Pika Just Dropped The Mic On AI Video!

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29 Nov 202309:47

TLDRPika 1.0 is revolutionizing the AI video game with its latest update, setting a new standard in the industry. The update introduces impressive features like text-to-video in anime style, video-to-video conversion, and video inpainting. Pika's evolution from its quirky launch to its current state is highlighted, with a focus on the high-quality, detailed output and the potential for everyday creators. The company's backstory, including its founders' Stanford AI lab background and their mission to democratize content creation, is revealed. Pika 1.0 remains free to sign up, and users are encouraged to register on their website.


  • 🚀 Pika's latest update, version 1.0, significantly raises the bar in AI video gaming, impressing viewers with its innovative features.
  • 🎮 Pika 1.0 is being compared to a 'GPT moment' for AI video chat, indicating a major leap forward in the technology.
  • 🌟 The update introduces impressive text-to-video capabilities, with a notable anime-style shot that reflects influences from both Miyazaki and Disney Animation.
  • 📹 New features include video to video transitions, exemplified by 'animal Locomotion', and video resizing with canvas expansion.
  • 🖼️ A standout feature is video inpainting within Pika, allowing users to edit their own uploaded videos with remarkable results.
  • 🌐 Pika is moving to a web-based and Discord-based platform, offering a clean and straightforward user interface.
  • 💡 The company's co-founders, Demi GA and Chenlin Mang, have strong backgrounds in AI, with experience at Stanford's AI lab and Meta's AI research lab.
  • 🏆 Pika was born out of a frustrating experience at Runway ml's AI Film Festival, where the founders' team did not place despite their technical prowess.
  • 💰 Pika has recently secured $55 million in funding and is currently valued at $200 million, with plans to remain free for users.
  • 🌐 The company's mission is to create a tool not just for film production but for everyday consumers, enabling creators to produce high-quality content.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is the latest update of Pika, an AI video game platform, specifically version 1.0, and its new features.

  • What is Pika 1.0 known for?

    -Pika 1.0 is known for elevating the AI video game experience with its advanced features and improved motion graphics.

  • What is the significance of the AI video chat GPT moment mentioned in the video?

    -The AI video chat GPT moment signifies a major breakthrough or turning point in the development of AI video games, similar to how GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) has been a significant milestone in natural language processing.

  • What was the initial launch of Pika like?

    -The initial launch of Pika featured surreal and hyper-promotional content, such as scenes with mimes and clowns in a grocery store, which was not everyone's preference but was appreciated by the speaker.

  • What are some of the new features introduced in Pika 1.0?

    -New features in Pika 1.0 include text to video shots with an anime style, video to video transitions, video resizing, canvas expanding, and video inpainting.

  • How does the video inpainting feature work?

    -The video inpainting feature allows users to edit and enhance existing videos by adding or modifying elements within the footage, such as inpainting a woman walking down a street or altering the reflection in sunglasses.

  • What is the significance of the web UI update in Pika 1.0?

    -The web UI update in Pika 1.0 signifies a shift to a web-based and Discord-based platform, offering a clean and straightforward layout for users to interact with the AI more efficiently.

  • What is the background of Pika's co-founders, Demi GA and Chenlin Mang?

    -Demi GA and Chenlin Mang are both former PhD students from Stanford's artificial intelligence lab. Demi previously worked as an engineer at Meta's AI research lab, and Chen Lin co-authored several AI research papers.

  • What was the initial inspiration behind Pika?

    -Pika was initially inspired by the founders' frustrating experience using existing AI tools in a competition, which led to the creation of Pika as a tool for everyday creators, not just professional filmmakers.

  • How can users sign up for Pika 1.0?

    -Users can sign up for Pika 1.0 by visiting the Pika website and registering, even if they are already using Pika through their Discord platform. However, they will need to re-register for the new version.

  • What is the Kore.ai AI image upscaler mentioned in the video?

    -The Kore.ai AI image upscaler is a tool that not only enlarges images but also allows users to add creative AI enhancements, such as adjusting the AI strength and providing prompts for more realistic or artistic results.



🚀 Pika 1.0: Revolutionizing AI in Video Games

This paragraph introduces the latest update of Pika 1.0, an AI video game platform that has significantly raised the industry standard. The speaker expresses excitement about the update and plans to discuss its features and potential future developments. Behind-the-scenes information about Pika is teased, suggesting a compelling story that will make viewers support the team. The rapid pace of AI development is highlighted, and the speaker promotes a free AI upscaler before diving into the details of Pika 1.0.


