It took 2 hours to make $220,000 with this AI video [TikTok Shop Affiliate]

Matt Lorion
13 Feb 202421:43

TLDRThis video script details a method to generate income using AI on TikTok Shop's affiliate program. It showcases how an individual made over $220,000 in just 2 hours by creating AI-generated videos promoting products on TikTok. The process involves finding a product, using AI to create a video script and images, and then compiling them into a compelling video with AI-generated narration. The video also provides a step-by-step guide on how to replicate this success, from using tools like Cow Data for research to apps like InShot for video editing, and emphasizes the potential for significant earnings with minimal effort.


  • 😲 The video claims that it's incredibly easy to make substantial income with AI-generated TikTok videos, specifically mentioning earnings of over $220,000 in just 2 hours.
  • 📈 The script discusses leveraging TikTok Shop's new affiliate program to sell products by creating AI videos that promote them.
  • 🔍 It emphasizes the importance of finding the right product and using AI to create engaging content without the need for manual video creation.
  • 🎥 The video creator shares a success story of an individual named Cal who generated $997,000 in sales with an AI TikTok video.
  • 💰 The script details the monetization process: viewers click on a product in the video, make a purchase, and the video poster earns a commission.
  • 🔑 The key to success is identifying emotional hooks to capture the audience's attention and keep them engaged throughout the video.
  • 📝 It suggests using Google Docs to create a compelling script that highlights the product's benefits and resonates with viewers on an emotional level.
  • 🤖 The use of AI tools like chat GPT is recommended for generating the script and 11 labs for creating the voiceover.
  • 🖼️ AI is also utilized to create high-resolution images for each line of the script, which are then used to make a slideshow-style video.
  • 🎨 The video editing process involves adding animations, transitions, and text overlays to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling.
  • 📱 The final step includes adding captions to the video using an app like Ved captions, which uses AI to generate English subtitles automatically.

Q & A

  • How much money was made in 2 hours with an AI-generated TikTok video?

    -Over $220,000 was made in 2 hours with an AI-generated TikTok video.

  • What is the new program on TikTok that allows for affiliate sales?

    -TikTok Shop's new affiliate program allows users to find products on TikTok Shop and create videos for them, earning commissions on sales.

  • What is the starting point for creating an AI video for TikTok Shop?

    -The starting point is finding a product on TikTok Shop and then using AI to create an entire video about it.

  • What is the role of the 'hook' in the video script?

    -The 'hook' is a crucial part of the script that captures the audience's attention emotionally, making them interested and more likely to continue watching the video.

  • How does the AI video creation process work?

    -The process involves creating a script, generating images for each line of the script, producing audio using AI, and then compiling the images, audio, and text into a video using a video editing app.

  • What is the importance of using chat GPT for creating the script?

    -Chat GPT is used to generate a concise and compelling script about the chosen supplement, highlighting its benefits and keeping the script under 150 words.

  • What tool is used to generate the 3D ultra high-resolution images for the video?

    -The tool used to generate the images is not explicitly named in the transcript, but it suggests using an AI-based image generation tool.

  • How long does it typically take to create a TikTok video using this AI method?

    -Each TikTok video takes less than two hours to make using the AI method described.

  • What is the potential revenue from a successful AI video on TikTok?

    -A successful AI video can generate substantial revenue, with examples in the transcript showing earnings of $997,000 and $132,000 in sales within 90 days.

  • What is the commission percentage typically earned by the video poster from sales made through their video?

    -The video poster earns a 25% commission from the sales made through their video.

  • How can one find more information on how to create AI videos and make money with TikTok Shop?

    -One can join the TikTok Mastery community, which provides a full breakdown and additional hours of content on how to go viral on TikTok and make money with TikTok Shop.



😀 TikTok Affiliate Program Success

This paragraph introduces the success of using AI to create TikTok videos that promote products via the TikTok Shop's affiliate program. It highlights a case where an AI-generated TikTok made $220,000 in just 2 hours. The speaker expresses amazement at the ease of making money on TikTok, especially with the new program, and shares a tweet from a user named Cal who claimed to generate $997,000 in sales with AI TikTok videos. The paragraph also discusses the appeal of health products on TikTok and provides a step-by-step guide on how to find a product, create a script, and use AI to generate the video content.


🎯 Crafting an Emotional Hook for Videos

The second paragraph focuses on the importance of creating an emotional hook at the beginning of a video to capture and retain viewer interest. It talks about how to directly address the viewer's emotions and personal feelings to make them feel seen and understood. The speaker provides an example of an effective hook and explains how to use AI tools like Chat GPT to generate a script for the video. The paragraph also covers how to highlight positive and negative words in the script to guide the visual design of the video.


📈 Leveraging AI to Generate High-Quality Images

This paragraph delves into the process of using AI to generate high-resolution images for each line of the video script. It emphasizes the power of AI in creating compelling visuals quickly and efficiently. The speaker demonstrates how to use prompts in AI tools to generate images that match the emotional tone of the script. The paragraph also discusses how to organize the images and script into a cohesive video using video editing apps like InShot, and the importance of adding animations and transitions to enhance the video's appeal.


