Sandy Munro DROPS BOMBS! 💣 Cybertruck Shocking Revelation! EV Truck Mashup! 🤯

14 May 202414:25

TLDRIn this video, Sandy Munro, known as the 'teardown titan', shares his insights on Tesla's Cybertruck. Munro, a fan of the Cybertruck, praises its revolutionary design, highlighting the vehicle's stainless steel construction, 48-volt electrical system, and innovative features such as steer-by-wire and rear wheel steering. He contrasts the Cybertruck with other electric vehicles like the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning, noting that each has its own strengths for different uses—off-roading, family events, or work trucks. Munro also discusses the challenges faced by legacy automotive manufacturers due to strict specifications and regulations, which he believes hinder innovation and give an advantage to more agile competitors like Tesla and Chinese manufacturers.


  • 🚀 Sandy Munro is a fan of the Cybertruck and considers it the most revolutionary vehicle on the planet.
  • 🔩 The Cybertruck features a 48-volt electrical system instead of the traditional 12 volts, which simplifies wiring and reduces weight and cost.
  • 🌐 The vehicle utilizes an ethernet ring for all communications, which is a significant innovation in vehicle design.
  • 🛠️ Sandy highlights the Cybertruck's steer-by-wire system, which provides enhanced driving attributes and a superior driving experience.
  • 🚗 The Cybertruck's rear wheel steering allows for tight turns, making it feel more like driving a smaller vehicle like a Mustang.
  • 💡 Sandy notes that the Cybertruck is particularly suited for sportsmen who want a versatile and capable vehicle for outdoor activities.
  • 🏞️ Off-road enthusiasts might prefer the Rivian R1T, which Sandy mentions as the best off-road vehicle he has ever had.
  • 🛠️ For work purposes, Sandy believes the F-150 Lightning is unmatched, especially for tasks like moving heavy construction materials.
  • 🔋 The Cybertruck's design includes portable power, which is a significant advantage for those in construction or other fields requiring power on the go.
  • 🔧 Sandy criticizes the rigid specifications and regulations in the automotive industry that hinder innovation and adaptation to new technologies.
  • ⏱️ He predicts that Chinese manufacturers will quickly adopt the Cybertruck's innovations, such as the 48-volt system and rear steering, due to fewer restrictions.
  • 🌐 Sandy emphasizes the need for the automotive industry to move away from old-school mentalities and embrace innovation to stay competitive.

Q & A

  • What is Sandy Munro's opinion on the Tesla Cybertruck?

    -Sandy Munro is a fan of the Cybertruck, appreciating its stainless steel design and considering it the most revolutionary vehicle on the planet currently.

  • Why did Sandy mention that some companies might be destined for doom?

    -Sandy believes that companies which disregard innovation and stick to old rules and regulations, such as those related to materials and specifications, will struggle to compete and may ultimately fail.

  • What does Sandy think about the 48-volt system in the Cybertruck?

    -Sandy points out that the 48-volt system allows for easier pushing of amps and results in a significant reduction in weight, cost, and the use of copper.

  • How does Sandy describe the Cybertruck's steering system?

    -The Cybertruck features steer-by-wire technology, which Sandy finds to be a significant innovation, offering many advantages over traditional steering systems.

  • What is special about the Cybertruck's wheel?

    -The wheel of the Cybertruck, referred to as the 'cyberbeast wheel', is noted for being lightweight and powerful, capable of handling 800 horsepower off-road.

  • How does Sandy view the Cybertruck in comparison to other vehicles for specific uses?

    -Sandy sees the Cybertruck as ideal for sportsmen who want a versatile and capable vehicle for hunting and outdoor activities. He also mentions that the Rivian R1T is best for off-roading, while the F-150 Lightning is superior for work truck applications.

  • What is Sandy's wife's opinion on the Cybertruck?

    -Unlike Sandy, his wife is not a fan of the Cybertruck's design.

  • What is the significance of the rear wheel steering on the Cybertruck?

