Midjourney 快速自定义参数 存储人物模型及风格,AI绘画工作效率提升50%!使用Prefer命令的隐藏技巧大公开!

7 Jun 202309:25

TLDRIn this informative video, the host,静电, introduces viewers to advanced features of Midjourney, focusing on custom presets that streamline the image creation process. The tutorial covers how to use parameters like '--photo' and '--cartoon' to store and quickly access preferred models and styles, enhancing efficiency. The video also explains the use of 'prefer' commands to automate the addition of suffixes and retrieval of job IDs and seed values, offering tips for personalized settings and improved workflow in AI image generation.


  • 🌟 The video discusses advanced usage of Midjourney's custom storage for character models, which can significantly improve the efficiency of creating images.
  • 📌 Users can store presets for character models and styles to simplify the process of creating Midjourney images by using custom parameters like `--photo` or `--cartoon`.
  • 🛠️ The custom parameters are set up through the `prefer` command, which allows users to define their own options and values for quick access during image creation.
  • 🎨 The `prefer option list` command lists all the custom parameters that have been set, making it easy to review and manage them.
  • 🚫 It's advised not to include variable terms like `s` parameters, character descriptions, weather, etc., in the custom parameters to maintain consistency.
  • 🔄 The `prefer suffix` command automates the addition of specified suffixes to every command, saving time on repetitive tasks.
  • 📩 The `prefer auto-dm` command enables the automatic sending of job IDs and seed values via direct messages, streamlining the process of tracking created images.
  • 🔧 Users need to set up both Midjourney bot and Niji journey bot separately, as they are different entities but follow the same setup process.
  • 🎭 The video provides a demonstration of how to set up and use these commands, showcasing the potential for increased productivity in creating AI-generated images.
  • 📝 The video encourages viewers to leave comments if they have questions, promising timely responses and further assistance.
  • 🎥 The channel offers more content on AI painting and Midjourney, inviting viewers to explore for additional learning materials.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of this video?

    -The main topic of this video is about advanced usage of Midjourney's custom storage features for improving the efficiency of creating images with Midjourney.

  • What are some of the custom parameters mentioned in the video?

    -Some of the custom parameters mentioned include '--photo' and '--cartoon', which are used to store presets for character models and styles.

  • How can custom parameters improve the efficiency of creating Midjourney images?

    -Custom parameters can store frequently used character models and styles, reducing the need for repetitive text input and thus increasing the efficiency of creating images.

  • What is the purpose of the 'prefer' command in Midjourney?

    -The 'prefer' command is used to set up custom storage for frequently used parameters, which can later be quickly accessed using shortcuts.

  • How do you set up a 'prefer option list' in Midjourney?

    -To set up a 'prefer option list', you type a slash in the chat, input 'prefer', choose 'prefer option list', and then add your desired parameters using the 'prefer option set' command.

  • What should be avoided when setting up 'prefer option list' parameters?

    -Avoid including descriptive words for characters, as these can change. Stick to conventional style words and do not include variable terms like 's' parameters or descriptions of weather.

  • What is the 'prefer suffix' command used for in Midjourney?

    -The 'prefer suffix' command is used to automatically append a specified suffix to every command, which can be helpful when processing a batch of similar images.

  • How can you disable the 'prefer suffix' command?

    -To disable 'prefer suffix', execute the 'prefer' command again and leave the input blank, then press enter.

  • What does the 'prefer autod m' command do in Midjourney?

    -The 'prefer autod m' command enables the automatic return of job IDs and seed values for created images, which can be convenient for tracking and organizing images.

  • How are the 'Midjourney bot' and 'Niji journey bot' different?

    -The 'Midjourney bot' and 'Niji journey bot' are two separate bots that require separate setup for custom parameters.

  • What kind of additional settings can users add to their 'prefer option list'?

    -Users can add their own frequently used expressions, such as light sources or environments, to their 'prefer option list' for faster and more efficient image creation.



🎨 Introduction to Midjourney Prompt Customization

This paragraph introduces the viewer to the Midjourney channel, hosted by the presenter, 静电. The focus is on explaining the use of unconventional parameters in Midjourney prompts, such as '--', 'Photo', and 'Cartoon'. These parameters, although not official, are revealed to store character model presets and significantly improve the efficiency of creating Midjourney images. The presenter guides the audience through a demonstration of how to operate these parameters, emphasizing the benefits of custom storage for character models in enhancing workflow efficiency.


