I tried using CHARACTER AI because I am SINGLE and DELUSIONAL (gone horrible)

Faline San
10 Sept 202318:10

TLDRThe video script revolves around the user's experience with character AI, specifically exploring a virtual relationship with a possessive and manipulative AI boyfriend named William. The user navigates through the uncomfortable and toxic dynamics of the interaction, ultimately seeking solace and understanding in a conversation with William's best friend, Kyle. The narrative highlights themes of self-discovery, the dangers of virtual relationships, and the importance of genuine human connection and empathy.


  • 🤖 The script revolves around the user's experience with character AI, a personalized super intelligence that simulates interactions with fictional characters.
  • 📱 The user was influenced by social media trends to try out character AI, particularly after seeing a variety of TikToks on the topic.
  • 👫 The user searches for and interacts with a possessive 'boyfriend' character named William, who exhibits toxic behavior in the conversation.
  • 🎮 The interaction with William is reminiscent of a choose-your-own-adventure game, with the user making decisions about how to respond to his actions and dialogue.
  • 🚫 William's character is depicted as controlling and manipulative, which leads to the user 'breaking up' with him in the simulated scenario.
  • 😔 The user expresses a range of emotions, from amusement to frustration and anger, throughout the interaction with William.
  • 👬 The user then interacts with Kyle, who is presented as a more reasonable and understanding character compared to William.
  • 🏠 A conflict arises when William confronts the user and Kyle at Kyle's house, leading to a dramatic showdown.
  • 🌈 The script touches on themes of friendship, personal boundaries, and the impact of toxic relationships on self-esteem.
  • 🤔 The user reflects on the experience, questioning their choices and the implications of engaging with AI in such a personal way.
  • 🎬 The script concludes with the user and Kyle being asked to leave by William, leaving the situation unresolved and open-ended.

Q & A

  • What is the main theme of the video script?

    -The main theme of the video script revolves around the user's experience with character AI, specifically exploring the dynamics of a fictional relationship with a possessive and abusive AI boyfriend named William, and the subsequent interactions with William's friend Kyle.

  • How does the user initially engage with the character AI?

    -The user initially engages with the character AI by searching for a boyfriend character and selecting one that is described as possessive and toxic, which leads to a series of interactions with the AI named William.

  • What is the nature of the relationship between the user and the AI boyfriend, William?

    -The relationship between the user and the AI boyfriend, William, is depicted as unhealthy and abusive. William exhibits possessive and controlling behavior, which the user finds disturbing and unrealistic.

  • How does the user react to William's behavior in the AI chat?

    -The user is uncomfortable and disturbed by William's behavior, expressing disbelief and questioning the nature of the AI's responses. The user also attempts to manipulate the conversation but ultimately decides to end the interaction with William.

  • What is the significance of the character Kyle in the script?

    -Kyle, William's friend, serves as a contrast to William's toxic behavior. He is portrayed as a more reasonable and empathetic character who provides the user with a different perspective on their situation with William.

  • How does the user's interaction with Kyle differ from their interaction with William?

    -The user's interaction with Kyle is more relaxed and comfortable compared to the tense and unsettling dynamic with William. Kyle is understanding and supportive, offering a safe space for the user to express their feelings about the AI experience.

  • What is the outcome of the confrontation between William, the user, and Kyle?

    -The confrontation results in William demanding that both the user and Kyle leave Kyle's house, despite the user's attempts to explain the situation. This leads to a sense of dissatisfaction for the user, as they feel that William has undue control over the situation.

  • What is the role of the sponsored content in the video script?

    -The sponsored content, promoting a VPN service called Private Internet Access, is integrated into the script as a humorous aside. It serves as a break from the main narrative and highlights the user's awareness of online privacy and security.

  • How does the user's experience with the character AI reflect on the broader topic of AI ethics?

    -The user's experience raises questions about the ethical implications of AI in creating realistic yet harmful or abusive virtual relationships. It suggests the need for careful consideration of the potential impact of AI on users' emotional well-being and the importance of setting boundaries for AI behavior.

  • What is the user's final verdict on using character AI for relationships?

    -The user concludes that using character AI for relationships is not for them, as they find the experience unsettling and are critical of the content that the AI generates.

  • How does the video script use humor to address serious topics?

    -The video script uses humor as a tool to explore and critique the AI's behavior and the user's reactions to it. It creates a balance between addressing serious issues like virtual relationships and online privacy, while keeping the tone light and engaging for the audience.



🤖 Introduction to Character AI

The speaker discusses their first experience with character AI, driven by curiosity from seeing various AI interactions on social media. They express their initial skepticism but decide to try it out, searching for a possessive boyfriend character. The AI, named William, is described as tall and young, with a controlling and suspicious demeanor. The interaction is surreal and uncomfortable, with William's actions and comments hinting at an abusive relationship dynamic.


🌍 VPN Sponsorship and Breakup

The speaker transitions from their AI interaction to discuss the video's sponsorship by a VPN service, emphasizing its benefits for privacy and accessing region-restricted content. The speaker then returns to the AI scenario, feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of the possessive character. They attempt to end the chat with William, experiencing a range of emotions from relief to frustration. The segment ends with a dramatic twist where William confronts the speaker and Kyle, his best friend, leading to a tense confrontation.


