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7 Oct 202307:29

TLDRThe video script introduces an AI-powered application and website that allows users to create personalized AI avatars from their photos for free. The application, named 'Pic AI', offers various styles including realistic, oil, cyberpunk, and cartoon, and is launched for free initially but later introduces a payment model. The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to use the app to generate and download AI avatars, highlighting its ease of use and the impressive results. The script emphasizes the unlimited potential of the app for creating mid-journey style avatars, encouraging viewers to explore its features.


  • 🤖 Introduction to AI: The script discusses an AI platform that has gained popularity, known for its impressive capabilities in creating avatars from user-uploaded photos.
  • 💡 Initial Launch: The AI platform was initially launched for free but later introduced a payment model for continued use.
  • 🔍 Alternative Search: The speaker had been searching for an alternative to a mid-journey style AI that could work effectively without any cost.
  • 🎁 Discovery: The speaker found both an application and a website that allows users to generate AI avatars for free, similar to mid-journey style.
  • 📸 Uploading Photos: The process involves uploading a photo and selecting a style, such as realistic, oil, cyberpunk, cartoon, etc.
  • 🖼️ Customization Options: Users can customize their avatars by choosing from various styles and even add text to their images.
  • 📱 Application Tutorial: The script provides a tutorial on how to use the application, including selecting options and generating the avatar.
  • 💰 Payment Model: The AI platform allows the generation of a limited number of photos for free, after which a payment is required for additional creations.
  • 🔗 Downloading Avatars: Users can download their generated AI avatars, with the option to select and download individual images.
  • 🌐 Website and Application: The speaker mentions a website and an application but does not reveal their names in the script.
  • 🚀 Future Updates: The script hints at future updates or new features that may be introduced to the AI platform.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about an AI application that allows users to create AI avatars from their photos for free.

  • What was the initial launch model for the AI application?

    -The AI application was initially launched for free, but later started to require payment for continued use.

  • What kind of avatar styles are available in the AI application?

    -The AI application offers various avatar styles including realistic, oil painting, cyberpunk, cartoon, and free style.

  • How does the AI application work?

    -Users upload their photos, select the desired avatar style, and the application generates an AI avatar based on the input.

  • Are there any limitations to the number of photos a user can generate with the AI application?

    -Yes, the application initially allows users to generate only four photos at a time.

  • How can users download their AI-generated avatars?

    -Users can download their AI-generated avatars by selecting the desired photos and clicking the download button provided within the application.

  • What is the name of the AI application mentioned in the video?

    -The name of the AI application is 'Pic AI', which will be provided in the video description.

  • How does the video creator overcome the limitation of generating only four photos at a time?

    -The video creator suggests generating more photos by using different styles and re-uploading the photo each time to get new avatars.

  • What is the solution for users who want to create more than four AI avatars?

    -The video hints at a solution involving a subscription or payment model, but does not provide specific details within the script.

  • What is the video creator's opinion on the quality of the AI-generated avatars?

    -The video creator is impressed with the quality of the AI-generated avatars, finding them realistic and fantastic.

  • Are there any additional features or categories in the AI application that the video creator tried?

    -Yes, the video creator tried additional categories and found the results to be of average quality, not as impressive as the mid-journey style.



🔍 Discovering Free Alternatives to Paid AI Art Apps

The introduction outlines the presenter's journey to find a free alternative to a popular, yet initially free, now paid AI art generation tool, emphasizing its significance and high performance. The quest concludes successfully with the discovery of both an application and a website that enables users to create AI-generated avatars from their photos at no cost. The video promises to reveal the name of this application and how to effectively use it, including a special tip on accessing unlimited credits. A cautionary note is added about the importance of watching the entire video to avoid wasting limited credits and missing out on valuable tips.


🚀 Using 'Pic AI' for Infinite AI-Generated Photos

The second segment introduces 'Pic AI', an application and site that offers capabilities similar to the aforementioned paid service but for free. The process of creating photos is detailed, highlighting the variety of styles available such as cyberpunk and realistic oil paint, and the method to generate avatars. Additionally, the presenter addresses a limitation – the service initially allows generating only a limited number of photos before requiring payment. However, a solution to this problem is teased, showcasing the presenter's commitment to providing valuable, cost-effective resources to the audience.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think and learn like humans. In the context of the video, AI is used to create avatars from user-uploaded photos, indicating the application of machine learning and neural networks to generate realistic or stylized images.


Editing in this context refers to the process of modifying or enhancing digital content, such as images or videos, to achieve a desired outcome. The video mentions editing in relation to the AI avatar creation, suggesting that users can edit their photos to generate different styles of avatars.


An alternative refers to a choice or option that is different from the original or existing ones. In the video, the speaker is searching for an alternative to a particular AI platform that works like a middle journey, indicating they are looking for a different solution with similar functionality.


An avatar, in this context, is a digital representation or a virtual character that is created based on a user's photo and can be customized with various styles. The video focuses on the creation of AI avatars, which are images or characters that users can generate and use in different platforms.


The term 'free' in the video refers to the absence of cost or the provision of services without charge. The speaker discusses the initial free launch of the AI platform and their search for a free alternative for creating avatars.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is not explicitly defined in the script but seems to refer to a specific style or quality of AI avatar creation that the speaker is aiming to achieve. It could imply a level of detail or realism in the avatars that is somewhere between basic and highly advanced.


An application, or app, is a software program designed for a specific purpose. In the video, the term is used to refer to the AI avatar creation software that the speaker is using and recommending to the audience.


A website is a collection of web pages that are accessible through the Internet. In the context of the video, the website is an alternative platform to the AI application that also allows users to create avatars from their photos for free.


To download means to transfer data or files from a remote computer or server to a local system, such as a computer or mobile device. In the video, downloading refers to the process of saving the generated AI avatars to the user's device.


In the context of the video, 'credit' likely refers to a form of digital currency or points within the AI platform that users need to purchase or earn to use the service. The speaker mentions that the platform starts asking for money or credits after a certain point.


Indian in this context refers to something related to India, its culture, or its people. The speaker mentions adding an 'Indian' option in the text for creating avatars, indicating a customization feature that allows users to generate avatars with an Indian theme or style.


AI Bots are being discussed as a significant innovation, with the best AI Bot being introduced.

The AI Bot was initially launched for free but later started requiring payment.

The speaker has been searching for an alternative that works like a mid-journey AI Bot, which is free.

An application and a website have been found that allows users to generate AI avatars from their photos for free.

The application and website allow users to create AI avatars in various styles such as realistic, oil, cyberpunk, cartoon, and more.

The process of creating an AI avatar involves uploading a photo and selecting a style.

The AI Bot can generate up to four photos at a time, but there is a limit to the number of free creations.

The speaker demonstrates the process of generating an AI avatar using the application.

The AI Bot offers unlimited credit usage for those who watch the entire video.

The application's name is revealed to be 'Pic AI' and the link is provided in the description.

The AI avatar generation process is shown, including selecting options and downloading the results.

The speaker tries different styles and categories to generate various AI avatars.

The results of the AI avatar generation are described as fantastic and engaging.

The video encourages viewers to download the application and try creating their own AI avatars.

The speaker shares their excitement and satisfaction with the AI avatars created.

The video concludes with a teaser for the next content, promising more insights on the topic.