NEW GPT-4o: Top 7 Mindblowing Use Cases (Its FREE 🤯) | OpenAI ChatGPT-4o How To Use

Ishan Sharma
15 May 202417:45

TLDROpenAI has unveiled GPT-4o, an AI model that enables real-time, human-like conversations with low latency. GPT-4o is expressive, can understand context and tone, and offers features like live language translation and object identification in multiple languages. The model is available for free, including advanced data analytics and memory options. GPT-4o's capabilities include acting as a tutor, interview coach, language learning aid, fitness coach, shopping assistant, customer service operator, and financial adviser. The upcoming GPT-4o API promises to be more efficient and cost-effective, potentially disrupting various industries by offering native solutions within Chat GPT itself.


  • 🆓 GPT-4o is now free to use, eliminating the need for a $20 per month subscription.
  • 🗣️ GPT-4o, with its 'Omni' update, allows for real-time conversations with low latency, making interactions more human-like.
  • 🎭 The model is highly expressive and can adjust its tone and style, such as being more dramatic, on command.
  • 🔗 GPT-4o processes information differently, taking in vision, audio, and text, which enables it to understand context and tone better than its predecessors.
  • 🌐 GPT-4o offers real-time language translation, making communication with non-English speakers seamless.
  • 👀 It can identify objects shown to it via camera and translate their names into different languages, aiding in language learning.
  • 🤖 GPT-4o can act as a live AI companion, providing feedback and assistance with tasks shown on a screen.
  • 📚 It can function as a tutor, helping with learning complex subjects and providing personalized feedback.
  • 👔 GPT-4o can assist with interview preparation by analyzing responses and providing feedback on appearance and communication.
  • 🏋️‍♂️ The model can serve as a virtual fitness coach, offering real-time form correction and exercise guidance.
  • 💼 It has the potential to replace traditional customer service roles by providing quick and efficient AI-powered support.
  • 📈 GPT-4o can act as a financial advisor, analyzing stock market charts and providing investment insights.
  • 🛍️ It can assist with shopping by helping to choose outfits based on personal style and the occasion.
  • 🔍 The GPT-4o API will be released soon, promising to be more efficient and cost-effective than current offerings.
  • 🤖 The introduction of GPT-4o raises questions about the necessity of other specialized apps, as it can perform many of their functions natively.

Q & A

  • What is the significance of the 'O' in GPT-4o?

    -The 'O' in GPT-4o stands for 'Omni', which signifies a new update of the GPT model that allows for real-time conversations with very low latency, enabling human-like interactions with the AI bot.

  • How does GPT-4o's expressiveness enhance its interaction with users?

    -GPT-4o's expressiveness allows it to communicate with users in a more natural and human-like manner, including the ability to convey emotions and expressions, and even adjust its dramatic tone in response to user prompts.

  • What is the technical advancement that allows GPT-4o to have low latency and real-time responses?

    -GPT-4o is an end-to-end model that can take vision, audio, and text as input, which enables it to understand context and tone, unlike previous models that required multiple steps of conversion between voice and text.

  • How does GPT-4o's ability to understand context and tone differ from previous models?

    -Previous models like GPT 3.5 would only convert spoken words into text and then process them, losing the tone and context. GPT-4o, however, can understand the tone and context in which the user is speaking, providing a more accurate and natural interaction.

  • Why did OpenAI decide to make GPT-4o available for free?

    -OpenAI's goal has always been to put the best technology in the hands of people around the world without charging them a high price. By making GPT-4o free, they aim to ensure that as many people as possible can try out the latest technology.

  • What features are available for free with GPT-4o?

    -With GPT-4o, users can access features such as custom GPTs from the GPT store, advanced data analytics, the browse option, and memory options, all for free.

  • What is one of the key capabilities of GPT-4o that can benefit travelers and language learners?

    -One of the key capabilities of GPT-4o is real-time language translation, which allows for seamless and quick conversion between languages, making it easier for travelers and language learners to communicate.

