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7 Feb 202311:59

TLDRIn this video, Barry from Music Tech Info introduces Soundraw, an AI music tool that generates royalty-free music for creators. Users can visit to create unlimited tracks by selecting mood, genre, and length. The AI produces customizable music, allowing adjustments to song structure, which is beneficial for video creators needing specific song lengths. Soundraw offers a free tier and a personal plan with more options, including commercial use and the ability to download up to 50 songs per day. The platform provides an all-inclusive license for various creative projects, and users retain the license even after unsubscribing. The video also covers the platform's capabilities, such as editing music to match video content and avoiding copyright issues, as well as the restrictions and modifications allowed for using the music in different formats.


  • 🎵 Soundraw is an AI music tool that generates royalty-free music for various uses.
  • 🛠️ Users can create unlimited music by choosing mood, genre, and length on the Soundraw platform.
  • 🔧 Soundraw allows customization of songs, including adjusting the intro length and chorus position for more control.
  • 🚫 No copyright strikes are a key benefit, especially for YouTubers and content creators.
  • ✂️ The tool enables easy editing of music to match video content, such as trimming songs to fit video lengths.
  • 🆓 Soundraw offers a free tier for generating unlimited songs, with the option to bookmark them.
  • 💰 A personal plan is available with more features, including commercial use and downloading up to 50 songs per day.
  • 🎥 The personal plan covers uses in YouTube, social media, web ads, TV and radio commercials, podcasts, games, and apps.
  • 📱 One account can use Soundraw on one device at a time, and the license is all-inclusive for various creative projects.
  • 🔄 Users retain the license to use and download songs even after unsubscribing from the personal plan.
  • 🎶 Soundraw provides an affiliate program for interested users, with details available in the description.

Q & A

  • What is Soundraw and what does it offer?

    -Soundraw is an AI music tool that allows users to generate royalty-free music tailored to their needs. It offers various options for creating unlimited music by choosing mood, genre, and length, and then customizing the song to fit specific requirements.

  • How does Soundraw's AI generate music?

    -Soundraw's AI generates music by allowing users to select the mood, genre, and length of the music they desire. The AI then produces the music accordingly, and users can further customize the intro, chorus, and other elements of the song.

  • What are the benefits of using Soundraw for YouTubers and content creators?

    -Soundraw provides a solution to avoid copyright strikes by offering royalty-free, AI-generated music. It also allows for customization of the music to fit the content of the video, which can be particularly useful for matching the mood or pacing of a video.

  • What are the different tiers of service offered by Soundraw?

    -Soundraw offers a free tier where users can generate unlimited songs and bookmark them. There is also a personal plan that provides more options, including the ability to download up to 50 songs per day for personal and commercial use across various platforms.

  • What types of licenses does Soundraw provide for its music?

    -Soundraw provides an all-inclusive license that covers a wide range of creative uses such as audiobooks, web ads, corporate videos, games, and more. Users retain the license to use and download songs even if they unsubscribe from the service.

  • How does Soundraw handle modifications to the generated music?

    -If the music is used as the main purpose of a work, such as an NFT, users are required to modify the music by including new sounds or instruments that aren't available in the original export, ensuring that at least 60% of the song is changed.

  • What limitations does Soundraw have regarding the distribution of its music?

    -Soundraw's music cannot be used as the main focus of a video or audio creation without modifications. It also cannot be sold as stock audio or distributed on platforms like Spotify without proper modifications and adherence to the license agreement.

  • What file formats does Soundraw provide for downloading its music?

    -Currently, Soundraw provides music downloads in WAV file format, which offers higher quality than MP3. There is no option for MIDI, MP3, or stem file downloads at the moment.

  • Does Soundraw have an affiliate program?

    -Yes, Soundraw has an affiliate program, which is mentioned in the script. Interested users can find more information in the description of the video or by contacting Soundraw directly.

  • How can users find more information or subscribe to Soundraw?

    -Users can find more information and subscribe to Soundraw by visiting their website at The script also mentions that an affiliate link might be provided in the video description for those interested.

  • What are some of the restrictions on using Soundraw's music in video content?

    -Soundraw's music cannot be used as the primary focus of a video if the video is meant to support the music itself, such as in meditation videos or static image videos where the music is the main feature.



🎵 Exploring The AI Music Tool

Barry from Music Tech Info introduces, an AI tool for generating royalty-free music. He explains that users can create unlimited music by selecting mood, genre, and length, with options to customize intros, choruses, and more. This flexibility helps creators avoid issues like mismatched scenes and long intros. The tool also ensures no copyright strikes, making it ideal for YouTubers and other content creators. offers a free tier with unlimited song generation and a personal plan with additional features, including commercial use and the ability to download up to 50 songs per day.


