How to use Adobe Express to Edit Videos for Free!

Teacher's Tech
1 Nov 202325:56

TLDRIn this tutorial, Jamie from Teachers Tech demonstrates how to use Adobe Express to edit videos for free. The video showcases the process of signing up for a free account and navigating the platform's interface. Jamie covers the basics of video editing, including trimming and splitting clips, adding audio, transitions, and text. The tutorial also highlights the use of templates, which can save time and provide a professional touch to the videos. Throughout the video, Jamie emphasizes the simplicity of Adobe Express's drag-and-drop features and the availability of a wide range of creative options even in the free version. The summary concludes with a demonstration of exporting the final video in high definition, noting the limitations of the free version compared to the premium one.


  • 🌟 Adobe Express is a free tool that can be used to edit videos, allowing users to trim, split, add audio, transitions, and text.
  • 📚 Creating an account for Adobe Express is straightforward, and a free account suffices for basic video editing needs.
  • 🎬 Users can start editing from scratch or choose from various templates and ideas provided by Adobe Express.
  • 📂 The interface offers different sections such as templates, media, text, and elements for a comprehensive editing experience.
  • 👑 Free accounts have limitations; certain premium features like background removal are not available.
  • ✂️ Trimming and cutting videos can be done by dragging the edges of the clip or using the split function.
  • 🔄 Changing the order of clips or removing parts from the middle of a clip is easily accomplished with Adobe Express.
  • 📷 Both photos and videos can be uploaded from personal devices, and images can be stretched to desired lengths.
  • 🎵 Audio can be added to videos from Adobe Express's library or by uploading personal audio files.
  • 📑 Layers are easily managed, allowing users to add videos on top of one another and adjust their size, position, and effects.
  • ✅ Effects, such as color adjustments, flipping, and cropping to shapes, can be applied to video clips.
  • 📝 Text can be added and customized with various fonts, colors, and animation effects, with options to adjust timing and layering.
  • 🧩 Elements, which are pre-made objects or graphics, can be added to videos for additional creative flair.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is how to use Adobe Express to edit videos for free.

  • Who is the presenter of the video?

    -The presenter of the video is Jamie from Teachers Tech.

  • What are some of the features available in Adobe Express for video editing?

    -Some of the features available in Adobe Express for video editing include trimming, splitting, adding audio, transitions, text, and the ability to export in high definition.

  • How can one start a new video project in Adobe Express?

    -One can start a new video project in Adobe Express by selecting 'Create from Scratch' or by choosing a template. They can also start from an existing video, Instagram reel, TikTok video, or YouTube video.

  • What is the significance of the 'Crown' icon in Adobe Express?

    -The 'Crown' icon in Adobe Express indicates a premium asset. If a user tries to use a premium asset without a premium account, they won't be able to publish or export the project without upgrading.

  • Can you use Adobe Express for free?

    -Yes, you can use Adobe Express for free, but with certain limitations. Premium features and assets require an upgrade to the premium version.

  • How does one add text to a video in Adobe Express?

    -To add text to a video in Adobe Express, you can go to the 'Text' section, choose a pre-made design or start from scratch, and then customize the text's appearance, including font, color, and effects.

  • What is the maximum video resolution that can be exported in the free version of Adobe Express?

    -In the free version of Adobe Express, you can export videos in high definition up to 1080p.

  • How can users add their own media to Adobe Express?

    -Users can add their own media, such as photos, videos, or audio, by clicking 'Upload from Device' and selecting the files they want to add to their project.

  • What is the process to trim or cut a video clip in Adobe Express?

    -To trim or cut a video clip in Adobe Express, you can move the playhead to the desired point, right-click on the clip to 'Split' it, and then delete the unwanted part. You can also trim the beginning or end of a clip by dragging the edges of the clip.

  • How can users add transitions between clips in Adobe Express?

    -Users can add transitions between clips by selecting the '+' icon or the 'Transitions' option and choosing the desired transition type, such as 'Dissolve', and adjusting the duration if needed.

  • What is the role of 'Elements' in Adobe Express?

    -In Adobe Express, 'Elements' are pre-designed objects that users can add to their videos for additional visual interest. They can be moved, resized, and edited to fit the project's needs.



🎞️ Introduction to Adobe Express Video Editing

The speaker, Jamie, introduces Adobe Express as a free tool for editing videos, capable of creating professional-looking results. They highlight features such as trimming, splitting, adding audio, transitions, and text. Jamie demonstrates how to sign up for a free account and navigate the platform's interface, emphasizing the availability of templates and the option to start from scratch. The video also mentions generative AI connected with Firefly, which will be covered in a separate video.


