I Got ALL Medallions in Fortnite History

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11 May 202413:36

TLDRIn this thrilling Fortnite adventure, the player embarks on a quest to collect all the medallions from the game's history, aiming to determine the best one. The video showcases a strategic approach to defeating various bosses, including Zeus, Aries, Hades, and others, while making use of their medallions and mythic items to secure a Victory Royale. The player's journey is fraught with challenges, such as low health, limited ammo, and the ever-shrinking storm circle. Despite the odds, the player manages to collect all the medallions and mythic items, culminating in an intense final battle. The summary of each medallion's utility and the player's strategic use of them adds a layer of depth to the gameplay, making for an engaging and informative watch.


  • 🎮 The video is about collecting all the medallions from bosses in Fortnite to determine the best one.
  • 🔥 The challenge is to collect the medallions and use them to achieve a Victory Royale.
  • 🏆 A tier list is created to rank the medallions based on their effectiveness.
  • 💥 The Zeus Medallion is used first and is noted to be comparatively tougher to obtain.
  • 🕰 Time is of the essence, as the player must defeat all bosses within the constraints of the game's mechanics.
  • 🛡️ The player emphasizes the importance of maintaining shields and health throughout the challenge.
  • 🤺 The Aries and Hades medallions are highlighted for their ability to increase damage and provide health and shield regeneration.
  • 💣 The player faces a difficult situation against the boss Hades, with low health and limited resources.
  • 🐺 Dealing with minions is a recurring theme, as they are encountered before facing each boss.
  • 🏃 The player must continuously move to avoid the storm and engage with other bosses.
  • 🎖️ The Peter Griffin Medallion is placed in the S tier due to the content it has provided, despite the challenge.

Q & A

  • What is the main objective of the video?

    -The main objective of the video is to find the best Medallion in the history of Fortnite by eliminating every single boss that has ever existed and using their Medallions to get a Victory Royale, while also creating a tier list to rank them.

  • Which Medallion does the video start with?

    -The video starts with the Zeus Medallion.

  • What is the challenge the player is trying to complete?

    -The challenge is to collect all the old Medallions, including the boss Peter Griffin Medallion, in just one game, and to eliminate all players using only the Mythic items.

  • What does the Zeus Medallion allow the player to do?

    -The Zeus Medallion allows the player to run fast.

  • How does the player feel about the difficulty of taking out boss Zeus?

    -The player acknowledges that taking out boss Zeus is comparatively tougher and plans to rank the Medallion accordingly.

  • What is the strategy for dealing with the minions of boss Aries?

    -The strategy is to take out the minions first before confronting boss Aries, as they need to be defeated before the storm circle arrives.

  • What is the player's approach to dealing with low health and shield during the game?

    -The player relies on eliminating opponents to gain health and shields, as they do not have any healing items or materials in their inventory.

  • What is the significance of the boss Hades' Medallion?

    -The boss Hades' Medallion is significant because it helps the player siphon health and shields for every minion elimination, which aids in survival.

  • How does the player rank the boss Aries Medallion?

    -The player ranks the boss Aries Medallion in the S tier due to its ability to increase damage.

  • What is the player's final challenge in the game?

    -The final challenge is to win the game without carrying any healing items and with the player's location being exposed to all opponents.

  • What is the player's strategy for the end of the game?

    -The player's strategy is to eliminate the remaining opponents using the collected Mythic items and Medallions, and to third-party fights to gain an advantage.



🎮 Fortnite Boss Medallion Hunt: A Victory Royale Quest

The video script details an intense Fortnite gameplay session where the player embarks on a mission to find the best Medallion in the game's history. The strategy involves eliminating various bosses to collect their medallions and using them to achieve a Victory Royale. The player starts with the Zeus Medallion, noting its toughness and the need for a careful approach due to limited ammunition and shield. The gameplay includes trading blows with bosses, managing resources, and strategically using the medallions' abilities. The player's commentary is filled with the excitement and challenges of the game, emphasizing the fast-paced and competitive nature of Fortnite.


🏆 Ranking the Boss Medallions: From Zeus to Hades

The player continues their Fortnite adventure, focusing on the collection and utilization of various boss medallions. Each medallion is strategically used to defeat other in-game bosses, with a particular emphasis on the unique abilities and benefits they provide, such as increased damage, mobility, and health siphoning. The player ranks the Hades Medallion highly for its utility in providing free health and shields. The challenge escalates as the player confronts additional bosses, including Aries, and the strategic use of medallions becomes crucial for survival and victory. The commentary reflects the player's engagement with the game's mechanics and their determination to complete the challenge without carrying healing items.


