The AI Video Showdown: Runway vs Leonardo vs Pika Labs

Curious Refuge
5 Jan 202425:48

TLDRThe AI film industry is experiencing rapid advancements with new tools like Mid Journey 6, Leonardo's video generation tool, and Runway's motion brush feature. Mid Journey 6 showcases impressive visual effects and fashion design capabilities, while Leonardo and Runway offer competitive video generation and animation tools. Additionally, AI-generated music through tools like Sunno is evolving, and AI film jobs are becoming more lucrative. The industry is abuzz with anticipation for upcoming models and tools promising further innovation in AI filmmaking and animation.


  • 🚀 Introduction of Mid Journey 6, a significant upgrade from its predecessor with amazing results, though the online interface is not yet available.
  • 🎥 Rory's short film using Mid Journey 6 and Runway showcases the tool's capability in creating heartwarming content about puppies getting adopted.
  • 🎨 A compelling visual effects demo using Mid Journey 6 by Martial Artwork, highlighting the tool's proficiency in generating high-quality visual effects.
  • 👗 Fashion design examples using Mid Journey 6 demonstrate the versatility of the tool in different creative fields.
  • 📹 Announcement of an upcoming video model by Mid Journey's CEO, expected to maintain the company's high-quality standards.
  • 🥋 Leonardo's new video generation tool challenges existing platforms like Runway and P Labs with its unique features.
  • 🌟 Comparison of AI-generated videos from different tools (Leonardo, P Labs, and Runway) shows varying levels of detail and realism.
  • 📰 Runway's new feature, the ambient motion brush, allows for more realistic and customizable animations in generated scenes.
  • 📈 Discussion on the potential of AI in voice acting and voice modulation with the introduction of Open Voice, a free voice cloning tool.
  • 🖌️ Hand Refiner, a tool to fix common AI-generated image issues with hands, signifies的进步 in image generation refinement.
  • 🎬 AI filmmaking continues to advance with new tools and techniques, promising a breakthrough year for the industry in 2024.

Q & A

  • What is the latest version of Mid Journey and what improvements does it bring over the previous version?

    -The latest version is Mid Journey 6, which is a notable improvement from Mid Journey 5. It has shown amazing results in creating short films and visual effects, with a significant enhancement in quality and ease of use. However, it is slightly limited at the moment with less control over upscaling and advanced features like inpainting.

  • What new feature did Runway introduce to enhance motion in images?

    -Runway introduced a new feature called the motion brush tool that allows users to create ambient motion in images. This tool enables the animation of specific parts of an image, such as grass moving in the wind or waves in the water, by painting over the desired areas.

  • What is Leonardo's new video generation tool that competes with Runway and P Labs?

    -Leonardo's new video generation tool is a feature that allows users to convert generated images into videos by simply scrolling over the image and clicking the 'Generate Motion Video' button. It offers consistent character animation and dynamic camera movement, making it a strong competitor in the AI video generation space.

  • How does the new voice cloning tool called Open Voice work and what are its unique features?

    -Open Voice is a free AI voice cloning tool that can clone a voice using only a few seconds of reference audio. Its unique feature is the ability to change the style of delivery of the cloned voice, such as making it whisper, which highlights the potential for voice modulation and future developments in voice acting.

  • What is the significance of the white paper from China that discusses wave to lip technology with advanced features?

    -The white paper introduces an advanced wave to lip technology that not only makes lips look more realistic but also allows for the alteration of what the subject appears to be saying using reference footage. It can even adjust the emotion of the subject, which is beneficial for animation and lip dubbing, indicating a powerful tool for future development.

  • What is the AI filmmaking course mentioned in the script and when does it start?

    -The AI filmmaking course is an educational program that teaches alongside visual effects supervisors and talented artists. The course is set to start on January 9th, with enrollment still open for those interested in joining.

  • How does the Hand Refiner tool improve AI-generated images?

    -Hand Refiner is a tool designed to fix common issues with AI-generated hands in images. It integrates into the Comfy UI and adjusts hands to make them appear more realistic and less distorted, which is a common problem in AI image generation.

  • What are the implications of the new tool that allows training a custom model from a single image?

    -The new tool, which allows training a custom model from a single image, can significantly improve character consistency across multiple images, which is particularly useful for anime and live-action projects. It also has potential applications in product photography and advertising, where consistent portrayal of a product is crucial.

  • What is the significance of the AI film jobs board launched on Curious Refuge?

    -The AI film jobs board on Curious Refuge is a curated list of AI filmmaking jobs in the industry, providing a helpful resource for those looking for opportunities in the field. It is updated regularly with job posts, reflecting the growing demand for AI-informed professionals.

