The ultimate showdown: Leonardo Ai vs Midjourney Prompts

Just Teachin Stuff
13 Mar 202410:46

TLDRIn this video, AJ from Just Teaching Stuff compares Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI by using the same prompt to generate images. He explores the features of both platforms, highlighting the ease of use and the impressive results from Leonardo AI, despite being a long-time Mid Journey user. AJ demonstrates the image generation process on both platforms, showing the different outputs and discussing the subscription models and token usage. Ultimately, he finds both tools to be effective and plans to use Leonardo AI more in the future.


  • 😀 AJ from 'just teaching stuff' is comparing Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI to determine which tool is better for image generation.
  • 🤖 AJ is a fan of Mid Journey AI but has been impressed by Leonardo AI and wants to see how they compare with the same prompt.
  • 🖼️ Both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI have a showcase feature displaying community-generated images and the prompts used to create them.
  • 🎨 Leonardo AI offers a user-friendly interface for image generation with options for motion and other features.
  • 💡 AJ likes the look and ease of use of Leonardo AI, especially for those primarily interested in image generation.
  • 🔄 Leonardo AI allows users to input prompts and generate images, with options for fine-tuning styles and elements.
  • 🆓 Leonardo AI offers a free version providing 150 tokens daily, which is useful for trying out the tool.
  • 🔗 AJ provides a link in the description for free access to Leonardo AI, highlighting its value.
  • 📈 Mid Journey AI operates through Discord, requiring users to input commands to generate designs.
  • 📱 The process of generating images with Mid Journey AI involves pasting prompts and using commands like '/imagine'.
  • 📊 AJ demonstrates generating an Easter-themed image with both AI tools, noting the differences in output and user experience.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is a comparison between Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI, focusing on their image generation capabilities based on the same prompt.

  • Who is the presenter of the video?

    -The presenter of the video is AJ from Just Teaching Stuff.

  • What is AJ's initial stance on the two AI tools before the comparison?

    -AJ is a Mid Journey user but admits that Leonardo AI has impressed him and he considers it an amazing tool as well.

  • How does AJ describe the user interface of Leonardo AI?

    -AJ describes the user interface of Leonardo AI as polished, easy to understand, and particularly user-friendly for image generation.

  • What feature of Mid Journey AI does AJ mention?

    -AJ mentions that Mid Journey AI operates on Discord and allows users to see prompts used by the community for image generation.

  • What is a 'token' in the context of Leonardo AI?

    -In the context of Leonardo AI, a 'token' is a unit used to generate images, with a free version offering 150 tokens daily.

  • What is the purpose of the prompt AJ uses for the comparison?

    -The purpose of the prompt is to test how each AI tool interprets and generates an image based on the same input, aiming to compare their outputs side by side.

  • How does AJ plan to use the results of the comparison?

    -AJ plans to use the results to decide which tool he will use more in the future, as he is impressed by both and intends to continue using them.

  • What are the different versions of Mid Journey AI that AJ mentions?

    -AJ mentions version 5.2 and version 6 of Mid Journey AI, indicating that different versions can affect the design output.

  • How does AJ upscale an image in Mid Journey AI?

    -AJ upscales an image in Mid Journey AI by using the 'U1' command, which allows him to increase the resolution of the selected design.

  • What are the additional features Leonardo AI offers for image generation?

    -Leonardo AI offers additional features such as fine-tuning with different styles like anime, dynamic illustrative, render sketch, and the ability to add different elements to the design.



🤖 Introduction to AI Art Platforms Comparison

In this introductory paragraph, AJ from Just Teaching introduces his video script, which aims to provide a quick comparison between Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI. He intends to explore both platforms' features and determine which one works best for generating images from the same prompt. AJ mentions that although he is a 'mid-journey guy,' Leonardo AI has impressed him and he considers it a valuable tool. The paragraph sets the stage for a visual and functional comparison of the two AI art generation platforms.


🎨 Exploring Features and Interface of Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI

This paragraph delves into the user interface and features of both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI. AJ describes the initial views and dashboards of each platform, highlighting the showcase sections where community-generated images are displayed along with the prompts used to create them. He also discusses the image generation process, mentioning the ease of use and the additional features like motion available in Leonardo AI. AJ provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to input a prompt and generate images, emphasizing the token-based system in Leonardo AI and the subscription options available. This paragraph serves as a detailed guide to navigating and utilizing the platforms for image generation.


