Happy Scribe Review - Can You Make Money Working From Home As A Transcriber? (Tutorial)

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2 Sept 202209:01

TLDRThe video provides an in-depth review of Happy Scribe, a platform offering transcription and subtitle services. Viewers are encouraged to assess their typing speed using typingtest.com, as speed is crucial for the work involved. Happy Scribe is highly rated on Trustpilot, indicating a reliable service. The platform allows freelancers to work as transcribers, captioners, or subtitle translators, with opportunities available in various languages. The average monthly pay is around 450 Euros, with a pay rate of approximately 90 cents per audio minute. The process involves correcting preliminary transcriptions generated by an automated tool, and there is potential for higher earnings in subtitling and translation tasks. The video also suggests signing up on multiple platforms to increase job opportunities and income. Alternative platforms mentioned include rev.com and transcribing.com, with the latter offering higher payouts.


  • 🌟 **Happy Scribe Overview**: Happy Scribe is a platform offering transcription and subtitle services, allowing freelancers to work from home and make money.
  • 🔍 **Typing Speed Test**: Before getting started, a typing speed test at typingtest.com is suggested to determine your efficiency, which is crucial for transcription work.
  • 💰 **Earning Potential**: Happy Scribe pays approximately $0.90 per audio minute for transcription work, with average monthly pay being around €450.
  • 🌐 **Global Opportunities**: The platform is open to freelancers worldwide, as long as they have a good understanding of one or two languages.
  • 📝 **Application Process**: To join, submit an application, take an assessment test, and if accepted, you can start working on files and get paid bi-weekly.
  • ⚙️ **Automated Tools**: Transcriptionists use automated tools to generate preliminary transcriptions, which they then edit and correct for accuracy.
  • 📈 **Higher Payouts**: Subtitling jobs, which require syncing text with the video or audio, offer higher payouts due to increased complexity.
  • 🌱 **Language Skills**: Being bilingual can open up additional opportunities for translating text files or audio/video files on the platform.
  • 📈 **Multiple Platforms**: It's beneficial to sign up with multiple transcription platforms like Rev.com and Scribby.com to increase job opportunities and income.
  • 💡 **Alternative Options**: Other platforms offer similar services with competitive pay rates, providing freelancers with various options to maximize their earnings.
  • 📚 **Skill Development**: Even for average earners, transcription work can provide a substantial side income by simply typing, without the need for complex skills or significant time investment.

Q & A

  • What is the first step to start making money as a transcriptionist on happyscribe.com?

    -The first step is to determine your typing speed by taking a test on typingtest.com, as typing speed is a crucial metric for transcription work.

  • What services does happyscribe.com offer to its clients?

    -Happyscribe.com offers transcription and subtitles services, which include converting audio into text, adding captions to videos, and providing transcription services.

  • How does the supported language variety on happyscribe.com impact a freelancer's opportunities?

    -The wide range of supported languages on happyscribe.com allows freelancers who are proficient in multiple languages to have more opportunities to work on various projects.

  • What is the average monthly pay for a transcriptionist on happyscribe.com?

    -The average monthly pay on happyscribe.com is approximately 450 Euros.

  • How does a freelancer get paid on happyscribe.com?

    -Freelancers are paid twice a month through direct bank transfers.

  • What is the process of applying to become a transcriptionist on happyscribe.com?

    -To apply, one must submit an application, take an assessment test, and complete a questionnaire. Happyscribe.com will then contact the applicant with the final decision.

  • How does the use of an automated tool help transcriptionists on happyscribe.com?

    -The automated tool generates a preliminary transcription version, which the transcriptionist then corrects for accuracy, significantly reducing the time spent on manual transcription.

  • What additional service can a transcriptionist offer on happyscribe.com?

    -In addition to transcription, a transcriptionist can also offer subtitling services, which involves syncing the transcribed text with the video or audio file.

  • How does language proficiency benefit a freelancer on happyscribe.com?

    -Language proficiency allows a freelancer to work on a wider range of projects, including translation services, thus increasing their earning potential.

  • What are some alternative platforms to happyscribe.com for transcription work?

    -Alternative platforms include rev.com, scribby.com, and transcribing.com, which offer similar services and pay rates for transcription work.

  • What is the advantage of signing up on multiple transcription platforms?

    -Signing up on multiple platforms increases a freelancer's exposure, leading to more job opportunities and the potential to earn more money overall.

  • Why are transcription gigs considered one of the easiest opportunities for beginners to make money online?

    -Transcription gigs are considered easy for beginners because they require minimal skills, such as typing, and do not require leaving the home or learning complex skills.



📝 Getting Started with Transcription Jobs on Happy Scribe

This paragraph introduces the process of making money as a transcriptionist on Happy Scribe. It emphasizes the importance of typing speed, suggesting a visit to TypingTest.com for a one-minute test to gauge this metric. The narrator explains that the faster one types, the more money they can make, and encourages viewers to improve their typing skills. The platform, Happy Scribe, offers transcription and subtitle services in multiple languages, and the narrator guides viewers to the Freelancers section of the website to explore work opportunities. Happy Scribe is highly rated on Trustpilot, indicating a reputable service. The paragraph outlines the various roles available, such as transcriber, captioner, and subtitle translator, each with its level of complexity and potential earnings. The narrator provides insights into the pay structure, mentioning an average of 90 cents per audio minute and average monthly earnings of 450 Euros. The process involves submitting an application, taking an assessment test, and if accepted, working on files and getting paid bi-weekly. The paragraph concludes by explaining that transcription work is not entirely manual due to automated tools that provide a preliminary transcription, which the transcriber then corrects.


