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11 Apr 202308:06

TLDRIn this tutorial, Elijah guides viewers on how to create digital AI art using MidJourney, accessible through Discord. After signing up for a Discord account and authorizing the MidJourney bot, users can join a community of creators. To generate art, users type commands in Discord, select an aspect ratio, and wait for the AI to produce drafts. They can then choose an image to upscale for higher resolution. Elijah also discusses subscription plans, recommending the basic plan for beginners.


  • 🌐 Start by visiting to access Midjourney, an AI art creation platform.
  • 🔗 Midjourney requires the use of Discord; sign in or create a Discord account to proceed.
  • 📧 Register for Discord with your email, username, password, and date of birth.
  • 🔒 Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to your Gmail account.
  • ✅ Authorize the Midjourney bot to access your Discord account for functionality.
  • 🎨 Join the Midjourney Discord server, which has a large community of users.
  • 🏠 From the home page, use the 'slash imagine' command to start creating your AI art.
  • 📐 Specify the aspect ratio for your image using 'dash dash AR' followed by the desired dimensions.
  • 📝 Accept Midjourney's terms of service to continue using the platform.
  • 💸 Midjourney offers subscription plans; choose from Basic ($8/month), Standard ($24/month), or Pro ($48/month).
  • 🖼️ After subscribing, you can manage your subscription, view invoices, and purchase additional fast hours.
  • 🔄 Use the 'u' commands to upscale and enhance the resolution of your AI-generated images.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the tutorial?

    -The main topic of the tutorial is how to create your first digital AI art using MidJourney through Discord.

  • What is the first step to access MidJourney?

    -The first step is to go to Google, type '', press enter, and sign in or create a Discord account since MidJourney requires using Discord.

  • How does one create a Discord account?

    -To create a Discord account, you need to visit the Discord website, click on register, enter your email, choose a username, create a password, input your date of birth, and agree to Discord's terms of service and privacy policy.

  • What is the purpose of the MidJourney bot in Discord?

    -The MidJourney bot in Discord is used to access and interact with the MidJourney AI art creation platform.

  • How can you join the MidJourney community on Discord?

    -After signing in with Discord, you click on 'Join the Discord to start creating' which sends an invite to a large server with many online users.

  • What command is used to start creating art with MidJourney?

    -The command used to start creating art with MidJourney is 'slash, imagine' followed by a space and the description of the desired art.

  • What does 'dash dash AR' do in the MidJourney command?

    -'Dash dash AR' is used to select the image aspect ratio when creating art with MidJourney. For example, 'dash dash AR 4:8' sets the aspect ratio to four by eight points tall.

  • What are the subscription plans offered by MidJourney?

    -MidJourney offers a Basic plan at $8/month (yearly) with 200 monthly generations, a Standard plan at $24/month (yearly), and a Pro plan at $48/month (yearly) with additional features.

  • How can you upscale the resolution of a generated image in MidJourney?

    -To upscale the resolution of a generated image, you select the image and click on 'u4' (or the corresponding number for the desired level of upscaling) to begin the upscaling process.

  • What happens if a user's image doesn't appear in the newcomers room?

    -If an image doesn't appear in the newcomers room, the user can scroll up to find their image moving upwards, as the images may still be generating.

  • How can users manage their MidJourney subscription?

    -Users can manage their MidJourney subscription by going to a specific page in Discord where they can edit billing information, view invoices, and buy more fast hours.



🖌️ Getting Started with Mid-Journey AI Art

This paragraph outlines the initial steps to create your first digital AI art using Mid-Journey. It begins by instructing viewers to navigate to the Mid-Journey website and sign in through Discord, as Mid-Journey operates within the Discord app. The tutorial then guides users on how to register or log in to Discord, verify their email address, and authorize the Mid-Journey bot to access their account. After successful authorization, users are introduced to the Mid-Journey community showcase and the process of creating their own art by joining a server and using the 'slash, imagine' command. The paragraph concludes with an explanation of the need to accept Mid-Journey's terms of service and the current unavailability of a free trial, steering users towards subscription options.


💳 Subscribing to Mid-Journey and Creating Art

The second paragraph delves into the subscription process for Mid-Journey, highlighting the different plans available and recommending the basic plan for beginners. It details the steps to subscribe, including entering billing information and managing the subscription. Once subscribed, the tutorial demonstrates how to generate AI art by typing commands in Discord and selecting an image to upscale for higher resolution. The paragraph emphasizes the capabilities of AI in creating detailed and realistic images, and it concludes with a prompt for viewers to subscribe, like, and explore more Mid-Journey tutorials on the channel.




Mid-journey refers to an AI-based digital art creation platform that is accessed through Discord. It is the main focus of the video, where the creator demonstrates how to use it to generate digital art. The term is used to describe the process of creating art with the help of AI technology.


Discord is a communication platform that is used as the medium to access mid-journey. It is an essential part of the setup, as the AI art creation process takes place within a Discord server. The platform allows for text, voice, and video communication, and in this context, it facilitates the interaction with the AI art generator.

💡Digital Art

Digital Art refers to artistic works or images that are created using digital technology, such as computers and AI. In the video, the focus is on generating digital art through the mid-journey platform, which uses AI to create images based on user inputs.

💡AI Art

AI Art, or Artificial Intelligence Art, is a form of digital art that is created with the assistance of AI algorithms. These algorithms can generate images, patterns, and designs based on certain inputs or parameters provided by the user. The video demonstrates the capabilities of AI in creating art through the mid-journey platform.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect Ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or a screen. In the context of the video, selecting an image aspect ratio is a part of the process of creating AI art, where the user specifies the desired dimensions of the output image.


Upscaling in the context of digital images refers to the process of increasing the resolution of an image, making it larger while maintaining or improving its quality. In the video, the AI-generated images can be upscaled to enhance their detail and clarity.


A subscription in this context refers to the payment plan that users must sign up for to access the full features of the mid-journey platform. The video outlines different subscription plans with varying benefits and costs.

💡Community Showcase

Community Showcase is a feature within the mid-journey platform that allows users to view and share their AI-generated art with others. It serves as a social space for creators to display their work and get inspired by the creations of fellow users.

💡Terms of Service

Terms of Service (ToS) are the legal agreements that users must accept to use a particular service. In the video, the user is prompted to accept the ToS of mid-journey to continue using the AI art generation features.


Verification in the context of the video refers to the process of confirming one's identity when creating a new account, such as a Discord account. This is done to ensure that the user is a real person and not a bot.


Elijah introduces the tutorial on creating digital AI art using Mid-Journey.

The process begins by visiting and signing in through Discord.

Creating or logging into a Discord account is necessary to use Mid-Journey.

After registering or logging in, users must authorize the Mid-Journey bot to access their Discord account.

Verification of the Discord account is required before proceeding.

Once verified, users can join the Mid-Journey community and view the showcase of other creators' art.

To create art, users type 'slash imagine' in Discord, followed by their desired prompt.

Users must accept Mid-Journey's terms of service to continue using the platform.

A free trial is not available, and users must subscribe to one of the paid plans.

The basic plan costs $8 per month on an annual basis, offering limited generations and other features.

The standard plan is $24 per month, also on an annual basis, with more features.

The Pro plan at $48 per month provides additional benefits.

After subscribing, users can manage their subscription and purchase additional fast hours.

Once subscribed, users can type their command in Discord to start creating their AI art.

The AI art generation process is displayed with a completion percentage.

Users have the option to upscale their AI-generated images for higher resolution.

Elijah demonstrates the quality of the upscaled AI art and encourages viewers to explore Mid-Journey further.