Stop Using Midjourney , Make AI Art With This NEW Tool Instead

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28 Mar 202308:00

TLDRDiscover Leonardo AI, a new tool challenging Midjourney in AI art creation. With a user-friendly interface and a variety of models, it offers features like image generation, upscale, and merge. The platform is accessible worldwide and offers a free plan with 150 daily generations. Experience high-quality, customizable AI art with Leonardo AI's intuitive interface and innovative features.


  • 😲 Discovered a new AI art tool called Leonardo AI that rivals Midjourney.
  • 🔗 The tool has received a significant update and offers various features accessible worldwide.
  • 📧 Users can sign up for early access by providing their email and joining the Discord server.
  • 🌐 The tool is web-based and can be used directly from the browser after initial setup.
  • 🎨 Leonardo AI has a variety of models for generating different styles of AI art.
  • 🖼️ The interface is cleaner and has a better user experience compared to other tools like Midjourney.
  • 🆓 The basic plan for Leonardo AI is free, offering 150 generations per day.
  • 💰 There are also paid plans available at $10, $24, and $48 per month for additional features.
  • 🎭 Users can customize their art generation with prompts, negative prompts, and image dimensions.
  • 🔄 The tool includes features like image to image generation, background removal, and the ability to upscale images.
  • 🎨 Leonardo AI also offers a remix tool to recreate images seen in the AI gallery with the same settings.
  • 🖌️ Advanced features allow for image expansion and object replacement within the generated art.

Q & A

  • What is the name of the AI tool mentioned in the transcript that can compete with Midjourney?

    -The AI tool mentioned in the transcript is called Leonardo AI.

  • How can one access the Leonardo AI tool for testing?

    -To access Leonardo AI, you need to click the link in the description, click on 'Get Early Access', enter your email, and then click 'Count Me In'. After that, join the Discord server.

  • What is the purpose of joining the Discord server for Leonardo AI?

    -Joining the Discord server allows you to interact with the community, get updates, and use the tool directly from your browser after the initial setup.

  • What kind of features does Leonardo AI offer for creating AI art?

    -Leonardo AI offers a variety of features including different models for generating art, the ability to create images from prompts, image to image generation, and a remix tool to recreate images seen elsewhere.

  • Can you describe the user interface of Leonardo AI as mentioned in the transcript?

    -The user interface of Leonardo AI is described as being better and cleaner than other tools, with a more organized and accessible layout.

  • What are some of the example images shown in the transcript that were generated by Leonardo AI?

    -The transcript mentions images like 'Kratos from God of War', 'dark arts', 'bloodborne full body portrait', and other high-quality AI-generated images.

  • What is the significance of the 'negative prompt' feature in Leonardo AI?

    -The 'negative prompt' feature allows users to specify elements they want to exclude from the generated image, ensuring more accurate results.

  • How many image generations are offered in the free plan of Leonardo AI?

    -The free plan of Leonardo AI offers 150 generations per day.

  • What are the different pricing plans mentioned for Leonardo AI?

    -The pricing plans mentioned are $10 per month, $24 per month, and $48 per month.

  • Can you explain the 'image to image' feature of Leonardo AI?

    -The 'image to image' feature allows users to upload an existing image and use it as a prompt for generating a new image, providing more flexibility in the creative process.

  • What is the 'AI canvas' feature and how does it work?

    -The 'AI canvas' feature enables users to take an image, expand its size, and merge different parts of the image seamlessly to create a larger, cohesive picture.



🎨 Discovering Leonardo AI: A Comprehensive Art Generation Tool

The script introduces Leonardo AI, a powerful art generation tool that has recently received a significant update, allowing it to compete with other AI platforms like Blue Willow AI and Mid-Journey. The tool offers a variety of features accessible worldwide and invites users to test it out. Users can access the tool by clicking on a link in the description, signing up for early access, and joining a Discord server. After joining, users are prompted to select their language and then can use the tool directly from their browser. The script provides a walkthrough of the tool's interface, highlighting its user-friendly design and clean UI. It showcases examples of images generated by Leonardo AI, detailing the prompts, negative prompts, resolution, creation date, guidance scale, and models used for each image. The tool offers a range of models for different styles, and users can select a model and generate images accordingly. The script also discusses the pricing plans, which include a free plan with 150 daily generations and paid plans starting at $10 per month. The presenter tests the tool by generating images with specific prompts and adjusting parameters to achieve desired results. The tool's features, such as prompt magic for accuracy and image-to-image generation, are highlighted, along with the ability to download and manipulate images.


