I used ChatGPT on Tinder for 7 Days and this Happened!

Neo Cheng Vlog
4 Mar 202312:14

TLDRIn this video, the creator explores the use of an AI language model, ChatGPT, to manage their dating life on Tinder for a week. The AI selects photos, writes a bio, and handles all communication with matches. The experiment reveals that AI can be surprisingly effective in the dating world, with the creator securing multiple dates and engaging conversations. The video humorously highlights the quirks of online dating, the effectiveness of AI in crafting responses, and the prevalence of potential scams, such as OnlyFans profiles and catfish accounts. The summary underscores the experiment's success, showing that AI can offer a strategic advantage in the complex realm of online dating.


  • 🤖 The experiment involved using ChatGPT to manage a Tinder profile for a week, including choosing photos, writing a bio, and responding to matches.
  • 📸 ChatGPT suggested using a clear headshot, an action shot, and a candid photo for the Tinder profile, although the user didn't have a candid photo.
  • 🧞 The user found ChatGPT's initial bio too long and requested a more concise version, which was then accepted and used.
  • 🎭 Friends provided feedback on the user's Tinder profile, making jokes and comments about the photos and bios.
  • 🚫 The user was skeptical about some matches, suspecting them to be either OnlyFans accounts, catfish, or bots based on their profiles.
  • 💬 ChatGPT was used to generate responses and pick-up lines for the user's matches, some of which were considered cheesy but effective.
  • 📈 The user discovered that following ChatGPT's advice led to matches and actual dates being set up, contrary to his initial expectations.
  • 🤔 The user reflected on ChatGPT's ability to mimic conversational styles, which seemed to make matches more engaged and responsive.
  • 🌟 The user was surprised by the effectiveness of the pick-up lines and the depth of conversation that ChatGPT's responses facilitated.
  • 🚀 By the end of the experiment, the user acknowledged that ChatGPT provided valuable assistance in navigating the online dating scene.
  • 🔍 The user also highlighted the prevalence of potentially fake profiles on Tinder, suggesting that about a third of the women's profiles seemed suspicious.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the experiment described in the video?

    -The main purpose of the experiment is to test whether an AI-based language model, specifically ChatGPT, can effectively manage a person's dating life on Tinder, including choosing photos, writing a bio, and crafting responses to matches.

  • How does the video creator feel about the AI's choice of photos for Tinder?

    -The video creator initially laughs at the AI's suggestion of including a candid photo, as they do not have any candid photos. However, they seem to accept the AI's advice and move forward with the experiment.

  • What is the creator's reaction to the AI-written bio?

    -The video creator initially finds the AI-written bio too long and requests a more concise version. After receiving a shorter version, the creator seems to like it, despite some friends' negative comments.

  • How does the video creator decide which profiles to swipe right on?

    -The video creator allows ChatGPT to make decisions on which profiles to swipe right on, based on the AI's analysis of the photos and profiles presented.

  • What is the video creator's strategy for responding to matches?

    -The video creator uses ChatGPT to generate responses and pick-up lines for matches. The AI also suggests transitions into asking people out, which the creator finds surprisingly effective.

  • What kind of profiles does the video creator encounter during the experiment?

    -The video creator encounters a variety of profiles, including those that appear to be genuine, some that are likely OnlyFans accounts or catfishes, and even profiles that are potentially bots.

  • What is the video creator's opinion on the effectiveness of pick-up lines?

    -Initially, the video creator is skeptical about the effectiveness of pick-up lines provided by ChatGPT. However, after receiving positive responses from matches, the creator acknowledges that these lines work surprisingly well.

  • How does the video creator feel about the AI's approach to asking people out?

    -The video creator is impressed by the AI's approach, noting that it is sneaky and effective in transitioning from a pick-up line to asking someone out. The creator admits they would not have thought of such a transition on their own.

  • What is the overall conclusion of the experiment?

    -The video creator concludes that ChatGPT is effective in managing their dating life on Tinder, as evidenced by the positive responses and matches made during the experiment.

  • How does the video creator describe the AI's mirroring technique in conversations?

    -The video creator notes that ChatGPT uses a mirroring technique, which involves reflecting the way people talk, making them like the AI more subconsciously. This technique is seen as effective in enhancing communication and connection with matches.

  • What is the video creator's observation about the authenticity of profiles on Tinder?

    -The video creator observes that a significant portion of profiles on Tinder might be either OnlyFans accounts, catfishes, or bots, which raises concerns about the authenticity of interactions on the platform.

  • What is the video creator's strategy for verifying the authenticity of a match's profile?

    -The video creator checks the match's Instagram account and other online presence to verify if the profile is genuine. They look for inconsistencies in the photos and information provided, such as covering the face in photos or a lack of personal information.



😀 Tinder Dating Experiment with AI

The video introduces a unique experiment where the host allows an AI language model, ChatGPT, to manage their Tinder profile for a week. This includes selecting photos, writing a bio, and responding to matches. The host expresses skepticism but is open to seeing if AI can improve their dating experience. Key aspects discussed include choosing the right photos, crafting an interesting bio, and the use of pickup lines, with a focus on being genuine and standing out.