  • What does the CEO of Mistral AI predict for the year 2024 in terms of large language models?

    -The CEO of Mistral AI predicts that 2024 will see the release of a model that is just as good as Chat GPT 4. This indicates that more competitors are entering the market, which will drive improvements in AI tools and models.

  • How has AI-generated music progressed and what does the future hold for this technology?

    -AI-generated music has come a long way and continues to improve with updated algorithms. Tools like Sunno can create music in seconds based on user input. The future of this technology is expected to produce music that is almost indistinguishable from real-world creations, significantly impacting creative pipelines.



🎥 Exciting Updates in AI Filmmaking Tools

The AI filmmaking landscape has seen significant advancements with the introduction of new video, music, and motion tools. Mid Journey 6 stands out as a notable improvement over its predecessor, offering enhanced capabilities despite the temporary absence of an online interface. The tool has been used to create a heartwarming short film about puppies and a visually impressive World War II battle scene. Additionally, the announcement of an upcoming video model from Mid Journey's CEO has generated excitement due to the company's reputation for quality. Meanwhile, Leonardo's new video generation tool challenges existing platforms like Runway and P Labs, showcasing its potential through a Samurai project. The comparison of these tools highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each, indicating that the choice depends on specific use cases.


🎨 Real-Time Image and Video Generation

Innovative real-time image and video generation tools are emerging, with Leonardo's platform allowing users to adjust styles and generate content on-the-fly. The platform's cinematic mode demonstrates its potential for high-quality visual output. However, there are minor issues with the generation process, such as misplaced elements. Runway's new features, including the motion brush tool for creating ambient motion and the ability to adjust aspect ratios for text-to-video creations, have been well-received. These updates make Runway a versatile tool for various projects, from social media content to cinematic works. The introduction of these tools signifies a shift towards faster and more accessible content creation.


🎤 Advancements in AI Animation and Voice Cloning

AI animation and voice cloning technologies are making significant strides, with P Labs showcasing its proficiency in animating characters and talking animals. The potential for AI-generated animation is evident, and improvements are expected as core AI algorithms evolve. Open Voice, a free voice cloning tool, has been introduced, offering the ability to clone voices using minimal reference audio and adjust the delivery style, hinting at a future where voice acting could be transformed. Additionally, a new tool called Hand Refiner aims to address common issues with AI-generated hands, suggesting that future image generation tools will have built-in solutions for such problems.


📰 AI Filmmaking Resources and Job Opportunities

The AI filmmaking community is growing, with resources like the AI filmmaking course at Curious Refuge and the upcoming AI holiday film competition. The course, starting on January 9th, promises to provide valuable learning opportunities alongside industry professionals. The AI filmmaking job board on Curious Refuge is another resource for those seeking employment in the field. The discussion also touches on the potential earnings for AI-informed professionals, with reports suggesting high salaries for AI project researchers. The entry of new competitors like Mistral AI and the anticipated advancements in large language models from Open AI indicate a promising future for AI tools and their capabilities.


🎵 AI Generated Music and Film Highlights

The world of AI-generated music is advancing, with the tool Sunno showcasing its ability to create music quickly and effectively. The updated algorithm has led to impressive results, suggesting that AI music could soon be indistinguishable from real-world creations. The University of Texas and Meta's white paper presents a tool that can transform footage into various artistic styles, demonstrating a more stable algorithm than some existing user-facing tools. The AI films of the week include a retelling of a plague outbreak, a viral Adidas commercial, a bank heist film by a Curious Refuge student, and a poetic short film, all highlighting the creative potential of AI in storytelling and filmmaking.


🌟 AI Film News Community and Updates

The AI Film News community continues to thrive, with the latest news and updates being shared weekly. The host expresses gratitude for the community's support and encourages subscription to stay informed about the latest AI filmmaking tools and trends. The episode concludes with a reminder to subscribe to the email list and YouTube channel for continuous updates and engagement with the AI filmmaking community.



💡AI film

AI film refers to the use of artificial intelligence in the creation and production of films, including the generation of visual effects, animations, and even entire narratives. In the context of the video, AI film encompasses a range of tools and technologies that are revolutionizing the film industry by enabling creators to produce content more efficiently and with greater creative freedom.

💡Mid Journey 6

Mid Journey 6 is an AI tool mentioned in the video that represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, Mid Journey 5. It is used for creating high-quality images and short films, with notable advancements in visual effects and ease of use. However, it is currently limited in terms of advanced features like upscaling and inpainting.


