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TLDR在这个视频中,主持人介绍了五个最佳的免费AI艺术生成器,即文本到艺术的转换工具。他从易用性、结果质量等方面对这些网站进行了评估。排名第五的是NightCafe,尽管界面对初学者不太友好,但生成的图像质量很高。第四名是Stary AI,尽管需要积分,但可以通过创建新账户免费使用。第三名是,界面简洁,易于使用,但免费用户只能访问一个图像。第二名是Deep AI,用户友好,提供多种风格选择,并允许用户免费生成图像。第一名是,虽然生成图像时间较长,但提供了九种不同变体的免费图像,无需注册,非常受欢迎。


  • 🎨 is ranked at number 5 due to its complex UI for beginners but offers good results.
  • 🔄 NightCafe allows free image generation with one image per session, using zero credits.
  • 🐱 Stary AI is at number 4, offering a workaround to use it for free by creating a new Google account when credits run out.
  • 🎭 is at number 3 with a clean UI and beginner-friendly approach, but limited to one free image access without premium.
  • 🔮 Deep AI has moved up to number 2 for its user-friendly interface and the ability to choose from various styles, including a premium option.
  • 🎨 is the top pick for its clean interface and the ability to generate nine different variations of an image for free, despite the longer generation time.
  • 👉 All AI generators require a text prompt to generate images, with 'cat with a wizard hat' being the example used for comparison.
  • 💡 The video emphasizes the importance of choosing the right style and prompt to get the best results from each AI generator.
  • 👎 Some AI tools may require credits or a subscription for additional features like multiple image generation or higher resolution.
  • 👍 The video provides a ranking based on ease of use, beginner-friendliness, and the quality of free image generation options.
  • 🔄 The script suggests that the AI art generators can produce varying results, and experimentation with different prompts and styles is encouraged.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is to present the top 5 best free AI art generators that convert text prompts into artwork.

  • Why is ranked at the number five spot? is ranked at the number five spot because, despite its good results, the website's user interface is not beginner-friendly and could be confusing for new users.

  • How can a user generate an image for free on

    -A user can generate an image for free on by choosing to generate just one image, which does not consume any credits.

  • What is the workaround for using without credits?

    -The workaround for using without credits is to create a new account with a different Google account, although this method is not endorsed by the video creator.

  • What feature does offer that not all AI generators have? offers a unique feature where users can add a reference image to guide the AI in generating the desired artwork.

  • What is the main advantage of according to the video?

    -The main advantage of is its super clean and user-friendly interface, which makes it very accessible for beginners and allows for easy image generation.

  • Why did the creator move deep AI from the number five spot to the number two spot?

    -The creator moved deep AI to the number two spot because it was surprisingly pleasant to use, with a user-friendly interface and the ability to choose from different styles.

  • What is unique about's image generation process?'s unique feature is that it generates nine different variations of the prompted image for free, which is typically a premium feature on other AI generator websites.

  • What is the downside to using according to the video?

    -The downside to using is that it takes a long time to generate images, which can be up to one to two minutes.

  • How does the video creator suggest bypassing the waiting time on

    -The video creator suggests that users can upscale the images, which also takes some time, but does not mention a direct way to bypass the waiting time.

  • What is the video creator's opinion on the AI-generated cat with a wizard hat by each website?

    -The video creator shares their preference for the images generated by each website, with particular liking for the one from and the variations from



🎨 NightCafe Studio: Beginner-Friendly Concerns and Free AI Art Generation

The video introduces the top 5 AI art generators, starting with NightCafe Studio at number 5. The presenter notes that while the website's UI is not very beginner-friendly, the quality of generated images is good. NightCafe offers a variety of styles and algorithms for text-to-art generation. The video demonstrates generating an image of a cat with a wizard hat using the default style. NightCafe allows free image generation with the option to generate one image at a time without using credits, making it accessible for those looking to experiment with AI art without cost.


🤖 Stary AI: Credit-System and Workarounds for Free Use

The script moves to Stary AI, ranked fourth, which operates on a credit system that limits free use. However, the presenter suggests using different Google accounts to bypass this limitation. The website offers a prompt builder and style selection, and the video shows the process of generating an image of a cat with a wizard hat. Stary AI allows adding a reference image, which is a unique feature not common in other AI generators. Despite the need for credits, the presenter appreciates the professional look of the results and the option to use the service for free with multiple accounts.


🌌 Clean UI and Free Variations is highlighted as the third-ranked AI generator with a clean and user-friendly interface. It offers both premium and free styles, and the video focuses on using the generic style. The presenter inputs the same prompt and clicks 'create' to generate an image. provides access to one image with the option to unlock more through a premium subscription. The video notes that was initially more generous with free variations but has since limited this feature to the premium version. Despite this, the ability to edit text for free is still available, making a strong choice for beginners.

