Soundraw Review AI Music Generator Software Lifetime Deal Hurry

29 Sept 202117:18

TLDRIn this video, Learnwire reviews Soundraw, an AI music generator software. Soundraw offers royalty-free, customized AI-generated music ideal for various projects, though it doesn't support YouTube Content ID claims. The reviewer finds the interface user-friendly and praises its speed and music quality compared to other platforms like Boomi. Soundraw allows users to create and edit music with different moods, lengths, and instruments. Available on AppSumo for $69, the software provides 50 downloads per day. The reviewer highly recommends Soundraw for its impressive features and ease of use.


  • 🎶 Soundraw is an AI music generation software that has just been released.
  • 🔍 The reviewer tested Soundraw alongside other platforms like Boomi and found Soundraw's interface and music output impressive.
  • 💰 A lifetime deal for Soundraw is available for $69, offering customized AI-generated royalty-free music.
  • 🚫 Soundraw's music cannot be used for claiming copyright on YouTube's Content ID or for monetization on YouTube's music library.
  • 🎵 Soundraw is suitable for creating music for YouTube videos, business, tutorials, and educational courses, and it is royalty-free.
  • 👍 The software allows up to 50 song downloads per day, which the reviewer considers to be very generous.
  • 🛠️ Users can edit the music, adjusting elements such as tempo, instruments, and volume directly from the user interface.
  • 🎧 Soundraw provides a variety of music themes, including vlogs, corporate, games, and jingles (coming soon).
  • 🔄 The AI creates unique songs that will never be used again, offering millions of possible variations.
  • ⏱️ The software is capable of creating multiple songs very quickly, which is a significant advantage over other platforms.
  • 🌟 The reviewer gives Soundraw a high rating of 9 or 10 out of 10, highlighting its ease of use, speed, and quality of output.

Q & A

  • What is Soundraw and what does it offer?

    -Soundraw is an AI music generator software that creates customized, royalty-free music for various projects. It offers a lifetime deal for $69, allowing users to download 50 songs per day.

  • How does Soundraw compare to other AI music generation platforms like Boomi?

    -Soundraw has a more user-friendly interface and is faster in generating music. While Boomi can take up to 60 seconds to create one song, Soundraw can create 15 songs in about 10 seconds.

  • What are some limitations of Soundraw's music for YouTube content?

    -Soundraw's music cannot be submitted to YouTube's Content ID system to claim copyright or make money from the YouTube sound or music library.

  • Can Soundraw's music be used for commercial purposes or monetized on YouTube?

    -Yes, Soundraw's music is royalty-free and can be used for commercial purposes, including monetizing YouTube videos, as long as the licensing terms are adhered to.

  • What types of music themes and genres does Soundraw offer?

    -Soundraw offers a variety of music themes such as vlogs, corporate, games, and jingles. Genres include orchestra, acoustic, hip hop, corporate pop, and cinematic.

  • What is the maximum length of a track that can be created with Soundraw?

    -Soundraw allows users to create tracks up to five minutes in length.

  • How does Soundraw ensure the uniqueness of each generated track?

    -Soundraw uses an advanced algorithm that combines different beats, instruments, keys, volumes, and genres to create millions of unique variations, ensuring no two songs are the same.

  • What editing features does Soundraw provide for customizing the generated music?

    -Soundraw allows users to edit various aspects of the music such as volume, key, tempo (beats per minute), and length. Users can also create similar music based on a selected track.

  • Is there a limit to the number of songs a user can download per day with Soundraw's lifetime deal?

    -Yes, with the lifetime deal, users are allowed to download up to 50 songs per day.

  • What are some potential uses for Soundraw's music besides YouTube videos?

    -Soundraw's music can be used for business purposes, tutorial videos, educational courses, podcasts, and games.

  • Does Soundraw have any known technical issues or limitations with plugins?

    -There have been reports that Soundraw's plugin is not working with the latest version of After Effects, and they are working on fixing this issue by November.



🎶 Introduction to SoundDraw AI Music Generation Software

The video introduces, an AI-driven music generation software that has just been released. The reviewer compares it with other platforms such as Boomi and highlights the impressive features of SoundDraw after signing up for a free account. The software offers customized AI-generated royalty-free music, which can be a great alternative to platforms like Artlist or Epidemic Sound. The reviewer also mentions purchasing a lifetime deal for $69, which allows 50 downloads per day. SoundDraw is positioned as an ideal solution for creating music for YouTube videos, business, tutorials, and educational courses, with the added benefit of not getting copyright strikes on YouTube.


🛠️ Exploring SoundDraw's User Interface and Music Creation Process

The reviewer delves into the user interface of SoundDraw, discussing its layout and functionality. They mention the ability to select music for various themes such as vlogs, corporate, games, and jingles. The process of creating music is detailed, including selecting the genre, mood, length, tempo, and instruments. The software's speed in generating music is praised, with 15 songs being created in about 10 seconds. The reviewer also discusses the editing capabilities of SoundDraw, which allows for adjustments to volume, key, instruments, and tempo, all from a single screen, and provides a positive evaluation of the user interface in comparison to other software like Boomi.


