Unlock the Secrets to Building AI Image Prompts

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1 Feb 202308:44

TLDRThe video script introduces AI image prompt builders, tools designed to enhance creativity in generating images using AI. It discusses text-to-image generators like Mid-journey and explains the importance of detailed prompts for achieving desired results. The script provides an overview of various prompt builders such as Mid-journey Prompter Guide, Mid-journey Prompt Helper, and Promptomania, highlighting their features and how they can be customized to create effective prompts. It also mentions using Chat GPT for prompt generation and Prompt Hero for inspiration. The video aims to help artists and creators take their visual creations to the next level with the assistance of AI technology.


  • 🎨 AI image prompt builders are tools that assist in creating text prompts for AI image generators, enhancing the creative process and output quality.
  • 📝 A well-crafted prompt includes details beyond the main subject, such as background, lighting, atmosphere, and artistic style, providing the AI with clear artistic direction.
  • 🛠️ Mid-journey Prompter Guide is a Google spreadsheet-based tool that simplifies the process of creating AI image prompts with customizable options and up-to-date parameters.
  • 📊 The tool offers extensive lists for aspect ratios, mediums, cameras, lighting, and colors, and allows users to add their own custom descriptors and clusters for personalized prompts.
  • 🔄 Prompter Guide's interface updates automatically with changes in AI image generator versions, ensuring compatibility and access to the latest features.
  • 🎮 Mid-journey Prompt Helper provides a visual interface for creating prompts, but may not be updated to the latest version, potentially lacking the latest parameters and visuals.
  • 🖼️ Promptomania is a prompt builder with separate generators for mid-journey and stable diffusion, offering a building block approach and visual examples for each choice.
  • 👨‍🎨 Users can select from a wide range of artists and styles, and even add custom styles to mimic a particular artist's work in their AI-generated images.
  • 🔍 Prompt Hero is a useful tool for finding inspiration from existing prompts on various subjects, generated by different AI models, though its database may not always be current or complete.
  • 💡 When creating prompts, it's beneficial to consider searching for similar prompts on tools like Prompt Hero to gather ideas and refine one's own prompts.
  • 📌 The video encourages users to explore and utilize AI image prompt builders to elevate their art and create amazing images with AI image generators.

Q & A

  • What is the primary purpose of AI image prompt builders?

    -The primary purpose of AI image prompt builders is to assist users in creating detailed and specific prompts for AI image generators, which can help in generating more accurate and visually appealing images based on the user's requirements.

  • How do AI image generators like Mid-journey work?

    -AI image generators like Mid-journey are text-to-image generators that create images based on the textual prompts provided by users. The text describes the image the user wants to see, and the AI generates an image that matches the description.

  • What elements should a good AI image prompt include?

    -A good AI image prompt should include more than just the main object, person, or place. It should also describe the desired look of the image, including details about the background, lighting, atmosphere, and artistic style, essentially providing the AI with artistic direction.

  • How can users ensure they create the best possible AI image prompts?

    -To create the best possible AI image prompts, users should be as specific as possible, including details that might be easy to forget. Using image prompt builders can help by suggesting elements and simplifying the process of creating a prompt.

  • What is the functionality of the Mid-journey Prompter Google Spreadsheet tool?

    -The Mid-journey Prompter Google Spreadsheet tool simplifies the process of creating AI image prompts. It allows users to fill in boxes, choose from drop-down menus, and enter their main idea to generate a prompt. The tool also updates according to the latest version of Mid-journey, reflecting any recent changes.

  • What features does the Mid-journey Prompter offer to enhance prompt creation?

    -The Mid-journey Prompter offers a variety of features, including the ability to add weights to emphasize certain aspects, choose aspect ratios and mediums, select from extensive lists of descriptors, emulate movie or video game looks, and include clusters that give a particular aesthetic to the image.

  • How can users customize the Mid-journey Prompter to suit their needs?

    -Users can customize the Mid-journey Prompter by adding their own custom descriptors to the already extensive lists. They can also save their prompts to a 'My Prompts' tab for future use and access the tool across Google Docs by giving permission to modify the document.

