Schwoz, Captain Man & Jasper Take Lie Detector Tests! 🤥 | Henry Danger

12 Nov 202210:09

TLDRIn this humorous episode of 'Henry Danger,' the characters engage in a series of playful and imaginative scenarios. The episode starts with a dream sequence involving a character named Schwoz, followed by a comical discussion about cloning and a lie detector test that leads to suspicion and laughter. The narrative then shifts to a debate over a mysterious device, humorously mistaken for a 'beard enhancement device' but is actually a 'dual ion atomic particle extraction reader' (DIAP), which monitors a special chemical in the bloodstream of a character with superpowers. The plot thickens with an emergency situation, leading to the discovery of a hidden 'man cave' in Swellview Park, accessed through a whimsical 'Twirly Whirly'. The episode is filled with light-hearted banter, misunderstandings, and a touch of superhero action, all culminating in a playful chase to fight crime. The dialogue is rich with wordplay and the characters' interactions are both witty and endearing, making for an entertaining summary that captures the show's playful spirit.


  • 🤥 The characters are discussing a dream about an Italian plumber and the safety of cloning.
  • 🎶 Joanna is questioned about cloning herself, leading to a humorous denial.
  • 🔍 The lie detector test is a central theme, with characters trying to discern truth from lies based on the duration of responses.
  • 🧐 A beard enhancement device is mistaken for something else, leading to a heated exchange.
  • 🛡️ A special device called a 'dual ion atomic particle extraction reader' (DIAP) is introduced to monitor a superpower-related chemical.
  • 📱 A character is concerned about being photographed in an embarrassing situation, revealing a humorous insecurity.
  • 🚨 An emergency situation is mentioned, but it's unclear whether it's serious or a ruse.
  • 🎉 The machine that made a character indestructible was thought to be destroyed, but it's revealed to still exist.
  • 🤔 A character is unsure about their physical state, but reassures others that they are fine.
  • 🦸‍♂️ The characters express their readiness to fight crime, despite some comical pre-flight rituals.
  • 😢 There's a poignant moment where a character pretends not to be upset, with a playful reference to 'eyes sweating'.

Q & A

  • What is the title of the episode where Schwoz, Captain Man, and Jasper take lie detector tests?

    -The title is 'Schwoz, Captain Man & Jasper Take Lie Detector Tests! 🤥 | Henry Danger'.

  • What does Joanna claim she has not done?

    -Joanna claims she has not cloned herself.

  • What is the significance of the 'long no' in the dialogue?

    -The 'long no' is suggested to indicate that the speaker might be lying, as opposed to a short no which is considered to be truthful.

  • What does the term 'code red' signify in this context?

    -In this context, 'code red' seems to be an alert or signal for an emergency situation.

  • What is the purpose of the 'dual ion atomic particle extraction reader' (D-I-A-P) mentioned in the script?

    -The D-I-A-P is a special device that monitors a chemical in the bloodstream created when the user's superpowers are used. It turns blue when the blood is full of the chemicals.

  • Why does the character not want to be photographed in the diaper?

    -The character is embarrassed and does not want to be seen in a vulnerable or humorous situation, which could lead to ridicule.

  • What is the 'accident' that supposedly destroyed the densitizer machine?

    -The 'accident' refers to a past event that was believed to have destroyed the machine that made Henry indestructible.

  • What is the location of the man cave according to the script?

    -The man cave is said to be located in Swellview Park, under the playground's 'Twirly Whirly'.

  • How does one supposedly gain access to the man cave?

    -Access to the man cave is gained by spinning the 'Twirly Whirly' like a combination lock.

  • What is the name of the character who is suspected of lying about the location of the man cave?

    -The character suspected of lying is Jasper.

  • What does the character say to show their commitment to the truth?

    -The character says they love the truth and consider it their 'girlfriend', indicating they are 'exclusive' with the truth.



🤔 Conversation and Dreams

The first paragraph is a dialogue-rich section where characters discuss various topics. It begins with a humorous misunderstanding about a squash, followed by a dream about an Italian plumber. The conversation then shifts to the topic of cloning, with a playful back-and-forth about whether someone has cloned themselves. There's also a discussion about a beard enhancement device that is humorously mistaken for something else. The dialogue touches on trust and honesty, with characters calling each other out for lying. The paragraph concludes with a mention of a 'code red' situation and a reference to a pumpkin with someone's face on it, adding to the quirky and light-hearted tone of the interaction.


