birth of their child, which is a critical moment that the husband initially misses due to his commitment to work. This keyword is central to the narrative as it represents a turning point where the husband's priorities are questioned.


A promotion is an advancement in job status, often accompanied by increased responsibilities and pay. The husband in the video seeks a promotion, believing it will solve his family's financial issues. However, his pursuit of the promotion at the expense of his family's needs illustrates a common dilemma between career ambitions and family life.


Money is a medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes, and a measure of value. In the video, the husband's obsession with money and material wealth blinds him to the emotional needs of his family. It serves as a symbol of the superficial values that can distract from the deeper values of love, presence, and support within a family.


Family refers to a group of individuals related by blood or marriage. The video emphasizes the importance of family, particularly the husband's realization that his family needs his presence and emotional support more than material wealth. The breakdown of the family unit due to the husband's misguided priorities is a central theme.


Presence in this context means being physically and emotionally available to one's family. The husband's lack of presence during his wife's labor and the birth of their child is a key issue in the video. It highlights the significance of being there for family during critical moments, which is more valuable than material success.


Priorities are tasks or activities that are considered the most important. The husband's misplaced priorities, where work takes precedence over family, is a pivotal element in the video. It leads to a crisis in his personal life and serves as a lesson about the consequences of not valuing what truly matters.

💡Love and Affection

Love and affection are deep emotional attachments and care. The wife in the video reminds the husband that what their child needs most is not material wealth but the love and affection of their parents. This keyword is central to the video's message that emotional bonds are more important than material possessions.


Materialism is the importance placed on physical possessions and wealth. The video contrasts the happiness of those who are materially rich with the emotional poverty experienced by the husband who is absent from his family's life. It critiques the belief that material possessions can bring happiness.


Realization is the act of becoming aware of something. The husband's eventual realization that money and career success do not equate to family happiness is a turning point in the video. It underscores the theme of reevaluating one's values and recognizing the true sources of fulfillment in life.

💡Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance refers to the equilibrium between work responsibilities and personal life. The video explores the struggle to achieve this balance, as the husband's excessive focus on work leads to the neglect of his personal life. It serves as a cautionary tale about the potential costs of not maintaining a healthy balance.


A husband prioritizes money over his child's birth, missing a crucial life event due to work commitments.

The couple struggles financially, leading the husband to seek a promotion to improve their situation.

The wife expresses her contentment with their simple life, emphasizing that love and affection are more important than wealth.

The husband secures a management position with the promise of a better financial future for his family.

Despite his wife going into labor, the husband chooses to stay at work to review purchase orders, prioritizing career over family.

The wife's disappointment is palpable when her husband is absent during the birth of their child.

The husband's dedication to work is questioned by his wife, who values his presence over material wealth.

The husband receives a promotion and a signing bonus, believing it will solve their family's problems.

The wife leaves the husband, taking their baby with her, as she feels he values money more than family.

The husband encounters a man who regrets prioritizing work over family, serving as a cautionary tale.

The man's family is unhappy despite his wealth, realizing that his presence was what they truly needed.

The husband realizes the error of his ways, understanding that money cannot replace the love and presence he owes his family.

The wife asks for space to think about their future, indicating a potential end to their relationship.

The husband's pursuit of wealth and career advancement leads to the loss of his family's respect and love.

The story concludes with a moral lesson about the true value of family and the consequences of prioritizing greed over relationships.

The husband's realization comes too late, as he is left with material wealth but an empty home and a broken family.

The story serves as a poignant reminder that the 'grass isn't always greener' on the side of wealth and material success.