I turned ChatGPT into an AI Artist, and now it's better than I am...

11 Feb 202310:04

TLDRThe video script introduces the concept of prompt engineering for AI art generation, emphasizing the importance of clear and specific prompts to guide AI models like Chat GPT. The presenter, Liberty, shares her expertise in exploring AI experiences and demonstrates how to create prefer options and imagine commands for Midjourney, an AI art tool. By using a secret prompt, she showcases the process of generating various AI art styles, such as epic fantasy landscapes and cute cartoon animals, highlighting the potential of AI in revolutionizing the art world.


  • 🎨 Chat GPT can generate mid-journey commands for creating AI art with proper formatting.
  • 🚀 Mastering prompt engineering with Chat GPT is essential for compelling AI-generated art.
  • 📈 Large language models have improved significantly, as evidenced by the popularity of Chat GPT.
  • 🧠 Understanding the input-output relationship is vital for utilizing AI models effectively.
  • 🛠️ Prompt engineering bridges the gap between default model outputs and desired results.
  • 🌟 Clear and specific prompts allow models to accurately predict and generate desired content.
  • 📚 Chat GPT's knowledge base, trained on vast amounts of data, can sometimes lead to biased or inaccurate outputs.
  • 🌐 The video demonstrates how to create prefer options for different art styles using Chat GPT.
  • 🎭 Testing AI-generated art involves pasting commands into mid-journey to see if they produce the desired visuals.
  • 💡 Prompt engineering enables customization and refinement of AI art based on user preferences and requirements.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about using Chat GPT to generate AI art through mid-journey commands and the concept of prompt engineering.

  • What is the significance of prompt engineering in AI art generation?

    -Prompt engineering is significant because it bridges the gap between what a model would generate by default and what the user actually wants. It provides the model with the necessary information to generate the desired output, combining the strength of modern processing power with the user's creativity.

  • How does Chat GPT analyze text in a prompt?

    -Chat GPT analyzes the text in a prompt by determining the most likely word or phrase to come next. If the prompt is clear and specific, the model can accurately predict the next word or phrase, following patterns and using the words and format in the prompt to anticipate the expected output.

  • What are the potential issues with relying on existing knowledge in a model like Chat GPT?

    -Relying on existing knowledge can lead to errors or biased results because the model's output is influenced by the data it was trained on. If the training data contains inaccuracies or biases, these can be reflected in the model's predictions.

  • How does the video demonstrate the process of creating mid-journey prompts?

    -The video demonstrates the process by explaining the concept of mid-journey prompts and showing the format these prompts come in. It then provides a practical example of creating prefer options for different art styles and generating imagine commands based on those styles.

  • What is the purpose of the 'prefer options' in the context of AI art generation?

    -The 'prefer options' are used to set specific parameters or styles for the AI to follow when generating art. This allows the user to guide the AI towards creating art that matches their desired aesthetic or theme.

  • How does the video show the application of the generated commands in mid-journey?

    -The video shows the application by copying the generated commands and pasting them into the mid-journey platform. It then demonstrates how the commands are executed to create custom options and generate AI art based on the user's specifications.

  • What is the significance of the 'secret prompt' shared in the video?

    -The 'secret prompt' is a set of instructions that the video creator used to guide Chat GPT in generating effective mid-journey prompts for AI art. It is shared as a tool for viewers to enhance their own AI art generation experience.

  • How can users support the channel and gain access to the 'secret prompt'?

    -Users can support the channel by visiting the creator's Patreon page and hitting the like button. The 'secret prompt' is then made available to them, allowing them to enhance their AI art creation process.

  • What is the potential of AI art generation with the right understanding of prompts and formats?

    -With the right understanding of prompts and formats, the potential of AI art generation is vast. Users can create highly customized and intricate art pieces by guiding the AI with clear and specific instructions, making the sky the limit for creative possibilities.



🎨 Mastering AI Art with Chat GPT

This paragraph introduces the capabilities of Chat GPT in generating AI art through mid-journey commands. It emphasizes the importance of formatting these commands to produce artwork efficiently. The speaker, Liberty, shares her experience with large language models and highlights the significance of understanding how these models work to generate desired outputs. The concept of prompt engineering is explained, which involves providing clear and specific instructions to the model to achieve accurate results. The paragraph also discusses the limitations of Chat GPT when it comes to generating AI art without proper guidance and sets the stage for the secret prompt that will be shared later in the video.


