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24 Feb 202304:38

TLDRThis tutorial guides viewers through creating logos using Midjourney's AI technology. It starts by enabling version 4 in the chat and crafting a request for the desired logo. The video demonstrates how to refine requests to avoid unwanted text and background, showcasing examples like a panda, bear, and letter-based logos. It introduces artistic effects and style inspirations from companies like Lacoste and Starbucks. The tutorial also recommends AI tools for removing text and backgrounds from logos, concluding with tips for refining logo designs, encouraging viewers to like, subscribe, and support the channel for more informative content.


  • 😀 The tutorial focuses on creating logos using the mid-journey platform.
  • 🔍 Ensure version 4 is enabled in the mid-journey chat for optimal results.
  • 📝 Write a clear request to specify what you want to see on the logo.
  • 🎨 Add clarifications to your request to refine the design, such as 'without text'.
  • 🐼 Use examples like 'simple Lobo design of cute bear' to guide the AI.
  • 📜 Mentioning a specific logo style, like 'Lacoste sign style', can influence the design.
  • 🤖 AI tools can help remove unwanted elements like text and background from logos.
  • 🎨 Adding artistic elements to the request, such as 'watercolor flowers', can enhance the logo's appearance.
  • 🦊 Creating logos with letters or specific themes, like 'graffiti Fox logo', is possible.
  • ✂️ Use AI services like Snap Edit to remove unwanted areas from the logo.
  • 🌟 For logos with text refusal, external AI tools can assist in text removal quickly and efficiently.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the tutorial video?

    -The tutorial video is designed to teach viewers how to create logos using the mid-journey platform, with the aim of unleashing their creativity and producing unique designs limited only by their imagination.

  • What version of mid-journey should be enabled to create logos?

    -To create logos, the video suggests enabling version 4 of mid-journey.

  • What is the first step to create a logo in mid-journey?

    -The first step is to go into the mid-journey chat and ensure that version 4 is enabled. Then, you need to write a request specifying what you want to see on the logo.

  • How can you create a logo without text in mid-journey?

    -To create a logo without text, you should modify your request by adding 'without text' to your initial description of the logo you want to create.

  • What is a useful way to specify the style of the logo you want to create?

    -You can specify the style of the logo by adding a clarification such as 'in the style of [company name]', using a known company's logo style as a reference.

  • What can be done if mid-journey refuses to remove text from the logo?

    -If mid-journey refuses to remove text from the logo, you can use an artificial intelligence-based tool like Snap Edit to remove the unwanted text.

  • How can you make a logo that consists of one or more letters?

    -You can create a logo with one or more letters by writing a request that includes the specific letters you want to use, as demonstrated in the video.

  • What is an artistic effect that can be added to a logo request?

    -An artistic effect such as 'watercolor flowers' can be added to the logo request to give the logo a more artistic and unique look.

  • How can you remove the background from a logo created in mid-journey?

    -To remove the background from a logo, you can use an AI-based service that allows you to upload the logo and download it without a background.

  • What tips are provided at the end of the video to help achieve a more accurate logo match?

    -The video ends with a list of refinements and tips that viewers can use when creating their logos to help them achieve a more accurate match to their requests.



🎨 Logo Creation Tutorial Introduction

The video script begins with an introduction to a tutorial on creating logos using mid-journey technology. The presenter promises to guide viewers through the process of crafting unique logos limited only by their imagination. The tutorial will conclude with helpful tips for refining logo designs and showcasing two AI-based tools for background and text removal from logos. The presenter encourages viewers to follow along attentively.

🛠️ Setting Up Mid-Journey for Logo Design

The script proceeds with instructions on how to set up the mid-journey chat with version 4 enabled. Viewers are guided to access settings and ensure everything is correctly configured for logo creation. The presenter explains that a clear request is necessary to generate the desired logo, providing an example of a 'smile panda' logo design with additional clarifications to enhance the outcome.

🔍 Refining Logo Design with AI Assistance

The presenter demonstrates how to refine the logo design by removing unwanted text and background elements. They show the process of resubmitting the request with specific clarifications to achieve a logo without text. The video includes examples of different logo styles, such as a 'simple Lobo design of a cute bear' inspired by the Lacoste sign, and how to modify requests to improve the results.

