MIDJOURNEY vs LEONARDO AI // Head to Head Prompt T-Shirt Design Comparison

Detour Shirts
16 Jun 202314:40

TLDRIn this video, Juna from Detour Shirts compares the AI design capabilities of Leonardo AI and MidJourney for creating t-shirt designs. Having used Leonardo AI for 15 days to produce one t-shirt design per day, Juna decides to subscribe to MidJourney and test it against Leonardo using the same prompts. The video showcases the different outcomes of each AI's interpretation, with a focus on four specific designs. Juna discusses the visual appeal and potential marketability of each design, highlighting the strengths of both AI platforms. The video concludes with the idea of letting the market decide which designs are more successful, emphasizing the benefits of print-on-demand services.


  • 😀 Juna from Detour Shirts is comparing AI design tools, MidJourney and Leonardo AI, for creating t-shirt designs.
  • 🔍 Juna has been using Leonardo AI for 15 days to create and sell t-shirts, finding it effective and enjoyable.
  • 🆕 She recently subscribed to MidJourney to explore its capabilities and compare it with Leonardo AI.
  • 🎨 The comparison involves using the same design prompts in both AI tools to see the differences in output.
  • 💬 Juna discusses her dislike for Discord, which MidJourney uses, preferring Leonardo's interface.
  • 💰 MidJourney's subscription cost is mentioned as $10 per month or $8 per month if paid annually.
  • 👕 The first design comparison shows different interpretations by the AIs, with MidJourney offering a face-on view and a black background.
  • 👨‍🚀 The second design, featuring an astronaut and planets, is also compared, with MidJourney providing a colorful and half-body image.
  • 🌸 For the third design, MidJourney's output is favored for its simplicity and rounded feel, contrasting with Leonardo's vintage drawing style.
  • 🏞️ The fourth design comparison involves scenery, with MidJourney's colorful and detailed output being preferred for its potential on t-shirts.
  • 📈 Juna suggests using both AI tools' designs for t-shirts to let the market decide the more successful design.
  • 📚 She plans to create an AI playlist on her channel to compile all her future videos on AI design comparisons.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the video?

    -The main purpose of the video is to compare the t-shirt design outputs of two AI platforms, Leonardo AI and MidJourney, using the same design prompts.

  • How long has the presenter been using Leonardo AI for t-shirt designs?

    -The presenter has been using Leonardo AI for t-shirt designs for the last 15 days.

  • What was the presenter's previous experience with MidJourney?

    -The presenter had not used MidJourney until they purchased a subscription for the purpose of the comparison in the video.

  • What is the cost of a monthly subscription to MidJourney?

    -The cost of a monthly subscription to MidJourney is ten dollars, and eight dollars a month if bought for the whole year.

  • How does the presenter feel about the user interface of MidJourney compared to Leonardo AI?

    -The presenter prefers the user interface of Leonardo AI over MidJourney, which uses Discord, an interface the presenter does not like.

  • What is the process the presenter uses to input prompts into MidJourney?

    -The presenter inputs prompts into MidJourney by typing 'slash imagine' followed by the prompt and hitting enter.

  • What is the presenter's opinion on the first design comparison between MidJourney and Leonardo AI?

    -The presenter likes the black background and the face-on view of the design produced by MidJourney, considering it a good option for a t-shirt.

  • How many variations did the presenter create for each design prompt in MidJourney?

    -The presenter created variations for each of the four design prompts in MidJourney.

  • What is the presenter's strategy for deciding which design to use for t-shirts?

    -The presenter plans to put both designs from Leonardo AI and MidJourney on t-shirts and let the market decide which one sells better.

  • What additional format does the presenter consider for the designs besides t-shirts?

    -The presenter considers using the designs for posters and postcards, in addition to t-shirts.

  • How does the presenter plan to evaluate the success of the designs?

    -The presenter plans to evaluate the success of the designs by monitoring their sales performance over time and comparing them side by side.

  • What is the presenter's final recommendation for designers using multiple AI platforms?

    -The presenter recommends using both platforms to create designs and letting the market decide which designs are more successful.



🎨 Exploring MidJourney AI for T-Shirt Design

In this paragraph, the speaker, Juna from Detour Shirts, discusses their experience using Leonardo AI for creating t-shirt designs and their recent acquisition of a MidJourney subscription. Juna has been using AI to remove backgrounds and design t-shirts, with a successful output of 15 t-shirts over the month. Now, they plan to test MidJourney with the same prompts used in Leonardo AI to compare the results. The speaker highlights their preference for Leonardo's interface over Discord, which is used for MidJourney, but is eager to see how MidJourney performs with the exact same design prompts. The process of inputting a prompt into MidJourney via Discord and waiting for the AI to generate an image is described, with the first result being a face-on design with a black background, differing from Leonardo's side view.


🚀 Comparing AI-Generated Designs for T-Shirt Printing

The speaker continues to compare the outputs of MidJourney and Leonardo AI by creating variations of the initial design prompts. They upscale and save the designs they prefer, such as one with a crown and sunglasses, and discuss the ease of knocking out the background for t-shirt printing. Juna also explores different styles, such as a colorful astronaut design and a simplistic vintage drawing with flowers. They mention the possibility of converting the designs into vectors for easy color changes on various t-shirt colors. The paragraph ends with the anticipation of comparing four different AI-generated designs side by side in Affinity Designer to evaluate and decide which might be more appealing for t-shirt printing.