🔄 SoundDraw's Music Editing and Customization Features

This section focuses on the editing and customization features of SoundDraw. The reviewer describes how to adjust the volume of different instruments, change the beats per minute, and modify the length of the music. They provide a step-by-step guide on how to edit a track to make it more fitting for a relaxing mood, including reducing the volume of drums and bass and slowing down the tempo. The ability to create similar music based on a selected track is also highlighted, showcasing the software's flexibility and ease of use.


🌐 SoundDraw's Licensing Terms and Review Conclusion

The final paragraph discusses the licensing terms of SoundDraw, emphasizing that the music can be used for YouTube monetization, commercial use, podcasts, and games. The reviewer clarifies that although the copyright resides with SoundDraw, users can still monetize their content without any issues. They also mention that the software is based in Japan or China and that an English version is available. The reviewer rates SoundDraw highly, giving it a score of 9 or 10 out of 10, and encourages viewers to check it out through a provided link. The video concludes with a reminder to like and subscribe for more reviews.




Soundraw is an AI music generator software that allows users to create custom, royalty-free music tracks. It is highlighted in the video as a new and impressive tool for generating music that can be used for various projects. The software's ability to produce unique tracks quickly and efficiently is a central theme of the review, as demonstrated by the host's experience in creating multiple songs within seconds.

💡AI Music Generation

AI Music Generation refers to the process of using artificial intelligence to create music. In the context of the video, Soundraw utilizes AI to generate unique music tracks tailored to the user's specifications, such as mood, length, and instruments. This technology is a key selling point of Soundraw, as it enables fast and customizable music production.

💡Lifetime Deal

A lifetime deal, as mentioned in the video, is a one-time purchase that grants the buyer access to a product or service for an unlimited period. The host mentions purchasing a lifetime deal for Soundraw for $69, which includes 50 downloads per day, emphasizing the value and long-term benefits of such an offer.

💡Royalty-Free Music

Royalty-Free Music is music that can be used without paying ongoing royalties to the original creator each time it is used. In the video, the host explains that Soundraw provides royalty-free music, meaning users can freely use the generated tracks for their projects without worrying about copyright issues or additional costs.

💡YouTube Content ID

YouTube Content ID is a system used by YouTube to identify and manage copyright content on their platform. The video script notes that while Soundraw's music can be used on YouTube without copyright strikes, it cannot be submitted to YouTube's Content ID system for copyright claims or monetization purposes.

💡Interface and Usability

Interface and usability refer to the design and user-friendliness of a software's interface. The host praises Soundraw's interface and usability, stating that it is intuitive and allows for easy navigation and editing of music tracks, which contributes to the overall positive review of the software.

💡BPM (Beats Per Minute)

BPM stands for Beats Per Minute and is a measure of tempo in music. The video demonstrates how Soundraw allows users to specify the BPM for their tracks, with the host adjusting the BPM to create a slower, more relaxing tempo for one of the generated songs.

💡Editing Music

Editing music in the context of the video means altering the various elements of a music track, such as volume, instruments, and tempo. The host showcases Soundraw's editing features, which enable users to modify their tracks to fit their specific needs, enhancing the customization aspect of the software.

💡Unique Tracks

Unique tracks refer to music compositions that are one-of-a-kind and not duplicated. The video emphasizes that every track generated by Soundraw is unique, thanks to the AI algorithm that combines various musical elements in countless combinations, ensuring originality for each creation.


Monetization in the context of the video refers to the ability to earn revenue from content, such as YouTube videos. The host clarifies that while Soundraw's tracks are not licensed for direct monetization through YouTube's music library, they can still be used in videos that are monetized through ads or other means.


Soundraw is a new AI music generation software that has been out for about a week.

Soundraw offers a lifetime deal for $69, providing customized AI-generated royalty-free music.

The software is an alternative to platforms like Artlist and Epidemic Sound, with a focus on AI-generated music.

Soundraw's interface and usability are praised as being impressive and user-friendly.

Soundraw cannot be used for YouTube Content ID or to claim copyright on YouTube.

The software is suitable for creating music for YouTube videos, business, tutorials, and educational courses.

Soundraw allows users to create royalty-free music that can be monetized on YouTube.

Users can select music themes such as vlogs, corporate, games, and jingles.

Soundraw provides the option to adjust music length up to five minutes.

The software enables users to customize music by selecting tempo, instruments, and genres.

Soundraw creates music quickly, generating 15 songs in about 10 seconds.

Users can edit the created music, adjusting elements like volume, key, and tempo.

Soundraw's music editor allows for live adjustments and previews of changes.

The software generates unique songs that will not be used again, ensuring originality.

Soundraw is based in Japan or China and offers a good English version of the platform.

The software comes with plugins, although there may be compatibility issues with the latest software versions.

Soundraw is available for a one-time payment with a lifetime deal, avoiding monthly or yearly subscriptions.

The review gives Soundraw a high rating of 9 or 10 out of 10, praising its functionality and value.