[PoE 3.24] 1000 MAPS # 1-100 - Curation Barrels on Fortress (cumulative 1 divines per hour)

16 May 202424:58

TLDRIn this video series, the host embarks on a 1,000 map journey in Path of Exile's new tier 17 Fortress layout, utilizing the curation divination Scarab and well strategy. Despite previous 100 map sessions, the host is intrigued by the evolving meta and core changes in the game, particularly the high stakes and investment required. The goal is to achieve at least 100 divines per hour, with a focus on curation barrel and go, a strategy that's been met with skepticism. The host aims to provide solid data backed by uncut Twitch VODs, offering a unique insight into the effectiveness of this mapping strategy.


  • 🌟 The video is part of a new series called '1,000 Maps' on the tier 17 Fortress layout in Path of Exile (PoE).
  • 🔍 The series introduces new curation divination Scarabs and wells, along with a new curation and go strategy.
  • 🎯 The aim is to achieve at least 100 divines per hour as currency, despite the high stakes and investment costs.
  • 📈 The video creator is known for providing solid data backed up by uncut Twitch VODs, emphasizing the credibility of the findings.
  • 🗺️ The strategy involves running maps with specific modifiers to maximize the chances of getting valuable drops.
  • 📉 The creator experienced a loss in currency during a previous 100 map session, which motivated a larger sample size to gather more accurate data.
  • 🧙‍♂️ The build used in the maps is mostly finished and won't change significantly, relying on a synergized strategy with Back to Basics.
  • 🚫 The video creator has removed certain cards from the loot filter to streamline the process and maintain sanity.
  • 📊 The results of the first 100 maps were not as profitable as expected, with a focus on the number of valuable cards received.
  • 💰 The value of the curation Scarab fluctuated during the video, with the creator noting the impact of market forces.
  • 🔄 The creator plans to continue the series with the next 100 maps, hoping for better RNG and more profitable results.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video series?

    -The main topic of the video series is running 1,000 maps on the new tier 17 Fortress layout in Path of Exile, using a curation divination Scarab and well strategy.

  • Why did the creator decide to do a 1,000 Maps series?

    -The creator decided to do a 1,000 Maps series to provide sound data and insights on the new mapping strategy, as well as to see how the strategy performs over a large sample size.

  • What is the goal of the creator in terms of currency making per hour?

    -The creator's goal is to make at least 100 divine orbs per hour with the new mapping strategy.

  • What is the significance of the 'curation barrel and go' strategy mentioned in the script?

    -The 'curation barrel and go' strategy is a new approach to mapping in Path of Exile that involves using divination Scarabs and Wells to potentially drop valuable items like raw mirrors and curation Scarabs.

  • How does the creator plan to track the performance of the mapping strategy?

    -The creator plans to track the performance by running 100 maps at a time, summarizing the results, and providing highlights without too much editing to maintain the natural flow of the mapping process.

  • What is the role of 'Abyss all Flames' in the strategy?

    -The creator is running 'Abyss all Flames' to block out some of the really bad mob types that spawn on the map, which can affect the efficiency of the mapping strategy.

  • What is the significance of the 'Back to Basics' mechanic in this strategy?

    -The 'Back to Basics' mechanic is used in conjunction with the strategy to potentially spawn big rolls, which can result in more valuable loot drops.

  • How does the creator plan to deal with the RNG aspect of the game?

    -The creator acknowledges the RNG aspect and plans to run a large number of maps to mitigate its impact, aiming for an average result over the 1,000 maps.

  • What is the creator's approach to managing the loot filter?

    -The creator has removed certain cards like the Inventor and Union from the loot filter to maintain sanity and save time when turning in cards, even though it may result in losing some loot.

  • How does the creator plan to conclude the series?

    -The creator plans to conclude the series with a summary video showcasing all the results in a well-formatted setup after completing the 1,000 maps.



🕹️ Introduction to the 1,000 Maps Series

The video script introduces a new series focused on running 1,000 maps using the tier 17 Fortress layout with a curation divination Scarab and divination well. The narrator explains the motivation behind this extensive series, which is to provide solid data on the effectiveness of this strategy despite the game's major core changes. The series aims to address speculations about the high stakes and potential currency earnings of this mapping strategy. The narrator also mentions their affinity for the curation barrel and go strategy, which is considered skeptical by some. The video promises to track various metrics such as sacred orbs, core locks, and mirrors, and the narrator intends to run Abyss all Flames to mitigate bad mob types. The strategy's details, including map rolls and the use of breach all Flames, are discussed, along with the goal of making at least 100 divination points per hour.


🗺️ Strategy Details and Expectations

This paragraph delves into the specifics of the mapping strategy, emphasizing the high-risk, high-investment nature of the approach. The narrator believes it to be the best strategy for the current endgame due to its challenging maps and the reluctance of many players to undertake it. The video will track the strategy's performance with maps 1 to 100, and the narrator will provide links to Twitch VODs and Path of Building for transparency. The build and loot filter details are mentioned, with a focus on increasing effect modifiers and Scarab drops. The strategy involves using Back to Basics for potential big rolls and is expected to yield a significant amount of loot, primarily from barrels rather than monsters.


🎲 Initial Results and RNG Discussion

The narrator shares the initial results of the first 100 maps, discussing the RNG (random number generation) aspect of the game and how it affects the outcome. They mention the drop rates of various cards and the importance of getting full stacks for maximum value. Despite the expectation of certain drops, the narrator experiences bad luck with the RNG, particularly with the seven years bad luck card. The results are compared to the previous farm, and the narrator notes that the curation Scarab's value has fluctuated. The paragraph ends with a discussion about the potential impact of using no all Flames instead of quadruple breach all Flames on the Wrath card drop rate.


