We Got EVERY Mythic in Fortnite

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11 May 202427:42

TLDRIn this thrilling Fortnite gameplay, the player embarks on an ambitious quest to collect all nine mythic items in the game, a feat never accomplished before. The video documents their strategic approach, starting with the formidable Darth Vader and navigating through various challenges such as the Star Wars underworld, Grim gate, and Mount Olympus. They utilize powerful weapons like the E11 blaster and the wings of Icarus to enhance mobility, while also employing tactics like hiring minions for assistance. The gameplay is interspersed with humorous commentary, moments of lag, and the urgency of the storm threatening their progress. Despite setbacks, including a glitch with Hades' medallion and intense battles with other players, they manage to secure several mythics, showcasing their skill and determination. The video ends with a nail-biting finale, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats, eager to know if they achieved their goal of collecting every mythic item.


  • 🎮 The goal of the stream is to obtain all nine mythic items in Fortnite, a challenge that has never been done before.
  • 🚀 The mythic items mentioned include those from Star Wars, the underworld, Mount Olympus, and the Avatar Mythic.
  • 🤣 There is a humorous moment where the streamer confuses talking about a shotgun with an inappropriate comment, then corrects themselves.
  • 🛡️ The players discuss the importance of obtaining mythic items like the Wings of Icarus for increased mobility and the E11 blaster.
  • 📦 The strategy involves collecting mythic items, dealing with in-game challenges such as fighting Hades and Cerberus, and managing inventory space.
  • 🎯 The use of the Zeus's lightning bolt and the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) is highlighted as a key part of their strategy.
  • 😅 The streamer expresses embarrassment after a failed attempt to show off their Fortnite skills, admitting they might be the worst player.
  • 🌩️ The players encounter difficulties such as lagging, being caught in the storm, and dealing with other players competing for the same mythic items.
  • 🏆 There is a focus on achieving a Victory Royale as part of their ambitious goal, emphasizing the challenge and excitement of the gameplay.
  • 🎵 The streamer uses music to enhance the mood of the gameplay, indicating the emotional highs and lows of their attempt.
  • 💡 Creative strategies are employed, such as using water bending to heal in the water and using the terrain to their advantage in the final stages of the game.

Q & A

  • What is the main goal of the streamers in the video?

    -The main goal of the streamers is to obtain all nine mythic items in Fortnite.

  • Which mythic items are mentioned in the transcript?

    -The mythic items mentioned include Star Wars, the Underworld, Grim Gate, Chewbacca Mount Olympus, Brothers Battleground, Avatar Mythic, Zeus's lightning Bolt, and Hades Mythic.

  • What is the significance of the 'Wings of Icarus' in the game?

    -The 'Wings of Icarus' are used to enhance mobility, allowing players to move faster and reach places that are otherwise inaccessible.

  • What strategy are the streamers using to deal with the minions?

    -The streamers plan to challenge Hades, which will take care of the minions, and then escape the storm using the 'Wings of Icarus'.

  • What is the challenge faced when trying to obtain the Avatar Mythic?

    -The challenge is finding the Avatar in the game, which requires navigating to different locations and overcoming various obstacles.

  • Why do the streamers consider the 'Water Bending' Mythic to be overpowered?

    -The 'Water Bending' Mythic is considered overpowered because it provides a significant advantage in combat, making it easier to eliminate opponents.

  • What is the role of the 'Banana of the Gods' in the game?

    -The 'Banana of the Gods' serves as a powerful healing item that can restore health to the players when used.

  • What does the streamer mean when they mention 'Saving Private Locks'?

    -The phrase 'Saving Private Locks' is a humorous reference to a famous line from the movie 'Saving Private Ryan,' indicating that the streamer is in a dire situation and needs help.

  • Why is the streamer concerned about the 'Medallion' not being present?

    -The 'Medallion' is a crucial item for obtaining a specific Mythic, so its absence indicates a glitch or an issue that prevents the streamer from completing their goal.

  • What is the significance of the 'Zeus's Thunderbolt' in the game?

    -The 'Zeus's Thunderbolt' is a powerful Mythic item that can deal significant damage to enemies, making it a valuable asset in combat.

  • How do the streamers react when they lose their Mythics to other players?

    -The streamers express disappointment and surprise, but they also acknowledge that they had a large portion of the Mythics and continue to strategize for the remainder of the game.



🎮 Fortnite Mythic Hunt Begins

The video starts with an ambitious goal to collect all nine mythic items in Fortnite, including Star Wars, the Underworld, and Mount Olympus. The streamer is in a playful mood, discussing the strategy to overcome challenges like the storm and securing mythic weapons. There's a focus on teamwork and utilizing the Wings of Icarus for enhanced mobility. The initial gameplay involves acquiring mythics and dealing with in-game obstacles like the storm and enemy players.


🤺 Battle with Hades and Cerberus

The streamer and his partner strategize to take on the Hades and Cerberus mythic challenges. They discuss the importance of mythic weapons, the use of the DMR, and the Thunderbolts. The narrative includes moments of tension as they encounter other players and deal with in-game glitches. The duo experiences a series of close calls, including a near elimination and a frantic search for the Cerberus location.


