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Majid Mehmood
1 Nov 202208:57

TLDRIn this informative video, the host guides viewers on how to pass the HappyScribe captioning test, emphasizing the importance of adhering to character per second (CPS) and character per line guidelines. The video provides a step-by-step walkthrough, including understanding the British accent, ensuring subtitle accuracy, and the necessity of research for unfamiliar terms. The host also discusses the payment process through vice.com, highlighting the need for account verification and selection of a preferred currency. The video concludes with an encouragement for viewers to watch the entire content for a comprehensive understanding and to learn from the process rather than solely relying on provided materials. The host shares their experience of taking the test on behalf of a viewer and mentions the typical one-week waiting period for test results.


  • 🎓 **Understanding CPS and CPL**: For the HappyScribe test, it's crucial to keep the character per second (CPS) under 20 and the character per line (CPL) under 40 to pass.
  • 🔍 **Reading Guidelines**: Before starting the test, read the terms and conditions and English grammar rules provided by HappyScribe to understand the requirements.
  • 🎬 **Captioning Test**: The test involves captioning a video with a British accent, requiring attention to detail and accuracy in transcription.
  • 📊 **Accuracy in Subtitles**: After captioning, ensure subtitles are placed accurately in time with the video's dialogue for a cohesive viewer experience.
  • 🔎 **Research for Clarity**: If unsure about certain terms or political parties, like 'Feeling ill' or 'Final Call', conduct a quick online search to verify the correct information.
  • 💰 **Payment Process**: HappyScribe pays through vice.com, requiring an account setup, verification of identity with a selfie, and activation in a preferred currency.
  • 📝 **Attention to Caption Details**: After captioning, check the caption alignment and ensure it matches the video's dialogue to 100%.
  • 🏛️ **Irish Political System**: The video discusses the unique political landscape of Ireland, with two major parties that are both center-right, targeting similar voter markets.
  • 📈 **Market Positioning**: Both major Irish parties are positioned slightly to the right of the average voter, indicating a strategic approach to appealing to the electorate.
  • 🗣️ **Nationalism as a Dividing Issue**: While the two parties are similar in economic policy, nationalism and historical divisions, such as the Anglo-Irish treaty, play a role in distinguishing them.
  • 📚 **Learning and Self-Reliance**: The video emphasizes the importance of learning from the process and not solely relying on others, encouraging viewers to educate themselves and improve their skills.
  • ⏱️ **Test Submission and Results**: After completing the test, submit it through the HappyScribe platform, and expect to wait up to a week for the results of your application.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about how to pass the HappyScribe transcription test and the process of getting started with HappyScribe.

  • What is the first step to start the transcription test on HappyScribe?

    -The first step is to go to happyscribe.com, scroll down to the bottom, and click on 'freelancer start' then choose either 'transcriber' or 'capture'.

  • What are the two key metrics to consider during the captioning test?

    -The two key metrics to consider are character per second (CPS) and character per line. CPS should be 20 or less, and character per line should be 40 or less.

  • How can you ensure that the subtitles are placed accurately in the video?

    -You need to listen to the video and make sure that the subtitles match the spoken words accurately in terms of timing.

  • What is the political landscape described in the video?

    -The video describes the political landscape in Ireland, where there are two big parties that are both broadly right-leaning and target the same market, with differences possibly lying in issues such as nationalism.

  • What is the source of the video content used in the test?

    -The video content used in the test is about the political system in Ireland, discussing the two major political parties and their positioning on the political spectrum.

  • How does one know if they have passed the HappyScribe test?

    -After submitting the test, it usually takes about one week for HappyScribe to review it and provide the result, which will indicate whether the test has been passed or not.

  • What is the process of getting paid through vice.com?

    -To get paid, you must have an account on vice.com, submit your national ID, and provide a selfie for verification. Once verified and your account is activated, you will be paid in the currency of your choice, such as US dollars, Great British pounds, or Euros.

  • What is the importance of reading the guidelines provided by HappyScribe?

    -Reading the guidelines is important because they provide detailed instructions on how to take the test and perform real jobs correctly, which is crucial for passing the test and maintaining a good standing as a transcriber.

  • Why is it recommended to watch the entire video?

    -Watching the entire video is recommended because important parts of the process might be missed if the video is skipped, and understanding the whole process is essential for successfully passing the test and performing real transcription jobs.

  • What is the advice given for those who might rely on copying and pasting during the test?

    -The advice is to not rely solely on copying and pasting, as this does not help in learning the skills needed for real transcription jobs. It is important to understand the process and gather knowledge through research and multiple video viewings.

  • What is the role of the political parties in the community as described in the video?

    -The role of the political parties, as described in the video, is to provide a linkage between the countrymen and the bureaucrats, often being intertwined with family, friendship, and commerce in the Irish context.