  • How can GPT-4o function as a live AI companion?

    -GPT-4o can function as a live AI companion by allowing users to share their screen on the desktop app and ask for feedback, explanations, or observations on any content they are viewing.

  • What potential impact could GPT-4o have on the education system?

    -GPT-4o has the potential to disrupt the education system by serving as an AI tutor that can provide step-by-step guidance, explain complex concepts, and offer personalized feedback, potentially replacing traditional classroom learning methods.

  • How can GPT-4o assist with interview preparation?

    -GPT-4o can assist with interview preparation by analyzing the user's appearance and communication style through video input, providing feedback on every detail, and helping users to improve their interview performance.

  • What is the potential impact of GPT-4o on customer service roles?

    -GPT-4o could potentially automate many customer service roles by providing real-time conversational support without latency, acting like a human and conversing quickly, which could lead to cost savings for businesses.

  • How does GPT-4o's ability to analyze video footage benefit fitness enthusiasts?

    -GPT-4o can act as a virtual fitness coach by analyzing video footage of a user's exercise form, providing real-time feedback to help correct posture and avoid injuries, and offering a step-by-step plan to reach fitness goals.

  • What is the future of GPT-4o's API, and how does it compare to current offerings?

    -The GPT-4o API will soon be available, promising to be cheaper, faster, and more efficient than current offerings. This could lead to a wider adoption and integration of GPT-4o's capabilities into various applications.



🚀 Introduction to GPT-4 and Its Real-Time Conversation Capabilities

The video script introduces GPT-4, a significant update to the GPT model, which now enables real-time conversations with low latency. The presenter, Isan Sharma, aims to demonstrate the features of GPT-4 and its potential to enhance daily life. Key highlights include the model's expressiveness, its ability to understand context and tone, and the fact that it is now available for free, allowing users to access advanced features without a subscription.


🌐 GPT-4's Multilingual Capabilities and Practical Applications

This paragraph delves into GPT-4's ability to quickly translate languages and its potential uses for travelers and language learners. It showcases the model's capacity to identify objects and translate them into different languages, facilitating real-time communication. The script also discusses GPT-4's potential as a live AI companion, offering coding assistance, teaching, and even acting as a personal tutor, which could revolutionize the traditional education system.


🎥 GPT-4's Enhanced Video and Audio Features for Personal and Professional Use

The script highlights GPT-4's new video and audio capabilities, which allow it to analyze visual information and provide feedback on user's appearance and communication during interviews. It also discusses the model's potential as a fitness coach, a virtual shopping assistant, and a customer service operator, emphasizing its ability to understand and respond to real-world situations with minimal delay.


📈 GPT-4's Implications for Business, Finance, and Future Developments

The final paragraph discusses the broader implications of GPT-4 for businesses, particularly in customer service and financial advisory roles. It also mentions the upcoming release of the GPT-4 API, which promises to be more efficient and cost-effective. The script raises questions about the potential redundancy of other apps and services in light of GPT-4's native capabilities, suggesting a shift towards a more integrated AI solution for various tasks.




GPT-4o refers to the hypothetical next iteration of OpenAI's language model, presumably succeeding GPT-3.5. In the video's context, GPT-4o is described as having advanced capabilities such as real-time conversation and expressiveness, which are significant improvements over its predecessors. The script mentions features like low latency and the ability to understand context and tone, illustrating the model's enhanced interaction with users.

💡Real-time conversations

Real-time conversations imply the ability to communicate with minimal delay, akin to human interaction. The script highlights this feature of GPT-4o, noting that it allows for immediate and natural dialogue with the AI. This capability is crucial for the model's utility in various applications, such as tutoring or customer service, as it enables more dynamic and responsive exchanges.


