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13 Sept 202209:01

TLDRThe video script introduces viewers to the potential of earning money from home as a transcriber through the website Happy Scribe. It explains the process of becoming a freelancer on the platform, which includes taking a typing speed test and passing a skill check. The narrator emphasizes the flexibility of the job, the ability to work globally, and the use of AI to assist with transcription. The video also discusses the difference between a transcriber and a captioner, highlighting the higher pay for the latter due to the added complexity of syncing text with audio. The script further explores additional opportunities for earning, such as translation services for those who speak a second language. It also suggests alternative platforms like TranscribeMe and Scribby for transcription work and encourages viewers to consider learning video editing to offer a more comprehensive service, which can command higher rates. The video concludes by reminding viewers of the ongoing job opportunities at Happy Scribe and the potential for supplemental income.


  • 🌟 **Happy Scribe** is a platform where you can work as a freelancer providing transcription and subtitle services.
  • 🔍 To find job opportunities on Happy Scribe, scroll to the bottom of their website.
  • 📝 You can work as a transcriber, captioner, or even get translation gigs, but you need to pass a test first.
  • ⌨️ A professional transcriptionist should have a typing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute.
  • 💻 Use **** to determine your typing speed and improve it with practice if needed.
  • 💰 Top monthly earners on Happy Scribe make up to €3,000, while average earners make about €450 per month.
  • 🤖 You'll work with artificial intelligence to transcribe audio files, correcting any AI-generated errors.
  • 🌐 Happy Scribe has a global community of transcribers from various countries, making it accessible worldwide.
  • 📆 The application for Happy Scribe's transcriber position reopens on Monday, September 12th.
  • 🎬 If you want to earn more, consider becoming a captioner, which involves syncing text with the audio and pays higher.
  • 🇪🇸 Know a second language like Spanish or French? You can get paid to translate text on Happy Scribe.
  • 🌱 If Happy Scribe isn't hiring, consider alternatives like **TranscribeMe** or **Scribby** for transcription work.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the website mentioned for transcription and subtitle services?

    -The website mentioned for transcription and subtitle services is called

  • What is the first step to find new job opportunities on

    -The first step to find new job opportunities on is to scroll down to the very bottom of the page.

  • What are the three roles one can take on as a freelancer on

    -The three roles one can take on as a freelancer on are transcriber, captioner, and translator.

  • What is the minimum typing speed required to qualify as a transcriptionist according to the article?

    -The minimum typing speed required to qualify as a transcriptionist is between 50 to 80 words per minute.

  • How can one determine their typing speed?

    -One can determine their typing speed by visiting and taking a one-minute test.

  • What can one do if they fail the typing speed test?

    -If one fails the typing speed test, they can keep training by using the 'train' option on to increase their typing speed through exercises and drills.

  • What is the earning potential for top monthly earners on

    -The top monthly earners on are making up to 3,000 euros.

  • How does the transcription process work with artificial intelligence on

    -The transcription process involves running the audio file through AI, which provides an automatic transcription. The transcriber then corrects any spelling, punctuation, or grammar mistakes to ensure accuracy.

  • What is the difference between a transcriber and a captioner?

    -The difference between a transcriber and a captioner is that a captioner also has to sync the text with the audio file, adding an additional level of complexity to the task.

  • How often are translators paid on

    -Translators on are paid at two-week intervals.

  • What is an alternative website to for transcription work?

    -An alternative website to for transcription work is

  • What additional skill is suggested to learn for those who are already working as captioners?

    -The additional skill suggested to learn for those who are already working as captioners is video editing.



🖋️ Becoming a Freelance Transcriber with HappyScribe

The video introduces a method for making money by transcribing audio files. It focuses on the website, which offers transcription and subtitle services. The speaker explains that viewers can work as freelancers on the platform, with opportunities as transcribers, captioners, or translators. To qualify, one must take a test to assess their typing speed, which should be between 50 to 80 words per minute. The video also guides viewers on how to check their typing speed using and suggests that even if one fails the test, they can improve through practice. It outlines that HappyScribe's top transcribers can earn up to €3,000 per month, with an average earner making about $450. The work involves transcribing audio or video files with the aid of artificial intelligence, correcting any AI-generated errors, and ensuring the final transcription is accurate. The process for becoming a transcriber includes applying, proving subtitling skills, and then being reviewed for acceptance. The video also mentions the option to become a captioner, which involves syncing text with audio and pays more due to the added complexity.


