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9 Nov 202103:52

TLDRWelcome to Microtech 360, where Sharp One teaches you how to convert any video into text using a simple online tool. First, visit water.a.i.o.t.d.e.a.i, create an account, then import your video file. Wait for the transcription process to complete, which may take a couple of minutes. Once ready, export the transcript without speaker names or timestamps, and copy it to your clipboard. For unlimited conversions, create multiple accounts as there's no email confirmation required. This method is easy and helpful for those needing to transcribe videos.


  • 😀 Welcome to the Microtech 360 channel and the video tutorial on converting videos to text.
  • 👍 If you're new, subscribe to the channel and like, share, and watch the full video.
  • 📝 The process is easy and unlimited, but requires creating multiple accounts if needed.
  • 🔗 Visit the website 'water.a.i.o.tde.a.i' for the conversion tool, link provided in the description.
  • 📧 Create an account using your email, name, and a password.
  • 🔍 After account creation, select 'import' to browse and upload the video file for conversion.
  • ⏳ Wait for the conversion process which may take around a minute or two.
  • 📑 Once 'import success' is displayed, navigate to 'transcript' to check the processing status.
  • 🔔 Choose to be notified when the transcription is ready or not, based on your preference.
  • 📋 After transcription is ready, export the text by customizing the format to your needs.
  • 📋 The final step is to copy the text to clipboard and use it as required.
  • 🔄 A trick to get unlimited conversions is to sign up for different accounts as the site allows.

Q & A

  • What is the main topic of the video?

    -The main topic of the video is about converting any video into text using a specific online tool.

  • Who is the presenter of the video?

    -The presenter of the video is Sharp One, the host of the Microtech 360 channel.

  • What is the website mentioned in the video for video to text conversion?

    -The website mentioned in the video for video to text conversion is

  • Is creating an account on the website difficult?

    -No, creating an account on the website is very simple and involves inputting your email address, name, and a password.

  • What are the steps to convert a video file into text?

    -The steps include creating an account, clicking on 'import', browsing and selecting the file to convert, waiting for the import to be successful, and then going to 'transcript' to process the conversion.

  • How long does it take to convert a video file into text?

    -It may take approximately one to two minutes for the conversion process to be completed.

  • What does the 'import success' message indicate?

    -The 'import success' message indicates that the video file has been successfully uploaded and is ready for the transcription process.

  • How can one get notified when the transcription is ready?

    -There is an option to be notified when the transcription is ready, but the presenter chose to not enable this feature.

  • What are the options available for exporting the transcription?

    -The transcription can be exported by clicking on the three dots and then selecting 'export'. Options to customize the export, such as including speaker names and timestamps, are available.

  • What is the trick mentioned for getting unlimited video imports?

    -The trick mentioned for getting unlimited video imports is to sign up for different accounts on the website since it doesn't require email confirmation.

  • How can viewers support the channel after watching the video?

    -Viewers can support the channel by subscribing, liking the video, and sharing it with friends.



📚 Video to Text Conversion Tutorial

This paragraph introduces a tutorial video on the microtech 360 channel, focusing on converting videos into text. The host, Sharp One, encourages new viewers to subscribe and existing subscribers to like and share the video. The video promises to be comprehensive, and viewers are urged not to skip it. The tutorial begins by directing viewers to a specific website (water.a.i.o.t.d.e.a.i) for the conversion process, which involves creating an account and importing a video file. The host guides viewers through the steps, including waiting for the conversion to complete and accessing the transcript.

🔍 Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing the Transcription

The host provides a step-by-step guide on how to access the transcription of the converted video text. After the import is successful, viewers are instructed to navigate to the 'transcript' section where they can monitor the processing status. There is an option to be notified when the transcription is ready, but the host chooses to proceed without notification. The transcription process takes a few minutes, after which the host demonstrates how to export the text by removing unwanted details such as speaker names and timestamps, and then copying the text to the clipboard.

🔑 Unlimited Video Conversion Tip

The final part of the paragraph offers a tip for achieving unlimited video conversions on the website, which normally allows only three imports. The host suggests signing up for different accounts as the website does not require email confirmation, thus making it easy to bypass the limitation. The video concludes with a call to action for viewers to subscribe to the channel and like the video if they found the information helpful.



💡Video to text converter

A 'video to text converter' is a tool or software that transforms the audio content of a video into written text. In the context of the video, it is the main subject being discussed. The video aims to demonstrate how to use such a converter to turn any video into a text format, which can be useful for accessibility, transcription, or documentation purposes. The script mentions a specific website that offers this service.

💡Microtech 360

Microtech 360 appears to be the name of the channel or the creator of the video. It is likely a brand or username that the video's audience associates with the content being provided. In the script, it is used to introduce the video and welcome viewers to the channel.


A 'transcript' is a written version of the spoken dialogue or commentary in a video or audio recording. In the video's context, the transcript is the end product of the conversion process from video to text. The script describes the steps to obtain a transcript from a video file.


A 'subscription' in the context of online content, such as YouTube channels, is when a user subscribes to receive updates and new content from a specific channel. The script encourages new viewers to subscribe to the channel to stay updated with new videos.

💡Like and Share

To 'like' and 'share' refers to the actions of expressing approval for a video by clicking the like button and distributing it among one's social circle or network. The script asks viewers who have already subscribed to like the video and share it with friends, which helps increase the video's visibility and reach.

💡Account creation

Creating an 'account' on a website typically involves providing personal information such as an email address and a username to register and gain access to services. In the video script, account creation is a necessary step to use the video to text conversion service on the provided website.


'Import' in this context refers to the action of uploading a file, such as a video, into a system or service. The script describes the process of importing a video file into the website to begin the conversion to text.


In the context of digital services, 'processing' refers to the time it takes for a system to perform a task, such as converting a video to text. The script mentions that the transcription process will take a few minutes, indicating the time needed for the service to generate the text from the video.


'Export' is the action of taking data out of a system in a usable format. In the script, after the transcription is complete, the user is instructed to export the text, which can then be saved or used outside of the service's platform.


A 'clipboard' is a digital tool that allows users to copy and paste text or other data. In the script, the user is shown how to copy the transcribed text to the clipboard, making it easy to paste and use elsewhere.


The term 'unlimited' in the video script refers to the desire for an unrestricted amount of a service or product. The trick mentioned in the script suggests creating multiple accounts to bypass the limitation of three imports on the website, thus achieving an 'unlimited' number of video conversions.


Introduction to the video and channel Microtech 360.

Instructions on how to convert any video into text using a website.

Request for new subscribers and thanks for existing subscribers.

Encouragement to like, share, and watch the full video.

Introduction of the website 'water.a.i.o.t.d.e.r.a.i'.

Explanation of creating an account on the website.

Description of the 'import' and 'browse file' options on the website.

Demonstration of starting the video to text conversion process.

Wait time for the conversion process explained.

Instructions on accessing the 'transcript' after conversion.

Option to be notified when the transcription is ready.

Process of exporting the transcription without speaker names or timestamps.

Method to copy the transcription to the clipboard.

Limitation of three imports on the website and suggestion for unlimited use.

Advice on signing up for different accounts for unlimited imports without email confirmation.

Closing remarks with a request for subscription and likes.