😉 AI's Impact on Online Dating Conversations

The host explores the effectiveness of AI-generated pickup lines and conversation starters in online dating. They discuss the potential cheesiness and insincerity associated with such lines but also acknowledge their surprising success in engaging matches. The summary highlights the host's discovery that AI can craft clever and attention-grabbing openers, leading to positive responses and even dates being set up. It also touches on the strategy of mirroring conversational styles to build rapport.


😅 Reflecting on the AI Tinder Experiment

The host wraps up the week-long experiment with ChatGPT managing their Tinder interactions. They express surprise at the AI's effectiveness, noting that it led to meaningful conversations and multiple dates being arranged. The host also humorously points out the prevalence of OnlyFans profiles and potential catfish among their matches. The conclusion suggests that AI can be a valuable tool in navigating the world of online dating, providing clever and engaging responses.




ChatGPT is an AI-based language model that is used in the video to automate the process of using Tinder, a popular dating app. It is utilized to make decisions regarding profile pictures, crafting a bio, and replying to matches. The experiment aims to explore whether AI can enhance one's dating experience by making more effective choices based on data and patterns.


Tinder is a location-based social search and online dating platform where users can swipe right to 'like' or left to 'dislike' other users' profiles based on a set of pictures and a short bio. It is central to the video's theme as the platform on which the experiment of using ChatGPT to manage a dating profile takes place.


Swiping is the action of moving a finger across the screen of a smartphone to either accept or reject a profile on Tinder. It is a key interaction in the dating app and is mentioned in the context of the video where the presenter discusses the tediousness of swiping with no success.


A bio, short for biography, on Tinder is a brief description about oneself that users write to attract potential matches. In the video, ChatGPT is tasked with creating an interesting and concise bio for the presenter's Tinder profile, which is a critical component of making a good impression on other users.

💡Pick-up lines

Pick-up lines are humorous or clever phrases intended to start a conversation or flirt with someone. In the script, ChatGPT generates several pick-up lines to initiate conversation with matches, demonstrating the AI's attempt to mimic human flirting behavior.


OnlyFans is a content subscription service where creators can earn money from users who subscribe to their content. In the video, the presenter discovers that some Tinder profiles are associated with OnlyFans accounts, suggesting that some users may be using Tinder for promotion or different purposes than dating.


A catfish is a person who creates a false identity on a social networking site, often pretending to be someone they are not. The term is used in the video when the presenter suspects that some profiles on Tinder may be fake, as part of the exploration of authenticity on dating platforms.


A simp is a slang term for a person, usually a man, who is overly attentive to or submissive towards someone they are attracted to, often to the point of being excessively generous or fawning. The video script includes a discussion about the tone of responses, with one being described as 'simp-y', highlighting the delicate balance between showing interest and appearing too eager.

💡Profile Pictures

Profile pictures are the photographs used by individuals on social or dating platforms to represent themselves. The video emphasizes the importance of selecting the right profile pictures, as chosen by ChatGPT, to increase the chances of getting more matches on Tinder.


Although not explicitly mentioned in the transcript, the concept of an algorithm is implicit in the discussion of how ChatGPT operates. An algorithm is a set of rules that define a system of data processing or a procedure for solving a task. In the context of the video, ChatGPT's algorithm would be the set of processes it uses to determine responses and actions on Tinder.

💡Personality Type

A personality type, as mentioned in the context of the 'INFP' type, refers to a classification of personality based on psychological types. The video touches on the use of personality types as a form of self-identification and a conversation starter in the dating context.


AI-based language model, ChatGPT, is tested to manage a person's love life on Tinder for a week.

ChatGPT selects three types of photos for Tinder: a clear headshot, an action shot, and a candid photo.

The experiment involves ChatGPT crafting a concise and interesting bio under 100 words.

The video includes humorous and candid discussions about bio content and the selection of potential matches.

ChatGPT's photo selection and bio writing are met with mixed reactions from the individual's friends.

The video explores the use of pick-up lines crafted by ChatGPT and their effectiveness in engaging matches.

An interesting observation is made about the high number of OnlyFans profiles and potential catfish on Tinder.

ChatGPT's responses are described as 'sneaky' in their effectiveness to transition into asking someone out.

The experiment shows that even cheesy pick-up lines can work in getting a response and potentially a date.

ChatGPT's mirroring technique in conversation is noted to make people like the individual more subconsciously.

The video concludes with the success of ChatGPT's approach in securing dates and improving the individual's Tinder experience.

The individual expresses surprise at the effectiveness of ChatGPT's strategies, contrary to initial expectations.

ChatGPT's ability to generate long, articulate responses is appreciated by some matches, leading to further conversation.

The experiment reveals a significant number of matches that appear to be bots or have ulterior motives, such as promoting OnlyFans accounts.

The video ends with a positive note on ChatGPT's performance over the seven-day experiment.