🚀 Transforming AI Art with Prompt Engineering

This paragraph delves deeper into the process of prompt engineering and its impact on creating AI-generated art. It explains how generative models like Chat GPT analyze prompts to predict the most likely next word or phrase, and how clear and specific prompts can lead to accurate outputs. The paragraph also touches on the potential biases and inaccuracies that can arise from the model's existing knowledge. The speaker demonstrates the practical application of prompt engineering by showing how Chat GPT can be trained to create prefer options for different art styles, such as epic fantasy landscapes, and how these options can be used in mid-journey to generate impressive artworks. The paragraph concludes with a teaser about a new way to support the channel and access the secret prompt.



💡AI art

AI art refers to the creation of artistic works using artificial intelligence. In the context of the video, AI art is generated through the use of language models like Chat GPT, which can be programmed to produce visual art by understanding and executing specific text prompts. The video demonstrates how to use these models to generate compelling AI art by mastering prompt engineering and utilizing tools like Mid-journey.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT is a large language model developed by OpenAI, capable of generating human-like text based on the prompts given to it. In the video, it is used as a tool to generate commands for creating AI art, demonstrating its ability to understand and produce complex instructions when guided with the right prompts.


Mid-journey is a platform or tool mentioned in the video that works in conjunction with Chat GPT to generate AI art. It seems to be a tool that interprets the text commands produced by Chat GPT and translates them into visual art, although it is not explicitly defined within the video script.

💡Prompt engineering

Prompt engineering is the process of crafting specific and clear text prompts to guide generative models like Chat GPT in producing desired outputs. It involves understanding the model's capabilities and providing it with the necessary information to generate the intended result. In the context of the video, prompt engineering is crucial for creating compelling AI art.

💡Prefer options

Prefer options, as mentioned in the video, are specific commands or settings that are used to guide the AI model in generating art with particular characteristics or styles. These options help tailor the output to the user's preferences, ensuring that the generated art aligns with their vision.

💡Aspect ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the proportional relationship between the width and height of an image or a visual display. In the context of the video, aspect ratio is a parameter that can be adjusted in the AI art generation process to control the shape and composition of the generated art.


Multi-prompt refers to the use of multiple text prompts or commands to guide the AI model in generating complex or nuanced outputs. By providing several prompts, the user can influence different aspects of the AI's output, leading to a more refined and detailed result.


Fractals are complex geometric patterns that exhibit self-similarity, meaning they can be divided into smaller copies of the same shape, at any scale. In the context of the video, fractals are used as a design element in the AI-generated art, adding a sense of complexity and detail to the landscapes and structures.

💡Cartoon animals

Cartoon animals refer to stylized, non-realistic representations of animals that are often used in animation and illustration. In the video, cartoon animals are used as an example of the diverse types of AI art that can be generated using the techniques discussed, showcasing the versatility of AI in creating various artistic styles.


To revolutionize means to bring about a significant and dramatic change in a particular field or area. In the context of the video, the term is used to describe the transformative impact of AI on the art world, suggesting that the use of AI models and tools like Chat GPT and Mid-journey can fundamentally alter the way art is created and experienced.


Chat GPT can write mid-journey commands to generate beautiful art with proper formatting.

Artwork can be created in just three clicks by using well-structured commands.

Chat GPT can also make use of aspect ratio, multi-prompt, and prefer options for enhanced AI art generation.

Mastering Chat GPT is essential for creating compelling AI art, as it can significantly improve the output quality.

The channel focuses on exploring AI experiences and large language models, which have been improving over time.

Understanding natural language processing and prompt engineering is vital for leveraging the full potential of generative models.

Generative models like Chat GPT predict the next word based on clear and specific prompts, enhancing their accuracy.

Prompt engineering bridges the gap between default model outputs and desired outcomes by providing necessary information.

Large language models can learn and follow formats when taught clearly, combining human ingenuity with processing power.

The video demonstrates creating prefer options for Epic Fantasy Landscapes using a simple, beautiful prompt.

Chat GPT Plus allows for faster processing, but the free version is also capable of generating AI art.

The video showcases the successful generation of prefer options and imagine commands for different art styles, proving the effectiveness of the method.

Once the AI learns the desired format and style, it can create even more specific and detailed art as requested by the user.

The video introduces a new way to support the channel and access the secret prompt for further enhancing AI art creation.

The prompt shared in the video includes examples for creating prefer option suffixes and slash imagine commands, teaching the AI to generate art autonomously.

The video emphasizes the limitless potential of AI art generation with the right prompts and understanding of generative models.