POE 3.24 Can't Farm Hard Content? I got 30 div/hour from T1 maps farming, Solo, no MF

10 May 202404:23

TLDRIn this video, the creator shares their experience of efficiently farming T1 maps in Path of Exile 3.24 without the need for high-level gear or map modifiers. They achieve an impressive 30 divine orbs per hour, solo, and without using any map fragments for additional loot. The video provides insights and strategies for players looking to farm effectively in the game's early endgame content, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to maximize their in-game currency gains without the usual investment in gear.


  • 🔒 The video discusses efficient farming strategies for Path of Exile (POE) 3.24, specifically targeting Tier 1 maps for solo play without the need for multiple farming characters.
  • 🚀 Aiming for 30 divine orbs per hour as a benchmark for efficient farming, which is achievable through the described methods.
  • 🧭 The importance of choosing the right maps for farming is highlighted, with a focus on those that are both profitable and manageable for solo players.
  • 🛡️ Solo play is emphasized, suggesting that with the right build and strategy, one can farm efficiently without the need for a team.
  • 💼 The absence of a 'magic find' (MF) requirement implies that the farming method is not reliant on gear with increased loot drop rates, making it more accessible.
  • 🎖️ The video likely includes tips on character builds that are optimized for farming, including skill choices and passive tree setups.
  • 🗺️ A detailed map selection guide may be provided, helping viewers to choose maps that yield the best returns for their farming efforts.
  • 💡 The video probably offers insights into the mechanics of the game's economy, explaining why certain maps are more profitable to farm.
  • 🛠️ It may also cover optimal gear setups and enchantments to maximize efficiency and survivability during farming.
  • 📈 The transcript suggests that the video includes a step-by-step guide or walkthrough to help viewers replicate the farming method.
  • 💰 The focus on profitability implies that the video will discuss how to maximize returns from farming, including selling strategies for the items obtained.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic is about farming hard content in POE 3.24 and achieving 30 div/hour from T1 maps farming as a solo player without using any magic find (MF).

  • What does 'div/hour' refer to in the context of the video?

    -'Div/hour' refers to the number of divination cards that can be obtained per hour, which is a common metric for measuring the efficiency of farming in games like Path of Exile.

  • What is the significance of farming T1 maps?

    -Farming T1 maps is significant because they are the first tier maps in the game and can yield valuable items and resources, which are crucial for character progression and economy.

  • Why is solo farming without magic find (MF) highlighted in the title?

    -Solo farming without magic find (MF) is highlighted to emphasize that the player is achieving high efficiency in farming without relying on additional boosts, making the strategy more accessible to a wider range of players.

  • What are the implications of achieving high divination card drops without using MF?

    -Achieving high divination card drops without using MF implies that the player has optimized their farming strategy, gear, and character build to maximize efficiency and rewards without external boosts.

  • What might the video cover in terms of strategies for T1 map farming?

    -The video might cover strategies such as efficient pathing, boss prioritization, and character build optimization to maximize the number of divination cards obtained per hour.

  • How can players improve their farming efficiency in T1 maps?

    -Players can improve their farming efficiency by understanding map layouts, optimizing their character's gear and skills, and employing effective in-game tactics to defeat enemies quickly.

  • What are some common challenges faced by players when farming T1 maps?

    -Common challenges include managing one's character's survivability, dealing with map modifiers that increase difficulty, and finding the right balance between clearing maps and running bosses.

  • How does the video transcript enhance the understanding of the farming strategy?

    -The video transcript provides text explanations that complement the visual content of the video, offering a deeper understanding of the farming strategy and how to implement it effectively.

  • What are divination cards in the context of Path of Exile?

    -Divination cards in Path of Exile are special items that, when used, grant various benefits or effects, such as additional loot, experience, or currency. They are highly sought after for character progression.

  • Why is it important to farm efficiently in games like Path of Exile?

    -Efficient farming is important as it allows players to acquire better gear, resources, and currency, which are essential for advancing through the game's content and staying competitive in a player-versus-player environment.

  • What role does the player's gear and character build play in T1 map farming?

    -The player's gear and character build play a crucial role in T1 map farming as they directly impact the player's ability to clear maps quickly and survive encounters with challenging enemies and bosses.



📝 Text Explanations in Video

The first paragraph of the video script indicates that all necessary text explanations are included within the video itself. This suggests that viewers can expect to find all the information they need directly in the video content, without the need for external sources or supplementary material.



💡POE 3.24

POE 3.24 refers to the version 3.24 of the game 'Path of Exile', which is an action role-playing video game developed by Grinding Gear Games. In the context of the video, it suggests that the content is specifically tailored to strategies and gameplay relevant to this particular version of the game.


In the context of video games, 'farming' typically refers to the act of repeatedly playing through the same content to accumulate resources, such as in-game currency, items, or experience points. In the video, the term is used to describe the process of efficiently earning 'divination cards' as a form of in-game currency.

💡Hard Content

'Hard Content' generally denotes challenging levels or areas within a game that require a higher level of skill or stronger character build to complete successfully. In the video, the term is used to contrast with the easier Tier 1 maps, suggesting that the player is able to farm efficiently without needing to tackle the more difficult content.

💡Divination Cards

Divination Cards are a type of in-game currency in Path of Exile. They can be obtained by playing the game and are used to gain random rewards. The video mentions farming 30 divination cards per hour, indicating a high rate of accumulation, which is a key point of the video's theme.

💡Tier 1 Maps

In Path of Exile, 'Tier 1 Maps' are the lowest level of maps, which are easier to complete and offer less reward compared to higher-tier maps. The video suggests that farming Tier 1 maps is an efficient way to accumulate divination cards, even though they are not the most challenging content.


Playing 'Solo' means undertaking game content alone, without the assistance of other players. The video implies that the farming strategy described can be effectively executed by a single player, which is an important aspect for those who prefer to play without a team.


MF stands for 'Magic Find', a term used in gaming to refer to the probability of finding magic items. In the context of the video, stating 'no MF' suggests that the farming strategy is effective even without specifically focusing on increasing the chances of finding magic items.


Efficiency in gaming refers to the ability to achieve a goal, such as farming, in the least amount of time or with the least amount of effort. The video's title implies that the player has found an efficient method to farm divination cards, which is a central theme of the content.

💡Character Build

A 'Character Build' in games like Path of Exile refers to the specific combination of skills, attributes, and equipment chosen for a player's character. While not explicitly mentioned in the title, the concept is implied as the effectiveness of farming strategies often depends on a well-planned character build.

💡In-Game Currency

In-game currency is a virtual currency used within a game to purchase items, services, or to progress in the game. In the video, divination cards serve as a form of in-game currency, and the farming strategy is aimed at accumulating this currency.


Introduction to POE 3.24 and its challenges.

Overview of T1 map farming strategy.

Explanation of how to achieve 30 div/hour without Magic Find.

Details on solo farming techniques.

Breakdown of key items and gear used.

Demonstration of efficient map clearing routes.

Tips on optimizing character build for farming.

Discussion on avoiding common pitfalls.

Examples of successful runs and loot obtained.

Insight into the economic impact of this strategy.

Advice for newcomers to POE 3.24.

Comparing this method to other farming strategies.

Community feedback and testimonials.

Future updates and potential changes in POE.

Conclusion and final thoughts.