How to Get a Logo Design for FREE Using AI | Create Amazing AI Logo Design

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9 Aug 202308:33

TLDRIn this informative video, the host guides viewers on how to create a professional business logo for free using AI technology. The process begins by using Bing Image Creator after signing up. The host then demonstrates the use of tools like Gravity and Chai GPT to generate more sophisticated and relevant logo concepts. The generated logos are refined by adjusting text and enhancing quality using Canva and Vectorizer AI, resulting in a high-resolution SVG format logo. The video concludes with a celebratory milestone of reaching 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time, encouraging viewers to engage with the community for feedback and suggestions.


  • 🚀 Create a business or brand logo for free using AI without hiring a professional designer.
  • 🔍 Use Bing Image Creator by signing up with your email and password for the first time.
  • 💡 Generate initial logo ideas by inputting a description, such as 'a pen', into the AI tool.
  • 🎨 Improve the quality of the logo by using a tool like Gravity or Chai GPT to create more professional prompts.
  • 📝 Write detailed prompts with your brand name, product name, and business description for better AI-generated results.
  • 🔗 Paste the generated prompts into Bing Image Creator to get more refined logo options.
  • 👍 Evaluate the generated logos and choose the best one, keeping in mind that text and quality can be improved later.
  • ⬇️ Download the chosen logo and use a tool like Canva to adjust the text and background for a polished look.
  • 🌟 Enhance the logo's resolution and format by using Vectorizer AI to convert it into an SVG file for professional editing.
  • 📈 The presenter celebrates reaching 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time, showing gratitude towards the audience.
  • 📺 Encourages viewers to check out other videos and engage with the community tab for feedback and suggestions.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to create a business or brand logo for free using AI technology.

  • What is the first step to create an AI logo?

    -The first step is to type 'Bing image creator' into a search engine and sign up or sign in to the website.

  • What is a common issue with the text in AI-generated logos?

    -A common issue is that the text in AI-generated logos is not very good, as the AI is not very proficient with text.

  • How can one improve the quality of the text in an AI-generated logo?

    -One can improve the text quality by using a tool like Gravity Right to create a more professional prompt and then inputting that into the Bing image creator tool.

  • What tool can be used to refine and create a better logo design?

    -Gravity Right is a tool that can be used to refine and create better logo design ideas by generating professional prompts.

  • What is the importance of writing good prompts for logo design?

    -Writing good prompts is important because the better the prompt, the better the resulting logo design will be.

  • How can the quality of the AI-generated logo be improved?

    -The quality can be improved by downloading the image and using a platform like Canva to adjust the design and text, and then using Vectorizer AI to increase the resolution and convert the image to SVG format.

  • What is the limitation of the free version of Canva when it comes to downloading images?

    -The free version of Canva only allows users to download images in PNG or JPEG format. To download in SVG format, a paid subscription is required.

  • What is the significance of reaching 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time for the video creator?

    -Reaching 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time is a significant milestone for the video creator, representing a major achievement and a testament to the support from the audience.

  • How can viewers provide feedback and suggestions to the video creator?

    -Viewers can provide feedback and suggestions by visiting the community tab on the video creator's channel.

  • What action should viewers take if they appreciate the content created by the video creator?

    -Viewers should hit the like button, subscribe to the channel, and press the Bell icon to stay updated with new content.

  • What is the name of the AI tool that can convert images to SVG format?

    -The name of the AI tool that can convert images to SVG format is Vectorizer AI.



🚀 Introduction to AI Logo Creation

The video begins with a welcome and an introduction to the tutorial on creating a business or brand logo using AI. The host emphasizes that viewers don't need to be professional designers or spend a lot of money to create logos. The video promises a step-by-step guide and hints at a milestone achievement to be discussed later. The host introduces Bing Image Creator as a free tool for generating logos and provides a link in the description for easy access. The process involves signing up with an email and password. The host also mentions other AI-generated images and frequently asked questions, indicating that the tool provides answers to common queries about image creation.


🛠️ Refining the Logo Design Process

The host proceeds to the next step in the logo design process, which involves using a tool called Gravity to generate professional prompts for the logo design. The host explains that the better the prompts, the better the results will be. After logging into the Gravity account, the host guides viewers to click on 'image prompts' and 'logo design ideas,' where they can input brand name, product name, and a description to generate a tailored logo prompt. The host demonstrates this by inputting details for a perfume company called 'Segnite' and then pasting the generated prompts into the Bing Image Creator tool. The host acknowledges that while the initial results are not perfect, they are on the right track and will improve the text and quality in subsequent steps.