🎙️ Creating AI Voiceovers and Finalizing the Video

The fourth paragraph covers the steps to create an AI voiceover for the video using platforms like 11 Labs. It explains how to input the script, choose a voice, and adjust settings to get a natural-sounding narration. The speaker then guides on integrating the voiceover, images, and text into a video using a video editing app, and making final edits to ensure a smooth flow. The paragraph also highlights the importance of adding captions using AI tools for better accessibility and engagement.


🚀 Monetizing AI Videos on TikTok

The final paragraph talks about the potential of AI-generated videos to go viral and generate significant income on TikTok. The speaker promotes a more comprehensive guide and course on TikTok Mastery for those who want to learn more about creating AI videos and leveraging TikTok for business. The paragraph showcases the success of other creators in the community and encourages viewers to join and start making money by creating and posting videos consistently.



💡AI video

An AI video refers to a video that is created with the assistance of artificial intelligence. In the context of this video, AI is used to generate content, including images and voiceovers, which simplifies the video production process. The script mentions that an AI generated TikTok video made over $220,000 in just 2 hours, showcasing the potential of AI in content creation for social media platforms like TikTok.

💡TikTok Shop Affiliate

The TikTok Shop Affiliate program is a feature that allows content creators to earn commissions by promoting products on TikTok. As explained in the script, by finding a product on TikTok Shop and creating a video around it, creators can earn money when viewers purchase the product through their video. This concept is central to the video's theme of making money through AI-generated content on TikTok.


In the script, a 'product' refers to the items that are promoted and sold through the TikTok Shop platform. The video emphasizes the importance of selecting the right product, particularly health supplements, to create engaging content that will attract viewers and lead to sales. The product is the core element that drives the revenue in the affiliate marketing model described.


A 'script' in this video script refers to the written content that serves as the foundation for the AI-generated video. It includes the narrative, dialogue, and descriptions that the AI uses to create the final video. The script is crucial as it guides the AI in generating images and voiceovers that align with the intended message and theme of the video.

💡3D Ultra High-Resolution Image

This term is used to describe the quality of images that the AI is instructed to generate. The script mentions creating '3D ultra high-resolution images' to be used in the video, indicating a focus on visual quality that can enhance viewer engagement and the overall appeal of the AI-generated content.

💡Google Docs

Google Docs is an online word processing tool used in the script to draft the video's script. It's where the creator formulates the narrative and messages that will be conveyed through the AI video. The platform's collaborative and editing features make it a convenient choice for scripting and organizing content for video production.

💡11 Labs

11 Labs is mentioned in the script as a service used to create the voiceovers for the AI video. It suggests that the platform offers text-to-speech capabilities, allowing users to input text and receive audio outputs in various voices. This service is integral to giving life to the script and making the AI video engaging to viewers.


Inshot is a video editing app highlighted in the script as a tool for assembling the AI-generated images and audio into a cohesive video. It's used to add transitions, animations, and other video editing features that enhance the final product, making it visually appealing and professional.

💡Animations and Transitions

Animations and transitions are visual effects used in video editing to make the video more dynamic and engaging. In the context of the script, they are added to each photo in the video to create smooth movements and scene changes, which contribute to the overall quality and viewer experience of the AI video.

💡Ved captions

Ved captions is an app mentioned in the script for automatically generating captions for the video. This tool uses AI to transcribe the audio and create text overlays, which are essential for making the video accessible and understandable to a wider audience on platforms like TikTok.

💡TikTok Mastery

TikTok Mastery appears to be a community or course that the video script is promoting. It is positioned as a resource for learning how to create AI videos, go viral on TikTok, and make money through the TikTok Shop Affiliate program. The script suggests that joining this community can provide further education and support for those interested in leveraging AI for video creation and monetization on TikTok.


AI-generated TikTok video made over $220,000 in just 2 hours.

TikTok Shop's new affiliate program allows creators to earn from product sales.

Using AI, creators can generate videos about products found on TikTok Shop without manual video creation.

A single tweet by Cal demonstrated an AI TikTok generating $997,000 in sales.

The video's emotional appeal is crucial for capturing viewers' attention and driving sales.

A successful video resulted in $132,000 in sales over 90 days for the 'Healthy Habits' page.

A single video by 'Conscious Doctor' made $224,000 in revenue with less than two hours of work.

The video's creator received a 25% commission from the million views, earning $60,000.

Cow Data is a website to find successful video posts and their earnings.

Google Docs can be used to script the video's narrative, focusing on emotional hooks.

Chat GPT can generate a script for a supplement, discussing its benefits in under 150 words.

Images for the video are created using AI, with each line of the script corresponding to a new photo.

11 Labs is used to generate the voiceover for the video script.

InShot is a video editing app that can compile images, voiceover, and text into a polished video.

Ved captions app automatically generates English captions for the video using AI.

TikTok's in-app music selection helps avoid copyright issues.

Joining a community like TikTok Mastery can provide further insights and support for monetizing on TikTok.

Members of TikTok Mastery have reported significant earnings, demonstrating the potential of the platform.