SOUNDRAW Tutorial 2022

21 Sept 202211:34

TLDRIn this engaging tutorial, the host, Shy, introduces the audience to the Samurai platform, a tool that allows creators to use AI for customizing royalty-free music for their YouTube videos. The video emphasizes the importance of adhering to YouTube's music guidelines to avoid copyright strikes and account removal. Shy demonstrates how to select music based on video categories, genres, styles, lengths, and tempos, and how to choose specific instruments to create a unique sound. The tutorial also covers how to edit the music track, using visual cues to adjust intensity and transitions between sections. Shy shows how to add beat drops and customize the beat to fit the narrative of the video, ensuring the music complements the spoken parts without overpowering them. Additionally, the platform allows users to adjust the length of the track and preview it with their video to ensure seamless integration. The video concludes with a call to action to subscribe for more tutorials and tips on enhancing video content with music.


  • 🎵 Soundraw is a platform for creating royalty-free music for YouTube videos to avoid copyright issues.
  • 🛠️ The platform allows users to customize music by selecting video categories, genres, styles, lengths, tempos, and instruments.
  • 🎶 AI technology is used to produce high-quality, customizable tracks that are royalty-free.
  • 👀 Users can choose the mood of the music, such as 'exciting' or 'funky', to match the theme of their video.
  • 🔍 The interface provides a visual representation of the music track, with different colors indicating the intensity of each instrument.
  • 🎚️ Users can edit and customize the music by adjusting the intensity of individual instruments and adding transitions.
  • 🔄 Transitions can be added or modified to create different effects, such as a build-up or a beat drop.
  • 🎥 There's an option to preview the music alongside a video to ensure it matches the intended scenes and pacing.
  • ⏱️ The length of the track can be adjusted to fit the video's duration, using plus or minus buttons to shorten or extend the music.
  • 🎛️ Users have control over the BPM (beats per minute), which can be increased or decreased to change the tempo of the track.
  • 📢 The tutorial encourages creators to subscribe for more tips on how to enhance their video content with music.

Q & A

  • What is the main purpose of the Soundraw platform mentioned in the tutorial?

    -The main purpose of the Soundraw platform is to provide users with royalty-free music that they can customize using AI, which can be used in their videos to avoid copyright issues on platforms like YouTube.

  • Why is it important to use royalty-free music in videos uploaded to YouTube?

    -Using royalty-free music is important because it prevents copyright strikes and potential account suspensions on YouTube, which can happen if the music used in the background of a video violates YouTube's rules and guidelines.

  • What are the different video categories available on the Soundraw platform?

    -The video categories available on Soundraw include options for vlogs, games, advertisements, and other types of video content, allowing users to select the most appropriate category for their specific needs.

  • How does the AI customization feature on Soundraw work?

    -The AI customization feature on Soundraw allows users to select various parameters such as genre, style, length, tempo, and instruments to create a unique track that suits their video's theme and mood.

  • What does the BPM (beats per minute) indicate in the context of the Soundraw platform?

    -The BPM indicates the tempo of the music track. A higher BPM means a faster-paced track, while a lower BPM results in a slower tempo. Users can adjust the BPM to match the desired pace of their video.

  • How can users customize the intensity of different instruments in a track on Soundraw?

    -Users can customize the intensity of different instruments by selecting the intensity blocks, which are represented by different colors (light blue for low intensity, dark blue for high intensity), and adjusting the transitions and instrument volumes accordingly.

  • What is the purpose of the transitions in the music track on Soundraw?

    -Transitions in the music track serve to create a smooth flow between different sections of the music, adding variety and dynamic changes to the track. They can be adjusted in terms of intensity and timing to fit the narrative or action in the video.

  • How can users add a beat drop to a specific part of the track on Soundraw?

    -To add a beat drop, users can right-click on the desired part of the track to create a gradient effect, indicating a beat drop. This can then be played to hear the effect and adjusted as needed.

  • What is the significance of the different colored blocks in the track on Soundraw?

    -The different colored blocks represent the intensity of the instruments playing at that point in the track. Light blue indicates a lower intensity, while dark blue signifies a higher intensity, which can be used to create dynamic changes in the music.

  • How can users shorten or lengthen a track on Soundraw to match their video's duration?

    -Users can adjust the length of the track by clicking the plus or minus buttons to shorten or extend the duration. This allows for customization to fit the specific needs of the video content.

  • What is the benefit of the 'Show preview video' feature on Soundraw?

    -The 'Show preview video' feature allows users to drag and play their video alongside the music track, helping them to align the music with the video's visuals and narrative for a more cohesive and engaging final product.