📝 Introduction to Happy Scribe and Captioning Test

The speaker welcomes viewers back to the channel and mentions a request from an Indian viewer to attempt a test on their behalf. The speaker already has an account with Happy Scribe and has passed their test, awaiting an email to start working with them. They guide viewers on how to navigate to the test page on happyscribe.com, explaining the importance of adhering to character per second (CPS) and character per line guidelines for the captioning test. The test is conducted in a British accent and requires understanding the video content and accurately placing subtitles. An example is provided to illustrate how to adjust CPS and character per line. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reading guidelines and understanding how to perform real jobs after selection. They share their experience of completing the captioning task and stress the need to listen to the video to ensure accurate subtitle placement.


💻 Captioning Process and Payment Details

The speaker continues by instructing viewers on how to interact with the captioning interface, ensuring they click on the correct part of the captions to adjust timing. They mention the necessity of sometimes conducting research, such as using Google, to verify the accuracy of words used in transcription. The speaker clarifies the payment process, stating that payments are made through an account on vice.com, which requires verification of identity and age. They explain the process of setting up an account and choosing a currency for payment. The speaker concludes by urging viewers to watch the entire video to grasp all the important details, emphasizing the importance of learning and understanding the process rather than merely copying and pasting during the test. They also mention their intention to submit the test and share the results, typically received within a week. The video ends with a call to like, comment, and subscribe for more content on earning money online.




HappyScribe is an online transcription service mentioned in the video. The speaker discusses their experience with HappyScribe, including passing a test to work with them. It is central to the video's theme as it's the platform the tutorial is based on.

💡Captioning Test

A captioning test is a task given to potential transcribers by HappyScribe to assess their ability to transcribe and caption videos accurately. In the video, the speaker explains how to take and pass this test, which is crucial for viewers interested in working with HappyScribe.

💡Character per Second (CPS)

Character per second (CPS) is a measurement used in the captioning test to determine the pace at which a transcriber types. The video instructs that the CPS should be 20 or less, which is important for maintaining accuracy in transcription.

💡Character per Line

Character per line refers to the number of characters that should fit in a single line of a transcript. The video specifies that it should be 40 or less, which helps maintain readability and is a requirement for passing the captioning test.

💡British Accent

The British accent is mentioned as the accent used in the video provided for the captioning test. Understanding and accurately transcribing accents is a skill required for transcribers, especially when dealing with international clients or content.

💡Political System

The political system is discussed in the video's example transcript, which talks about the differences in the political landscape of Ireland compared to other countries. This part of the script is used to demonstrate the type of content transcribers might encounter.

💡Left-Right Scale

The left-right scale is a political spectrum used to categorize political views, ranging from left-wing to right-wing. In the video, it is referenced in the context of an exit poll from the last general election in Ireland, showing the political leanings of different parties.

💡Shin Fein Party

Shin Fein is an Irish political party that is mentioned in the video's transcript example. The party's history and its split over the Anglo-Irish treaty provide context for the discussion on nationalism and political division in Ireland.


Research is highlighted as an important step in the transcription process, especially when encountering unfamiliar terms or names. The speaker shares an anecdote about looking up the names of Irish political parties to ensure accuracy in the captioning.


Vice.com is mentioned as the website through which HappyScribe pays its transcribers. The video explains the process of setting up an account and the verification steps required, emphasizing the importance of legitimacy and security in online work.

💡Online Money

Earning online money is the overarching theme of the video, as the channel aims to help viewers learn how to make money through transcription services like HappyScribe. The video provides a step-by-step guide to help viewers understand the process and opportunities available.


Introduction to HappyScribe and the process of taking a test on behalf of a viewer from India.

Instructions on how to navigate to HappyScribe's freelancer start page and begin the test.

Explanation of the importance of understanding character per second (CPS) and character per line for the captioning test.

Demonstration of how to adjust the CPS and character per line during the captioning test.

Emphasis on not exceeding the CPS and character per line limits to pass the test.

Guidance on reading HappyScribe's guidelines for test preparation and future job requirements.

Description of the captioning task involving a video in British accent and the need for accurate subtitle placement.

Example of a political discussion video used for the captioning test, focusing on the Irish political system.

Advice on ensuring the accuracy of the subtitles by listening to the video and making necessary adjustments.

Mention of the need for research using Google to verify the correctness of certain terms or names.

Details on the payment process through vice.com, including the requirement for a selfie and ID verification.

Information about the activation of the account and the options for currency and bank account preferences.

Encouragement for viewers to watch the entire video to grasp all the important details.

Warning about the consequences of failing the test due to copying and pasting without understanding the process.

Stress on the importance of self-learning and not solely relying on others for passing the test.

Process of submitting the test and the anticipation of receiving the results within a week.

Invitation for viewers to ask questions, provide suggestions, and engage with the channel for more online earning opportunities.