OpenAI’s GPT-4o: The Best AI Is Now Free!

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14 May 202409:14

TLDROpenAI has introduced GPT-40, a groundbreaking AI chatbot with remarkable capabilities. It excels in advanced mathematics, real-time conversational speech, and interactive learning. The bot can assist with job interviews, mathematics, and even play games like Rock Paper Scissors. It can also generate caricatures, create new fonts, and understand emotions. GPT-40 can read and solve mathematical problems in real-time, making it a valuable tool for education. It can also help with coding, language translation, and emotion detection. The AI's ability to sing and its application for various tasks, such as teaching and assisting with daily activities, make it a versatile and powerful tool. It is now available for free, making advanced AI technology accessible to everyone, which is a significant step towards democratizing intelligence.


  • 🚀 OpenAI has released a new version of their AI chatbot, GPT-4o, with incredible capabilities.
  • 📈 GPT-4o has significantly improved math skills and has set a new record on the GP QA dataset.
  • 🗣️ A standout feature is real-time conversational speech, allowing natural back-and-forth discussions.
  • 🤖 The AI can be used for various interactive tasks, including job interview preparation and playing games.
  • 🎨 GPT-4o can generate a caricature from a photo and has text-to-3D object capabilities.
  • 📚 It can read and understand handwritten math problems in real time, aiding in education.
  • 🧐 The AI explains the purpose of mathematical concepts and provides real-life examples.
  • 💻 It assists with coding by analyzing and explaining code snippets.
  • 🌐 Language translation is efficient, demonstrated with real-time translation from Italian to English.
  • ❤️ GPT-4o is emotionally aware, responding to the user's emotional state and providing comfort.
  • 🌟 The AI's capabilities have evolved from simple text completion to a sophisticated, interactive assistant.

Q & A

  • What is the latest version of OpenAI's AI chatbot mentioned in the transcript?

    -The latest version mentioned is GPT 40.

  • What new capabilities does GPT 40 have in terms of mathematical skills?

    -GPT 40 has a significant improvement in math skills, setting a new record on GP QA, a dataset with PhD level questions in subjects like chemistry and physics.

  • What is the name of the new feature that allows real-time conversational speech?

    -The new feature is called 'real-time conversational speech'.

  • How does the real-time conversational speech feature benefit users?

    -It allows for natural sounding voice responses, interactivity, and the ability to be interrupted, which can help in various tasks like job interview preparation, studying mathematics, and even playing games like Rock Paper Scissors.

  • What additional capabilities does GPT 40 have apart from conversational speech?

    -GPT 40 can generate caricatures from photos, convert text to 3D objects, create new fonts, understand and respond to emotions, read personalized bedtime stories, and assist in real-time learning through camera input.

  • How does GPT 40 assist in studying mathematics?

    -GPT 40 can study and solve mathematical problems in real time with users, understand handwritten equations shown through a camera, and explain the relevance and real-life applications of mathematical concepts.

  • What is the significance of GPT 40 being available for free users?

    -The free availability of GPT 40 means that a wider audience, including students and teachers who cannot afford a subscription, can access its advanced capabilities for learning and teaching, democratizing access to advanced AI tools.

  • What are the potential uses of GPT 40's coding assistance feature?

    -GPT 40 can analyze a piece of code, explain what it does, and assist in tasks such as fetching daily weather data, smoothing temperature data, annotating significant weather events, and displaying plots.

  • How does GPT 40's language translation feature work?

    -GPT 40 can translate languages in real time, as demonstrated by its ability to translate from Italian to English.

  • What is the significance of the standalone Mac OS app that is mentioned?

    -The standalone Mac OS app will provide users with a dedicated platform to interact with GPT 40, potentially offering a more seamless and integrated experience.

  • Why is the presenter excited about the advancements in GPT 40?

    -The presenter is excited because these advancements represent a significant leap in AI capabilities, making it more accessible, interactive, and useful for a variety of tasks, from education to personal assistance.

  • How can viewers try out GPT 40 and other AI experiments?

    -Viewers can try out GPT 40 and run their own AI experiments in the cloud through Microsoft Azure AI, which is mentioned as offering powerful tools for AI projects and has a free trial option.



🚀 GPT-4.0: A Revolutionary Update

The announcement of GPT-4.0 by OpenAI marks a significant leap in AI capabilities, offering enhanced math skills and a new record in GPQA, a dataset featuring PhD-level questions. Noteworthy features include real-time conversational speech, allowing for interactive discussions, and advanced voice modulation capabilities such as emotional tone adjustments and even singing. Additional functionalities include text-to-3D object generation, caricature creation from photos, and personalized bedtime stories. The video also highlighted the model's real-time educational applications, such as solving math problems through visual inputs and aiding in various study scenarios. The presenter, Mark Chen, and his contributions were particularly praised, enhancing the credibility and personal connection to the advancements discussed.


