Invideo AI Tutorial - How to Make Money Online With AI Videos (Completely Faceless)

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9 May 202421:42

TLDRDiscover how to harness the power of Nvidia AI to create engaging AI-generated videos with just a single prompt. This tutorial guides you through the process of generating scripts, voiceovers, and footage for videos that can attract millions of views and substantial ad revenue. Learn to edit videos, clone voices, and translate subtitles into multiple languages, all within the Invideo AI platform. Unleash your creativity and monetize your content across various platforms with this innovative tool.


  • 🌟 Nvidia AI allows you to create AI-generated videos with scripts, voiceovers, and footage that can attract millions of views and generate substantial ad revenue and affiliate marketing income.
  • 🚀 You can initiate video creation with a simple prompt, such as requesting a YouTube short video on a specific topic, and let the AI generate the content for you.
  • 🎬 The video editing process is streamlined, enabling you to customize the video to your preferences, including editing and cloning your voice for future use.
  • 🗣️ Nvidia AI features voice cloning, which eliminates the need for manual voiceovers by replicating your voice within the platform.
  • 🌐 The software supports multiple languages for both voiceovers and subtitles, expanding your content's reach to a global audience.
  • 📚 You can change the language of the video and its subtitles to any of the supported languages, enhancing accessibility and catering to different markets.
  • 📈 The potential for increased revenue is significant, as demonstrated by channels earning over $10,000 per month from ad revenue alone.
  • 🔧 Nvidia AI offers advanced editing features, including the ability to swap out scenes with different stock footage and customize the intro of the video.
  • 📹 High-quality stock footage is available for use within the AI-generated videos, often at a fraction of the cost of purchasing it individually.
  • 📲 Nvidia AI is accessible on iOS devices, making video creation on-the-go convenient and efficient.
  • 💰 To remove watermarks and access premium features, a paid plan starting at $20 per month is available, which includes access to stock footage and voice cloning.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video tutorial?

    -The main purpose of the video tutorial is to demonstrate how to use Nvidia AI to create AI-generated videos that can generate ad revenue and affiliate marketing income.

  • How can one generate a video using Nvidia AI with just a simple prompt?

    -To generate a video using Nvidia AI, you go to the Nvidia AI platform, provide a simple prompt describing the video you want, and then click on 'generate video' to let the AI create the video for you.

  • What is the process of cloning one's voice in Nvidia AI?

    -To clone your voice in Nvidia AI, you need to record a 30-second sample, mentioning the permission for Nvidia AI to use your voice, and follow the steps provided by the software to upload and clone your voice.

  • Can the AI-generated videos be customized after creation?

    -Yes, the AI-generated videos can be customized after creation. You can edit the video, change scenes, and even modify the language and subtitles as per your preference.

  • What is the significance of being able to change the video's language and subtitles to different languages?

    -The ability to change the video's language and subtitles to different languages allows creators to reach a wider audience and potentially increase ad revenue and affiliate marketing sales by catering to viewers from different countries.

  • How can one ensure that their AI-generated videos are free from watermarks?

    -To ensure that AI-generated videos are free from watermarks, one needs to sign up for a paid plan with Nvidia AI, which starts at $20 a month and includes the removal of watermarks.

  • What are some of the features available in the Nvidia AI software for enhancing the video content?

    -Some features available in the Nvidia AI software for enhancing video content include editing the video, changing scenes, adding different languages for voiceovers and subtitles, and even starting the video with a joke or other engaging content.

  • How does the video tutorial suggest monetizing the AI-generated videos?

    -The video tutorial suggests monetizing AI-generated videos through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. By uploading these videos on platforms like YouTube, creators can earn money from views and promotional partnerships.

  • What is the role of Chat GPT in creating content for the AI-generated videos?

    -Chat GPT is used to generate scripts or lists of content, such as the 'five weirdest dog breeds', which can then be used as a prompt for Nvidia AI to create the video.

  • Can the Nvidia AI software be used on mobile devices?

    -Yes, Nvidia AI can be used on mobile devices. The tutorial mentions a reference video that shows how to use the software on an iOS device, allowing for video creation on the go.

  • What are the benefits of using Nvidia AI for video creation according to the tutorial?

    -The benefits of using Nvidia AI for video creation include time-saving, cost-effectiveness due to included stock footage, the ability to create content in multiple languages, and the potential to earn money through various online platforms.



🚀 Introduction to Nvidia AI Video Creation

The video script introduces the capabilities of Nvidia AI for creating AI-generated videos. It explains how users can generate videos with scripts, voiceovers, and footage, potentially earning significant ad revenue and affiliate marketing income. The process begins with a simple prompt, and the video will demonstrate how to turn ideas into videos, edit them, clone voices, add subtitles in multiple languages, and change the language of the voiceover. The script also mentions the need to sign up for Nvidia AI to access these features.


🔧 Setting Up Nvidia AI and Cloning Your Voice

This paragraph details the initial setup process for Nvidia AI, including accessing beta features and cloning one's voice for future video projects. It guides the user through enabling beta features, cloning their voice by recording a 30-second script, and providing permissions for use. The process ensures that the user's voice is ready to be used in AI-generated videos, saving time on voiceovers and offering a consistent voice across content.