🌐 Alternative Transcription Platforms and Expanding Skills

The video continues by addressing what one can do if HappyScribe is not accepting new applications. It suggests alternative platforms such as and, which offer similar transcription job opportunities. is highlighted for its high payouts, ranging from $15 to $22 per audio hour, with some transcribers earning up to $2,200 monthly. The speaker also touches on the potential to earn extra by transcribing legal or medical files if one has expertise in those areas. is presented as another option, where one must pass a transcription test to qualify. The video then explores the idea of not being solely dependent on one platform for work and suggests learning video editing as an additional skill. This is linked to the growing trend of engaging captioning made popular by content creators like Alex from Mozy. The video concludes by encouraging viewers to explore video editing to offer more comprehensive services and potentially earn more, citing the example of where such services are in demand. It ends by reminding viewers that HappyScribe continues to offer new job opportunities and encourages them to utilize the available resources to earn extra income.




Transcription refers to the process of converting spoken language into written form. In the context of the video, it is a core service offered by Happy Scribe, where individuals can work as freelancers to transcribe audio or video files. This involves typing out exactly what is being said in the provided media, which is crucial for accessibility and understanding for those who prefer or require text over audio.

💡Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is a website mentioned in the video that specializes in transcription and subtitle services. It provides job opportunities for freelancers to work as transcribers, captioners, or translators. The platform is highlighted as a way for individuals to earn money from home by leveraging their typing skills and language proficiency.


A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term. In the video, the term is used to describe the type of work available on Happy Scribe, where people can work independently on transcription and captioning tasks, setting their own schedule and choosing which jobs to take on.

💡Typing Speed

Typing speed is the number of words a person can type correctly in a minute. The video emphasizes that a transcriptionist should have a typing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute to be successful in the role. This speed is necessary to keep up with the audio being transcribed and ensure efficient work output.


A captioner is a professional who adds captions to audio or video content. Unlike a transcriber, a captioner also synchronizes the text with the audio, ensuring that the captions appear at the correct moments. This requires an additional level of skill and attention to detail, and as such, can command higher pay rates.

💡Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the context of the video, AI is used to automatically transcribe audio files. Transcribers then review and correct these AI-generated transcriptions for accuracy, making the process more efficient.


TranscribeMe is an alternative platform to Happy Scribe that offers transcription services. The video suggests it as a potential source of income for those looking to work in transcription. It is highlighted for its higher pay rates, offering earnings between $15 to $22 per audio hour.


Scriby is another transcription service platform mentioned in the video. It is presented as an additional option for individuals seeking transcription work. To work on Scriby, one must sign up, set up a PayPal account for payouts, and pass a short transcription test to qualify.

💡Video Editing

Video editing is the process of manipulating and arranging video shots to create a new work. The video suggests that learning video editing can be a valuable skill for those already working as captioners, as it allows them to offer a more comprehensive service, making their work more valuable and potentially earning them higher rates.

💡Engaging Subtitles

Engaging subtitles are captions that are not only informative but also enhance the viewer's engagement with the video content. The video references the style of captioning used by Alex for Moses, which is noted for being engaging and keeping viewers hooked. This style of captioning is seen as a trend that others are mimicking, and it represents a higher level of service that can command higher fees.


Fiverr is a freelancing website where individuals can offer a wide range of services, including video editing with engaging subtitles. The video uses Fiverr as an example to illustrate the demand for video editing services that go beyond simple transcription, where editors not only caption videos but also make them more engaging and valuable.


You can make money by typing words on your keyboard through transcription services at

Freelance work is available as a transcriber, captioner, or translator on the website.

To qualify for transcription jobs, you need to pass a test and have a typing speed of 50 to 80 words per minute. can help you determine your typing speed with a one-minute test.

If you don't pass the test, you can train and increase your typing speed using exercises on the same website.

Top monthly earners at can make up to 3,000 euros, while average earners make about 450 dollars a month.

Transcription involves listening to an audio or video file and typing what's being said.

AI is used to provide an automatic transcription, which you then correct for accuracy.

Captioners sync text with the audio file, adding an extra layer of complexity and higher payout.

The application process for transcriber and captioner positions involves applying, a skill check, and an assessment of subtitling skills.

If is not hiring, alternatives like offer similar opportunities. offers rates of 15 to 22 dollars per audio hour, with some earners making up to twenty-two hundred dollars monthly. is another platform where you can sign up as a transcriber and take a short transcription test to qualify.

Becoming platform-independent by learning additional skills like video editing can increase your earning potential.

Video editing skills can allow you to offer more valuable services and charge higher rates for your work.

Freelancing websites like have services that not only caption videos but also make them engaging.

Learning video editing can increase your income potential, with rates up to 25 dollars per video for engaging captioning.

Even if transcription platforms are not hiring, there are always new job opportunities available daily.