    -The rear wheel steering allows the Cybertruck to maneuver tightly, similar to a smaller vehicle like a Mustang, which is a significant improvement over other trucks of its size.

  • Why does Sandy think the Cybertruck is suitable for a sportsman?

    -The Cybertruck's quiet operation, ability to be parked close to a hunting spot without disturbing wildlife, and its readiness with all necessary equipment make it an ideal choice for sportsmen.

  • What are Sandy's thoughts on the adaptability of the Cybertruck's innovations to other vehicles?

    -Sandy believes that some OEM leaders might dismiss the Cybertruck's innovations as a passing fad. However, he predicts that manufacturers like the Chinese will quickly adopt these features within a year and a half due to fewer regulatory restrictions.

  • How does Sandy perceive the future of legacy automotive manufacturers?

    -Sandy suggests that legacy manufacturers, especially those in Europe and America, may struggle due to their adherence to old rules and regulations. He implies that their reluctance to innovate could lead to their downfall.



🚘 Cybertruck Enthusiasm and Features

The speaker expresses his admiration for the Cybertruck, highlighting its polarizing design and the stainless steel exterior. He discusses the vehicle's impressive power, particularly its 800 horsepower off-road capability, and the innovative lightweight wheel design. The conversation with Sandy Monroe, a renowned automotive expert, delves into the truck's revolutionary aspects, including its 48-volt electrical system, which reduces weight and cost by using less copper. They also touch on the steer-by-wire system and rear-wheel steering, which significantly improves handling compared to other trucks of similar size.


🛣️ Cybertruck's Practicality and Off-Road Comparisons

The speaker shares his experience driving the Cybertruck daily and how it has improved his ability to park in tight spots. He contrasts the Cybertruck with other vehicles, including the Rivian R1T and the F-150 Lightning, noting that each has its own strengths. The Rivian stands out for off-roading, while the F-150 Lightning excels as a work truck. The Cybertruck is portrayed as ideal for sportsmen who want a versatile and capable vehicle for outdoor activities, with the added benefit of not making noise and having ample space for gear and even a microwave for convenience.


🔍 Vision for Future Automotive Innovations

The speaker and Sandy Monroe discuss the potential for the Cybertruck's innovative features, such as steer-by-wire, 48-volt systems, stainless steel construction, and Giga castings, to be adopted by other vehicles and manufacturers. They express concerns that some legacy manufacturers may dismiss these innovations as a passing fad, while Chinese manufacturers are expected to quickly incorporate these features. The discussion criticizes the rigid specifications and regulations in North America and Europe that may hinder innovation and adaptation. The speaker advocates for a shift away from old-school mentality and towards embracing new technologies and methods.




The Cybertruck is an all-electric, battery-powered light-duty pickup truck designed and manufactured by Tesla, Inc. It is characterized by its futuristic and angular design, which has been a topic of much debate and discussion. In the video, Sandy Munro, an automotive analyst, expresses his admiration for the Cybertruck, highlighting its innovative features and potential impact on the automotive industry.

💡48-volt system

A 48-volt system refers to an electrical system with a voltage of 48 volts, which is higher than the traditional 12-volt systems found in most vehicles. The Cybertruck utilizes a 48-volt system, which allows for easier transmission of electrical power, reducing the need for large amounts of copper and thus lowering the vehicle's weight and cost. Sandy Munro discusses the benefits of this system in the context of the Cybertruck's design and efficiency.

💡Ethernet ring

An Ethernet ring is a network topology that forms a loop, allowing for efficient data transmission between multiple devices. In the context of the Cybertruck, the Ethernet ring is used for the vehicle's communication system, which is a significant innovation over traditional vehicle communication protocols. Sandy Munro points out that this system simplifies the wiring and contributes to the vehicle's reduced weight and cost.

💡Steer by wire

Steer by wire, also known as drive-by-wire, is a system that replaces the traditional mechanical linkage between the steering wheel and the wheels with electronic signals. This technology allows for more precise control and can enable advanced features like rear wheel steering. Sandy Munro emphasizes the Cybertruck's steer by wire system as a key factor in its superior handling and maneuverability.