Runway is an AI platform that provides tools for creators to generate and manipulate images and videos. It includes features like the motion brush tool for animating images and the ability to create ambient motion, enhancing the realism and dynamism of AI-generated scenes.


Leonardo is an AI tool for video generation that competes with other platforms like Runway and P Labs. It is known for its consistency in animating characters and dynamic camera movement, offering real-time generation and style adjustment features that make it a powerful tool for creators.

💡AI-generated music

AI-generated music refers to the creation of musical compositions using artificial intelligence algorithms. These tools can produce original music tracks based on user input, such as genre, mood, or specific instrument choices, and are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their output quality.

💡Voice cloning

Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic voice that mimics a real person's speaking style using AI. This technology can be used to generate speech for various applications, from voiceovers to virtual assistants, and is advancing to the point where it can replicate emotional nuances and speaking styles.

💡AI animation

AI animation involves the use of artificial intelligence to generate animated content, including character movements and scenes. This technology is evolving to the point where it can create realistic animations from text prompts or existing footage, offering new possibilities for animation creators.

💡AI film making course

An AI film making course is an educational program focused on teaching the skills and techniques required to utilize artificial intelligence tools in the filmmaking process. These courses often cover topics such as AI-generated imagery, animation, and storytelling, preparing students for the integration of AI in the film industry.

💡AI jobs board

An AI jobs board is a platform that curates and lists job opportunities related to artificial intelligence, providing a resource for individuals looking to work in AI-related fields. These boards can feature positions across various industries, from tech to creative sectors, and highlight the growing importance of AI skills in the job market.

💡AI-generated poetry

AI-generated poetry is the creation of poetic works through artificial intelligence algorithms. These AI systems can be trained on existing poetry to produce new verses that mimic the style, structure, and thematic content of the source material, offering a unique blend of creativity and technical innovation.

💡AI film news

AI film news refers to updates, developments, and trends in the application of artificial intelligence within the film industry. This includes new tools, techniques, and projects that showcase the evolving capabilities of AI in filmmaking, as well as insights into how AI is shaping the creative process.


Mid Journey 6 is a significant improvement over its predecessor, offering enhanced capabilities in AI film making.

The online interface for Mid Journey is currently in pre-release, but the results from the tool are impressive.

Rory utilized Runway and Mid Journey 6 to create a heartwarming short film about puppies getting adopted, showcasing the tool's potential.

An incredible visual effects demo using Mid Journey 6 has been created by Martial Artwork, highlighting the tool's proficiency in generating visual effects.

Mid Journey 6 is user-friendly, requiring only a simple command to activate and use.

The tool is currently limited, with less control over upscaling and advanced features compared to previous versions.

Mid Journey's CEO announced the training of their own video model, expected to be released in a few months.

Leonardo's new video generation tool challenges existing platforms like Runway and P Labs with its unique features.

Leonardo's real-time generation tool in Early Access allows for quick and adjustable image generation.

Runway's new feature, the ambient motion brush tool, enhances the creation of animated images by adding realistic movement.

Runway's text to video feature now allows users to change the aspect ratio of their footage for various applications.

P Labs released P 1.0, making it accessible to everyone and providing examples of AI-generated animations.

Open Voice is a new free voice cloning tool that can replicate voices using minimal reference audio.

A new tool called Hand Refiner addresses common AI image generation issues, particularly with hands.

Forbes magazine recognized an AI holiday film competition, showcasing the growing interest and exposure in AI filmmaking.

A white paper from China presents an advanced wave to lip tool with features like emotion adjustment and lip dubbing.

Motion GPT is a unique tool that generates motion within a GPT chat environment based on text prompts.

M mask is similar to Motion GPT, allowing users to apply generated animations to 3D characters.

Dream Tuner is a tool that allows training custom models from single images, promising better character consistency.

A new tool similar to Runway gen 1 can change reference footage into different styles, particularly excelling in anime.

Curious Refuge launched an AI film jobs board, curating opportunities in the AI filmmaking industry.

Mistral AI's CEO预告2024年将发布与Chat GPT 4相媲美的大型语言模型。

Open AI的总裁和联合创始人预测2024年将是人工智能能力安全和普及的突破年。

Sunno, an AI-generated music tool, has seen recent improvements, producing high-quality results in seconds.

A white paper by the University of Texas and Meta allows for the creation of different styles from footage in a stable format.

AI films of the week include a retelling of a plague outbreak, a viral Adidas spec ad, a bank heist film, and a poetic lakeside story.