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27 Apr 202307:25

TLDRDiscover Leonardo AI, a free alternative to Midjourney for generating high-quality images. With daily 150 tokens, users can create unlimited images and retain rights to their creations. Learn how to access the web app, manipulate images, and even monetize your art on platforms like Etsy. This video offers a step-by-step guide to using Leonardo AI for both creative and commercial purposes.


  • 🚫 The author encountered a message from Midjourney stating they couldn't provide a free trial due to high demand and suggested an alternative.
  • 🌟 The alternative AI recommended is Leonardo AI, which is described as fast-growing and competitive with Midjourney.
  • 📸 Leonardo AI grants users the rights to the images they generate without a monthly fee, unlike Midjourney which charges $10.
  • 🔑 To access Leonardo AI, users need to visit the website, join the Discord channel, and fill out a form to receive an invitation.
  • 💡 The author shares a tip that users can bypass the invitation process by claiming to be whitelisted on the Leonardo AI website.
  • 🖼️ Leonardo AI is a web app, offering convenience as it doesn't require a Discord account, unlike Midjourney.
  • 🔢 The AI provides a token system, giving users 150 tokens daily to generate images, which is considered ample by the author.
  • 🔍 Users can view and learn from the prompts used by others to generate high-quality images in Leonardo AI.
  • ✨ Leonardo AI features a 'No Background' function and an 'Ideate' tool to help users come up with complex prompt ideas.
  • 🛠️ The platform offers various settings for image generation, including the number of images per prompt, resolution, and 'Guidance Scale'.
  • 🎨 The author demonstrates how to create and sell patterns using Leonardo AI, suggesting it as a way to make money without spending extra on images.

Q & A

  • What was the issue the user faced with Midjourney?

    -The user was unable to access a free trial of Midjourney due to extreme demand and was prompted to subscribe or try again the next day.

  • What is the name of the alternative AI the user found to Midjourney?

    -The user found an alternative AI named Leonardo AI, which is free and offers a growing range of capabilities.

  • What is the main advantage of using Leonardo AI over Midjourney in terms of image rights?

    -Leonardo AI states that all rights to an image belong to the person who has generated it, unlike Midjourney, where you have to pay $10 a month to get the rights to an image.

  • How can one get early access to Leonardo AI?

    -To get early access to Leonardo AI, one needs to visit their website, click 'Get Early Access', join their Discord channel, and follow the link to fill out a form with their Discord nickname and email.

  • What is a shortcut to access Leonardo AI without waiting for the invitation?

    -Instead of waiting for the invitation, one can go back to the '' website, click 'Launch App', then 'Yes. I'm whitelisted', and log in with the email provided in the form to gain early access.

  • What is the token system used by Leonardo AI for image generation?

    -Leonardo AI uses a token system where users are given 150 tokens that reload every 24 hours, allowing them to generate 150 images a day.

  • How does Leonardo AI's image manipulation feature differ from Midjourney's?

    -Leonardo AI allows users to click on any image and see the prompt used to generate it, remove the background in a few clicks, and offers several image upscaling options, which is not available in Midjourney.

  • What is the 'Prompt Magic V2' feature in Leonardo AI and what does it do?

    -'Prompt Magic V2' is a feature in Leonardo AI that ensures better prompt adherence. It is currently in Beta testing and allows users to adjust High Contrast and Prompt Magic Strength for more accurate image generation.

  • How can one create a repeating pattern image using Leonardo AI?

    -To create a repeating pattern image, one should select 4 variations, enable 'Prompt Magic' and 'High Contrast', choose a resolution of 1024 by 1024, and enable 'Tiling'. Then, write a descriptive prompt and generate the image.

  • What is the process of selling a pattern created with Leonardo AI on Etsy?

    -After creating the pattern with Leonardo AI, one can sell it as a digital product on Etsy. Alternatively, using Printify, one can create a physical product with the pattern, which Printify will produce and ship to the customer.



🌐 Discovering Leonardo AI as a Free Alternative to Midjourney

After being unable to access a free trial on Midjourney due to high demand, the narrator explores and discovers Leonardo AI as a viable and free alternative. The platform is praised for its rapid growth, competitive capabilities, and the unique feature that all image rights belong to the generator, unlike Midjourney which requires a monthly fee for such rights. The narrator provides a step-by-step guide on how to access Leonardo AI, emphasizing its convenience as a web app and detailing its token system that allows for the generation of 150 images per day. Additionally, the platform's user interface is highlighted, including the ability to view prompts of other users' images and the innovative 'No Background' feature for easy image manipulation.