💡Rear wheel steering

Rear wheel steering is a feature where the rear wheels of a vehicle can also turn, in addition to the front wheels. This allows for tighter turns and improved maneuverability, especially in larger vehicles. Sandy Munro mentions that the Cybertruck's rear wheel steering makes it handle more like a smaller vehicle, such as a Mustang, despite its size.

💡Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a family of iron-based alloys that contain a minimum of 10.5% chromium. It is known for its corrosion resistance and durability. The Cybertruck's body is made from stainless steel, which contributes to its unique appearance and structural integrity. Sandy Munro discusses the choice of stainless steel as a material for the Cybertruck and its implications for the vehicle's design and maintenance.


Gigacasting is a manufacturing process used by Tesla to create large, single-piece components, such as the Cybertruck's chassis, from aluminum or steel. This technique simplifies the manufacturing process, reduces the number of parts, and can lead to cost savings and improved vehicle performance. Sandy Munro does not explicitly mention gigacasting in the transcript, but it is a relevant keyword in the context of Tesla's innovative manufacturing techniques.


Off-roading refers to the act of driving a vehicle on rough terrain or unpaved surfaces, often associated with recreational activities or sports. Sandy Munro compares the Cybertruck's off-road capabilities with those of other vehicles, such as the Rivian R1T and the F-150 Lightning, highlighting the Cybertruck's potential as a vehicle for sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts.

💡Work truck

A work truck is a vehicle designed for utility and commercial use, often characterized by its durability and ability to perform tasks such as towing, hauling, and transporting heavy loads. Sandy Munro discusses the Cybertruck's potential as a work truck, noting its features that make it suitable for construction and other heavy-duty applications.


Innovation refers to the introduction of new ideas, methods, or products. In the context of the video, Sandy Munro discusses the various innovative features of the Cybertruck, such as its 48-volt system, steer by wire, and stainless steel construction. He also touches on the broader theme of innovation in the automotive industry and the challenges faced by traditional manufacturers in adopting new technologies.

💡Legacy manufacturers

Legacy manufacturers are established companies that have been operating for a long time and often follow traditional methods and practices. Sandy Munro contrasts the innovative approach of Tesla with the more conservative strategies of legacy manufacturers, discussing the challenges these companies face in adopting new technologies and the potential for disruption in the automotive industry.


Sandy Munro expresses his enthusiasm for the Cybertruck, despite its polarizing design.

The Cybertruck's wheel is lightweight and powerful, capable of handling 800 horsepower off-road.

Monroe & Associates celebrates its 35th anniversary in business.

The Cybertruck features a 48-volt electrical system instead of the traditional 12 volts, reducing weight and cost.

The use of stainless steel in the Cybertruck's construction is both a design choice and a practical one, offering durability.

The vehicle's Ethernet ring simplifies communication and steering by wire, enhancing the driving experience.

The Cybertruck's rear wheel steering provides a tight turning radius, improving maneuverability.

Sandy Munro compares the Cybertruck favorably to traditional trucks like the F-250 and the Rivian R1T for specific uses.

The Cybertruck is praised for its suitability as a sportsman's vehicle, offering silent operation and convenience for hunting.

Munro discusses the potential for the Cybertruck's innovative features to be adopted by other manufacturers, particularly in China.

The interview highlights the challenges faced by legacy automotive manufacturers due to strict specifications and regulations.

Sandy Munro criticizes the lack of innovation in the automotive retail sector, calling for a change in mentality.

The Cybertruck's design is seen as revolutionary, with potential to disrupt the traditional vehicle market.

Munro emphasizes the importance of adaptability and the ability to change with technological advancements in the automotive industry.

The Cybertruck's capabilities are viewed as particularly beneficial for construction work, with built-in utilities and power.

Sandy Munro shares his personal preference for the Cybertruck's raw stainless steel appearance over aftermarket modifications.

The Cybertruck is positioned as a versatile vehicle suitable for a range of activities, from daily driving to off-roading and work.