🎬 Creating and Customizing AI-Generated Videos

The script describes the process of creating a video on the 'five weirdest dog breeds' using Nvidia AI. It explains how to use a prompt with Chat GPT to generate content and instructs the user to paste this information into Nvidia AI. The video's length is set to 60 seconds for a YouTube short, and the user's cloned voice is selected for narration. The AI asks additional questions to tailor the video to the target audience and then generates the video, which can be further edited as needed.


🌐 Multilingual Capabilities and Editing Features

The script highlights Nvidia AI's ability to create videos in multiple languages and customize subtitles. It demonstrates changing the video's language to Japanese and explains how to add subtitles in various languages. The video editor allows users to search for and replace stock footage, enhancing the video with different scenes. Additional features include adding humor, such as starting the video with a dog joke, and customizing the intro to make the video more entertaining.


📚 Accessing Stock Footage and Removing Watermarks

This paragraph discusses the access to stock footage provided by Nvidia AI and the cost-effectiveness of using this service compared to purchasing footage individually. It explains that with an Nvidia AI subscription, users can avoid additional costs and gain access to high-quality footage. The script also instructs users on how to remove watermarks from videos by signing up for the paid plan, which starts at $20 a month, and provides a link for users to sign up and access these features.

📲 Mobile App and Final Thoughts on Video Creation

The final paragraph mentions the availability of Nvidia AI on iOS devices, allowing users to create videos on the go. It emphasizes the ease of use and the time and cost savings of using the AI-generated video features across various social media platforms. The script encourages users to sign up for Nvidia AI through the provided link to access all features, including multilingual capabilities and stock footage. It concludes with a demonstration of the created video and a farewell message.



💡AI-generated videos

AI-generated videos refer to videos that are created using artificial intelligence technologies. These videos can include scripts, voiceovers, and footage that are all generated by AI algorithms. In the context of the video, AI-generated videos are used to create content that can attract a large number of views and generate revenue through ad revenue and affiliate marketing. An example from the script is the creation of a YouTube short video on 'the craziest facts about dogs' using a simple prompt given to Nvidia AI.

💡Ad revenue

Ad revenue is the income generated from advertisements displayed on a video or website. It is a common way for content creators to monetize their online content. In the video script, it is mentioned that AI-generated videos can earn 'tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue' each month, highlighting the potential financial benefits of creating such content.

💡Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. In the video, it is suggested that in addition to ad revenue, videos can also generate income through affiliate marketing, indicating another revenue stream for content creators.

💡Voice cloning

Voice cloning in the context of this video refers to the process of creating a synthetic version of a person's voice that can be used in videos without the need for the individual to physically record voiceovers. The script explains how Nvidia AI allows users to 'clone their own voice' so that they can use it in videos, saving time and effort. An example given is 'cloning Allan's voice' for future video creations.


Subtitles are textual representations of the audio content of a video, allowing viewers to read what is being said when sound cannot be heard or for those who are hearing impaired. The video script mentions the ability to 'change your subtitles into multiple languages,' which is a feature of Nvidia AI that can help make videos accessible to a broader audience.

💡Language translation

Language translation is the process of translating content from one language to another. The script discusses the feature of Nvidia AI that allows users to change the voiceover in their videos to a different language, such as Japanese, and also to add subtitles in various languages, which can help expand the reach of the content globally.

💡YouTube short video

A YouTube short video is a short-form video content format available on the YouTube platform, typically under one minute long. The script provides an example of creating a 'YouTube short video on the craziest facts about dogs,' demonstrating how AI can be used to generate content for this popular video format.

💡Stock footage

Stock footage refers to pre-recorded video clips that can be licensed for use in various productions. The script mentions that Nvidia AI uses footage from 'Ice stock and from story blocks,' providing users with access to high-quality video content without the need to create it from scratch, which can be costly.


Watermarks are visible or invisible markers that can be embedded into videos to indicate copyright or to identify the content's source. The video script discusses the option to remove watermarks from videos by signing up for a paid plan with Nvidia AI, which is important for professional content creators who want to distribute their videos without branding.

💡Exporting video

Exporting video is the process of converting and saving video content into a format that can be shared or published. The script mentions the final step of 'exporting this video in HD' after all edits and customizations have been made, which is essential for distributing high-quality content online.


Nvidia AI can create complete AI-generated videos with scripts, voiceovers, and footage.

AI videos can generate hundreds of thousands to millions of views monthly.

Videos made with AI can earn tens of thousands of dollars in ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

A simple prompt is all that's needed to start creating a video with Nvidia AI.

Editing tools allow users to customize the video to their liking.

Users can clone their own voice for use in videos, eliminating the need for manual voiceovers.

Subtitles can be automatically generated in multiple languages.

The voice in the video can be changed to a different language with a simple command.

Never need to do a voiceover again for any video created with Invideo AI.

High-definition video export options are available for professional quality.

Channels using AI-generated videos can earn over $10,000 a month in ad revenue.

Invideo AI provides access to beta features for early access to new functionalities.

Voice cloning in Nvidia AI saves significant time in video production.

High-quality recording equipment is recommended for voice cloning for better results.

AI can suggest and replace stock footage within the video for enhanced content.

The software allows for the addition of humor, such as dog jokes, at the start of the video.

Paid plans start at $20 a month, which removes watermarks and provides access to high-quality footage and voice-over cloning.

Invideo AI is also accessible on iOS devices for on-the-go video creation.

The software is user-friendly and can be used to create videos for various social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.