🌐 Expanding Earnings with Subtitling and Translation on Happy Scribe

The second paragraph delves into the specifics of subtitling jobs on Happy Scribe, which involve synchronizing text with audio or video files, thus requiring a higher skill set and resulting in higher payouts. The narrator highlights the opportunity for bilingual individuals to work as subtitle translators, with the platform supporting a wide range of languages. The application and payout process is the same as for transcriptionists. The paragraph also discusses the benefits of signing up on multiple platforms to avoid running out of work opportunities and to increase earnings potential. Alternative platforms such as Rev.com, Scribby.com, and Transcribing.com are mentioned, each offering different rates and opportunities. The narrator provides average and top monthly earnings for these platforms, illustrating the potential for substantial income. The paragraph concludes by encouraging viewers to try these platforms, share their experiences, and consider transcription work as an accessible opportunity for beginners to make money from home.




A transcriptionist is a professional who converts spoken language into written form. In the context of the video, becoming a transcriptionist on Happy Scribe involves typing in words from audio files, which is a key aspect of the job and central to the video's theme of working from home and making money online. The video emphasizes the importance of typing speed, as faster typists can complete more work and thus earn more money.

💡Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an online platform mentioned in the video that offers transcription and subtitle services. It is portrayed as a reputable company with a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, indicating high customer satisfaction. The platform allows freelancers to work with them, providing services such as audio-to-text conversion and video captioning, which is the main opportunity presented in the video for making money from home.

💡Typing Speed

Typing speed refers to how quickly and accurately one can input text using a keyboard. In the video, it is highlighted as a crucial skill for potential transcriptionists on Happy Scribe, as the faster one can type, the more work they can complete in a given time frame. The video suggests visiting typingtest.com to determine one's typing speed, which is essential for assessing one's suitability for transcription work.


A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long-term. In the video, the opportunity to work as a freelancer for Happy Scribe is presented as a way to earn money from home. Freelancing on Happy Scribe involves choosing between roles such as a transcriber, captioner, or subtitle translator, with the potential to earn a decent income based on one's skills and the languages one is proficient in.

💡Audio Minute

An audio minute refers to a single minute of recorded audio. In the context of transcription work, it is used to measure the amount of work a transcriptionist is paid for. The video specifies that Happy Scribe pays approximately 90 cents per audio minute, which means the transcriptionist's earnings are directly tied to the length of the audio files they transcribe.

💡Automated Tool

An automated tool in the context of the video refers to software that assists transcriptionists by generating a preliminary transcription of an audio or video file. This tool significantly reduces the manual effort required as it provides a draft transcription that the transcriptionist then reviews and corrects for accuracy. The use of such tools is a key part of the workflow for transcriptionists on platforms like Happy Scribe.

💡Subtitle Translator

A subtitle translator is a professional who translates and adapts the text of subtitles to accurately reflect the dialogue or commentary in a video or audio file. In the video, it is one of the roles that a freelancer can take on through Happy Scribe, which involves not only transcribing the audio but also synchronizing the text with the media file and potentially translating it into another language.

💡Weekly Payment

Weekly payment refers to a payment schedule where an individual is paid twice a month, typically on a weekly basis. The video mentions that Happy Scribe issues payments directly to the bank account of the freelancer, ensuring a convenient and regular income for the work completed.


Trustpilot is a well-known online review platform where customers can leave feedback and rate their experiences with various services. In the video, Trustpilot is referenced to highlight the high rating (4.8 stars out of 5) of Happy Scribe, which serves as social proof of the platform's reliability and quality of service.


Transcribing.com is another platform mentioned in the video for individuals looking to work in transcription. It is presented as an alternative to Happy Scribe, offering competitive pay rates and the opportunity to work from home. The platform is part of a broader discussion on increasing earning potential by signing up with multiple transcription service providers.

💡Language Proficiency

Language proficiency refers to the ability of an individual to understand and use a language to a certain standard. In the context of the video, language proficiency is a key requirement for transcriptionists and subtitle translators working on Happy Scribe, as they need to accurately transcribe and translate content in one or more languages.


Happy Scribe offers opportunities to make money as a transcriptionist from home.

Typing speed is a crucial metric for transcription work, with a test available at typingtest.com.

Happy Scribe provides services such as audio-to-text conversion, video captioning, and transcription services.

The platform supports a wide range of languages including English, French, Spanish, and German.

Freelancers can choose to work as a transcriber, transcriptionist, captioner, or subtitle translator.

Happy Scribe is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, indicating excellent service.

Transcribers are paid approximately $0.90 per audio minute, with an average monthly pay of 450 Euro.

Work is flexible and open to a global community of transcribers, regardless of location.

The application process includes an assessment test and a questionnaire.

Transcription work is often aided by automated tools that generate preliminary transcriptions.

Subtitling jobs require syncing text with the video or audio and pay a higher rate due to increased complexity.

Subtitle translators can leverage bilingual skills to translate text or audio-visual files.

Payment is issued weekly straight to the freelancer's bank account.

Happy Scribe provides earning opportunities for a wide range of languages, from Albanian to Danish.

Alternative platforms like rev.com and scribby.com offer similar transcription and captioning services.

Rev.com offers rates from $0.30 to $1.10 per audio or video minute.

Transcribing.com provides some of the highest payouts in the industry, at $15 to $22 per audio hour.

Working on multiple platforms can increase job opportunities and overall earnings.

Transcription gigs are an accessible way for beginners to make money quickly from home.