When Creepy Met Sally MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI Goes Viral

2 Mar 202123:01

TLDRThe video explores the intriguing capabilities of MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia AI, which animates old family photos, bringing them to life with movements like blinking and smiling. The presenter, a tech enthusiast with a background in photography and videography, delves into the technology behind this AI, discussing its potential impact on the future of videography and photography. The video also touches on the broader implications of AI in creating realistic, yet non-existent, digital personas, like the virtual influencer Emma, and the emotional responses elicited by these moving images.


  • 😀 The video discusses MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia AI, which animates faces in old photos, making them move and smile.
  • 📸 The host, a tech enthusiast with a background in UNIX, photography, and videography, expresses excitement about combining tech and creativity.
  • 🧬 MyHeritage, a genealogy site, uses AI algorithms from a company called DID to create these animations, reminiscent of deepfake technology.
  • 🎥 The animations bring a new dimension to family photos, allowing people to see their ancestors move, blink, and smile.
  • ⚙️ The AI works by analyzing facial features and applying real human gestures, derived from MyHeritage employees, to the images.
  • 🖼️ Users can animate up to five photos for free, but these will be watermarked. A MyHeritage account offers unlimited animations without watermarks.
  • 💡 The video compares this technology to Harry Potter's moving portraits, highlighting its potential emotional impact on users.
  • 📈 The AI technology has gone viral on social media, with mixed reactions ranging from awe to discomfort.
  • 🤔 The host discusses the future of computational photography and the possible decline of traditional photography and videography.
  • 🔮 The video also touches on AI-generated personas, like Emma, a virtual influencer, and the implications of such technology in various industries.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the video script provided?

    -The title of the video script is 'When Creepy Met Sally MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI Goes Viral'.

  • What is the main topic discussed in the video script?

    -The main topic discussed in the video script is the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI, which animates faces in old photographs, making them appear as moving images.

  • What is the tagline for MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI?

    -The tagline for MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI is 'Animate the faces in your family photos, experience your family history like never before.'

  • What is the connection between MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI and the AI company called 'D-ID'?

    -MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia AI uses algorithms from the AI company 'D-ID' to create deep fake videos that animate still photographs.

  • How does the Deep Nostalgia AI analyze and animate a photograph?

    -Deep Nostalgia AI analyzes the face in a photograph, determines the position and direction of the face, and then applies algorithmic computations to superimpose gestures and movements onto it.

  • What is the process for creating an animated image using Deep Nostalgia AI?

    -The process involves uploading a photograph to the MyHeritage site, where the software enlarges, sharpens, and enhances the image before applying the algorithms to create the animation.

  • How long does it take for Deep Nostalgia AI to create an animated image?

    -It takes about 10 to 20 seconds for Deep Nostalgia AI to create an animated image from a still photograph.

  • What is the significance of the 'Emma' character mentioned in the script?

    -The 'Emma' character is an example of an AI-generated person who does not exist in reality but has a social media presence, demonstrating the potential of AI in creating realistic yet non-existent entities.

  • What is the potential impact of AI on the future of videography and photography as discussed in the script?

    -The script suggests that AI and computational photography might reduce the need for human videographers and photographers, as AI can generate realistic images and videos without the need for actual subjects.

  • How does the script's author feel about the advancements in AI and computational photography?

    -The author expresses excitement and fascination with the advancements, seeing them as powerful tools that can bring new dimensions to photography and videography.

  • What is the 'this person does not exist' website mentioned in the script?

    -The 'this person does not exist' website is a site that generates images of people who do not actually exist, using AI algorithms to create unique, non-existent individuals each time the page is refreshed.



🍵 Tea Time with a Tech Twist

The host welcomes viewers to a channel focused on a unique blend of tea time and technology. The episode's theme is mysteriously titled 'When Creepy Met Sally,' hinting at the intriguing intersection of AI and photography. The host, a tech enthusiast with a background in Unix and photography, introduces 'Deep Nostalgia AI' from MyHeritage, a service that animates still photographs, bringing them to life. The episode promises to explore the fascinating world of computational photography and the implications of AI in genealogy and historical representation.


🧐 Deep Nostalgia AI: Animating Family Portraits

This segment delves into the functionality of MyHeritage's 'Deep Nostalgia AI,' which uses algorithms to animate faces in family photographs. The technology is likened to the moving portraits in 'Harry Potter,' offering a novel way to experience family history. The host explains the process, which involves analyzing the position of facial features and applying animations to create a moving representation. The service uses real human gestures as a blueprint, digitized from MyHeritage employees, to superimpose movements onto the photographs. The host also mentions the viral nature of the technology on social media and its potential impact on traditional photography and videography.


🎨 The Art of Computational Photography and AI

The host discusses the broader implications of computational photography and AI, reflecting on the potential obsolescence of traditional videographers and photographers due to advancements in AI-generated content. The segment introduces 'Emma,' an AI-generated model with a significant social media following, as an example of how AI is transforming the way we perceive and interact with media. The host also touches on the ethical considerations of AI-generated content and its potential to reshape the landscape of media and entertainment.