  • What is the difference between Mid-journey Prompter and Mid-journey Prompt Helper?

    -The Mid-journey Prompter is a Google Spreadsheet-based tool that focuses on creating detailed prompts with extensive customization options. In contrast, the Mid-journey Prompt Helper is a simpler tool with a visual interface that allows users to see different types of information they can include in a prompt and adjust the weight or strength of an effect using a slider.

  • How does Promptomania differ from other AI image prompt builders?

    -Promptomania stands out due to its building block approach, where users add subject and prompt parts to create a complete prompt. It also provides visual examples of choices, allowing users to see how their selections might look in an actual image, which can greatly assist in the creative process.

  • What is the advantage of using Chat GPT for creating AI image prompts?

    -Using Chat GPT for creating AI image prompts allows users to set a main subject and have Chat GPT generate a prompt with suggested artistic styles, atmosphere, and parameters. This can save time and provide inspiration for creating effective prompts for AI image generators.

  • How can Prompt Hero be utilized to aid in AI image prompt creation?

    -Prompt Hero is a useful tool for finding inspiration for AI image prompts. Users can enter a subject or description and see a variety of prompts, including those generated by specific models like Mid-journey, Dolly, or Stable Diffusion. Although the database may not always be up to date, it can still offer valuable insights for creating personalized prompts.



🎨 AI Image Prompt Builders Overview

This paragraph introduces the concept of AI image prompt builders, which are tools designed to assist artists in creating text prompts for AI image generators like Mid-Journey. It emphasizes the importance of specificity in prompts to achieve desired results, and introduces a video guide that explores various AI image prompt builders. The speaker shares their own Chat GPT image prompt recipe and discusses the functionality of these tools in enhancing artistic creativity.


📋 Mid-Journey Prompter Guide

The paragraph discusses the Mid-Journey Prompter Guide, a Google spreadsheet-based tool that simplifies the process of creating AI image prompts. Users can fill in boxes and choose from drop-down menus to refine their main idea, aspect ratios, mediums, cameras, lighting, colors, and more. The tool updates according to the latest version of Mid-Journey, including new parameters and the ability to emulate specific movie or video game looks. It also features clusters for a particular aesthetic and allows for customization with personal descriptors. The prompter keeps a history of prompts and allows for saving in a special tab.

🖌️ Promptomania and Mid-Journey Prompt Builder

This section introduces Promptomania, another AI image prompt builder with separate generators for Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion. Promptomania uses a building block approach, allowing users to add subjects and details to create a prompt. It provides visual examples of choices, making it easier for users to understand how different descriptors will affect their image. Users can select various artistic styles and parameters, though the list may not be updated for the latest version of Mid-Journey. The tool also includes an image helper for aspect ratio selection.

🤖 Chat GPT Prompt for Mid-Journey Images

The speaker presents a personal Chat GPT prompt recipe for creating Mid-Journey images. Users can set a main subject and have Chat GPT generate a prompt with suggested artistic styles, atmosphere, and parameters. The process is simple, requiring only a subject input and a submission to receive three different prompts. Users are encouraged to adapt the formula by changing the subject and using Prompt Hero for inspiration and to keep the database up-to-date for the most relevant prompts.



💡AI image prompt

AI image prompt refers to the text input given to an AI image generator to create a visual representation based on the description provided. In the context of the video, it is the foundation for generating images using AI tools like mid-journey, and it is crucial for guiding the AI to produce desired outputs. The video discusses various tools and techniques to craft effective AI image prompts to enhance the creative process.


Mid-journey is an AI image generator that transforms text prompts into images. It is a key tool discussed in the video for artists to take their art to the next level. The platform has gone through several versions, with the video mentioning version 4 and its new parameters, such as the cursed style, which reflects the evolving nature of AI technology and its impact on the creative process.

💡Prompt Builder

A Prompt Builder is a tool that assists users in creating AI image prompts by suggesting elements and details to include in the text description. These tools simplify the process of crafting a prompt by breaking it down into manageable parts, such as subject, background, and artistic style, and by providing options and examples to choose from. In the video, several Prompt Builders are explored, showcasing their utility in enhancing the creative process for AI-generated images.

