Stable Video + Dalle3 TikTok Marketing Agents To Grow Any Brand On Auto-Pilot

Cheat Layer
27 Nov 202307:12

TLDRThis tutorial introduces a new TikTok marketing tool that automates brand growth. By using Cheat Lier's desktop application, users can generate images, videos, websites, and more with the help of Project Atlas. The system creates a no-code graph for editing and utilizes Dolly 3 to produce images, which are then transformed into videos using the Stable Video API. This process takes about 5 minutes, resulting in a unique synthetic video. The tool also includes a marketing agent that adds viral subtitles and voiceovers to TikTok videos, automating the upload and AB testing process. This allows for the creation of a team of marketing agents that can scale and improve content over time, driving consistent traffic to any brand. The system leverages social media algorithms to maximize engagement and views, potentially attracting millions of visitors to a profile. The video concludes by demonstrating the automated upload of a synthetic video to TikTok, highlighting the ease and effectiveness of the marketing agent.


  • 🚀 Install CheatLirer Desktop and use it with Project Atlas to generate various types of content like images, videos, websites, and more.
  • 📚 Hold Alt + S to ask Project Atlas to generate content, which will then be built end-to-end and provide a no-code graph for editing.
  • 🔍 For image or video generation, describe the concept (e.g., 'robots dancing around a fire') to generate a synthetic output.
  • 🛠️ The system will install necessary Python libraries or dependencies and generate new Python code to create the content.
  • ⏱️ The process takes about 5 minutes to generate a complete video, after which you'll have a unique synthetic video.
  • 📈 Build a marketing agent to add viral subtitles and voiceovers to TikTok videos, automating the process for brand marketing.
  • 📝 Customize the marketing agent for your brand by editing the theme and captions to suit your marketing goals.
  • 📊 Use the agent to perform AB testing and generate new high-converting content based on historical performance.
  • 🤖 Deploy a team of marketing agents across social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram for constant traffic.
  • 📈 Leverage the internal algorithms of social networks to put your content in front of the right audience and drive traffic to your profile.
  • 🌟 The system is not spammy; it constantly generates better content over time, aligning with social networks' goals of keeping users engaged.
  • 🔥 Users have experienced significant traffic and growth by using these marketing agents, with some hitting viral success.

Q & A

  • What is the purpose of the new TikTok marketing agents?

    -The new TikTok marketing agents are designed to grow any brand on autopilot by generating images, videos, websites, landing pages, products, games, and automations, and then using those to create and post content on social media platforms.

  • How does the 'cheat layer, desktop' software assist in the process?

    -Cheat layer, desktop is used to install and run the marketing agents. It allows users to generate content by providing simple language commands to Project Atlas, which then creates the desired content using no-code technology.

  • What is the role of Dolly 3 in generating content?

    -Dolly 3 is an internal library used to generate an image based on a given description. This image is then piped into the stable video API to create a video, allowing users to create synthetic content from their imagination rather than starting with an existing photo.

  • How long does it typically take to generate a synthetic video?

    -The process of generating a synthetic video typically takes about 5 minutes.

  • How does the marketing agent add value to TikTok videos?

    -The marketing agent adds viral subtitles to TikTok videos, designs them perfectly, and includes a voiceover that markets the brand, thereby enhancing the video's appeal and potential for engagement.

  • What is the significance of AB testing in the automation process?

    -AB testing is crucial as it helps to determine which version of the content is more effective in terms of engagement and conversion. This iterative process allows for the generation of better content over time based on historical performance.

  • How can users customize the marketing agent for their brand?

    -Users can customize the marketing agent by editing the cheet file in cheat layer, desktop to reflect their brand's theme and desired content. They can also modify the caption generation to suit their marketing message.

  • What is the benefit of deploying marketing agents on multiple social media platforms?

    -Deploying marketing agents on multiple platforms like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram helps to drive constant traffic to the brand from various sources, increasing the brand's visibility and potential customer base.

  • How does the automation help with the initial launch of a product?

    -The automation helps by generating and posting content consistently, providing an initial burst of traffic and buzz for the product launch. This constant content generation can lead to significant visitor traffic to the brand's profile.

  • What is the potential impact of using these marketing agents on social media platforms?

    -The marketing agents can lead to a significant increase in views and engagement, as they are designed to generate high-converting content that aligns with the platforms' algorithms. This can result in the platforms promoting the content to a wider audience.

  • How does the system ensure that the generated content is not spammy and adds value to the social media platforms?

    -The system ensures quality by constantly iterating and AB testing the content based on engagement metrics. It also scrapes previous posts to understand what content is high-engaging, thus ensuring that the generated content is valuable and non-spammy.

  • What is the potential future outlook for tools like these in the social media landscape?

    -The future may see social media platforms integrating tools like these themselves, as their goal is to generate better content and keep users engaged on their platforms. This aligns with the purpose of the marketing agents,预示着 a mutually beneficial relationship.