📹 The Power of Video and AI in Preserving Heritage

This part of the script emphasizes the power of video in capturing the essence of a person beyond what a photograph can convey. The host, a photographer and videographer, argues that video provides a more complete representation of an individual, including gestures and intonation. The discussion continues with the host's personal views on the emotional impact of AI-animated videos, such as those created by 'Deep Nostalgia AI,' and how they can evoke strong reactions from viewers, bridging the gap between the past and present.


🚀 The Future of Media: AI and Holography

In the final paragraph, the host contemplates the future of media, where AI and holography may become the norm. The discussion includes the example of 'Emma,' an AI model with a large following, and holographic performances by non-existent artists, illustrating the potential for AI to redefine reality in media. The host expresses excitement about these developments and invites viewers to share their thoughts on the impact of AI on traditional media roles and the emotional responses it may elicit. The segment concludes with a call to action for viewers to engage with the content, support the channel, and join the host's creative community.



💡Deep Nostalgia AI

Deep Nostalgia AI is a technology developed by MyHeritage that animates static photographs, bringing them to life with movements such as blinking and smiling. It is a significant feature in the video as it exemplifies the intersection of artificial intelligence and genealogy, allowing users to experience their family history in a novel way. The script describes it as 'animate the faces in your family photos experience your family history like never before,' highlighting its ability to create a more personal connection with the past.


Genealogy is the study of family ancestry and history. In the context of the video, genealogy sites like MyHeritage, 23andMe, and Ancestry.com are mentioned as platforms that allow individuals to explore their lineage and heritage. The video's theme revolves around using technology to enhance the understanding of one's genealogy, particularly through the Deep Nostalgia AI feature that animates family photographs.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the video, AI is central to the Deep Nostalgia technology, which uses algorithms to create deep fake videos from still photographs. The script mentions AI in relation to computational photography and the future of videography and photography, suggesting a transformative impact on these fields.

💡Computational Photography

Computational Photography is a field that combines traditional photography with digital processing techniques to enhance or modify images. The video discusses how MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia AI uses computational photography to animate old family photos, creating a bridge between the still and the moving image. It is portrayed as an innovative application of technology that adds a dynamic layer to traditional photography.


A deepfake is a product of AI that uses machine learning to manipulate or generate visual media, often to superimpose existing images or videos onto a target image or video. In the script, deepfake is associated with the animations created by Deep Nostalgia AI, which makes old photographs appear as if the subjects are moving, thus creating a deepfake video that brings a historical perspective to life.


Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion in a sequence of images. The video script describes how Deep Nostalgia AI applies animation to still photographs, allowing for the depiction of facial expressions and movements that were not originally present in the image. This animation is a key aspect of the technology's ability to make historical figures 'come alive' for viewers.


MyHeritage is a genealogy platform that offers services for discovering one's family history and building a family tree. The video focuses on a specific feature of MyHeritage, the Deep Nostalgia AI, which is used to animate family photographs. The script positions MyHeritage as an innovator in the field of genealogy, leveraging AI to offer a unique and engaging way to explore one's heritage.


Emotion is a strong feeling such as happiness, sadness, fear, or anger. In the video, the script mentions that the Deep Nostalgia AI has the potential to evoke strong emotional responses from viewers, such as bringing people to tears by animating photographs of their loved ones. This highlights the emotional impact of the technology and its ability to create a more intimate connection with the past.


Videography is the art and practice of creating video content. The video script discusses the potential impact of AI and computational photography on the future of videography, suggesting that technology like Deep Nostalgia AI could change the way videos are created and perceived. It also raises the question of whether traditional videographers and photographers may become less necessary as AI-generated content becomes more prevalent.

💡Emma (AI-generated character)

Emma is an AI-generated character mentioned in the video, who exists as a non-real person with a social media presence, including an Instagram account with a significant following. The script uses Emma as an example of how AI can create realistic, yet non-existent, entities that can influence trends and consumer behavior. This concept challenges the traditional understanding of identity and presence in media and marketing.


Introduction to the channel and the topic of AI and computational photography.

The presenter's background in tech, photography, and videography.

The concept of 'Deep Nostalgia AI' by MyHeritage, animating family photos.

How 'Deep Nostalgia AI' works to bring old photographs to life.

The technology behind 'Deep Nostalgia AI', using algorithms from the company DID.

Examples of animated photographs and the emotional impact on viewers.

The process of creating deep fake videos and the use of real human gestures.

The potential of AI in genealogy and its comparison to services like 23andMe and Ancestry.com.

The presenter's ebook offer and its focus on creating sharp images.

The viral nature of 'Deep Nostalgia AI' on social media platforms.

The technical aspects of image processing before applying AI animations.

The unlimited potential of 'Deep Nostalgia AI' for users with a MyHeritage account.

Ethical considerations and the company's policy on photo privacy.

The future of computational photography and its implications for videographers and photographers.

The presenter's thoughts on the power of video in capturing the essence of a person.

Discussion on the rise of AI-generated influencers and the potential shift in media consumption.

The presenter's invitation for viewer thoughts on the impact and future of AI in photography and videography.

Closing remarks, including a discount offer for the presenter's website and a thank you to viewers.