GPT-4o Fully FREE Now & More AI Use Cases

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31 May 202425:33

TLDRThe video discusses recent AI updates, highlighting the release of Chat GPT 4.0 with free access to all users, including advanced features like browsing and data analysis. It also covers AI applications in gaming with Tyler1's League of Legends coaching tool, the Munch platform for short-form video content, Google Photos' Magic Eraser, Canva's AI-powered design features, and new tools from Kaa and Sonno. The host shares his enthusiasm for these developments and their potential to enhance productivity and creativity.


  • 🚀 Chat GPT 4.0 is now fully accessible to everyone, marking a significant milestone in AI integration for the masses.
  • 🌐 Free users of Chat GPT now have access to the browse feature for internet context, the vision feature for image uploads, and data analysis with interactive tables.
  • 📈 GPTs, specialized versions of Chat GPT, are now available for use by everyone, which can greatly enhance productivity and creativity.
  • 🎓 The video explains advanced prompting techniques for GPT 4.0, catering to both beginners and experienced users looking to optimize their AI interactions.
  • 🔒 The plus plan offers higher rate limits, the ability to build GPTs, and access to the upcoming voice assistant feature, which will be exclusive to plus subscribers.
  • 🎮 The gaming industry's large scale, even larger than movies and music combined, is highlighted, emphasizing the potential of AI tutoring in this domain.
  • 🤖 Tyler1's AI coaching for League of Legends showcases the potential of AI tutors in competitive gaming and possibly other fields.
  • 🍿 Munch, a platform for transforming long-form content into short-form social media clips, is introduced as a game-changer for content creators.
  • 📸 Google Photos' new Magic Eraser feature is highlighted for its ability to intelligently remove unwanted objects from photos.
  • 🎨 Canva's overhaul includes AI-powered design tools like Magic Design, which can auto-generate templates based on user input.
  • 🖼️ Kaa's new features, including a video generator and an upcoming video enhancer, are presented as significant updates in the AI image and video generation space.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the recent updates and new features related to various AI tools, including GPT-4, and their practical applications.

  • What is the most exciting update mentioned for Chat GPT?

    -The most exciting update mentioned is that GPT-4 is now fully accessible to all users, including free users, along with features like browsing, vision, data analysis, and the GPT store.

  • What new capabilities do free users of Chat GPT now have?

    -Free users now have access to GPT-4, the GPT store, the browsing feature, the vision feature for uploading images, and data analysis tools.

  • What limitation do free users still face compared to Plus plan users?

    -Free users are limited to around 10 messages per day, cannot build GPTs, and do not have access to the new voice assistant feature, which will be available only to Plus plan users.

  • How does the video describe the significance of the gaming industry?

    -The video highlights that the gaming industry is larger than both the music and movie industries combined, generating $184 billion in 2022 compared to $26 billion each for music and movies.

  • What AI tool is discussed in relation to the gaming industry?

    -An AI coaching tool for League of Legends, created by popular streamer Tyler1, is discussed. This tool provides AI tutoring in the game, helping players improve their skills.

  • What is the functionality of the new tool 'Munch' mentioned in the video?

    -Munch is a tool that transforms long-form content into short-form video clips for social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok. It uses AI to select the best clips, add subtitles, and prepare the final output for publishing.

  • What new feature has Google Photos introduced?

    -Google Photos has introduced the Magic Eraser feature, which allows users to intelligently remove objects from photos directly on their phone.

  • What recent update has Canva received?

    -Canva has received a major update integrating several AI features such as magic design for automatic template creation, resizing tools, an AI voice enhancer, and AI-generated content transformations between formats like Instagram posts to blog posts.

  • What are some of the new features of Leonardo AI?

    -Leonardo AI now offers a video generator that combines images into a video, a video enhancer, and an improved user interface that includes features for cutting out backgrounds, using reference images, and creating consistent styles with fine-tuned models.



🤖 AI Integration in Apps and Chat GPT 4.0 Update

The script discusses recent AI updates, focusing on the integration of AI into apps and the release of Chat GPT 4.0. It highlights that Chat GPT is now accessible to everyone, with free users gaining features like internet browsing and image uploading. The script mentions a custom GPT Builder for crafting specialized AI assistants and the advantages of the GPT Plus plan, including higher rate limits and upcoming voice assistant features. The potential impact of these updates on the AI space and the opportunity to introduce friends to AI advancements are also emphasized.


🎮 AI Tutoring in Gaming and Business Content Creation

The paragraph delves into the application of AI tutoring, particularly in the gaming industry, using the example of an AI coach for 'League of Legends' developed by popular streamer Tyler1. It then transitions to discuss the challenges of content creation for businesses and creators, introducing 'Munch', a platform that simplifies the process of converting long-form content into short-form social media clips. The benefits of Munch's AI features, such as automatic subtitling and direct publishing to social media, are highlighted.


🖼️ Google Photos' Magic Eraser and Canva's AI Update

This section covers the new 'Magic Eraser' feature in Google Photos, which allows users to remove unwanted objects from photos with ease. It also discusses Canva's AI-driven update, introducing 'Magic Design' for creating social media templates and 'Magic Switch' for transforming content formats. The paragraph explores the integration of AI in popular design tools and the potential for increased efficiency in content creation.


🎨 AI Image and Video Generation Advancements

The script explores advancements in AI image and video generation, mentioning Canva's new video generator and text generator, as well as the image generator's integration with different models. It discusses the current state of AI video generation, comparing tools like Runway Gen 2 and the anticipated Sora model. The paragraph also touches on the integration of AI features in Canva, such as 'Magic Edit' and 'Magic Grab', and the potential for improved image generation in future updates.