🌟 Pika 1.0's Impact and Features

The speaker discusses the impact of Pika 1.0, comparing it to a significant moment in AI (GPT). The evolution of Pika is celebrated, and the speaker shares their personal enjoyment of the platform's unique and surreal content. New features of Pika 1.0 are highlighted, including video-to-video capabilities and a focus on animation quality. The speaker is particularly impressed by the text-to-video shot in an anime style, which is described as stellar. The potential video length is mentioned, and the speaker shares their thoughts on the impressive video inpainting feature, which allows for detailed and realistic modifications to video content.



💡AI Video Game

The term 'AI Video Game' refers to the application of artificial intelligence in the gaming industry to enhance the gaming experience. In the context of the video, it is used to describe the innovative impact of Pika 1.0 on the AI gaming space, suggesting that the update significantly improves the quality and interactivity of AI-driven games.

💡Pika 1.0

Pika 1.0 is a version of an AI software or platform that is being discussed in the video. It is presented as a groundbreaking update that sets a new standard in the AI industry, particularly in the realm of video creation and gaming. The update seems to offer enhanced motion and animation capabilities, as well as new features like video to video and video inpainting.

💡AI Upscaler

An AI upscaler is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of images or videos without losing quality. In the video, the speaker mentions a free AI upscaler that they recommend checking out, suggesting that it is a valuable resource for enhancing visual content.

💡Text to Video

Text to video is a technology that converts written text into visual video content. In the context of the video, it is a feature of Pika 1.0 that allows users to create videos based on textual descriptions, such as generating an anime-style video from a text prompt about a scene.

💡Video to Video

Video to video refers to the process of converting one video into another, often with enhanced features or altered content. In the video, this term is used to describe a new feature of Pika 1.0 that allows users to transform one video into another, as exemplified by the 'animal Locomotion' example.

💡Video Inpainting

Video inpainting is a technique that involves editing or removing parts of a video by filling in the missing areas with AI-generated content that matches the surrounding context. In the video, this is highlighted as a jaw-dropping feature of Pika 1.0, allowing users to alter their own uploaded videos with impressive results.

💡Web UI

Web UI stands for web user interface, which refers to the visual design and layout of a website or web-based application. In the video, Pika's new web UI is mentioned as a significant update, indicating a redesign of the platform's user interface for a cleaner and more straightforward experience.


Discord is a communication platform originally designed for gamers but has since expanded to various communities. In the video, it is mentioned that Pika will be Discord-based, meaning that the platform's community and user interactions will be facilitated through Discord servers.

💡Matan Cohen

Matan Cohen is identified as the creative director at Pika in the video. His mention signifies the involvement of key personnel in the development and direction of Pika's products and features.

💡GPU Farms

GPU farms refer to clusters of graphics processing units (GPUs) used for intensive computing tasks, such as AI processing and machine learning. In the context of the video, GPU farms are mentioned as part of Pika's infrastructure that supports their AI capabilities.


Monetizing refers to the process of generating revenue from a product or service. In the video, it is mentioned that Pika's current plans do not involve monetizing, suggesting that the platform will remain free to use for the time being.


Pika 1.0 is revolutionizing the AI video game with its latest update.

The new version sets a higher standard for AI video games.

Pika's evolution from surreal and hyper promotion to a more sophisticated model is impressive.

The AI video chat GPT moment is being compared to Pika's advancements.

Pika's motion graphics have significantly improved with the new model.

The text-to-video feature, especially in anime style, is highly praised.

New features include video to video and the first moving picture ever.

The video resizing and canvas expanding features are introduced.

Pika now offers video inpainting, a jaw-dropping feature.

Adobe's preview of a similar feature has not yet been released, but Pika has implemented it.

Pika's web UI has been updated to be web-based and Discord-based.

The new UI is clean and straightforward, with a focus on user experience.

Pika was co-founded by Demi GA and Chenlin Mang, both former Stanford PhD students.

Pika was born out of a frustrating experience at Runway ml's AI Film Festival.

Pika is currently valued at $200 million after securing $55 million in funding.

The mission of Pika is to create a tool for everyday consumers, not just film professionals.

Pika 1.0 is free to sign up, with re-registration required even for existing users.

Kore.ai has released a free AI image upscaler with creative AI features.

The AI image upscaler allows for significant creative control over the final image.