📚 Basic Video Editing Techniques in Adobe Express

Jamie explains the basic video editing process in Adobe Express, including how to trim video clips, cut out sections, and rearrange the order of clips. They demonstrate adding media such as videos and images to a project, and how to use the platform's drag-and-drop interface. The speaker also covers adding audio tracks and the importance of distinguishing between free and premium media assets.


🎨 Advanced Editing Features and Customization

This section delves into more advanced editing features, such as layering videos for picture-in-picture effects, cropping, and applying various effects to video clips. Jamie shows how to adjust video speed, remove backgrounds (a premium feature), and add animations. The video also touches on the ability to lock layers to prevent accidental changes and the ease of adding transitions between clips.


✍️ Adding Text and Animations to Videos

Jamie demonstrates how to add text to videos, customize it with different fonts, colors, and effects, and animate text entries and exits. They discuss the importance of choosing free fonts and show how to adjust text duration and layer timing. The video also covers the use of AI-generated text effects and the ability to add shadows and outlines to text.


🌐 Utilizing Elements and Templates for Efficiency

The speaker introduces elements and templates in Adobe Express as a way to speed up the video creation process. They show how to add and customize objects, and how templates can be used to quickly create videos with predefined text, animations, and media layers. Jamie emphasizes the importance of checking if templates are free or premium and how to replace template elements with personal content.


🚀 Finalizing and Exporting the Video

In the final part of the tutorial, Jamie shows how to export the completed video, discussing the importance of ensuring no premium clips are used to avoid download restrictions. They guide viewers through the export process, choosing the video format and resolution, and changing the file name. The video concludes with a playback of the completed project, showcasing the use of transitions, text, and background music.



💡Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a free online tool by Adobe Inc. that allows users to create and edit videos, images, and web pages easily. In the video, it is the primary software demonstrated for video editing, emphasizing its user-friendly interface and free availability for basic features.

💡Video Editing

Video editing refers to the process of manipulating and modifying video shots to produce a finished video. The video script covers various aspects of video editing within Adobe Express, including trimming, splitting, and adding transitions and text.


Trimming is a video editing technique where you shorten a video clip by removing portions from the beginning or end. The script describes how to trim video clips in Adobe Express to adjust their length and fit the desired sequence.


Splitting, in the context of video editing, means dividing a video clip into two separate parts at a specific point, typically by cutting out a middle section. The video demonstrates how to split a video clip to remove an unwanted section.


Transitions are visual or audio effects that mark the passage from one scene or shot to another in a video. The script mentions adding transitions between video clips to create a smooth flow in the final video output.


Adding text to videos is a common practice for conveying information, enhancing visuals, or creating titles and captions. The video script explains how to add, style, and animate text within Adobe Express to enhance the video's message.


Templates in Adobe Express are pre-designed layouts or frameworks that users can utilize to quickly create videos, social media posts, or other content. The script highlights the efficiency of using templates for those who want to speed up the video creation process.

💡Generative AI

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence systems that can create new content, such as text, images, or videos. Although not the main focus of the video, generative AI is mentioned in passing, noting its connection to Adobe Express and its potential for creative tasks.



Audio in video editing refers to the sound track or voice-over that accompanies the visual content. The script discusses adding audio to videos, including choosing music tracks and integrating them into the video timeline.


Exporting is the final step in video editing where the edited video is saved in a specific format for sharing or distribution. The video script details how to export the finished video from Adobe Express in high definition.

💡Free Account

A free account in Adobe Express allows users to access basic features of the software without cost. The script emphasizes that most of the demonstrated video editing can be done using a free account, although some premium features require a subscription.


Adobe Express allows users to edit videos for free, offering features like trimming, splitting, adding audio, transitions, and text.

You can create videos from scratch or start with templates, which are great for saving time.

The platform provides a variety of video and audio assets, including baby animals and happy music examples.

Users can trim video clips by dragging the edges or split clips by right-clicking to remove a segment.

Changing the order of clips or duplicating them is straightforward with drag-and-drop functionality.

Adobe Express supports uploading personal media, including photos, videos, and audio files.

The free version has some limitations, such as not being able to download videos with premium clips.

Text can be easily added and customized with different fonts, colors, and effects.

Elements like shapes and animations can be added to enhance the visual appeal of videos.

Transitions between clips can be added for a smoother flow in the final video.

The interface allows for easy layer management, enabling users to adjust the timing and order of each element.

Templates in Adobe Express can be customized to fit personal projects without starting from scratch.

The platform is user-friendly, with a focus on drag-and-drop functionality for ease of use.

Adobe Express is suitable for basic video editing needs, with the option to upgrade for more advanced features.

Exporting videos is simple, with options to choose the video format and quality.

The video editing process is engaging and allows for a lot of creativity with the tools provided.

Adobe Express is a powerful tool for creating professional-looking videos without the need for extensive video editing experience.