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28 May 202213:03

TLDRVerilyn Rose introduces MathPapa, an algebra calculator app that solves and graphs algebraic expressions. The app provides step-by-step solutions, supports various algebraic symbols, and allows users to evaluate expressions and check answers. It also features graphing capabilities for equations and points, simplifying polynomials, and offers a visual representation for fractions, making it a comprehensive tool for algebra learners.


  • 📱 MathPapa is an algebra calculator app available on the Play Store.
  • 🔍 Users can input algebraic expressions into the app's text box for evaluation.
  • 📊 The app provides a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the entered expressions.
  • 🎯 For example, solving '3x + 2 = 14' results in the step-by-step process and the answer x = 4.
  • 📚 Accessing the app's examples helps users understand the types of expressions it can handle.
  • 📈 MathPapa can graph equations entered in the form of 'y = ' or 'x = '.
  • 📉 The graphing feature allows users to visualize multiple equations and adjust the viewing window.
  • 📌 To graph a point, users input the coordinates as an ordered pair separated by a comma.
  • 🔢 The app simplifies polynomials containing the variable x, combining like terms in the process.
  • 📝 Evaluating expressions involves entering the expression and the value of the variable to find the result.
  • 🔎 Users can check answers for solving equations by inputting the equation and the proposed values of variables.
  • 📉 The app also handles operations with fractions and visually represents them with illustrations.

Q & A

  • What is MathPapa and what does it do?

    -MathPapa is an algebra calculator app that can evaluate algebraic expressions and also present graphs of equations.

  • How do you install MathPapa on your device?

    -You can install MathPapa by going to the Play Store, searching for 'MathPapa', and then installing the app.

  • What is the first step to use MathPapa after opening the app?

    -The first step is to enter a math problem in the calculator's text box that you want to calculate.

  • Can you provide an example of a math problem that could be solved using MathPapa?

    -An example of a math problem that could be solved using MathPapa is '3x + 2 = 14'.

  • How does MathPapa present the solution to a math problem?

    -MathPapa provides a step-by-step explanation of how to solve the entered algebraic expression.

  • What are the additional features available in MathPapa besides solving algebraic expressions?

    -MathPapa also allows users to view examples of expressions it understands, create their own math expressions, graph equations, and simplify polynomials.

  • How can you access the examples in MathPapa?

    -To access examples, click on the three horizontal lines located in the upper right section of the app and then click on 'Examples'.

  • What symbols does the MathPapa algebra calculator understand for mathematical operations?

    -The MathPapa algebra calculator understands symbols for addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), division (/), and exponentiation (^).

  • How can you graph an equation using MathPapa?

    -To graph an equation, you need to enter an equation that starts with 'y =' or 'x =' and then click calculate.

  • Can MathPapa graph more than one equation at a time?

    -Yes, MathPapa can graph multiple equations at once, as demonstrated by the example of four different equations being graphed simultaneously.

  • How does MathPapa help in simplifying polynomials?

    -MathPapa simplifies polynomials by combining like terms, and it only supports polynomials containing the variable x.

  • What is the process of evaluating expressions using MathPapa?

    -To evaluate an expression, enter the expression followed by the value of the variable you want to substitute, and then click calculate.

  • How can MathPapa be used to check answers for solving equations?

    -You can equate two expressions and enter a value for the variable to check if the equation holds true. If true, the equal sign turns green, otherwise, it turns red.

  • Can MathPapa handle fractions and provide visual representations?

    -Yes, MathPapa can handle fractions and provides visual representations like pie charts to illustrate the fractions.



📚 Introduction to Math Papa App

In this first paragraph, the presenter, Verilyn Rose, introduces Math Papa, an algebra calculator app. The app is highlighted for its ability to evaluate algebraic expressions and display graphs. The presenter guides the viewers on how to download and install the app from the Play Store, and gives a brief overview of the app's interface. They demonstrate how to input a math problem, such as '3x + 2 = 14', and receive a step-by-step solution. The app also provides examples of expressions it can handle and allows users to create their own math expressions using recognized symbols for operations and exponents. Additionally, Math Papa can graph equations that start with 'y =' or 'x =', showcasing the app's functionality with a few examples.