🧙‍♂️ Deep AI: User-Friendly Interface and Style Customization

Deep AI is ranked second and praised for its user-friendly interface and clear distinction between premium and free styles. The presenter was pleasantly surprised by its capabilities and moved it up from the fifth spot. The video demonstrates generating an image with a generic style and notes the importance of using the right prompts and styles for the best results. Deep AI allows users to experiment with different styles and offers a frequently asked questions section and additional information for users, making it a favorite among the AI generators discussed.

🖌️ High-Quality Free AI Art with Variations is the top-ranked AI art generator, known for its clean interface and the ability to generate multiple image variations for free, although it takes longer to produce images. The video shows the process of inputting a prompt and waiting for the results. Unlike other generators, does not require registration or payment for basic features, and it offers an upscale feature without additional cost. The presenter enjoys the variety and quality of the images generated by, making it the preferred choice for free AI art generation.



💡AI Art Generators

AI Art Generators refer to software or platforms that use artificial intelligence to create artwork based on textual descriptions or prompts provided by users. In the context of the video, these generators are tools that allow individuals to generate unique images by inputting text, showcasing how AI can be utilized in the creative process. The script discusses various AI art generators, evaluating their ease of use and the quality of the results they produce.

💡Text to Art Generators

Text to Art Generators are a type of AI Art Generator that specifically convert textual descriptions into visual art. They interpret the text prompts to generate images, demonstrating the capability of AI to understand and translate human language into creative visual outputs. The video script features a comparison of different text to art generators, highlighting their features and the results they yield from the same text prompt, such as 'a cat with a wizard hat'.

💡Beginner Friendly

The term 'Beginner Friendly' describes the ease with which new or inexperienced users can navigate and use a particular software or website. In the video, the presenter assesses the user interface of each AI art generator, determining how accessible it is for beginners. For example, is mentioned as not being very beginner friendly due to its potentially confusing interface for those new to AI image generation.

💡UI (User Interface)

UI stands for User Interface, which is the space where interactions between humans and digital systems occur. It involves the design and layout of digital platforms, making it crucial for usability. The script comments on the UI of the AI art generators, noting that a complex or cluttered UI might be a barrier for beginners looking to generate art with AI, as seen with the critique of's UI.


In the context of AI art generators, 'Styles' refer to the different artistic styles or themes that users can choose from to influence the look and feel of the generated artwork. The video script mentions the variety of styles available on the platforms, such as 'boolio Journey version two' on, and how these styles can affect the outcome of the generated images.

💡Free AI Generators

Free AI Generators are platforms that allow users to create AI-generated artwork without incurring any cost. The video emphasizes the affordability aspect, discussing how some generators offer free trials or credits that can be used to generate images without payment. For instance, allows users to generate one image for free, which is highlighted as a benefit for those looking to experiment with AI art without spending money.


Credits, in the context of AI art generators, are a form of virtual currency used within the platform to generate images. Users often start with a certain number of credits and may need to purchase more to continue using the service. The script mentions Stary AI, where credits are required to generate images, and suggests using different Google accounts as a workaround to continue using the service for free.


Variations in AI art generation refer to the different outputs or renditions of an image that can be produced from the same text prompt. The ability to generate variations is a feature that some platforms offer, allowing users to explore multiple interpretations of their prompt. The script notes that initially seemed to allow free variations but later clarifies that only the premium version supports this feature.


Upscaling in the context of image generation refers to the process of increasing the resolution or size of an image without losing quality. Some AI art generators offer this feature, but it often comes at an additional cost. However, the video script praises for providing a free upscaling feature, allowing users to obtain higher resolution images of their AI-generated artwork without paying extra.


A 'Prompt' in AI art generation is the textual description or command given by the user to guide the AI in creating a specific image. It is the input that the AI uses to interpret and generate visual content. The script consistently uses the same prompt, 'a cat with a wizard hat', across different AI art generators to compare and evaluate the quality and creativity of the generated images.


Introduction to the top 5 best free AI art generators or text to art generators.

Criteria for selection includes beginner-friendliness, complexity, and quality of results. is ranked 5th due to its complex UI for beginners but good results. offers advanced mode and various algorithms and styles.

Free image generation is possible with by creating one image at a time.

Stary AI is at the 4th spot, requiring credits but can be used for free with different Google accounts.

Stary AI has a workaround for the credit system by using multiple accounts. is ranked 3rd with a clean UI and beginner-friendly features. allows for text editing and free generation with some limitations.

Deep AI moved from 5th to 2nd spot due to its user-friendly interface and good results.

Deep AI offers a clear distinction between free and premium styles. is ranked 1st for its clean interface and ability to generate multiple images for free.'s downside is the longer generation time compared to other generators. provides nine different variations of the generated image at no cost.

Upscaling images on other AI generators usually costs money, but not on

The video concludes with a prompt for viewers to share their thoughts on the AI generators.