🎨 Utilizing Leonardo AI for Creative Pattern Design and Etsy Sales

The second paragraph delves into the practical application of Leonardo AI for creating and selling pattern designs on Etsy. The narrator demonstrates the process of generating a Picasso-style pattern using the platform's 'Tiling' feature and various image manipulation options. The use of 'Prompt Magic' and 'High Contrast' is discussed to enhance image quality. After image creation, the narrator outlines the steps to transform the digital pattern into a physical product using Printify, which handles production and shipping. The final step involves listing the product on Etsy, providing a complete workflow from creation to sales. The paragraph concludes with an invitation for feedback and a prompt to subscribe for more content.




Midjourney is a term used in the script to refer to a specific AI image generation service that the speaker initially tried to use. It is highlighted as a service that was unable to provide a free trial due to high demand, prompting the speaker to seek an alternative. The term is central to the video's theme as it sets the stage for the introduction of Leonardo AI as a superior, free alternative.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an AI-powered image generation tool introduced in the script as a free alternative to Midjourney. It is described as constantly updating and growing, offering serious competition to Midjourney. The script emphasizes its user-friendly features, such as the ability to generate images without needing a Discord account and providing the rights to the generated images to the user, unlike Midjourney which requires a monthly fee.


Discord is mentioned in the script as a platform where users can join Leonardo AI's channel to gain early access to the AI tool. It is part of the process described for obtaining access to Leonardo AI, indicating that it serves as a community hub for users interested in the service.


In the context of the script, tokens refer to a system used by Leonardo AI to limit the number of images a user can generate within a certain period. Leonardo AI provides 150 tokens that reload every 24 hours, allowing users to generate 150 images a day, which is a significant feature of the service as it enables free and frequent image generation.

💡Image Generation

Image generation is the core process described in the script, where users input text prompts into Leonardo AI to create images. It is the main functionality of the AI tool and is central to the video's theme, showcasing how users can harness the power of AI to create visual content without the need for artistic skills.


A prompt in the script is the text input that users provide to Leonardo AI to guide the image generation process. It is a key concept as it determines the theme and style of the generated images, and the script discusses how to optimize prompts for better results.

💡Background Removal

Background removal is a feature of Leonardo AI mentioned in the script that allows users to easily remove the background from an image with just a few clicks. This feature is highlighted as a user-friendly aspect of the tool that adds value to the image generation process.


Pattern refers to a type of image created in the script using Leonardo AI, characterized by repeating visual elements. The script demonstrates how to create and sell pattern images on Etsy, showcasing the commercial potential of the AI-generated content.


Etsy is an online marketplace mentioned in the script where users can sell products, such as AI-generated images or patterns, created with Leonardo AI. It is part of the video's message about monetizing AI-generated content and serves as an example of a platform for commercializing creative work.


Printify is a service mentioned in the script that allows users to create physical products from their digital designs, such as patterns generated with Leonardo AI. It is highlighted as a convenient way to produce and sell merchandise without the need for manual packing or shipping.


Midjourney no longer offers a free trial due to extreme demand.

Introduction of as a free alternative to Midjourney.

Leonardo AI offers image rights to the generator without a monthly fee.

Step-by-step guide on how to access Leonardo AI.

Leonardo AI is a web app, eliminating the need for a Discord account.

Leonardo AI provides 150 tokens daily for image generation.

Users can view prompts used by others in the community.

Built-in algorithm to remove background from images.

Custom model selection and community models available.

Prompt Generation tool for developing complex ideas.

Option to adjust the number of images per prompt.

Beta testing for 'Prompt Magic V2' to improve prompt adherence.

Image resolution settings for optimal results.

Adjustable 'Guidance Scale' to control image prompt resemblance.

Tiling feature for creating textures or patterns.

Image-to-Image feature for basing new images on existing ones.

Tutorial on creating and selling patterns on Etsy using Leonardo AI.

Use of Printify to create and sell physical products with generated images.