📝 Creating Logos with Letters and Artistic Effects

The script discusses creating logos that incorporate letters or specific artistic effects, such as watercolor flowers. The presenter shares examples of how to craft a graffiti Fox logo and a Viking logo in the style of Starbucks, emphasizing the ability to customize and experiment with different styles and elements to achieve a unique design.

🖼️ Removing Text and Background with AI Tools

The presenter introduces two AI-based tools designed to assist in removing text and background from logos. They explain how to use the 'snap edit' service to quickly remove unwanted elements from an image and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the service effectively. Additionally, another service is mentioned for removing backgrounds from logos, making them suitable for website use.

📈 Final Tips and Conclusion

The video concludes with a list of refinements and tips that viewers can use when creating their logos, aiming to enhance their design process. The presenter expresses gratitude for the viewers' attention and encourages them to like and subscribe to the channel for more helpful content. They also share a final logo result, showcasing the simplicity and speed of the design process.




Midjourney refers to a specific phase in a process or journey where one is neither at the beginning nor at the end. In the context of the video, it is the name of a software or platform used for creating logos. The video script mentions 'go into the mid-journey chat' and 'version 4 enabled,' indicating that it's a tool with different versions and features that users can interact with.

💡Logo Design

Logo design is the process of creating a visual symbol or icon that represents a company, brand, or product. It is a fundamental aspect of graphic design and branding. The video's main theme revolves around creating logos using the Midjourney platform, as evidenced by phrases like 'creating logos in mid-journey' and 'simple smile panda logo design'.


A tutorial is a set of instructions or an educational video that teaches someone how to accomplish a specific task or use a particular tool. The video is described as 'the most useful tutorial on creating logos in mid-journey,' which means it aims to guide viewers step by step on how to use the platform for logo creation.

💡Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as AI, is the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the script, AI is mentioned in relation to two tools that help in logo creation by removing the background and text from logos, showcasing the application of AI in design processes.


Settings in the context of software or applications refer to the configurations or preferences that users can adjust to customize their experience. The video script instructs viewers to 'make sure we have version 4 enabled' and to check settings, indicating that proper configuration is essential for using the Midjourney platform effectively.


In the context of the video, a request is a prompt or command given by the user to the Midjourney platform to generate a specific design. The script mentions writing a 'request' to tell the platform 'what exactly do we want to see on the logo,' such as 'simple smile panda logo design' or 'simple Lobo design of cute bear.'


Clarifications are additional details or specifications added to a request to refine the output or results. The video script provides examples of clarifications, such as 'without text' or specifying a particular logo style like 'Lacoste sign style,' to guide the platform to produce a logo that matches the user's vision more closely.

💡Background Removal

Background removal is the process of separating the main subject of an image from its background. In the video, the script discusses the use of AI tools to remove the background from logos, which is important for creating clean, standalone logo designs that can be used flexibly in various applications.

💡Text Removal

Text removal is similar to background removal but specifically targets the elimination of text elements from an image. The video mentions the use of AI tools to remove unwanted text from logos, which can be crucial for achieving a clean and professional logo design.


In design, style refers to a distinctive visual language or approach that characterizes a particular work or artist. The video script suggests using style references, such as 'in the style of Starbucks,' to guide the Midjourney platform in creating logos that match a specific aesthetic or branding.


Tutorial on creating logos in mid-journey.

Ensure version 4 is enabled for logo creation.

Writing a request to define what is wanted on the logo.

Example of a simple smile panda logo design.

Adding clarifications to improve logo results.

Removing text from the logo with specific requests.

Using AI tools to remove background and text.

Creating logos with specific styles, like Lacoste.

Making logos with one or more letters.

Adding artistic effects like watercolor to logos.

Creating a graffiti Fox logo example.

Making a Viking logo in the style of Starbucks.

Using AI to remove text when mid-journey refuses.

Snap edit service for removing unwanted areas.

Another AI service for removing backgrounds from logos.

Providing refinements for creating logos.

Encouraging likes and subscriptions for channel growth.