🔄 Customizing and Modifying Music with

Barry details the customization options available in's Pro mode, allowing users to edit song length, tempo, and structure. The tool includes a video preview feature for syncing music with videos. He highlights the importance of understanding the licensing agreements, noting restrictions on using's music as the main content. Users can modify songs significantly if they intend to distribute or sell them, ensuring the modified track sounds distinctly different. This maintains's integrity while supporting user creativity.


📜 Licensing and Usage Terms of

Barry explains the licensing terms of, emphasizing that downloaded songs can be used indefinitely, even after the subscription ends. He discusses the limitations, such as the absence of public APIs and the restriction to wave file downloads only, which impacts producers who need MIDI or stem files for more extensive editing. Despite these limitations, provides high-quality studio music. Barry encourages viewers to check out the link in the description for more information and potential affiliate opportunities.



💡AI Music Tool

An AI Music Tool refers to software or a platform that uses artificial intelligence to generate music. In the context of the video, Soundraw is an AI music tool that allows users to create royalty-free music tailored to their needs. The tool is highlighted for its ability to produce music based on user-selected mood, genre, and length, which is central to the video's theme of exploring innovative music creation technologies.

💡Royalty Free Music

Royalty Free Music is a type of music licensing where, once purchased, the buyer is granted a lifetime license to use the music in various projects without paying any additional royalties or fees to the original creator. In the video, Barry discusses how Soundraw provides AI-generated royalty-free music, which is significant for content creators like YouTubers who need music for their videos without the worry of copyright issues.


To customize means to modify or make adjustments to something to better suit one's needs or preferences. In the script, customization is a key feature of Soundraw, allowing users to alter aspects of the music such as the intro length or the position of the chorus. This feature is showcased as a way to give users more control over the music they generate, making it more suitable for their specific projects.

💡Copyright Strikes

Copyright Strikes refer to penalties imposed by platforms like YouTube on content that uses copyrighted material without permission. The video emphasizes that using Soundraw's AI-generated royalty-free music can help creators avoid these strikes, as the music produced is free from copyright restrictions, allowing for safer use in their content.


In the context of music, mood refers to the emotional atmosphere or feeling that a piece of music conveys. The video script mentions that users can select the mood of the music they want to generate on Soundraw, which is an important aspect as it allows the AI to produce music that matches the intended emotional tone of the user's project.


Genre, in music, refers to a category of music that shares certain characteristics, such as instrumentation, style, or content. The script highlights that Soundraw enables users to choose from various genres when creating their music, which is crucial for matching the music to the specific style or theme of the user's creative work.

💡Personal and Commercial Use

Personal and Commercial Use denotes the two main categories of usage for which a product or service can be licensed. In the video, Barry explains that with a Soundraw subscription, users gain access to music for both personal projects and commercial ventures, such as YouTube videos, social media content, and various forms of advertising.

💡All-inclusive License

An all-inclusive license is a type of license that covers a wide range of uses without additional restrictions or fees. The video mentions that Soundraw offers an all-inclusive license, which means that once a user has downloaded a song, they retain the rights to use it even if they unsubscribe from the service, providing them with continued flexibility in their creative endeavors.

💡Video Preview

Video Preview is a feature that allows users to see how their video will look with the added music. The script describes a feature in Soundraw's Pro mode where users can drop their video into the platform to preview how the AI-generated music will synchronize with their visuals, providing a practical tool for creators to ensure the music fits well with their content.


Modifications refer to changes made to the original version of something to adapt it to new requirements or preferences. The video script explains that if the music from Soundraw is to be used as the main purpose of a creation, such as an NFT, users are required to make significant modifications to the track, such as adding new vocals or instruments, to ensure it is distinct from the original AI-generated music.


Soundraw is an AI music tool for generating royalty-free music.

Users can create unlimited music by choosing mood, genre, and length.

AI produces the music with customization options for intro and chorus positions.

No copyright strikes for YouTubers and creators using Soundraw.

Tool allows editing of song length to match video content.

Free tier available for unlimited song generation with bookmarking.

Personal plan offers more options including commercial use and daily downloads.

All-inclusive license for various creative uses like audiobooks, web ads, and games.

License remains valid even after unsubscribing from the plan.

Soundraw has an affiliate program for interested users.

Users can log in and generate music with a variety of moods and genres.

Pro mode allows editing of length, tempo, and song structure.

Video preview feature to see how music fits with video content.

Download options available for favorite tracks with premium plans.

FAQs and license information provided for user clarity.

Restrictions on using music as the main focus of videos or audio creations.

Modifications required if music is the primary purpose of the work, such as an NFT.

Customizing a song does not count as modifying it for license purposes.

Songs downloaded with an active subscription can be used forever.

Currently, no plugins or public APIs are available from Soundraw.

Downloads are only available as wave files, not MP3 or MIDI.