🛡️ The Final Showdown: Securing Medallions and Winning Strategies

The script concludes with the player's exhilarating race against time to defeat the remaining bosses and secure their medallions. The player successfully acquires the Mythic items and medallions from bosses like Oscar and Monteu, evaluating their worth in the context of the game. Despite the challenges, such as running out of ammunition and the threat of the storm circle, the player remains focused on the ultimate goal of becoming the ultimate God in Fortnite. The player's strategy involves quick eliminations and smart use of the medallions' powers. The video ends with a call to action for viewers to support the content and a reflection on the player's successful completion of the challenge.




A medallion in the context of the video refers to a special item or power-up dropped by bosses in the game Fortnite. These medallions provide the player with unique abilities or enhancements. In the video, the player is on a quest to collect all the medallions to determine which one is the best in the history of Fortnite.


Fortnite is a popular online video game that features a battle royale mode where players fight against each other until only one is left standing. The game is known for its colorful graphics, building mechanics, and frequent updates introducing new content. The video revolves around the player's mission to collect medallions within Fortnite.


In gaming terminology, a boss typically refers to a significant enemy character that is more powerful and challenging to defeat than regular enemies. In Fortnite, bosses are special characters that the player must defeat to obtain their medallions, which are a central focus of the video's challenge.

💡Victory Royale

A 'Victory Royale' is the term used in Fortnite to denote winning a match in the battle royale mode. It signifies being the last player or team standing. The video's goal is to use the collected medallions to achieve a Victory Royale.

💡Tier List

A tier list is a ranking system used in gaming to categorize items, characters, or abilities based on their perceived power or utility. In the video, the player creates a tier list to rank the medallions from the bosses they have defeated.

💡Mythic Items

Mythic items in Fortnite are the rarest and most powerful type of loot that players can find. They often provide significant advantages in combat. The video script mentions the player obtaining Mythic items from defeated bosses, which are crucial for their strategy.


In the context of the video, a challenge refers to a specific task or set of objectives that the player has set for themselves within the game. The player's challenge is to collect all the medallions and Mythic items from the bosses in a single game of Fortnite.


To eliminate in a gaming context means to defeat or remove an opponent from the game. The player must eliminate other players and bosses to collect their medallions and ultimately win the match, as depicted in the video.


In Fortnite, a shield is a protective mechanism that absorbs damage before the player's health is affected. The video discusses the importance of shields in surviving combat, and how certain medallions can provide free shields to the player.

💡Storm Circle

The Storm Circle in Fortnite is the shrinking boundary that gradually reduces the playable area of the map, forcing players closer together. It adds pressure to the game as players must move within the safe zone to avoid taking damage. The video mentions the Storm Circle to highlight the urgency of the player's mission.

💡Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin is a character from the animated TV show 'Family Guy' who was featured as a boss in Fortnite. In the video, the player mentions collecting the medallion from the boss Peter Griffin, indicating a crossover event or special addition to the game.


The quest to find the best Medallion in Fortnite history begins with the Zeus Medallion.

A tier list will be created to rank the medallions based on their performance in achieving a Victory Royale.

The Zeus Medallion is noted for its speed boost and is ranked accordingly for its toughness.

The player engages in a strategic trade with boss Zeus to obtain Mythic items.

A challenge is issued to defeat Mr. Aries, showcasing the player's combat skills and strategy.

The player utilizes the Aries Medallion to increase damage output in the game.

A close call with boss Hades leaves the player with 1 HP, highlighting the intensity of the challenge.

The Hades Medallion is given a high rank for its ability to siphon health and shields.

The player faces a time constraint to defeat all five bosses within the storm circle.

The boss Serberus is defeated, and its Medallion is praised for enhancing mobility.

The player's strategy involves eliminating opponents to replenish health, given the lack of healing items.

The Oscar Medallion is acquired, offering free shields, but is placed in the D tier due to its lack of a strong Mythic item.

The Monteu Medallion is recognized for its powerful Mythic item and is ranked in the B tier.

The Valeria Medallion, which provides a powerful SMG and free shields, is given an A tier ranking.

The Nisha Medallion is easy to defeat and offers free shields, earning it an S tier ranking.

The player races against time to defeat the final boss, Peter Griffin, within the storm circle.

Peter Griffin is swiftly defeated, and his Medallion is placed in the S tier for its contribution to content.

The ultimate challenge is to win the game without carrying any healing items and with an exposed location.

The player successfully eliminates the last opponent, achieving victory in the intense Fortnite match.