📊 Analysis of the First 100 Maps

In this section, the narrator provides a detailed analysis of the loot obtained from the first 100 maps. They list the number of various cards received, such as wrath, hoarders, fortunates, and others, and compare these numbers to expected averages. The results are not as positive as hoped, with particularly poor RNG on the seven years bad luck card and a lower than expected number of curation Scarabs. The narrator also discusses the impact of not using all Flames and the potential benefits observed from using breach all Flames instead.


💎 Jewel Crafting and Liquidation Strategies

The narrator discusses their experience with crafting jewels, specifically adorned jewels, and the RNG involved in getting valuable mods. They share the outcomes of several jewel crafts, highlighting both successes and failures. The paragraph also touches on the financial implications of the initial 100 maps, with the narrator considering creative liquidation strategies to set up for the next maps. The curation Scarab's value increase is noted again, and the narrator expresses a need to adapt their approach for the subsequent map sets.



💡PoE 3.24

PoE 3.24 refers to the version 3.24 of the game Path of Exile, which is an action role-playing video game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the context of the video, the creator discusses strategies and changes specific to this version of the game, indicating that the content is tailored to the mechanics and features introduced or altered in update 3.24.

💡1000 MAPS

The term '1000 MAPS' signifies a challenge or a series that the video creator is undertaking, where they will play through 1000 maps in the game. This is a common way for gamers to test strategies, showcase gameplay, and provide data on the efficiency and profitability of certain in-game actions, as seen in the video where the creator discusses the results and insights gained from this endeavor.

💡Curation Barrels

Curation Barrels are a game mechanic within Path of Exile where players can find and open barrels that contain various types of loot. In the video, the creator focuses on a strategy involving these barrels, aiming to optimize the rewards obtained from them, which is a central theme of the gameplay discussed.


In Path of Exile, a 'Fortress' refers to a type of map that players can run. These maps have specific modifiers and challenges that differentiate them from other map types. The video script mentions the Fortress layout, indicating that the strategy being discussed is tailored to the unique characteristics of maps found within the Fortress region.

💡Divination Scarab

The Divination Scarab is an in-game item used to obtain divination cards, which are a form of currency in Path of Exile. The video creator mentions a 'curation divination Scarab,' suggesting a new or specific type of Scarab introduced in version 3.24, used to enhance the curation strategy they are exploring.

💡Divination Card

Divination Cards are special items in Path of Exile that can be exchanged for various rewards. They are part of the game's economy and are often sought after by players. The video discusses farming these cards as part of the curation strategy, indicating their importance in the gameplay and economy of the game.

💡Sample Size

In the context of the video, 'sample size' refers to the number of maps (1000) that the creator is running to gather data and observe patterns or results. It is a statistical term used to denote the number of observations or instances that are part of a study. The creator emphasizes the significance of a large sample size to provide reliable and insightful data on the gameplay strategy.


Twitch is a live streaming platform often used by gamers to broadcast their gameplay. In the script, the creator mentions 'Twitch vods,' which refers to video on demand content from Twitch, indicating that they will be providing uncut video footage of their 1000 map challenge as a form of evidence or reference for the data and conclusions they draw.

💡Breach All Flames

Breach All Flames is a term that seems to refer to a specific type of map modifier or mechanic in Path of Exile. The video creator discusses the impact of this mechanic on the divination card drops and its role in their strategy, suggesting it as a potential factor in optimizing the gameplay experience.

💡Investment Cost

In the context of the video, 'investment cost' refers to the resources spent by the player to set up and run the maps, such as the cost of the maps themselves and any additional items used to enhance the map rolls. The creator discusses the investment cost as part of their analysis of the profitability of the curation strategy.


The term 'meta' in gaming generally refers to the most effective tactics or strategies among players at any given time. In the video, the creator discusses the 'barrel and go meta,' which seems to be a specific strategy or approach to playing maps that they are testing and analyzing for its effectiveness and popularity among players.


Introduction of a new series of 1,000 maps on the tier 17 Fortress layout with new curation divination Scarab and well.

Reason for undertaking 1,000 maps to provide sound data and insights into the new strategy.

Discussion of major core changes in the game and their impact on mapping strategies.

Introduction of the curation barrel and go strategy as a new and effective approach.

The presenter's affinity for the curation barrel and go strategy despite skepticism from others.

A recent 100 map session resulted in a loss, prompting a larger 1,000 map experiment.

Emphasis on the value of a 1,000 map sample size for reliable data collection.

The presenter's reputation for providing solid data backed by uncut Twitch VODs.

Brief overview of the strategy and its goals, including making at least 100 divination per hour.

Details on the investment and expected returns from the 1,000 map run.

Explanation of the map rolls, including quantity, quality, and specific mods for the strategy.

The decision to run some Abyss all Flames to block out bad mob types on maps.

Observation on the potential impact of breach all Flames on divination card drops.

The presenter's anticipation of the strategy's effectiveness and its alignment with high stakes, high investment, and challenging maps.

Tracking of various items and resources, including sacred orbs, core locks, and mirrors.

Discussion on the use of the adorned jewel and its impact on the map running strategy.

The presenter's plan to gamble one unrequited love for a full stack or bust in every 100 maps.

Initial results of the first 100 maps, including the number of valuable cards and loot collected.

Analysis of the first 100 map run's outcome and the decision to continue with the strategy.