🌐 Market Testing of AI-Designed T-Shirts and Other Products

In the final paragraph, Juna talks about the benefits of print-on-demand, which allows for multiple designs to be tested in the market without additional costs. They plan to print various designs on t-shirts and possibly posters and postcards to see which ones are more successful. The speaker expresses their excitement about the potential of MidJourney's outputs, especially the colorful and watercolor styles, and intends to upscale and compare them with Leonardo AI's designs. They invite viewers to suggest other AI platforms to compare with Leonardo and MidJourney and mention creating an AI playlist for future video content. The paragraph concludes with an encouragement for viewers to keep creating and learning, and a promise to share more AI design experiences in upcoming videos.




AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, which is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems. In the context of the video, AI is utilized to create designs for t-shirts. The video script mentions using Leonardo AI and MidJourney, which are AI platforms that generate artwork based on prompts provided by the user. AI is central to the video's theme, as it showcases how AI can be applied in the creative process of t-shirt design.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is a specific AI platform mentioned in the script that is used for creating designs. The video creator has been using Leonardo AI for the past 15 days to generate t-shirt designs by removing backgrounds and placing the designs on t-shirts. Leonardo AI is highlighted as a tool that has been working great for the creator, indicating its effectiveness in the design process.


MidJourney is another AI platform that the video creator has recently started using after purchasing a subscription. The script describes the process of using MidJourney to create t-shirt designs by inputting prompts, similar to Leonardo AI. The video aims to compare the results from MidJourney with those from Leonardo AI, making MidJourney a key concept in evaluating different AI design outcomes.


A subscription, in this context, refers to a paid membership or access to a service, in this case, the AI platforms Leonardo AI and MidJourney. The video creator mentions purchasing a subscription to MidJourney to compare its capabilities with Leonardo AI. The subscription model is a common way to monetize software services, and it allows users like the video creator to access advanced features of the AI platforms.


In the realm of AI design, prompts are the textual descriptions or ideas given to the AI to generate specific artwork or designs. The script discusses using the same prompts in both Leonardo AI and MidJourney to see how each platform interprets and visualizes the prompts. Prompts are crucial as they guide the AI's creative output and are a key part of the comparative analysis in the video.


Discord is a communication platform that the video creator mentions as the interface for using MidJourney. The creator expresses a preference for Leonardo's setup over Discord, indicating that the user experience is an important factor when choosing between AI platforms. Discord is used here as a channel to interact with the AI and submit prompts for design generation.

💡T-shirt Design

T-shirt design is the focus of the video, where the creator compares the capabilities of two AI platforms in generating visually appealing graphics for apparel. The script details several designs created by AI, such as astronaut themes, floral patterns, and character faces, showcasing the diversity of AI-generated designs suitable for t-shirts.


Upscaling in the context of the video refers to the process of enhancing the resolution or quality of an AI-generated image. The creator mentions upscaling the designs created by both Leonardo AI and MidJourney to improve their detail and suitability for printing on t-shirts. Upscaling is an important step in the design process to ensure the final product's visual appeal.


Versioning, as mentioned in the script, is the process of creating different iterations or variations of an AI-generated design. The video creator explores versioning to see how slight changes can affect the final design's appeal. This concept is integral to the comparative analysis, as it demonstrates the flexibility and range of creative options offered by AI platforms.

💡Print on Demand

Print on Demand is a production model where products, such as t-shirts, are manufactured and printed only when an order is received. The video script suggests using multiple designs from both AI platforms and letting the market decide which sells better, highlighting the low-risk nature of print on demand for testing various t-shirt designs.

💡Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a graphic design software mentioned in the script, which the creator uses to compile and compare the AI-generated designs side by side. This software is instrumental in visually assessing the differences and similarities between the designs created by Leonardo AI and MidJourney, aiding in the final evaluation.


Comparison of AI t-shirt design platforms: MidJourney vs Leonardo AI.

Introduction to using Leonardo AI for t-shirt designs over the past 15 days.

New subscription to MidJourney to compare with Leonardo AI.

Excitement about testing the same design prompts on both platforms.

Initial impressions of MidJourney's interface via Discord.

First design prompt comparison: different perspectives and styles.

Preference for the black background design from MidJourney.

Decision to upscale and save the most appealing design from MidJourney.

Second design prompt: colorful astronaut with planets.

MidJourney's colorful and vibrant interpretation of the astronaut design.

Exploration of versioning within MidJourney to refine the design.

Third design prompt: a vintage-style drawing of flowers.

MidJourney's unique take on the vintage flowers with a modern twist.

Final selection of the most suitable design for t-shirt printing.

Fourth design prompt: scenery with a focus on sunset and hibiscus.

MidJourney's impressive watercolor effect on the scenery design.

The challenge of background removal for detailed watercolor designs.

Final decision on the most marketable design from MidJourney.

Comparative analysis of all four design prompts from both platforms.

Recommendation to use both designs on t-shirts for market testing.

The potential of print-on-demand for testing multiple design variations.

Invitation for viewers to suggest other AI platforms for comparison.

Plans for an AI design playlist on the creator's channel.

Encouragement for viewers to keep creating and learning.