How to use MyHeritage (deep nostalgia) app on iPhone? Face moving app | animated old photos | 2022

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9 Mar 202103:31

TLDRThis tutorial demonstrates how to install and use the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app on an iPhone. The app animates old photos, bringing them to life with AI technology. After installation, users sign up, input family details, and upload photos for animation. The app offers editing options and allows saving or transferring the animated photos. It has a limited free trial, after which users may subscribe for unlimited photo editing, with prices starting at $139.99 per year.


  • 📲 Install the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app from the App Store on your iPhone.
  • 🔍 Search for 'MyHeritage' in the App Store to find and install the app.
  • 📱 The demonstration is conducted on an iPhone 6 Plus.
  • 📝 Sign up for the app using either Facebook, Google, or an email address.
  • 👪 Provide details about your family members, including parents and grandparents, for a total of seven people.
  • 📸 Add photos to the app by clicking the plus icon and selecting from your iPhone's gallery.
  • ✂️ Edit the photo before animation to enhance the quality.
  • 🎭 Use the app's AI to animate the photo, which may take some time to process.
  • 👀 Compare the before and after results to see the animation effect.
  • 💾 Save the animated photo and transfer it to a PC or email it.
  • 🚫 Be aware of the photo limit; you can edit up to 5 photos without a subscription.
  • 💰 Consider upgrading for unlimited photo editing, with prices starting from $139.99 per year.
  • ⏳ Note that the trial period will expire, and you may be prompted to subscribe.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app?

    -The MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app is designed to animate old photos, bringing them to life by adding movement to the faces in the images.

  • How do you install the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app on an iPhone?

    -To install the app, open the App Store on your iPhone, search for 'MyHeritage', and then click on 'Install' to download and set up the app.

  • What are the sign-up options available in the MyHeritage app?

    -Users can sign up using their Facebook or Google accounts, or by providing an email address and filling in the required details.

  • What kind of personal information is required during the sign-up process in the MyHeritage app?

    -During sign-up, users are asked to provide information about themselves and their family members, including their parents and grandparents on both maternal and paternal sides, totaling seven people.

  • How do you add and upload a photo to the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app?

    -After signing up, click on the plus icon to add photos. You can then select a photo from your iPhone and click 'Next' to upload it for animation.

  • What editing options are available for photos in the MyHeritage app before animation?

    -Users can edit the photo to enhance its quality before animating it, using options provided within the app to adjust the image as needed.

  • What does the animation feature in the MyHeritage app do?

    -The animation feature uses AI to add movement to the faces in the photos, making them appear more lifelike and dynamic.

  • How long does it take for the MyHeritage app to animate a photo?

    -The time it takes to animate a photo can vary, but the script indicates that it takes 'some time' for the AI to process the image.

  • What are the options for saving and sharing the animated photos created with the MyHeritage app?

    -Once the animation is complete, users can save the photos and transfer them to a PC or email them directly from the app.

  • What are the limitations on the number of photos a user can edit in the MyHeritage app without a subscription?

    -Without a subscription, users are limited to editing up to 5 photos. To edit an unlimited number of photos, an upgrade to a subscription is required.

  • What are the subscription options and prices for the MyHeritage app?

    -Subscriptions start from $139.99 per year, and users should be aware that their trial period will expire, after which they may be asked to join the subscription program.



📱 Installing MyHeritage App on iPhone

The video script begins with the presenter introducing the tutorial on installing the MyHeritage app on an iPhone 6 Plus. The app is known for its ability to animate photos and the presenter encourages viewers to subscribe for more content. The process of searching, installing, and opening the app is demonstrated, followed by a walkthrough of the sign-up procedure using an email. The app requires detailed family information, including details about the user's parents and grandparents, totaling seven individuals. After signing up, the presenter guides viewers on how to add and upload photos, edit them, and utilize the app's AI animation feature. The animation process is shown to take some time, but the result is a realistic animated photo. The video concludes with information on saving the photos, transferring them, and the app's subscription options, including pricing and limitations.




MyHeritage is a genealogy platform that allows users to explore their family history and build their family tree. In the context of the video, it refers to a specific app called 'Deep Nostalgia' developed by MyHeritage, which is used to animate old photos, giving them a sense of movement and life. The video demonstrates the process of installing and using this app on an iPhone.

💡Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia is an app feature or name that allows users to animate still photos, making them appear as if the subjects are moving slightly. It uses artificial intelligence to create a realistic animation effect. The video's main theme revolves around demonstrating how to install and use this feature to bring old photos to life.


An iPhone is a line of smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. In the video, the iPhone 6 Plus is specifically mentioned as the device used to demonstrate the installation and use of the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app, indicating the compatibility of the app with Apple's mobile devices.

💡App Store

The App Store is a digital distribution platform and application software by Apple Inc., used to browse and download apps for iOS devices. In the script, the App Store is where the user searches for and installs the MyHeritage app to begin the process of animating photos.

💡Sign up

Signing up refers to the process of creating an account or user profile on a service or application. In the video, the user is required to sign up for the MyHeritage app using either Facebook, Google, or an email to access its features and services.


Genealogy is the study of family origins and history. While the video's main focus is on the Deep Nostalgia app, the broader context of MyHeritage involves genealogy, as indicated by the prompts for entering family member information during the sign-up process.

💡Animation AI

Animation AI refers to the artificial intelligence technology used within the Deep Nostalgia app to animate still photos. The script mentions this term when the user selects the option to animate the photo, demonstrating the app's core functionality.

💡Photo editing

Photo editing involves making adjustments or enhancements to a photograph, such as cropping, color correction, or adding effects. The script mentions photo editing options within the app, allowing users to refine their images before animating them.


A subscription is a payment plan that grants users ongoing access to a service or product, often on a monthly or yearly basis. The video mentions a subscription program for MyHeritage, indicating that there is a cost associated with using the app beyond a certain limit of photos.

💡Trial period

A trial period is a time-limited opportunity for users to test a service or product for free before deciding whether to subscribe or purchase. The script notes that the user's trial period will expire, suggesting that the app offers a trial to experience its features before committing to a subscription.

💡Unlimited photos

Unlimited photos refers to the ability to use a service or feature without restrictions on the number of times it can be used. In the context of the video, upgrading to a subscription allows the user to edit an unlimited number of photos, as opposed to the initial limit of 5 photos.


Introduction to the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia app and its purpose for animating old photos.

Instructions on how to install the MyHeritage app on an iPhone.

The requirement to sign up for the app using Facebook, Google, or an email.

Filling in family details such as parents and grandparents to enhance the app's features.

Navigating the app to access the photo upload feature.

Adding and selecting a photo from the iPhone's gallery for animation.

Options to edit the photo before animation to improve the result.

Demonstration of the before and after effects of photo animation.

Utilizing the app's AI to animate the selected photo.

The time it takes for the AI to process and create the animation.

Saving the animated photo and options for transferring it to a PC or via email.

The ability to delete a photo from the app if necessary.

Exploring additional options in the app menu for further photo editing.

Information about upgrading to an unlimited photo editing plan.

Details on the pricing for the unlimited photo editing subscription.

A reminder about the trial period expiration and potential subscription prompts.

Conclusion and thanks from the presenter for watching the tutorial.