💡Artistic direction

Artistic direction refers to the guidance provided to an AI image generator through a prompt, which includes specific details about how the user wants the image to look, including aspects like background, lighting, atmosphere, and style. This direction is essential for achieving an image that aligns with the creator's vision and for giving the AI the necessary information to generate an image that meets the user's expectations.


Creativity in the context of the video refers to the ability of artists to come up with original and imaginative ideas for AI-generated images. It is the driving force behind the use of AI image prompt Builders and generators, as they enable artists to explore new concepts and bring their visions to life. The video highlights the role of AI tools in sparking and nurturing creativity, allowing artists to push their boundaries and create unique works of art.


Parameters are specific settings or variables that can be adjusted within an AI image generator to influence the characteristics of the generated images. They are crucial for fine-tuning the output to match the user's desired style or look. In the video, parameters such as aspect ratios, lighting, and artistic styles are discussed as key elements that can be manipulated to achieve different visual effects.


Clusters in the context of AI image prompting are a series of descriptors that work together to create a particular look or atmosphere for the generated image. They are pre-defined groups of words or concepts that, when combined, guide the AI to produce images with a specific thematic or stylistic quality. Clusters help users to achieve a consistent and targeted visual outcome by adding depth and nuance to the AI's understanding of the desired image.


Customization in the video refers to the ability of users to personalize AI image prompt tools to better suit their individual needs and preferences. This includes adding custom descriptors, adjusting the weight of certain effects, and saving personal prompt histories. Customization allows artists to tailor the AI generation process to their specific creative vision and to maintain consistency in their work.

💡Visual representation

Visual representation in the context of the video pertains to the use of images or visual aids to help users understand and select the various options and settings available in AI image prompt tools. By providing a visual reference, these tools make it easier for users to grasp abstract concepts and to make informed decisions about the elements they want to include in their AI-generated images.

💡Prompt history

Prompt history refers to the record of previously created or used AI image prompts, which can be stored and accessed for future reference or reuse. This feature is valuable for artists as it allows them to track their creative process, revisit successful prompts, and build upon their past work. It serves as a resource for inspiration and efficiency in the AI image generation process.

💡Chat GPT

Chat GPT, as mentioned in the video, is an AI-based tool designed for generating text-based content, such as prompts for AI image generators. It can be utilized to create detailed and varied prompts by inputting a main subject and receiving suggestions for artistic styles, atmosphere, and parameters. This tool exemplifies the integration of AI in different aspects of the creative process, from text generation to visual creation.


AI image prompt Builders are tools that can spark creativity and help generate amazing images.

Mid-journey is an example of a text-to-image AI generator that creates images based on textual prompts.

A prompt is the text given to an AI image generator that describes the desired image.

For best results, prompts should include details about the background, lighting, atmosphere, and artistic style.

Image prompt Builders provide suggestions for elements like subject details, background, lighting, and more.

Mid-journey prompter guide is a Google spreadsheet-based tool for creating AI image prompts.

Prompter guide allows users to fill in boxes and choose from drop-down menus to refine their prompts.

The tool includes up-to-date parameters, including the most recent styles added in Mid-journey version 4.

Prompter also features clusters that provide a particular look to the generated images.

Users can customize Prompter by adding their own descriptors and artists to the existing lists.

Mid-journey prompt helper is a simple tool with visuals that helps in understanding technical terms.

Promptomania is a prompt Builder with separate prompt generators for Mid-journey and Stable Diffusion.

It uses building blocks to create prompts and offers visual examples of choices made.

Chat GPT can be used to create Mid-journey image prompts by setting a main subject and generating suggestions.

Prompt hero is a tool for finding similar prompts on a subject, providing inspiration for creating personalized prompts.

The transcript discusses various AI image prompt Builders and their features, such as customizability and visual aids.

These tools are designed to enhance the creative process by providing structure and guidance in crafting AI-generated image prompts.