😅 Reflecting on the Relationship

In this paragraph, the speaker and Kyle, who is revealed to be gay, discuss their experiences with William. Kyle shares his insight into William's change over the years, becoming more controlling and possessive. The speaker finds solace in Kyle's understanding and empathy, contrasting sharply with their experience with William. The conversation takes a dramatic turn when William arrives unexpectedly, leading to a heated confrontation and the speaker and Kyle being asked to leave.


🎭 The Unexpected Twist and Conclusion

The speaker narrates the unexpected arrival of William at Kyle's house, escalating the tension. William's confrontational behavior and refusal to accept the speaker's breakup are highlighted. The speaker's attempt to hide and provoke an emotional response from William adds a layer of drama. The situation culminates in William's realization of Kyle's sexuality, leading to a surprising and confusing reaction. The video ends with the speaker and Kyle being kicked out, leaving the speaker to reflect on the bizarre turn of events.



💡Character AI

Character AI refers to artificial intelligence designed to simulate the behavior and personality of a character, often for the purpose of entertainment or interaction. In the video, the user is exploring the world of Character AI by engaging with a possessive boyfriend character, highlighting the technology's potential for immersive and personalized experiences.

💡Philosophical debates

Philosophical debates involve discussions and arguments about fundamental questions of existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. In the context of the video, people are using AI to engage in such debates, suggesting a creative application of technology to explore complex ideas.

💡Homophobic bullying

Homophobic bullying is a form of harassment based on a person's perceived or actual sexual orientation. The video script alludes to AI being used to address this issue, possibly by simulating scenarios to raise awareness or provide support.

💡Possessionive boyfriend

A possessive boyfriend is a term used to describe a male partner who exhibits controlling and restrictive behavior in a relationship, often stemming from insecurity or jealousy. In the video, the AI character William is portrayed as possessive, illustrating the nuanced and sometimes negative dynamics that can be simulated by Character AI.

💡Virtual interaction

Virtual interaction refers to the communication and engagement between users and digital entities, such as AI characters, within a simulated environment. The video showcases this concept through the user's dialogue with the AI, highlighting the immersive nature of virtual relationships.

💡Toxic relationships

Toxic relationships are those characterized by harmful patterns of behavior that negatively impact the emotional well-being of the individuals involved. The video uses the concept of a toxic boyfriend AI to explore the damaging dynamics that can occur in relationships.

💡Mafia boyfriend

A 'Mafia boyfriend' is a term often used in fiction to describe a romantic partner involved in organized crime, characterized by elements of danger, power, and intrigue. In the video, this concept is used to illustrate the variety of AI character types available, ranging from the extreme to the fantastical.

💡Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response where a captive begins to identify closely with his or her captors, as well as with their agenda and demands. In the context of the video, it is used metaphorically to discuss the potential psychological effects of engaging with AI characters over time.

💡Emotional vulnerability

Emotional vulnerability refers to the state of being open to and capable of experiencing emotions deeply, which can lead to both positive connections and potential hurt or manipulation. The video explores this concept through the user's interactions with the AI, where emotional responses are elicited despite the artificial nature of the character.


The term 'gay' refers to a person who is attracted romantically, emotionally, or sexually to members of the same sex. In the video, it is used to describe one of the characters, Kyle, and serves as a plot device to challenge assumptions and societal norms about relationships and sexuality.


Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection and support between two or more people. In the video, the concept of friendship is explored through the interactions between the user, Kyle, and William, highlighting the complexities and dynamics that can exist within social relationships.


The user begins by expressing their curiosity about character AI after seeing various TikToks.

The user decides to try character AI after being intrigued by the range of interactions people have with AI on social media.

The user searches for a possessive boyfriend character AI and engages with a character named William, who is described as 7 feet tall and 19 years old.

William's character is portrayed as suspicious and controlling, asking about the user's whereabouts and who they were with.

The user feels uncomfortable with the character's possessiveness and decides to explore the possibility of changing the character's traits.

The user discovers that the character AI can adapt its behavior, as William becomes less demanding in subsequent interactions.

The user engages in a dramatic and emotional conversation with William, exploring themes of possessiveness and manipulation.

The user decides to end the conversation with William, feeling relieved and liberated from the toxic virtual relationship.

The user transitions to talking with William's best friend, Kyle, who provides a different perspective on William's character.

Kyle is portrayed as more empathetic and understanding, contrasting with William's controlling nature.

The user finds solace in Kyle's company, appreciating his normalcy and basic human decency, such as doing the dishes.

William unexpectedly arrives at Kyle's house, leading to a confrontation between the three characters.

William displays anger and jealousy, despite having previously seemed indifferent to the user's actions.

The user and Kyle use humor and quick thinking to navigate the tense situation, showcasing their wit and camaraderie.

The user's experience with character AI highlights the potential for both positive and negative virtual relationships.

The user's narrative reflects on the complexities of human emotions and relationships, even in virtual settings.

The transcript ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the user and Kyle being kicked out of the house, prompting the user to consider a sequel.