🔄 Exploring Advanced Features of Leonardo AI: Remix, Canvas, and Image Merging

This paragraph delves into the advanced features of Leonardo AI, starting with the remix tool that allows users to copy prompts and generation settings from existing AI art to recreate similar images. The script demonstrates how to upscale images and use the remix feature to generate images identical to a reference image. It then introduces the AI canvas feature, which enables users to expand the size of an image and choose from four variations to best fit with the original. The script also covers the brush tool for changing objects within an image and the option to merge two images seamlessly using a box tool. The presenter guides viewers through the process of merging images, adjusting dimensions, and selecting the best result. The paragraph concludes by emphasizing the tool's capabilities and encourages viewers to subscribe for more informative content, highlighting the tool's free access and its potential for creative experimentation.




Midjourney is a term used in the video to refer to a competing AI art tool in the market. It is mentioned to set a benchmark for comparison with the newly introduced tool, Leonardo AI. The script implies that Leonardo AI has capabilities that can rival those of Midjourney, suggesting a high level of functionality and quality in AI-generated art.

💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is the main subject of the video and is described as a new tool for creating AI art. It has received a significant update that allows it to compete with other AI art platforms like Midjourney and BlueWillow AI. The tool offers various features and models for generating art, and the video provides a step-by-step guide on how to access and use it.

💡BlueWillow AI

BlueWillow AI is another AI art tool mentioned in the script, used to highlight the advancements in Leonardo AI. It serves as a point of comparison to emphasize the improvements and capabilities of Leonardo AI, suggesting that it is now on par with or even surpassing other established AI art platforms.


Discord is a communication platform mentioned in the script as a necessary step to join a server for accessing Leonardo AI. It is used as a community hub for users to engage with the tool and its community, indicating the social aspect of using AI art tools beyond their technical functionalities.

💡UI (User Interface)

The UI of Leonardo AI is described as being superior to other tools, with a cleaner and more user-friendly design. This is important as it affects the user experience, making the tool more accessible and enjoyable to use for creating AI-generated art.


In the context of AI art generation, a 'prompt' is a text input that guides the AI to create a specific image. The script provides examples of prompts used to generate images with Leonardo AI, such as 'an astronaut with a goldfish bowl full of water for a head,' demonstrating how users can instruct the AI to create custom artwork.

💡Negative Prompt

A 'negative prompt' is used to specify elements that the user wants to exclude from the generated image. The script mentions 'bad light infused fingers' as an example of a negative prompt, showing how users can refine their AI art by excluding unwanted features.


Resolution in the script refers to the image quality and dimensions, such as '1024 by 1024,' which controls the level of detail in the AI-generated artwork. It is an important parameter for users who want high-quality images from Leonardo AI.

💡Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is mentioned in relation to the dimensions of the generated images, allowing users to choose between wide, square, or other formats. This is crucial for determining the shape and composition of the AI art, aligning with the user's creative vision.

💡Image to Image

The 'Image to Image' feature of Leonardo AI allows users to upload an existing image and use it as a prompt for generating a new image. This is showcased in the script as an innovative way to incorporate user-provided visuals into the AI's creative process.

💡Remix Tool

The 'Remix Tool' is a feature of Leonardo AI that enables users to copy the prompt and generation settings from one image to create another similar image. The script demonstrates this by showing how users can generate images that are almost identical to a reference image, offering a way to explore variations of a particular theme or style.

💡AI Canvas

AI Canvas is a feature within Leonardo AI that allows users to expand an image or merge different images together seamlessly. The script describes how this tool can be used to create larger or combined artworks, showcasing the flexibility and creative potential of Leonardo AI.


Introduction of a new AI art tool, Leonardo AI, as an alternative to Midjourney.

Leonardo AI has received a massive update, enhancing its capabilities.

The tool is accessible worldwide and offers a variety of features.

Instructions on how to access and use Leonardo AI, including joining the Discord server.

Leonardo AI's user interface is cleaner and more user-friendly than other tools.

Examples of high-quality images generated by Leonardo AI.

Details of image generation, including prompts, negative prompts, and models used.

Overview of the different models Leonardo AI has been trained with.

The free plan of Leonardo AI offers 150 generations per day.

Pricing plans for Leonardo AI, including monthly subscription options.

Demonstration of generating an image with a unique prompt using Leonardo AI.

Features like image dimensions and aspect ratio control for detailed customization.

The 'image to image' feature allows using an uploaded image as a prompt.

Leonardo AI's ability to keep a consistent theme across generated images.

The remix tool for replicating the style and elements of existing AI-generated images.

AI Canvas feature for expanding and merging images into a larger composition.

The ability to change or remove objects within an image using the brush tool.

Merging two images together to create a seamless picture with Leonardo AI.

Leonardo AI is completely free, encouraging users to experiment with the tool.