Latency, in the context of technology and communication, refers to the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer. The script emphasizes the low latency of GPT-4o, which is critical for real-time interactions. Lower latency means that the AI can respond more quickly to user inputs, leading to a smoother and more engaging user experience.

💡End-to-end model

An end-to-end model in AI denotes a system that processes input data in a single pass and directly outputs the desired outcome without the need for intermediate processing steps. The script explains that GPT-4o is an end-to-end model that can take vision, audio, and text as input, allowing it to understand context and tone more effectively than previous models.

💡Free access

The term 'free access' in the script indicates that GPT-4o is available for use without the need for a subscription or payment. This is a significant point as it suggests that the advanced capabilities of the model are accessible to a broader audience, potentially democratizing access to AI technology and its benefits.

💡Real-time language translation

Real-time language translation refers to the instantaneous conversion of speech or text from one language to another. The script showcases this capability of GPT-4o, highlighting its utility for travelers and language learners. The model's ability to quickly and seamlessly translate languages could revolutionize communication across linguistic barriers.

💡AI companion

An AI companion, as mentioned in the script, is an artificial intelligence that assists users in various tasks, providing information, feedback, or support. GPT-4o is described as a live AI companion that can observe and interact with the user's screen, offering insights and assistance in real-time, which can be particularly useful in educational, professional, or personal contexts.


In the script, the term 'tutor' is used to describe one of the potential roles of GPT-4o. As a tutor, the AI can guide users through learning processes, explaining complex concepts, and providing personalized feedback. This use case is highlighted as a way GPT-4o could disrupt traditional education by offering a more interactive and accessible learning experience.

💡Interview preparation

Interview preparation is the process of getting ready for a job interview, which can include practicing responses to common questions, refining communication skills, and understanding the company and role. The script suggests that GPT-4o can assist with interview preparation by providing feedback on the user's responses and demeanor, potentially helping to improve their chances of success.

💡Fitness coach

A fitness coach is a professional who provides guidance and instruction on exercise routines and physical fitness. In the context of the script, GPT-4o can act as a virtual fitness coach, offering real-time feedback on posture and form during workouts. This capability could help users improve their exercise techniques and avoid injuries.

💡Customer service operator

A customer service operator is someone who handles customer inquiries and issues, typically over the phone or via chat. The script posits that GPT-4o's real-time conversation capabilities could automate the role of a customer service operator, providing quick and efficient support without the need for human intervention.

💡Financial adviser

A financial adviser provides guidance and recommendations on financial matters such as investments, savings, and budgeting. The script suggests that GPT-4o could serve as a financial adviser, analyzing data and offering insights to help users make informed decisions about their finances, particularly in the context of stock market trading.


GPT-4o is now completely free, offering real-time conversations with low latency.

The 'O' in GPT-4o stands for Omni, signifying its ability for real-time interactions.

GPT-4o is highly expressive, able to mimic human emotions and expressions.

GPT-4o operates with end-to-end modeling, accepting vision, audio, and text inputs.

GPT-4o can understand the context and tone of speech, unlike previous models.

GPT-4o is available for free, eliminating the need for a $20 per month subscription.

GPT-4o offers advanced features like custom GPTs and data analytics for free.

GPT-4o enables real-time language translation with seamless conversation.

GPT-4o can identify objects and translate names into different languages.

GPT-4o can act as a live AI companion, providing feedback on various tasks.

GPT-4o can serve as a tutor, helping with complex problem-solving and explanations.

GPT-4o can assist in interview preparation by analyzing responses and appearance.

GPT-4o can act as a virtual fitness coach, correcting posture and form during exercises.

GPT-4o can be used for virtual shopping assistance, helping to choose the best outfits.

GPT-4o can function as a customer service operator, providing real-time support.

GPT-4o can act as a financial adviser, analyzing stock market charts and providing insights.

GPT-4o's API will be available soon, promising to be cheaper, faster, and more efficient.

GPT-4o raises the question of the necessity for separate apps when it can perform many tasks natively.