🏋️‍♂️ Pre-Flight Routine and Man Cave Mystery

The second paragraph features a character named Kid Danger preparing for action with pre-flight push-ups, a routine that is met with skepticism by others who haven't seen him do it before. The narrative then delves into a peculiar situation involving a doll, a dog, and a wardrobe malfunction, creating a sense of chaos and humor. The dialogue leads to an urgent search for Captain Man's 'man cave,' which is described as being located in an unusual place – under a playground's 'Twirly Whirly.' The paragraph is filled with playful banter, confusion, and a quest that involves a combination lock-like mechanism to access the man cave. There's also a hint of conflict when one character accuses others of lying about the man cave's location, emphasizing themes of trust and camaraderie.


😉 Peek-a-Boo

The third paragraph is very brief, containing just the phrase 'peek-a-boo.' This single line suggests a light-hearted or playful moment, possibly indicating a game or a surprise. Without further context, it's challenging to provide a detailed summary, but the phrase typically denotes a playful interaction often associated with children or a moment of light humor in a conversation.



💡Lie Detector Tests

A lie detector test is a method used to determine if someone is being truthful or deceptive. In the context of the video, characters are taking lie detector tests to reveal hidden truths or to prove their honesty. This is a central theme as it drives the narrative and interactions between characters.


A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. In the script, a character mentions dreaming about a 'nice Italian plumber,' which could be a humorous reference or a way to deflect from a question during the lie detector test.


Cloning refers to the process of creating an exact genetic duplicate of an organism. In the video, a character discusses having cloned 'many things,' which could be a playful or metaphorical way of saying they have replicated or copied various objects or perhaps even themselves in a fictional or humorous context.


A cheater is someone who dishonestly disregards the rules in a game or in a relationship. The term is used in the script to accuse a character of deception, specifically in relation to a 'beard enhancement device,' which is humorously mistaken for something else.

💡Code Red

A code red is a term often used to indicate an emergency or critical situation. In the script, 'Focus it's a code red' suggests that there is an urgent matter that needs immediate attention, adding drama and tension to the scene.


A diaper is a type of absorbent garment worn by babies and sometimes used humorously or metaphorically for adults in certain contexts. The script humorously refers to a 'special device called a dual ion atomic particle extraction reader' as a 'diaper,' which is a playful way to describe a fictional gadget.


Superpowers are extraordinary abilities beyond those of ordinary people, often found in comic books, movies, or TV shows. In the video, a character's superpowers are mentioned in relation to a special chemical that runs through their bloodstream, which is monitored by a device, adding a fantastical element to the narrative.


Indestructible means impossible to destroy or damage. The term is used in the script to describe a character who has become invulnerable, likely due to a machine or a special ability. This is a key concept as it relates to the character's abilities and the plot of the video.

💡Man Cave

A man cave is a private space for a man to relax and enjoy his hobbies, often filled with entertainment systems and decor that reflects his interests. In the script, the 'man cave' is a location of interest, described as being under a playground's 'Twirly Whirly,' adding a playful and secretive element to the narrative.


An emergency is a situation that requires immediate action to prevent harm or damage. The script mentions an 'emergency' and a 'situation upstairs,' which suggests that characters are dealing with a crisis, adding suspense and urgency to the storyline.


Pre-flight refers to the checks and preparations made before a flight. In the context of the video, a character is doing 'pre-flight push-ups,' which is likely a humorous or quirky behavior that is part of their routine before engaging in action, suggesting a unique character trait.


Captain Man and his team take lie detector tests, revealing hidden truths and humorous reactions.

Dream sequences and playful banter add a layer of fantasy and humor to the narrative.

The use of a beard enhancement device leads to a comical misunderstanding.

A special device called a 'dual ion atomic particle extraction reader' (D-I-A-P) is introduced, humorously misinterpreted as a diaper.

A unique situation arises where a character is teased with a nickname 'muster butt', showcasing the show's quirky humor.

Charlotte's emergency situation adds a layer of suspense and urgency to the episode.

The revelation that the densitizer machine, thought to be destroyed, is actually intact.

A humorous moment where a character is caught doing pre-flight push-ups, an unusual behavior for him.

The discovery of a hidden man cave under a playground's 'Twirly Whirly' ride.

The man cave's access mechanism is a playful twist, requiring a combination lock-like twirling motion.

A character's commitment to truth is emphasized, adding a moral dimension to the humor.

A light-hearted threat of rattling someone's brain for comedic effect.

The playful use of 'peek-a-boo' as a way to end a tense moment, returning to the show's light-hearted tone.

The characters' interactions with technology, such as checking emails in unusual circumstances, add to the comedic element.

A character's concern about their public image, as they worry about being photographed in a diaper, highlights the show's focus on relatable issues.

The episode's title 'Schwoz, Captain Man & Jasper Take Lie Detector Tests!' suggests a playful and humorous exploration of truth and deception.