🏺 Pursuit of the Underworld and Mount Olympus

The gameplay continues with the pursuit of mythics from the Underworld and Mount Olympus. The streamer expresses a desire to eliminate all players to secure the mythics. There's a sense of urgency as they navigate through various challenges, including fighting minions and dealing with the storm. The duo successfully activates Aries and expresses excitement about their growing inventory of mythics.


🌪️ Storm Survival and Final Mythic Search

The video progresses into a high-stakes phase where the players must survive the storm and search for the remaining mythics. They discuss the strategic use of water bending and the importance of healing items. The tension mounts as they encounter more players and struggle to maintain their inventory of mythics. The streamer cleverly uses the environment to heal and plans a final push to complete their collection.


🚗 Last Stand in the Final Circle

In the final moments of the game, the streamer finds themselves in the last seven players, needing just one more mythic to complete their collection. They devise a plan to stay mobile and use the environment to their advantage. Despite the challenging situation, they remain hopeful and employ various strategies, including the use of the DMR and water bending, to survive. The video ends on a suspenseful note with the streamer in a precarious but potentially victorious position.


🎉 Victory or Defeat? The Intense Conclusion

The final paragraph describes an intense showdown with two remaining opponents. The streamer uses high ground to their advantage and employs tactics like water bending to navigate the final fight. The situation is fraught with tension, and the outcome is uncertain. The video concludes with a moment of potential victory, encouraging viewers to subscribe for more exciting content.




In the context of the video, 'Mythic' refers to a type of powerful and rare weapon or item within the game Fortnite. These items are highly sought after due to their exceptional abilities or damage output, which can significantly impact gameplay. The video's theme revolves around obtaining all available Mythic items, emphasizing the challenge and excitement of this pursuit.


Fortnite is a popular online video game that combines elements of shooting, survival, and battle royale genres. It is the setting for the video, where the players aim to collect Mythic items. The game is known for its colorful graphics, wide array of weapons, and the ability to construct structures for defense.

💡Star Wars

Star Wars is a reference to both the iconic movie franchise and, in this context, a theme within Fortnite where characters, weapons, and items from the Star Wars universe are integrated into the game. The mention of 'Star Wars' in the script indicates the acquisition of themed Mythic items, adding an additional layer of excitement for fans of the franchise.


In the video, 'Mobility' refers to the ability to move quickly and efficiently within the game environment. The Wings of Icarus, mentioned in the script, are an example of an item that enhances a player's mobility, allowing for faster traversal and strategic positioning, which is crucial for avoiding threats and accessing hard-to-reach areas.

💡Victory Royale

A 'Victory Royale' in Fortnite is the ultimate goal of a match, where a player or team is the last one standing among all competitors. The phrase signifies a significant achievement and is a central theme in the video, as the players strive to obtain Mythic items to improve their chances of winning.

💡God Mythics

The term 'God Mythics' in the script likely refers to exceptionally powerful or rare Mythic items that are associated with the gods in the game's mythology. These items are coveted for their potential to provide a significant advantage in gameplay, and obtaining them is a key objective for the players in the video.


In the context of the video, 'Underworld' could refer to a location within Fortnite that is themed around mythological or dark fantasy elements. It is one of the areas where the players are seeking Mythic items, suggesting that it is a place rich with opportunities for finding valuable loot.


Within the game Fortnite, 'Minions' are smaller, non-player-controlled creatures that can be encountered and may pose a threat to players. In the video, the mention of minions indicates an encounter with these creatures, which adds an element of challenge and urgency to the gameplay.


A 'Medallion' in the context of the video is likely an item that provides a specific benefit or ability within Fortnite. The mention of a 'Medallion glitch' suggests that there may have been an unexpected occurrence or error involving this item, which could have affected the gameplay or strategy of the players.

💡Water Bending

In the script, 'Water Bending' is a reference to a Mythic item or ability that allows players to manipulate water, possibly for healing or offensive purposes. It is a thematic element likely inspired by the martial art of waterbending from the TV show 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' and it is portrayed as a powerful and sought-after ability in the video.


A 'Shield' in Fortnite is an item that provides additional protection to a player, absorbing damage before the player's health is affected. In the video, the mention of a 'full shield' indicates that the player has acquired a significant amount of protective resources, which is a strategic advantage in the game.


Attempting to collect all nine mythic items in Fortnite, a feat never done before.

Starting with Darth Vader, notorious for being eliminated by the storm.

Utilizing the Wings of Icarus for enhanced mobility.

Obtaining the E11 blaster and Chewbacca's weapon for the Star Wars mythic collection.

The strategy involves using all three Thunderbolts from Zeus.

Facing challenges in finding the Avatar mythic.

Engaging in combat with Hades while managing the storm's approach.

Experiencing a glitch with Hades' Medallion not appearing.

The importance of acquiring Cerberus mythic item for the challenge.

Using the DMR and lightning bolts as part of the combat strategy.

The chaotic and high-stakes attempt to secure mythic items amidst numerous opponents.

The utilization of water bending as a strategic advantage.

The tension of being in the final stages of the game with multiple mythic items.

The clever use of the Medallion's healing ability in water.

The dramatic race to the finish with only a few players remaining.

The strategic decision to stay in the car during a firefight for protection.

The final intense showdown with two opponents in the last moments of the game.