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Steve AI
14 Jul 202203:00

TLDRIn this engaging tutorial video, the host shares their recent experience at 'The Farm,' an organic store and restaurant that inspired them to reignite their passion for baking. They introduce, a platform that facilitated the creation of a promotional video for their bakery products in just three minutes. The video showcases the platform's user-friendly features, such as the 'script to video' button, a vast selection of scripts, customizable themes, and the ability to swap elements directly in the workspace. The host also highlights the extensive library of stock images and videos available for editing. By editing text directly on the workspace, the process is streamlined, making it easy to finalize and download the video. The host encourages viewers to start their entrepreneurial journey by visiting the provided link, emphasizing the simplicity and accessibility of the tool.


  • 🎥 The video is promoting a service called, which is an Explainer Promo Video Maker.
  • 👩‍🍳 The host shares a personal story about rekindling their baking skills at a place called the Farm, which is an organic store and restaurant.
  • 🌾 The Farm sells organic products essential for baking, which inspired the host to create a video to promote their baking products.
  • 🚀 allows users to create promotional videos with ease, as demonstrated by the host making a video in just three minutes.
  • 📝 The platform features a 'script to video' button that directs users to a page with a variety of available scripts to choose from.
  • 🎨 Users can select a theme and are taken to a workspace where they can edit their video using the 'swap' option.
  • 📚 provides thousands of stock images and videos for users to incorporate into their video projects.
  • ✍️ A unique feature of is the ability to edit text directly on the workspace without having to return to the script page.
  • 💾 Once the video is edited to satisfaction, it is ready to be downloaded.
  • 🛒 The host encourages viewers to start their entrepreneurial journey by using to create their own promotional videos.
  • 🔗 Interested users are directed to click a link in the bio to visit the website and begin making videos.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about how to make explainer and promo videos that sell, using the services provided by

  • Who is the host of the tutorials?

    -The host of the tutorials is Miss J.

  • What activity did the host engage in at the farm?

    -The host engaged in baking at the farm, which rekindled their baking skills.

  • What type of products does the farm sell?

    -The farm sells different kinds of organic products that are essential for baking.

  • How long did it take the host to create the promotional video?

    -It took the host just three minutes to create the promotional video.

  • What is the name of the feature on that allows users to create videos from scripts?

    -The feature is called 'script to video'.

  • How many stock images and videos does offer for video editing? offers thousands of stock images and videos for video editing.

  • What is a unique feature of that allows for text editing?

    -A unique feature of is the ability to edit text directly on the workspace without having to go back to the script page.

  • What is the final step to start using for video creation?

    -The final step is to click the link in their bio and go to the website to start making videos.

  • How does the host describe their entrepreneurial journey with

    -The host describes their entrepreneurial journey as starting with the creation of a beautiful promotional video for their baking products using

  • What is the call to action for viewers interested in using

    -The call to action is to click the link in the bio, go to the website, and start making their own videos.

  • What is the purpose of the music in the video?

    -The music in the video serves to enhance the viewing experience, making it more engaging and fun.



😀 Introduction to Tutorials

The video script begins with a lively introduction to the tutorials series with Miss J. The host shares a personal anecdote about a recent visit to 'the farm,' which is described as a place that reignited their passion for baking. The farm is characterized as an organic store and restaurant offering a variety of organic products ideal for baking. The host expresses excitement about showcasing their baking skills and promoting their products through a video created with the help of, a platform that simplifies the process of turning scripts into videos.

🎥 Behind the Scenes of Video Creation with

This paragraph delves into the process of creating a promotional video using The host provides a step-by-step guide on how to utilize the platform's features, starting with clicking the 'script to video' button which leads to a selection of pre-existing scripts. Viewers are encouraged to pick a theme and are then directed to a workspace where they can customize their video by swapping out elements and choosing from a vast library of stock images and videos. A notable feature highlighted is the ability to edit text directly on the workspace, streamlining the video creation process. The host concludes by showcasing the final product, a fun and engaging video that was made in just three minutes, and invites viewers to start their own entrepreneurial journey by visiting the provided link.



💡Explainer Video

An explainer video is a short, animated video that explains a product, service, or concept in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. In the context of the video, Miss J uses an explainer video to promote her baking products by showcasing her experience at the farm and how she utilized to create the video. The script mentions, '...with the help of I was able to create a beautiful video to promote my products', which illustrates the use of an explainer video to sell.

💡Promo Video

A promo video, short for promotional video, is a marketing tool used to promote a brand, product, or service. It often includes testimonials, demonstrations, or narratives to engage potential customers. In the script, Miss J's video serves as a promo video for her baking products, as it is designed to attract viewers and encourage them to learn more or make a purchase, as indicated by ' visit to the farm rekindle my baking skills and with the help of steve.ei I was able to create a beautiful video to promote my products'.

💡 is an online platform or tool mentioned in the script that assists in creating videos, presumably with features like script to video conversion. It is portrayed as a user-friendly service that enabled Miss J to make her promotional video quickly and efficiently. The script refers to it as '...with the help of I was able to create a beautiful video...' and later provides a tutorial on how to use its features.

💡Organic Store

An organic store is a retail establishment that specializes in selling organic products, which are typically grown or produced without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. In the video script, Miss J visits 'the farm' which is described as 'an organic store and restaurant', indicating that it is a place where she can find organic ingredients essential for her baking.

💡Baking Skills

Baking skills refer to the techniques and knowledge required to prepare baked goods such as bread, cakes, and pastries. In the script, Miss J mentions that her visit to the farm 'rekindle my baking skills', suggesting that the experience at the organic store reignited her passion and ability to bake, which she then leverages to create content for her video.

💡Script to Video

Script to video is a feature that allows users to convert a written script into a video format, often with the help of automated tools or platforms. The script highlights this feature when it says 'click on the script to video button', indicating that provides a straightforward process to transform a script into a visual video.


In the context of video editing or creation, a workspace is the virtual environment or interface where users can manipulate and arrange elements of their video. The script mentions 'this directs you to your workspace where you can edit your video', suggesting that provides a user-friendly interface for editing videos.

💡Stock Images and Videos

Stock images and videos are pre-produced visual assets that can be licensed for use in various projects, such as videos or websites. In the script, it is mentioned that ' offers thousands of stock images and videos that you can choose from to edit your video', indicating that the platform provides a library of resources to enrich the content of the videos created.

💡Entrepreneurial Journey

An entrepreneurial journey refers to the process of starting and running a business, which often involves innovation, risk-taking, and personal growth. Miss J describes her experience with and the creation of her promo video as part of her 'entrepreneurial journey', framing it as a step towards establishing or growing her business.


In the context of digital media, to download means to transfer a file or data from a remote system, such as the internet, to a local device. The script states 'your video is ready to download', indicating the final step in the video creation process where the user can save their completed video to their device.


Introduction to tutorials with Miss J.

Visit to an organic store and restaurant called the Farm.

Rekindling baking skills at the Farm.

Creating a promotional video with

The video showcases organic products essential for baking.

The video was made in just three minutes.

Tutorial on how to use's script to video feature.

Accessing a variety of scripts on the script page.

Choosing a theme and editing the video in the workspace. offers thousands of stock images and videos.

Editing text directly on the workspace without returning to the script page.

Downloading the finished video.

Starting an entrepreneurial journey with

Encouragement to start making videos with

Invitation to click the link in the bio and visit the website.

Call to action to start making videos together with the team.