🐰 Comparing Image Generation Results from Both AI Platforms

In this paragraph, AJ conducts a practical comparison by inputting the same Easter-themed prompt into both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI to see how each platform interprets and generates images. He explains the process of using tokens in Leonardo AI and the subscription benefits, then moves on to demonstrate the image generation on Mid Journey AI via Discord, detailing the command usage and settings. AJ upscales one of the generated images from Mid Journey AI and discusses the resolution and design options. Finally, he generates an image using Leonardo AI, comparing the results in terms of creativity, resolution, and the overall user experience. This paragraph concludes with AJ's personal preference and intention to use both platforms in the future.



💡Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI is an artificial intelligence tool designed for image generation. In the video, it is compared with Mid Journey AI to evaluate which software performs better with the same prompt. The term is used to refer to a specific AI platform that the host is exploring and comparing in the context of image creation.

💡Mid Journey AI

Mid Journey AI is another AI platform that is used for generating images based on textual prompts. The video's host, who identifies himself as a 'mid-journey guy,' compares this tool with Leonardo AI to see which one offers superior features and results. The term is integral to the video's theme as it represents one of the two main subjects being evaluated.


In the context of AI image generation, a 'prompt' is a text input given by the user to guide the AI in creating an image. The video script discusses using the same prompt for both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI to compare the outputs. The term is central to the video's narrative as it is the basis for the comparison between the two AI tools.

💡Image Generation

Image generation refers to the process by which AI software creates visual content based on textual descriptions or prompts. The video is focused on comparing the image generation capabilities of Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI. This concept is the main theme of the video, as it is the functionality being tested and compared.


A 'showcase' in the video script refers to a collection of images produced by the AI tools. Both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI have a showcase feature where users can view images created by the community. The term is used to describe a part of the user interface of both AI platforms.


A 'subscription' in the context of the video refers to a payment plan that users can opt into for using the AI tools. The host mentions different subscription options for Leonardo AI, which offer varying benefits such as more tokens for image generation. The term is relevant as it discusses the cost and access model for using the AI services.


In the video, 'tokens' are a form of in-app currency used in Leonardo AI to generate images. Users receive a certain number of tokens daily, which can be used to create images. The term is important as it relates to the operational mechanics of Leonardo AI and how users can generate content.

💡Fine Tuning

Fine tuning in the video script refers to the process of adjusting specific parameters to customize the style and details of the generated images. Leonardo AI allows users to choose different fine-tuning options like 'anime style' or 'dynamic illustrative render'. The term is used to describe a feature that enhances the customization of image generation.


To 'upscale' in the video means to increase the resolution of an image, making it clearer and of higher quality. The host demonstrates upscaling an image in Mid Journey AI and mentions different upscaling options in Leonardo AI. The term is relevant as it discusses a feature that improves the final output of the generated images.


Discord is a communication platform that Mid Journey AI uses for its users to interact with the AI and generate images. The video script mentions that Mid Journey operates through Discord, which is different from Leonardo AI's interface. The term is used to describe the platform where Mid Journey AI's image generation takes place.


AJ from Just Teaching Stuff compares Leonardo AI and Mid Journey AI for image generation.

Leonardo AI has impressed AJ, despite being a Mid Journey user.

Both platforms have a showcase feature displaying community images and prompts.

Leonardo AI's dashboard and image generation interface is user-friendly.

Leonardo AI offers a free version with 150 tokens daily.

Subscriptions in Leonardo AI provide additional features and tokens.

Leonardo AI allows customization of image generation with various styles and elements.

Mid Journey operates through Discord and requires a forward slash command to generate images.

Mid Journey offers different versions and stylization modes for image generation.

AJ uses the same Easter-themed prompt for both AI platforms to compare results.

Leonardo AI's image generation process is quick and visually appealing.

Mid Journey's image generation is also fast, producing multiple design ideas.

Leonardo AI provides options to upscale images and remove backgrounds.

Mid Journey's interface is more Discord-oriented, which may affect user experience.

Both AI platforms produce similar natured results, but with different interfaces and features.

AJ plans to use both Leonardo AI and Mid Journey for future projects.