✨ Enhancing and Finalizing the Logo

The host moves on to enhance the logo by using Canva, a design tool familiar to many viewers. The process involves changing the text and selecting shapes and colors to refine the logo's appearance. The host demonstrates how to set the image as a background and alter the text to better suit the brand, such as 'Luxury Plus' for a perfume brand. The host also discusses the limitations of Canva's free version, which only allows downloading in PNG or JPEG formats, contrasting it with the paid version that supports SVG format. To overcome this, the host introduces Vectorizer AI, an AI tool that increases image resolution and provides the option to download in SVG format, allowing for further editing in design tools like Photoshop or Illustrator. The host concludes the tutorial by celebrating the channel's milestone of reaching 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time, expressing gratitude to the audience for their support. The host also encourages viewers to check out a video on top AI tools and to engage with the community tab for feedback and suggestions.



💡AI Logo Design

AI Logo Design refers to the process of creating a logo for a business or brand using artificial intelligence. In the video, the host demonstrates how AI can be utilized to generate logo designs without the need for professional design skills or significant financial investment. This concept is central to the video's theme, as it empowers business owners to create their own logos efficiently and cost-effectively.

💡Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is an online tool mentioned in the video that allows users to generate images, including logos, using AI technology. It is a key component in the video's demonstration of creating a logo for free. The host instructs viewers to use this tool by signing in or signing up to access its features, highlighting its role in the AI logo design process.

💡Professional Logo Designer

A professional logo designer is an individual skilled in creating visual brand identities, typically through manual design processes. The video contrasts the traditional need for hiring such a professional with the modern, AI-assisted method of logo creation, emphasizing the cost and skill advantages of using AI.


Gravity is a tool mentioned in the video that helps in generating professional and creative prompts for logo design. It is used in conjunction with AI image creators to refine and enhance the design process. The host uses Gravity to input brand names, product names, and business descriptions to generate more sophisticated and relevant logo concepts.

💡Logo Design Ideas

Logo design ideas are the conceptual starting points for creating a logo. In the context of the video, these ideas are generated through AI tools like Gravity and then input into an image creator to produce visual designs. The host emphasizes the importance of good prompts for generating high-quality logo design ideas.


Canva is a graphic design platform used in the video to refine and finalize the AI-generated logo. It allows users to edit and customize their designs with various tools and elements, such as shapes and text. The host uses Canva to improve the text and overall quality of the logo, demonstrating its utility in the final stages of logo creation.

💡Vectorizer AI

Vectorizer AI is an AI tool introduced in the video for enhancing the resolution and quality of images, specifically converting them into SVG format. This format is beneficial for further editing and manipulation in professional design software like Photoshop or Illustrator. The host uses Vectorizer AI to improve the final logo's quality and flexibility for use in various applications.

💡SVG Format

SVG, or Scalable Vector Graphics, is a file format for vector images that maintains quality at any size without losing resolution. In the video, the host discusses the advantage of having a logo in SVG format for professional editing and scalability, which is achieved using Vectorizer AI.

💡Generic Logo

A generic logo, as mentioned in the video, refers to a logo design that lacks uniqueness and may not stand out from other logos. The host points out the limitations of initial AI-generated logos, describing them as 'generic,' and then proceeds to show how to create a more distinctive and professional logo using additional tools and steps.

💡Text Improvement

Text improvement in the context of the video refers to enhancing the textual elements within a logo design. The host notes that the initial AI-generated logos have issues with the text and demonstrates how to use Canva to replace and stylize the text to better fit the brand's identity.


In the video, a milestone is reached when the host's channel hits 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time. This achievement is significant for the host and is shared with the audience as a moment of celebration and gratitude. It also serves to encourage viewer engagement and support for the channel's future content.


Create a business logo or brand logo easily with AI, without needing to be a professional logo designer.

No need to spend a lot of money on logo creation and design.

Step-by-step tutorial on designing a logo using AI.

Use Bing Image Creator for AI-generated logos.

Sign up process for Bing Image Creator is straightforward, requiring only an email and password.

AI-generated images and frequently asked questions are available on the platform.

Writing a professional prompt improves the quality of the AI-generated logo.

Gravity, Chai GPT, and other tools can be used to create professional prompts for logo design.

Input your brand name, product name, and business description to generate logo design prompts.

Better prompts result in better logo designs.

Text issues in the initial AI-generated logo can be resolved later in the process.

Canva can be used to adjust and finalize the logo design with better text and color options.

Vectorizer AI is an AI tool to increase image resolution and convert logos to SVG format for editing in design tools.

The video discusses reaching a milestone of 100 subscribers and 100 hours of watch time.

Community tab is a place for suggestions, feedback, and engagement with the channel.

The presenter thanks the audience for their support and encourages them to like, subscribe, and turn on notifications.

A video on top AI tools is available for viewers to check out.