🚀 Automating TikTok Marketing with AI Agents

This paragraph introduces a tutorial on leveraging AI-powered marketing agents for TikTok to grow a brand automatically. The agent, once installed with Cheat Lier, can generate a variety of content including images, videos, and websites. It uses an end-to-end process that involves creating Python code based on the internal library, generating images with Dolly 3, and converting them into videos using the stable video API. The process is designed to be completely new and unique to the internet. The tutorial also covers how to add viral subtitles to TikTok videos, automate the upload process, and perform A/B testing to improve content based on historical performance. The ultimate goal is to build a team of marketing agents that can scale and drive consistent traffic to a brand across various social media platforms.


📈 Leveraging Social Media Algorithms for Viral Content

The second paragraph discusses how to use the internal algorithms of social media networks to one's advantage. It explains that these networks are designed to keep users engaged by showing them content that they are likely to enjoy, which can lead to significant traffic if the content is good. The speaker shares that by using the AI agents to generate high-engaging content, it's possible to trigger these networks to send traffic to the user's profile. The paragraph emphasizes that this method is not spammy and aligns with the networks' goals of promoting good content. The speaker also predicts that networks might integrate similar tools in the future, as their objective is to improve content quality. The paragraph concludes with an example of a video that was automatically generated and uploaded, gaining hundreds of views shortly after posting, showcasing the effectiveness of the AI agent in driving traffic and engagement.



💡TikTok marketing agents

TikTok marketing agents refer to automated systems or tools designed to promote brands on the TikTok platform. In the context of the video, these agents are used to grow a brand on autopilot by generating content, uploading it to TikTok, and even performing AB testing to optimize marketing strategies. They are a key component in the video's narrative about effortless brand expansion.


Autopilot, in this context, signifies a mode of operation where processes are automated and run without the need for constant human intervention. The video discusses using TikTok marketing agents to automate the growth of a brand, allowing for a hands-off approach to social media marketing.


CheatLirer is mentioned as a software or platform that, when installed, enables the user to utilize the capabilities of the marketing agents. It is used to generate various types of content, including images, videos, and more, which are then used in the marketing process. It represents a tool that simplifies the creation and automation of marketing content.

💡Project Atlas

Project Atlas is referenced as a part of the system that can generate images, videos, websites, and other content. It is an AI-driven tool that assists in creating content for marketing purposes. The video suggests that it can generate content based on user prompts, which is then used to build marketing materials.

💡Stable Video API

The Stable Video API is an interface that transforms generated images into videos. It is used in the process described in the video to take images created by Dolly 3 and turn them into synthetic videos, which are then used for marketing on TikTok. It plays a crucial role in the content creation aspect of the marketing strategy.

💡Dolly 3

Dolly 3 is an internal library or tool mentioned for generating images based on user descriptions. It is part of the process of creating synthetic content that does not exist on the internet yet. The video demonstrates the use of Dolly 3 to generate an image of robots, which is then turned into a video by the Stable Video API.

💡No-code graph

A no-code graph is a visual representation of an automation process that does not require any coding. The video script explains that the system generates a no-code graph for users to edit the output, making it accessible for non-technical users to customize their marketing automation workflows.


💡Viral subtitles

Viral subtitles refer to catchy or popular text overlays that are added to videos to make them more engaging and shareable. In the video, the marketing agents are programmed to add these subtitles to TikTok videos, enhancing their potential to go viral and increase brand visibility.

💡AB testing

AB testing is a method of comparing two versions of a variable (such as video content) to determine which one performs better. The video discusses automating AB testing as part of the marketing agent's capabilities, allowing for continuous improvement of content based on performance data.

💡Social media automation

Social media automation involves using software and tools to automate social media tasks such as posting, engaging, and analyzing content performance. The video highlights the use of marketing agents for social media automation to grow a brand without manual effort, focusing on generating better content over time.

💡Desktop Cloud instances

Desktop Cloud instances are virtual environments where software can be run remotely, often used to scale up operations or perform tasks simultaneously. The video suggests using these instances to deploy multiple marketing agents across different social media platforms, thereby driving constant traffic to a brand.


New TikTok marketing agents can help grow any brand on autopilot.

CheatLire is a desktop tool that can generate images, videos, websites, and more.

Project Atlas can create content end-to-end with no code required.

Users can instruct Atlas to generate specific content, like an image of dogs or a synthetic video of robots dancing.

The system installs necessary Python libraries and dependencies for automation.

Dolly 3 is used to generate images, which are then turned into videos by the Stable Video API.

The process takes about 5 minutes to generate a new synthetic video.

Marketing agents can add viral subtitles and voiceovers to TikTok videos to market brands.

Agents can automate the uploading and AB testing of content on social media platforms.

Content generation is based on historical data to create high-converting videos.

Customization of the marketing agent is possible through editing the cheet file in CheatLire Desktop.

Workflows can be deployed daily for consistent brand growth.

Desktop Cloud instances allow for the deployment of multiple marketing agents across various social platforms.

The system leverages social media algorithms to put content in front of the right audience.

Marketing agents can scrape previous posts to understand high-engaging content.

The tool is not spammy and is expected to be integrated by social networks in the future.

Users have reported significant traffic to their profiles after using the marketing agents.

The video demonstrates how a completely synthetic video can be generated and uploaded automatically.

CheatLire's marketing agents aim to boost brand presence and engagement with minimal effort.