🌐 GPT-4.0: Expanding Accessibility and Applications

The script discusses the broader deployment and accessibility of GPT-4.0, particularly highlighting its availability for free users and its practical applications. Key features include code explanation, real-time language translation, and emotion detection. The model's ability to perform complex tasks like assembling robotic cows showcases its uniqueness. A significant emphasis is placed on the educational impact, with the tool becoming available to students and teachers without cost. The script mentions the forthcoming macOS app and a demo where the AI sang, indicating a blend of technical innovation with human-like interaction. The use of Microsoft Azure AI for cloud-based AI experiments is also promoted, showcasing the integration of GPT-4.0 with existing technology platforms.




GPT-4o represents the latest iteration of OpenAI's language model series, featuring enhancements in speed, affordability, and accessibility. It is significant as it marks a substantial evolution from previous versions by incorporating advanced capabilities such as real-time conversational speech and broader academic utility. The 'o' in GPT-4o could symbolize 'Omni,' suggesting its versatile and comprehensive nature, as highlighted in the transcript where it assists in diverse tasks like math problems and language translation.

💡Real-time conversational speech

This feature allows GPT-4o to engage in immediate, back-and-forth interactions with users using a naturally sounding voice. It is integral to the model's utility in scenarios like interview preparation or interactive learning. This capability is demonstrated in the video script when the AI responds dynamically to inquiries and requests, enhancing the user experience by making digital interactions more human-like.


GP QA, mentioned as a dataset involving PhD-level questions in fields like chemistry and physics, is used to benchmark the AI's proficiency in specialized academic knowledge. GPT-4o's performance on this dataset signifies its advanced computational and reasoning capabilities, which are crucial for technical and scientific applications as emphasized in the script.

💡Personalized bedtime story

This feature exemplifies GPT-4o's ability to generate tailored content based on user inputs, enhancing personal engagement. In the script, the AI crafts a story about robots and love, showcasing its creative storytelling tailored to individual preferences and emotional contexts, making technology more relatable and comforting.


Mathematics in the context of GPT-4o refers to its ability to understand and solve mathematical equations interactively. This is demonstrated when the AI assists with a math problem in real time, showing how such technology can serve as an educational tool that provides detailed explanations and practical applications of mathematical concepts.


GPT-4o's coding assistance involves analyzing and explaining code snippets, making it a valuable resource for both learning and professional development. As noted in the script, it can interpret and elaborate on code functionalities, such as fetching weather data, which aids users in understanding and improving their programming skills.

💡Emotion detection

This feature allows the AI to perceive and respond to human emotions based on vocal cues, such as speech pace and tone. Mentioned in the script as part of its new capabilities, it enables GPT-4o to offer empathetic interactions, suggesting responses that could help calm a nervous user, thereby personalizing the user experience further.

💡Language translation

GPT-4o's ability to translate languages, as demonstrated with Italian to English in the script, highlights its application in global communication. This feature supports users in overcoming language barriers in real-time, thereby facilitating smoother and more inclusive interactions across different linguistic backgrounds.

💡Custom GPTs

Refers to personalized versions of the GPT model tailored for specific applications. The script mentions that creators can now deploy their custom GPTs more widely, which democratizes access to specialized AI tools, allowing users to benefit from tailored functionalities designed to meet unique needs.

💡Microsoft Azure AI

Mentioned in the script as a powerful cloud platform that supports AI projects, Azure AI embodies the integration of responsible AI practices with robust computational resources. It enables users to run experiments and deploy AI applications, emphasizing the technological ecosystem surrounding advanced AI models like GPT-4o.


OpenAI has announced a new version of their AI chatbot, GPT-4o, with incredible capabilities.

GPT-4o is faster, has a cheaper API version, and is now available for free.

The AI has made a significant leap in math skills, setting a new record on GP QA with PhD level questions.

A new feature called real-time conversational speech allows for natural back-and-forth discussion.

GPT-4o can be interrupted at any time, providing a high level of interactivity.

The AI can help prepare for job interviews, study mathematics, and even play games like Rock Paper Scissors.

GPT-4o can generate caricatures from photos and has text-to-3D object capabilities.

The AI has emotion detection, responding to the user's emotional state.

GPT-4o can read personalized bedtime stories with varying levels of emotion.

The AI works natively with audio, allowing for real-time adjustments like speaking faster.

GPT-4o can assist in studying mathematics in real time, understanding handwritten equations through a camera.

The AI can act as a patient teacher for children worldwide, regardless of their ability to afford a personal tutor.

GPT-4o can explain the purpose of mathematical concepts and provide real-life examples.

The AI can quiz users in real time and does not judge mistakes, encouraging learning.

GPT-4o can help with coding by explaining the function of a piece of code.

Language translation is also a feature, demonstrated with real-time translation from Italian to English.

The AI is capable of real-time emotion detection, enhancing the interaction experience.

GPT-4o can solve complex tasks, such as assembling robotic cows, which other models could not.

Free users can upload files for free interaction, and custom GPTs can be deployed for wider use.

A standalone Mac OS app for GPT-4o is in development.

The AI's advancements make it a powerful tool for education, available to all, regardless of subscription costs.