Mathpapa Music Video.

MWB Studios
19 May 201804:07

TLDRThe Mathpapa Music Video humorously addresses the struggles of students with math, suggesting they seek help from Math Papa. It portrays a scenario where a student, feeling overwhelmed by a test, considers what Math Papa would do. The video encourages the use of a calculator for solving equations, emphasizing the reliability of Math Papa's assistance. The light-hearted rap and laughter throughout the video make it an engaging and entertaining way to promote the brand, ending with a satisfied customer's thanks.


  • 😀 Struggling with math? Consider seeking help from Math Papa.
  • 🤔 If you want to pass a math test, think like Math Papa would.
  • 🎓 Use a calculator effectively to solve problems, especially when using functions like 'poly reads'.
  • 👢 Put on your 'big-boy boots' and tackle equations with confidence.
  • 🧙‍♂️ Trust in the magic of Math Papa's methods to make math problems disappear.
  • 📚 Math Papa's approach is reliable and has been tested in Europe.
  • 🎤 If you 'rap likely,' you'll never take a loss in math.
  • 🎶 Enjoy the music and humor in the video, which makes learning math more fun.
  • 👨‍🏫 Math Papa is a figure you can look up to for math guidance.
  • 🔄 The video suggests an extended mix, implying there's more to learn from Math Papa.
  • 🙏 The script ends with gratitude, showing appreciation for Math Papa's help.

Q & A

  • What does the character in the script need help with?

    -The character needs help to pass a test, specifically with mathematics.

  • What is the humorous suggestion made in the script for solving math problems?

    -The script humorously suggests using a calculator and inputting 'menu free' to solve math problems.

  • What does the script imply about the reliability of calculators?

    -The script implies that calculators are very reliable in solving mathematical equations.

  • What is the term used in the script to describe a type of math problem?

    -The term 'poly reads' is used in the script, which seems to be a playful or incorrect term for polynomial equations.

  • What advice does the script give for approaching math problems?

    -The script advises to put on 'big-boy boots' and input the equation into the calculator to watch the magic happen.

  • What is the tone of the script?

    -The tone of the script is light-hearted and humorous, using laughter and music to convey a fun approach to math.

  • What does the character in the script hope to achieve by using a calculator?

    -The character hopes to never take a loss in math, implying a desire to always get the correct answers.

  • What is the script's take on the importance of math skills?

    -The script suggests that having math skills, or 'rap likely,' is important and can prevent losses in academic or practical situations.

  • What is the script's final statement about the math help provided?

    -The script ends with a statement of agreement and gratitude, indicating that the math help provided was appreciated.

  • What is the overall message of the script?

    -The overall message of the script is to approach math with a positive and humorous attitude, using tools like calculators to assist in learning and problem-solving.



😄 Struggling with a Test and Seeking Help

The speaker expresses their struggle with a test and humorously seeks advice on what 'Math Papa' would do. They mention the use of a calculator and the menu function, suggesting a reliance on technology to solve equations. The paragraph includes light-hearted laughter and music, indicating a casual and possibly comedic tone. The speaker also touches on the idea of not being cheap, which could be interpreted as a metaphor for not compromising on quality or effort.



💡Math Papa

Math Papa appears to be a playful term used in the video, possibly referring to a figure or character who embodies the spirit of math and problem-solving. It's a catchy name that might be used to personify the idea of mastering mathematics. In the script, 'Math Papa' is mentioned to evoke a sense of authority and expertise in the subject, suggesting that following 'Math Papa's' methods will lead to success in math.

💡serious help

The phrase 'serious help' in the script implies that the speaker is in need of significant assistance, likely in understanding or solving a math problem. It sets the stage for the video's theme, which is about seeking and finding effective solutions to mathematical challenges. The context suggests that without this help, the speaker might not be able to pass a test, highlighting the importance of the support being sought.


A 'test' in this context refers to an examination or assessment typically taken in an academic setting to evaluate a student's knowledge and understanding of a particular subject, in this case, mathematics. The script uses the term to create a scenario where the speaker is under pressure to perform well, which is a common situation students find themselves in, thus making the video relatable.


In the script, a 'calculator' is mentioned as a tool for solving math problems. It's a device that performs mathematical operations and is often used in educational settings to assist with calculations. The video suggests using a calculator as part of the strategy to tackle math problems, emphasizing the utility of technology in learning and problem-solving.


The term 'menu' in this context likely refers to the options or functions available on a calculator or a software application designed for mathematical computations. It is part of the guidance given in the video on how to use a calculator effectively, indicating that navigating through the available functions is crucial for solving equations.


The script mentions 'poly,' which could be short for 'polynomial,' a mathematical term referring to an expression consisting of variables and coefficients, that involves only the operations of addition, subtraction, and multiplication. The use of this term suggests that the video is about handling complex math concepts like polynomial equations.


An 'equation' is a statement that asserts the equality of two expressions, which often include variables. In the script, putting 'your equation' into a calculator implies using the device to find the value of the variables that make the equation true. It is a fundamental concept in mathematics and a key element in the video's narrative about solving math problems.


A 'variable' in mathematics is a symbol, usually a letter, that stands for an unknown quantity in an equation or expression. The script suggests that once a variable is entered into a calculator, the solution to the equation will be revealed, indicating the importance of variables in forming and solving mathematical problems.


The word 'magic' in the script is used metaphorically to describe the seemingly effortless process of solving equations with the help of a calculator. It emphasizes the ease and efficiency with which technology can assist in finding solutions to complex problems, adding a layer of wonder and simplicity to the math-solving process.


In the context of the video, 'reliable' is used to describe the trustworthiness and dependability of a method or tool, specifically the calculator in this case. It suggests that the calculator is a dependable resource for students when tackling math problems, providing accurate and consistent results.


The term 'rap' in the script is used in a playful and metaphorical way, suggesting that if one is adept at using a calculator ('rap likely'), they will not suffer losses in math ('never take a loss'). It adds a humorous and cultural reference to the video, making the learning process more engaging and relatable.

💡extended mix

An 'extended mix' typically refers to a longer version of a musical track, often including additional elements or a longer duration. In the script, it seems to be used humorously to suggest that the speaker is so impressed with the calculator's capabilities that they wish for an extended version of the experience, indicating a high level of satisfaction.

💡Thank You Man

This phrase is a common expression of gratitude. In the script, it is used to conclude the video on a positive note, showing appreciation for the help provided, presumably by the calculator or the method demonstrated in the video. It reinforces the video's message of successful problem-solving in mathematics.


I can't do this I need serious help if I want to pass this test

What would Math Papa do

Use your calculator and input menu free

Free - you don't see some words that say poly reads

When they show up you put on your big-boy boots

Put in your equation then they'll come variable watch the magic happen

It is very reliable in Europe

If you rap likely you will never take a loss

Wow now that a factory Oh extended mix

Do this okay I agree

Thank You Man