🛠️ Utilizing Midjourney's Advanced Customization Features

The second paragraph delves into the advanced features of Midjourney's customization, showcasing how to set up and use 'prefer option list' to streamline the creation of images. The presenter explains the process of setting up 'prefer option set' and 'prefer option list' to simplify the input of repetitive steps. It also highlights the importance of avoiding mutable terms like 's parameters' and 'weather' in the presets. The paragraph concludes with a practical example of setting up 'photo' parameters to enhance realism in images.




Midjourney is a platform or tool used for creating images through AI, as discussed in the video. It is the central theme around which the tutorial is built, focusing on how to use its features efficiently. The script mentions various commands and parameters related to Midjourney, indicating its importance in the video's content.


In the context of the video, a prompt is a command or a set of instructions given to the Midjourney AI to generate a specific type of image. It is a crucial element as it guides the AI in creating the desired output, and the video provides insights on how to enhance the efficiency of using prompts.


Parameters are specific settings or values that can be adjusted within the Midjourney platform to influence the characteristics of the generated images. The video discusses how to use custom parameters to streamline the image creation process and improve efficiency.


Customization refers to the process of modifying or adjusting the Midjourney platform's settings to suit the user's specific needs. The video provides a tutorial on how to customize parameters and preferences within Midjourney to create personalized and efficient workflows.


Efficiency in the video pertains to the ability to produce Midjourney images with less effort and time by using certain commands and settings. The tutorial aims to increase the user's工作效率 (work efficiency) by teaching them how to automate and streamline the image generation process.


Automation in the context of the video refers to the process of setting up the Midjourney platform to perform tasks without the need for continuous manual input. The tutorial covers commands that allow the automatic addition of certain parameters and retrieval of job IDs or seed values, simplifying the user's workflow.

💡Styles and Models

Styles and models refer to the different visual characteristics and templates that can be applied to the images generated by Midjourney. The video discusses how to store and quickly access these styles and models through custom parameters to create images with specific aesthetics.


Commands are the specific instructions or inputs used with Midjourney to generate images. The video provides detailed instructions on how to use various commands effectively, including how to customize and automate them for better results.


Preferences in the video refer to the user's personalized settings within the Midjourney platform. These preferences can include customized parameters, styles, and automation settings that are tailored to the user's specific needs and workflow.

💡Work Flow

Work flow relates to the sequence of steps or processes followed to achieve a certain task or goal, in this case, creating images with Midjourney. The video aims to optimize the user's work flow by teaching them how to use Midjourney's features more efficiently.


A tutorial is an instructional guide or lesson designed to teach a specific skill or how to use a particular tool or platform. The video is a tutorial that provides step-by-step guidance on how to use Midjourney's advanced features to enhance image creation.


Introduction to Midjourney's custom storage and high-level usage for improving image creation efficiency.

Explaining the use of non-official Midjourney commands like '--photo' and '--cartoon' for storing character model presets.

Demonstration of how to operate and set up custom parameters to simplify the image creation process in Midjourney.

Using 'prefer option list' to store and list custom parameters for quick access.

Setting up 'prefer option set' to create personalized command shortcuts like 'captain' for specific image styles.

Avoiding the inclusion of variable terms like 's parameters' and 'weather' in custom presets for consistency.

Explanation of 'prefer suffix' command for automatically appending specific terms to every command.

Example of how 'prefer suffix' can automatically add '--cartoon' to commands, simplifying the creation process.

Instructions on how to disable the automatic suffix addition by leaving the 'prefer the facts' command blank.

Introduction to 'prefer auto-dm' command for receiving automated direct messages with job IDs and seed values.

Demonstration of how 'prefer auto-dm' streamlines the process of retrieving image IDs and seed values for users.

Differences between Midjourney bot and Niji journey bot and the need to set up custom commands separately for each.

Suggestion to add common expressions like light sources and environments into custom presets for varied image styles.

Convenience of custom presets in reducing the need for lengthy descriptions and improving workflow.

Invitation for viewers to leave comments with questions and an offer to provide answers in a timely manner.

Promotion of the channel for more AI painting and Midjourney content.

Conclusion of the Midjourney segment and a farewell from the host,静电 (Static).