Soundraw, AI generated music. First impressions and review.

2 Mar 202325:11

TLDRThis review explores Soundraw, an AI-generated music tool for creators. The platform offers royalty-free music with a user-friendly interface, allowing users to customize and create songs easily. The reviewer highlights the quality of the music, the affordable pricing with a free plan and a $17/month personal plan, and the ability to generate up to 50 songs per day for various uses. They also discuss the customization options and the potential for the tool to improve with further development, giving it an overall positive rating and recommending it for content creators on a budget.


  • 🎵 Soundraw is an AI-generated music tool designed for creators, offering royalty-free music.
  • 💡 The homepage of Soundraw ( showcases the service's offerings, samples, and pricing.
  • 👂 The sound quality of the generated music is described as high, with intricate melodies and backing tracks.
  • 🎧 Users can easily customize the mood, genre, and length of the music to suit their creative needs.
  • 🆓 A free forever plan is available, allowing users to generate and bookmark songs, albeit without downloads.
  • 💰 A personal plan is priced at $17 per month, offering comprehensive features including personal and commercial use rights.
  • 🚫 The service restricts usage to one device at a time, with no interchangeability between devices.
  • 🎶 Customization options include adjusting the mood, genre, instruments, and tempo of the generated music.
  • 🔄 The interface allows for some manipulation of song structure, but moving song sections around is not currently possible.
  • 🔑 Soundraw provides an exclusive, permanent license for all creatives, which is beneficial for content creators.
  • 🛠️ While the service is user-friendly and easy to start with, there are areas for improvement, such as better key identification and more intuitive song editing features.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of Soundraw as described in the review?

    -Soundraw is an AI-generated music tool designed for creators to produce royalty-free music efficiently. It aims to eliminate the need for searching for existing songs and allows users to create their own music tailored to their projects.

  • What are the key features of Soundraw mentioned in the review?

    -Key features of Soundraw include the ability to generate music based on mood, genre, and length, customization options for the song, a user-friendly interface, and the provision of royalty-free music that can be used for various purposes such as TV, radio, commercials, and web ads.

  • How does Soundraw ensure that the music generated is royalty-free and can be used without copyright issues?

    -Soundraw guarantees that the music generated is royalty-free, which means users can use it without worrying about copyright strikes. This is particularly important for content creators who need to avoid copyright infringement in their videos and other media.

  • What are the different pricing plans offered by Soundraw according to the review?

    -Soundraw offers a free forever plan that allows users to generate and bookmark songs, though it's assumed these songs cannot be downloaded. There is also a personal plan for $17 a month, which includes personal and commercial use rights, the ability to download up to 50 songs per day, and covers for TV, radio, commercials, and web ads.

  • How customizable is the music creation process on Soundraw?

    -Soundraw allows users to customize their music by choosing the mood, genre, length, and instruments. Users can also adjust the tempo and experiment with different presets to fine-tune the music to their preferences.

  • What limitations were noted about Soundraw's music customization and interface during the review?

    -Some limitations noted include the inability to move song sections around easily, the lack of clarity on what keys the music is in, and the abrupt and unnatural sound of the fade feature. Additionally, there is no option to remove individual instruments from the song, only presets are provided.

  • What does the reviewer think about the sound quality of the music generated by Soundraw?

    -The reviewer is impressed with the sound quality, stating that it is high and that the music can be intricate. They mention that the music generated has a good sound even without much customization.

  • How does Soundraw handle the issue of using the tool on multiple devices?

    -According to the review, Soundraw operates on a one device per account basis. This means that a user cannot use the tool interchangeably on different devices such as a phone, laptop, and PC simultaneously.

  • What is the reviewer's overall impression of Soundraw and what score would they give it?

    -The reviewer has a positive overall impression of Soundraw, appreciating its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, and the quality of the generated music. They would give it a score of 4 to 5, indicating that it is a fantastic product and highly recommend it.

  • What suggestions does the reviewer have for improving Soundraw?

    -The reviewer suggests adding the ability to move song sections around more intuitively, providing clearer information on the musical keys of the generated songs, and improving the fade feature to create smoother transitions.



🎵 Introduction to Soundraw: A Music Tool for Creators

The video begins with an introduction to Soundraw, a music creation tool for content creators. The host navigates to Soundraw's homepage to explore the platform's offerings, which include royalty-free music and a user-friendly interface. The host emphasizes the importance of efficiency and customization in music creation, highlighting Soundraw's ability to generate music based on mood, genre, and length. The sound quality is tested with various samples, and the host expresses excitement about the potential of the tool for creators looking to avoid copyright issues.


💰 Pricing and Customization Options on Soundraw

The host discusses Soundraw's pricing plans, noting a free forever plan that allows users to generate and bookmark songs, albeit without the ability to download them. A personal plan is also available for $17 per month, which is considered affordable and includes the ability to download songs for personal and commercial use, with up to 50 songs per day. The host also explores customization options, such as choosing moods and genres, and expresses curiosity about the level of control users have over the music creation process.