🎶 Music Generation and AI Community Features

The paragraph discusses updates in music generation tools, focusing on the increased song length in Sunno's update to 4 minutes. It also introduces 'Mid Journey Rooms', a feature allowing users to create public or private spaces for collaborative AI image generation. The script highlights the convenience of these features for creators and the growing trend of AI-assisted content creation.


🔍 AI Image Generation Interface Overhauls and Community Tools

The final paragraph covers the overhaul of Leonardo AI's user interface and the introduction of new features like character reference for image generation. It also mentions the release of a community tool that integrates with chat GPT, allowing for customized AI assistants and calendar management. The script concludes by emphasizing the continuous evolution of AI tools and their expanding capabilities.



💡AI releases

AI releases refer to the introduction of new artificial intelligence tools or updates to existing ones. In the context of the video, the speaker is excited about the release of GPT-4, which is a significant update to the chatbot model, making it more accessible and integrated into various applications. The script mentions that these AI tools are now being integrated into apps that people are eager to use, highlighting the growing importance of AI in everyday technology.


GPT-4 is the fourth generation of the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model, a type of AI language model. The video discusses the release of GPT-4 as a major development, as it is now available to everyone, not just subscribers. This model is significant because it allows users to interact with AI in more advanced ways, such as browsing the internet and analyzing data, which are features mentioned in the script.

💡GPT store

The GPT store is a platform where users can access and utilize various GPT models. The script explains that the GPT store is now available to everyone, which means that a wider audience can take advantage of the capabilities of different GPT models, enhancing their productivity and interaction with AI.

💡Browse feature

The browse feature allows AI to access the internet and incorporate external context into its responses. The script mentions that free users of GPT now have access to this feature, which enables them to pull in up to five links at a time to enrich their interactions with the AI.

💡Vision feature

The vision feature enables AI to process and understand images, which can be uploaded as context to prompts. In the script, it is given as an example where a user can upload a screenshot of a website and ask the AI to rebuild it, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of the AI in understanding and manipulating visual information.

💡Data analysis

Data analysis in the context of the video refers to the AI's ability to manipulate and visualize data using interactive tables. This feature allows users to perform more complex tasks with their AI, such as analyzing large datasets and presenting the information in a more digestible format, as mentioned in the script.

💡AI tutors

AI tutors are virtual coaching systems that provide guidance and instruction in various fields. The video script discusses the potential of AI tutors, especially in gaming, where they can offer real-time strategies and advice to improve performance. The example given is of an AI coach for the game 'League of Legends,' which is a popular Esport with a high level of complexity.


Munch is a platform designed to help businesses and creators transform long-form content into short-form clips suitable for social media. The script highlights Munch's AI capabilities to streamline the editing process, automatically select the best clips, add subtitles, and facilitate direct publishing on social media platforms, making content creation more efficient.

💡Magic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is a feature within the Google Photos app that allows users to remove unwanted objects from their photos. As demonstrated in the script, this AI-powered tool can intelligently erase objects, such as a kite in the water, making photo editing more accessible and convenient without the need for professional editing software.


Canva is a popular graphic design platform that has recently integrated various AI features into its service. The script discusses the overhaul of Canva, which now includes AI-powered tools like 'Magic Design' for creating templates, 'Resize and Magic Switch' for transforming content formats, and an image and video generator. These updates aim to simplify the design process and make it more accessible to users.

💡Mid Journey

Mid Journey is a term used in the script to refer to a high-quality image generation model. The video discusses the 'mid Journey rooms' feature, which allows users to create and share their creations in a community setting, either publicly or privately, enhancing the collaborative aspect of AI-generated content.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an all-in-one image creation studio that offers a range of AI-powered features for image generation. The script mentions the overhaul of Leonardo AI's user interface, making it more user-friendly and accessible. It includes features like character reference for maintaining likeness in generated images, fine-tuned models for consistent results, and an Alchemy upscaler for enhancing image quality.


Chat GPT 4.0 is now accessible to everyone, marking a significant update in AI availability.

Free users of Chat GPT now have access to the browse feature for internet context and the vision feature for image uploads.

Data analysis feature allows for interactive tables and data manipulation within Chat GPT.

GPTs, specialized versions of Chat GPT, are now available for use, offering more tailored AI interactions.

A custom GPT Builder has been created to improve upon the standard GPT Builder's functionality.

The GPT store is open to all users, enhancing the accessibility of AI tools.

Subscription to the plus plan offers higher rate limits and the ability to build GPTs, unlike the free plan.

An upcoming voice assistant feature will be exclusive to plus plan subscribers.

AI tutoring is expanding into various fields, including the gaming industry, which is larger than movies and music combined.

AI coaching in games like League of Legends is now available, demonstrating the potential of AI in competitive environments.

Munch is a new tool that transforms long-form content into short-form social media clips, simplifying content creation.

Google Photos has introduced a Magic Eraser feature to remove unwanted objects from photos.

Canva's recent update includes AI-powered design tools and the ability to transform content between different formats.

Kaa has released a new video generator and an upcoming video enhancer in beta.

SunnO 3.5 update allows for the generation of 4-minute long songs, addressing a previous limitation.

Mid Journey has introduced rooms for communal image generation, either public or private.

Pi GPT is an open-source project that allows for advanced Chat GPT interactions and customization.

Leonardo AI's overhaul brings an all-in-one image generation studio with new features and an improved interface.