🎵 Introduction to Samurai Music Platform

The video begins with an introduction to the Samurai music platform, emphasizing the importance of using royalty-free music on YouTube to avoid copyright issues. The host, Shy, explains how not adhering to YouTube's guidelines can lead to strict penalties, including account removal. To prevent this, Shy introduces AI-produced, customizable, and royalty-free music available on Samurai. The platform is showcased with various options to customize the music, such as video categories, genre and style, length, tempo, and instrument selection. Shy demonstrates how to create a track by selecting an 'exciting' mood, a 'funky' style, a two-minute length, and a fast tempo, resulting in a selection of tracks that fit these criteria.


🎶 Customizing and Editing Music Tracks

Shy continues by demonstrating how to customize and edit music tracks on the Samurai platform. He explains the visual representation of instrument intensity through color-coding and how transitions between different sections of the track can be adjusted. Shy edits a track by adding a beat drop and moving it to a different part of the track to coincide with a video's climax. He also shows how to adjust the intensity of certain instruments and create a more subdued section in the music for dialogue or less intense video moments. The process of taking out some instruments to reduce the intensity and focusing on others, like drums or bass, is detailed, allowing the viewer to understand how to put themselves in the producer's seat.


⏱️ Adjusting Track Length and BPM

The final paragraph focuses on adjusting the length of the music track and the beats per minute (BPM) to fit the video's needs. Shy shows how to shorten a two-minute track to 30 seconds using the plus and minus buttons on the platform. He also demonstrates how to use the show preview feature to align the beat with the video and change the BPM to alter the track's speed. Shy concludes by reminding viewers of the importance of choosing the right instruments, keys, and volume levels to create a unique track. He encourages viewers to subscribe for more tutorials and tips on making their videos stand out and signs off with a message of continued creation.




SOUNDRAW is an online platform that allows users to create and customize royalty-free music tracks. In the context of the video, it is the main subject being discussed, and the creator uses it to demonstrate how to produce a unique music track that can be used in videos without the risk of copyright infringement.


AI, or artificial intelligence, is a technology that enables machines to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence. In the video, AI is used to customize the music on the SOUNDRAW platform, allowing users to create tailored tracks for their videos.

💡Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music refers to music that does not require the payment of royalties for each use once it has been purchased or licensed. This type of music is ideal for content creators who want to add music to their videos without the risk of copyright issues, as explained in the video.


YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where users upload and share videos. The video script discusses the importance of using royalty-free music when uploading content to YouTube to avoid copyright strikes and the potential removal of the account.

💡Video themes

Video themes are the different categories or styles of music that can be chosen based on the type of video content. In the script, the creator selects a theme to customize the music for a vlog or a game advertisement, demonstrating how the platform caters to various video styles.

💡Genre and style

Genre and style refer to the specific type of music that a user wants for their video. The video explains how users can select the genre and style on the SOUNDRAW platform to create a song that matches the mood and tone of their video content.


Tempo is the speed or pace of the music, which can be slow, normal, or fast. The video script shows how the creator selects the tempo for the music track to match the desired energy level of the video.

💡Instrument selection

Instrument selection is the process of choosing which musical instruments will be included in the track. The video demonstrates how users can select specific instruments, such as piano or electric guitar, to create a unique sound for their video.


BPM stands for beats per minute and is a measure of the speed of a music track. In the video, the creator adjusts the BPM to change the speed of the music, illustrating how this can affect the overall feel of the track.


Transitions in music are the changes that occur between different sections of a track. The video script explains how the creator uses transitions to create smooth shifts between parts of the music, enhancing the listening experience.

💡Customizable beat

A customizable beat refers to the ability to modify the elements of a music track, such as the instruments, tempo, and transitions, to suit the needs of the video. The video demonstrates how users can customize the beat on SOUNDRAW to create a unique and fitting soundtrack for their videos.


Introduction to the Soundraw platform and its capabilities for AI customization of royalty-free music.

Importance of adhering to YouTube's music copyright rules to avoid account strikes or removal.

Overview of how to use Soundraw to select music based on video categories, genres, styles, and lengths.

Explanation of how to select the tempo and instruments for a customized track on Soundraw.

Demonstration of choosing a mood and creating music based on selected filters on the Soundraw platform.

Tutorial on how to listen to and select a track that fits the desired mood and pace.

Description of the visual representation of music intensity and transitions in Soundraw's interface.

Guide on how to customize the beat by adjusting the intensity of different instruments.

Explanation of the significance of transitions in a track and how to modify them for different effects.

Step-by-step process of adding a beat drop to a track and adjusting its intensity.

Technique for moving a beat drop to a different part of the track to align with video content.

Advice on creating moments of silence or reduced intensity in a track for dialogue or key moments.

How to remove specific instruments to adjust the track's intensity and fit the video's narrative.

Demonstration of shortening a track's length to fit the duration of a video clip.

Feature to preview and align the music with the video using Soundraw's interface.

Customization options for BPM, instrument selection, and volume adjustments in Soundraw.

Encouragement to subscribe for more tutorials and tips on making videos stand out with Soundraw.