🛠️ Exploring Soundraw's Music Creation and Customization Tools

The host delves into Soundraw's music creation tools, experimenting with different moods, genres, and instruments to generate unique tracks. They discuss the ability to adjust the tempo and length of the music, as well as the option to select specific instruments. The host also examines the presets available and the ease of use of the interface, noting the simplicity of creating a song and the potential for further customization.


🎛️ Advanced Customization and Interface Features

The host continues to explore Soundraw's advanced customization features, such as the ability to manipulate the song structure, including the intro, verse, and chorus. They discuss the options for changing the key of the song and adjusting the volume of individual instruments. The host also comments on the limitations they encounter, such as the inability to move song sections around and the lack of key information for the presets.


📊 Review and Overall Assessment of Soundraw

In the final segment, the host provides an overall assessment of Soundraw, considering the learning curve, user-friendliness, features, and value for the price. They give a high rating, suggesting a score of 4 to 5, and recommend the tool for DIY creators and small channels looking for affordable music solutions. The host also suggests areas for improvement, such as better key information and the ability to move song sections, and invites feedback from viewers.




Soundraw is an AI-generated music tool designed for creators. It allows users to generate royalty-free music tailored to their needs. In the video, the reviewer explores Soundraw's capabilities, noting its user-friendly interface and the quality of the generated music, which is a central theme of the review.

💡Royalty-free music

Royalty-free music refers to music that does not require payment of royalties for each use, once the initial license fee has been paid. This is significant for content creators as it allows them to use music in their projects without incurring ongoing costs. The script mentions that Soundraw offers royalty-free music, which is a key selling point for the tool.


Customization in the context of Soundraw refers to the ability of users to tailor the music to fit their specific needs. The video script discusses the level of customization available, such as choosing mood, genre, and length, which is crucial for creators looking to match music with their content seamlessly.


Mood, in relation to music, describes the emotional atmosphere or tone that a piece of music conveys. The script mentions selecting a mood such as 'hopeful' or 'peaceful' to generate music that aligns with the intended emotional impact of a creator's project.


Genre refers to categories of music based on their musical characteristics. The video script discusses the ability to select different genres like 'pop' or 'hip hop' when generating music, which helps users to create a soundtrack that fits the style of their content.


Pricing is a critical consideration for any tool or service. The script outlines Soundraw's pricing plans, including a free plan and a personal plan for $17 a month, which offers more features and the ability to download songs for personal and commercial use.

💡Commercial use

Commercial use denotes the use of a product, in this case, music, for business or revenue-generating purposes. The script highlights that Soundraw's personal plan allows for commercial use, making it a viable option for businesses and professional content creators.


Interface in the context of software refers to the point of interaction between the user and the program. The video script describes the interface of Soundraw, emphasizing its intuitive design that allows users to easily navigate and generate music without extensive training.


An algorithm is a set of rules or processes used to solve problems or perform tasks. In the script, the algorithm is what generates the music based on user inputs. The reviewer speculates about the data fed into the algorithm, as it influences the sound and style of the generated music.


A preset in music production refers to a pre-configured setting that defines the characteristics of a sound or piece of music. The script mentions presets in Soundraw that users can choose from to quickly generate music with specific moods, genres, and instruments.


In music, a key refers to a set of notes that form the basis of a piece of music. The script discusses Soundraw's feature to change the key of the generated music, which is important for matching the music to different video projects or for maintaining a consistent tonality across multiple pieces.


A fade in audio production is the gradual decrease in volume of a sound or piece of music. The reviewer comments on Soundraw's fade feature, noting that while it exists, the implementation is abrupt and not smoothly integrated into the music, which could be improved in future updates.


Reviewing Soundraw, an AI-generated music tool for creators.

Soundraw offers royalty-free music and customization options.

The quality of music generated by Soundraw is high and intricate.

Soundraw provides a free forever plan with limited features.

A personal plan for $17 a month includes unlimited features and commercial use.

Users can create music by choosing mood, genre, and length.

Soundraw's interface allows for easy customization of music tracks.

The tool can generate music with a variety of moods and genres.

Soundraw's music can be used for TV, radio, commercials, and web ads.

One account allows for use on one device at a time.

Soundraw provides an exclusive, permanent license for all creatives.

The tool allows for manipulation of song structure and instrument levels.

Soundraw's presets offer a range of moods from happy to peaceful.

Users can adjust the tempo and choose different instruments.

Soundraw's customization options include changing the song's key.

The tool has limitations in moving and editing song sections.

Soundraw's fade feature needs improvement for better transitions.

The learning curve for Soundraw is minimal, making it user-friendly.

Soundraw offers good value for its price point.

Overall, Soundraw receives a score of 4 to 5 for its features and usability.