📈 Exploring Graphing and Simplifying Features

The second paragraph delves into the graphing capabilities of Math Papa, where the presenter explains how to graph equations and change the viewing window. They provide examples of different equations and their corresponding colors on the graph. The presenter also discusses how to graph a single point by entering an ordered pair. Moving on, they explain the polynomial simplification feature, which supports polynomials with the variable x, and demonstrate the simplification process with an example. Furthermore, the paragraph covers evaluating expressions by substituting values for variables, showcasing the process with examples for both correct and incorrect evaluations, and how the app indicates the result with color-coded signs.


🔍 Checking Solutions and Working with Fractions

In the final paragraph, the presenter focuses on using Math Papa to check solutions for equations. They provide examples of systems of equations and demonstrate how to input values for variables to verify if the solutions are correct, with the app indicating correct answers with a green equals sign and incorrect ones with a red not-equals sign. The presenter also touches on the app's ability to handle fractions, showing an example of adding one third and one fourth, and appreciates the visual representation provided by the app in the form of a pie chart. The paragraph concludes with a summary of the discussed features and a sign-off from the presenter.




MathPapa is an algebra calculator application that is highlighted in the video. It is designed to evaluate algebraic expressions and graph equations, providing a step-by-step explanation for solving the entered expressions. The app is available on the Play Store and is used throughout the video to demonstrate its various functionalities, such as solving equations and graphing.

💡Algebra Calculator

An algebra calculator is a tool that helps in solving algebraic problems. In the context of the video, MathPapa serves as an algebra calculator, enabling users to input algebraic expressions and receive solutions with step-by-step guidance. It simplifies the process of solving for variables and understanding the mathematical process.


In mathematics, a graph is a visual representation of data points, typically used to illustrate the relationship between variables. The video script mentions that MathPapa can present graphs of equations, which is demonstrated by entering equations that start with 'y =' or 'x =' and visualizing their graphical representation.

💡Step-by-Step Explanation

This refers to the detailed, sequential breakdown of the process used to solve a mathematical problem. The video emphasizes that MathPapa provides step-by-step explanations, which is beneficial for learning and understanding how to solve algebraic expressions, as shown when solving '3x + 2 = 14'.


Mathematical symbols are used to represent operations or relations in algebra. The video script lists several symbols recognized by the MathPapa app, such as '+' for addition, '-' for subtraction, '*' for multiplication, and '^' for exponentiation, which are essential for constructing algebraic expressions.


A polynomial is an expression consisting of variables and coefficients, involving only the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication, and non-negative integer exponents of variables. The video mentions simplifying polynomials, which involves combining like terms to express the polynomial in its simplest form, such as 'x^2 + x + 2 + 2x^2 - 2x' simplifying to '3x^2 - x + 2'.

💡Evaluating Expressions

Evaluating expressions means substituting specific values for the variables within an expression to determine its numerical value. The video demonstrates how to use MathPapa to evaluate expressions by entering the expression followed by the value of the variable, such as '2x' at 'x = 3', resulting in '6'.

💡Checking Answers

This involves verifying the correctness of a solution to an equation by substituting the proposed solution back into the original equation. The video script shows how MathPapa can be used to check answers for equations, such as verifying if 'x = 2' is a solution to '2x + 3 = 7'.


A fraction represents a part of a whole, expressed as a ratio of two integers. The video mentions the calculator's ability to handle fractions, providing an example of adding one third and one fourth, and includes a visual representation of these fractions as parts of a pie chart.

💡Cartesian Plane

The Cartesian plane, also known as the coordinate plane, is a two-dimensional plane that uses a grid of perpendicular and intersecting lines called axes to graph points and equations. The video script describes changing the window of the Cartesian plane to view different ranges of the graph, such as setting it to -20 to 20.


MathPapa is an algebra calculator that can evaluate algebraic expressions and present graphs.

The app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Upon opening the app, users can enter math problems into the calculator's text box.

The calculator provides step-by-step explanations for solving expressions.

MathPapa can solve equations, for example, 3x + 2 = 14.

To see more examples, click the three horizontal lines in the upper right section and select 'Examples'.

The app supports various algebraic symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponents.

MathPapa can graph equations that start with y= or x=.

Users can adjust the graphing window to different scales.

The app can graph points by entering ordered pairs.

MathPapa can simplify polynomials containing the variable x.

The app evaluates expressions by substituting values for variables.

Users can check their answers for solving equations, and the app indicates if the solution is correct.

MathPapa supports solving systems of equations.

The app can also handle fractions and provides visual representations of fractional calculations.

MathPapa is a useful tool for both learning and practicing algebra.

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